June 6th, 2010

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  • Stephanie
  • "Stefunny" is my internet persona/nickname
  • 22 years young
  • Just finished 4th year of college but I'll be 5 years.
  • Michael Jackson FREAK....this is me and my fantasy...

Hope that didn't scare you off....
  • Aspiring model hoping to move to LA in 1 yr 3 months. I have a hunger for fame.
  • This is nornal me:
  • Bartender/waitress
  • Sarcastic, witty, bitchy, HONEST, blunt, unintentionally narcisstic
  • My best friend of 17 years passed away in January unexpectedly, still dealing with that
  • Still dealing with a heartbreak that occured in February...fml.
  • but often having flings by lots and lots of boys who just are time fillers.
  • I am addicted to the casino. Very addicted.
  • Addicted to social networking sites - facebook, twitter, LJ, modelmayhem, and texting.
I've had an LJ for fucking ever. I need people that are going to read and update so I can know you are alive. Every person on my friends list is considered a best friend to me and I love them like they were family. They know me best.

I've also had one of my closest friends I've ever had fly out to meet me from LJ. That's how much I love them and close we are.

Come joing the HDGI (hedoesntgetit) family :)


Salutations. Contrary to most people I’m quite good at talking about myself so I’ll try to keep this vague and interesting :)


I’m 19 and living with my parents, studying for an advanced diploma of perioperative nursing. That takes up a lot of my time, but when I’m not doing that I’m playing video games (mostly WoW nowdays) sleeping, or talking to people online.


I’m looking to meet proper friends, people who I can communicate with and get to know. I’m not interested in fanfic or photo journals, I’d prefer to read about people’s thoughts or daily life experiences.


My journal is a thought and daily experience type thing, I’m quite cynical, just as a warning. I don’t complain continuously often but when I do I generally lace it with sarcasm and dry humor.


My posts are public so feel free to try before you buy, although I recently started this journal so not much to see yet.


I don’t really have conditions on people but I really can’t tolerate Glee. If you post about Glee then please don’t add me… I literally cannot tolerate it.


Looking forward to meeting you?

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oh, hello!

i am 23, girl, canadian. big geek, and looking for fellow geek folk. i love television far too much. i say that i love it because i love stories, and feel that television is an accurate representation of the values of our society.

really, i just love getting lost in silly worlds that aren't mine. (but, i do really believe the first reason too.)

things i love areeee!

television: star trek, stargate, battlestar galactica, buffy, angel, dollhouse, firefly, doctor who, x files, supernatural, criminal minds, farscape, lost, big bang theory, glee, merlin, and more.
comics: iron man, avengers, ultimates, runaway, kick ass, transmetropolitan, y.

i like to read science fiction and non fiction, and bestsellers are a guilty pleasure.

if you are a geek and television lover, i welcome you! if you are a person who writes well, is intelligent and open minded, i welcome you! if you like glenn beck and go to fox news for your news, i do not welcome you. i am open minded, but i can only go so far!

i have a degree in communications, and am working on degree #2 - social work. i aim to eventually work in clinical social work. i am a bisexual girl who is happily attached. i do have brain issues, but i'm not so bad. hi!

please comment on this link, as i have xposted this elsewhere. thank you!! <3
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Hey guys. I'm Ash, I'm 22 from Kirkcaldy.

Things I like are

Sex and the city
Hanging out with friends
Family guy
Going out drinking
Being out in the sun

I try and update as much as i can, some entries are in video form. I will comment when I can, and even if I don't comment I do read every entry :)

Twitter: twitter.com/aj_riot
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/prof
Formspring: www.formspring.me/AJRiot1
Add me and subscribe on youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ashpantssquarebob1

thanks guys :)

hay you guise

Time for a new one of these. I'm awesome. I write about awesome and pathetically lame things, like people who I hate and who hate me, and ex-boyfriends. I post a lot of pictures. I am somewhat immoral.

I enjoy a goodly amount of internet drama, most recently on iSketch of all places.

Don't add me if ALL you post are memes or gifs. I don't want to read your fan fiction - that's fucking sweet that you obsess enough to write it and I support that, I just don't want to read it.

Also don't want to hear about how much you love God. Yes, I am getting married in a church and have to attend church for it but am doing it for my fiance, 100%. I disagree with organised religion. So, am not knocking your beliefs, it's good you have faith, I do as well - but have no time for preachers.

Or inyourface atheists. We won't get along.

I like music, lots of it, all different kinds. My last.fm is on my user info if you can be bothered to have a look. Rock music mainly, at the moment. Really big on W.A.S.P. and RHCP these days, as well as The Feelers.

DON'T add me if ALL you write about are the drugs you've been taking. I enjoy trying something new, and often doing it again multiple times and I will write about it... but I also write about a hell of a lot more.

I do comment, I try to comment a lot but sometimes it doesn't happen - especially if your entry was boring.

I'm honest. Brutally so.

So add me, comment here or over on my journal, whatever. Go crazy.