June 13th, 2010


Looking for 21 and up friends.

25 years young woman.
original californian in colorado now.
vagabond & general misfit world-traveler.
sometimes thinks a little too euro for a yank.
does not always type in lower-case.
eclectic audiophile.
jetsetter w/ often-interfering obligations.
travels to ireland 4-5 times a year when permitting.
serious college student.
has a variety of hobbies, some of which can be found in her interests list.

I used to be great at writing intros but then learned that if people want to friend her or unfriend her they'll do it regardless of what an intro says. Add me, and if you like me: keep me. If you don't: unfriend me. No hard feelings, it's really that simple. Life is too short to surround ourselves with people we don't wish to be bothered with & I'd rather you put that energy into people you like. I like comments but I don't hang on every LJer's word. I expect other people have lives like I do. It's my journal and if I make friends along the way then, awesome. <3

Picture behind the cut...

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My name is Sevvy and I'm a 24-year old female who currently resides in the little state of New Jersey. I was originally born out on the opposite coast in California and I was raised in Far East (primarily Okinawa, Japan and Seoul, South Korea) before returning to the states and living in Texas for a year or so. I've travelled throughout the globe, though sadly I've been stuck on East Coast for far too long and my wander lust is driving me up a wall, lol.

But enough about that. I'm a graphic designer with my AAS in Visual Communications and am currently in the process of setting up my own design company. That's slow going, but it's getting there. I currently work with mostly DJs, Venues and Musicians in the Tri-State area doing event flyers and promotions for the Gothic, Industrial and Electronic scenes. Which brings me to an important point, I'm very big into the Industrial and Gothic scene... so if you're weirded out by the music, the lifestyle, the dress, etc I'm probably not somebody you're going to want to add. I'm not a bad person, we're not bad people, I just don't really want to deal with the normal flak I get in life in my journal as well, you know?

Anyway, here's little fun facts and things about me:

-I raise and breed crayfish (for pets). I own species from all over the globe and am on my way to hopefully working in the Astacology (study of crayfish) field. Currently, I help out with the local wildlife groups when they collect and monitor native and invasive species.

-I love the following shows: Bones, Scrubs, Family Guy, Star Trek (all series), Forensic Files, The New Detectives, CSI (all series), Law & Order (all series), Futurama, Naruto, M*A*S*H, Hogan's Heroes, Whose Line Is It Anyways?, etc.

-I'm am photo-happy! I love taking photos of EVEYTHING. Places I go, events I attend, silly antics with friends, abandoned buildings, animals I see, etc. So my journal can get pretty photo heavy sometimes, but don't worry I LJ-cut photo heavy entries so I don't clog up your friends' list. :P

-I am a geek. I play World of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering, Kingdoms, Wolfenstein, Pokemon and am currently getting sucked into the world of table top games.

I'm a strange person, I know but strange is fun. So if you think we'd get along, feel free to add me! ^_~

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My name is Shelby, I'm a vegetarian, and I'm a month shy of 19 years old. I live in South West Florida with my boyfriend of five years, Chris. I'm of Norwegian-Swede-Cherokee descent.

I work at a local metaphysical shoppe called Anahata Holistic Healing and Spiritual Center, and I love it. Religiously, I'm a little bit of everything but nothing at the same time. The closest I relate to a religion is heathenism.

I craft, practice, and teach hoola hooping (it's my passion), I'm an autism awareness enthusiast, I practice and teach runic divinations, I collect reptiles, comic books, and Edward Gorey artwork, and I'll never pass up an oppritunity for a new tattoo or piercing.

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My journal is friends only out of old habit, but I'll add anyone-- just comment me first.

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Hi, I’m Liz. I’m 20 and from New York.
I try and update as often as I can, which is usually every day or every couple of days. My entries are mostly about my day and can get kind of long sometimes. I also like to post pictures and videos.
I’m shy, awkward, clumsy, quirky and extremely dorky. I also tend to make fun of myself a lot.
Some things that I really like are: writing, movies, fall, tea, Disney, junk food, imagination, puddles, cartoons, doodling, bingo, pasta and the colors orange, purple and yellow.
I always read my friends page and am pretty good with commenting.

Movies-- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Titanic, The Last of the Mohicans, Requiem for a Dream, Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Election, Harriet the Spy, The Devil Wears Prada, Almost Famous, Catch Me if You Can, About a Boy, Love Actually, Life as a House, Girl, Interrupted, The Royal Tenenbaums, Big Fish, horror movies and Disney movies.

Music-- The Killers, MGMT, Brand New, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, The Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, The Format, The New Pornographers, Girl Talk, The Beatles, The Magnetic Fields, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, The Cure, The Spice Girls, Queen, movie scores.

TV-- Big Brother, Daria, Nip/Tuck, Gilmore girls, The Office, United States of Tara, LOST, Skins, Friday Night Lights, Sex and the City, My Life on the D-List, Doug, Invader Zim, Survivor, Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years.

Books-- Jessica Darling series, Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Outsiders, A Separate Peace, Harry Potter, Requiem for a Dream, Me Talk Pretty One Day.

I'm very easy to get along with, so add me if you are interested! You can also add my last.fm if you would like: http://www.last.fm/user/Lizisaloser



I just finished my freshman year of high school so I figured now was as good of a time as any to start keeping up with my friends list. I'll pretty much add anybody back, and I want to comment and read your entries and actually get to know new people. I'm way too shy, but once I start talking to somebody I'll warm up really quickly.

My interests/fandoms: Adam Lambert/American Idol, Harry Potter, Lost, Lady Gaga, Merlin, Arrested Development, Football (Spain and USA ftw), Glee, Figure Skating, etc.

I love music and books. If anybody has any recommendations I'd love to hear them; I read and listen to pretty much anything. My favorite books include "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", "Harry Potter", "Nineteen Minutes", "Looking for Alaska", and "The Book Thief".

My Last.Fm

If you want to be friends you can comment here or in my Friends Only post.

I'm a girl who lives in California, and I'd like friends of any age, ethnicity, or gender.
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Looking for friends... add me!

Like most people on here I am new to LJ, and in search of some friends to read my ramblings.

I am 26, married for 8 years, have 2 toddlers, military wife, and christian. I am new to it, not a bible thumper :). I have piercings, a tat, going to be homeschooling just for preschool, moving to Germany in a week so I will be posting awesome pictures often.

I am all for animals rights, and childrens rights. I ramble about my day, my kids, how homeschooling lessons are going, my life as a military wife, traveling, etc. Just lookin for people who might every once in while post a reply or something and whos pages i can peek into every once in awhile.

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Hello! I’m Erica (nickname is Monti, call me whatever you like). I’m took a break from Live Journal for a bit, but with summer coming I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start up again. Plus, I’m looking for new journals to read. I’m 17 years old, but will be turning 18 next month! I’m from Long Island, New York. I go into Manhattan a lot.  But will be moving upstate in the fall to attend college where I plan to major in graphic design and creative writing. I’m very sarcastic, loud, and outgoing.


I love to read, and I read more then I should. My favorite authors are George Orwell and J.D. Salinger.

Current reads:




I love, love, love music. There really isn’t a point during the day when I am not listening to it. I listen to anything from the 1950s to now, so I have a pretty wide range. Classic rock is my home, though. I listen to it from all time periods, but I prefer 60s. But I have a special love for 80s music, and just the time period itself.

Some of my favorites:

-       John Mayer

-       Jason Mraz

-       The Wallflowers

-       Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/AC/DC

-       Steve Miller Band

-       Third Eyed Blind

-       Lady Gaga


I’m a movie fanatic, and I tend to watch movies as opposed to TV. The only TV shows that I follow and True Blood and Glee.

Favorite Movies:

-Almost Famous

-Pirate Radio

-Across the Universe

-Moulin Rouge



Usually talk about:


-     My dysfunctional family

-       Dealing with my dysfunctional family

-       Summer

-       Music

-       Adventures with friends

-       Whatever the hell comes to mind

-       Art/Projects/Pieces

-       College nonsense

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