June 7th, 2010



So it is actually my fault I dont have many friends on here cos I been MIA for like four years from LJ and just recently came back. I love reading other ppls random thoughts and having them read mine. I am a comment whore so I hope you are too. If you want to know anything about me just ask, I am very much an open book. This is me:

  • LOVE all things Harry Potter and Twilight 
  • LOVE House MD, Flash Forward, Desperate Housewives, this season of The Bachelorette, Cougar Town, Medium, CSI: NY and Miami and Cold Case
  • LOVE Jennifer Garner, Hugh Laurie, John Cena, Mark Wahlberg, cute guy who plays Mark on FF and Adam Levine of Maroon 5
  • ALSO LOVE music, bowling, Deal or No Deal, movies, cats, british accents, wit, humor, sarcasm, Family Fued, Facebook, Myspace, reading, spades, chatting online, and many other random things
  •  HATE most video games (most especially COD) and the guys who ignore life for them. Its a freaking game STOP obsessing already
  • HATE Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. You're relationship sickens me. Cheater and whore! I dont care how many foreign babies you adopt. Your karma is still tainted
  • HATE  stupid people, liars, cheaters, druggies, my boss, my palm pre, my big nose, people that waste my time, having my sleep interrupted, working late, rude people, and most of all I hate not having enough friends on LJ so if I haven't offended you, please add me, or comment to be added or whatever lol. If I have offended you, my bad.

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Looking for more people to bug and be bugged by online. If you feel inclined to be among those rare, lucky few, feel free to add me. I update sporadically, but am a regular reader/commenter/annoyer.

In my 20's, originally aspired to major in Psychology(no longer have a clue), always been interested in human behavior and thought. Goofy, random, prone to endless rambling about any number of facts or points lodged in my little head. I'm a coffee addict *waves to most of the country* and insomniac- two great tastes that taste great together. I like taking pictures, so prepare for photo-spam, though it's not as bad as it used to be. I like keeping busy and working with my hands, so craftspam is also a regular. Love comedy, avid reader, will listen to virtually any kind of music. Basically I can get along with anyone that isn't a complete prick. If you like drinking, music, laughter and pictures, we'll be good friends. Hoozah! :)

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Hello everybody!

Here is some info about me :)

My name is Stephanie, I am 20 (21 in August). I live in San Diego, California. I have a boyfriend who I have been with a year and a half. I am getting my Generall AA degree at the end of this upcoming Fall semester, and then will be going to Moorpark College for their Exotic Animal Training and Management program (EATM). I am semi-fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language. I am pro-cop. I am going to soon start a youtube vlog, so we will see how that goes.

 I post about anything and everything. I post about how my day was, I post about future plans. I post about opinions.

I am doing a Day Zero project, so a lot of my posts are about that.

Likes: Blackberry phones, iPhones, the color pink, Green Day, sleep, Seth Rogen, marine life, Sea World, Facebook. Red hair. Childhood memories. Cops (real cops, and the show too).

Dislikes: Bad drivers, liars, cheaters, too much rain, cold, heat (Californians are so spoiled.) People who hate cops. Drugs.

Feel free to add me. If you let me know you added me I will add you back. If you don't tell me, then I won't. Simple as that.


Приглашаю в сообщество p1aylist для обмена любимой музыкой.

1.Выбираешь не менее десяти любимых песен.
2.Убираешь в архив.
3.Заливаешь на любой файловый хостинг без задержек и паролей.
4.Создаешь пост с ссылкой и списком композиций.
5.Слушаешь других.

Looking for new friends from all over the world

My name is Ashleigh, i am 25, and i live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Downtown to be exact.
I have had this LJ for years and years, but have recently started posting again on a regular basis. I want to make new friends from all over the world, from here to Scotland.
I love movies, just recently watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which i thought was brilliant. I love books, fiction mostly. I am reality tv obsessed, well not quite but  I am Survivor obsessed. I dont know how i am going to deal with the new Wednesday night time slot this fall....for 10 years Survivor is what i do on Thursdays.....
I used to want to be a social worker, but half way through school i decided business was more my thing. I started my own company called CamPink Outdoor Equipment, and i now make pink camping gear for girls and women.
I love pink and am somewhat of a girly girl, but not in the whiny, princess sense. I can rough it like any man i know, i have my hunting license, and have shot guns bigger than my little brother.
I write about anything and everything.  My bad habits, my love-hate relationship, my business, my motivation or lack there of sometimes, my highs and my lows, and just random musings. I also write about the drugs i do, and the drugs i do not want to do. But its not all about drugs. Just some weed here and there. What can i say?
I read all friends pages and comment when i have something to say, which is quite frequent. I don't expect you to comment on every.single.one of my entries, but feedback here and there is appreciated, especially if i am having a bad day.
  • Current Music
    The Ellen Degeneres Show

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 Name: Nicole
Age: 19
Relationship status: taken :)
I live in Jersey. No, I'm not an orange fist-pumping crazy bitch =P
I'm a sophomore nursing major going for my BSN
I work two part time jobs and am soon starting a course at a community college
I have a cat named Pumpkin
Music Interests: Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, A Perfect Circle. I enjoy a good variety of music, but usually don't like country, r&b, or emo-screamo kind of thing.
I love watching House M.D. Netflix is helping me get caught up. Currently on season 4, lol 
Movies: Forrest Gump, Up, Wanted, 28 Days Later
I love the sunshine, poetry, music, the outdoors, being adventurous, taking pictures, scrapbooking, having deep conversations, and exercising
I've been teaching myself piano since I was fourteen. 
I love playing tennis! I'm considering playing in college this fall. 

Add me if you'd like! 
Ксения Корчагина

Поэтическое сообщество.

В рамках международного поэтического конкурса "Золотая строфа" год назад было создано одноименное сообщество в ЖЖ zolotayastrofa, которое успешно процветает и радо видеть на своих страницах новых участников! Если вы пишете стихи, интересуетесь последними новостями из жизни литературы и поэзии, если вам интересно знакомиться с новыми людьми и читать интервью с поэтами 21 века, участвовать в поэтических мини-конкурсах в рамках сообщества, то я рада вас в него пригласить!


Меня зовут Ксения, и я с радостью отвечу на все ваши вопросы по конкурсу "Золотая строфа" и подскажу все, что вас интересует в сообществе! Пишите в личку!