June 18th, 2010

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the names brittany
im 19
single but there is a potetial of a new relationship
420 friendly...but havnt in a while
ocassianal drinker used to like hard druggs
im pretty sure im bi
i love all music...i like songs not genres
my journal will include
sex drugs rock and roll and depressing shit
but this is MY journal not yours i dc if i offend you with what i write
its a friends only journal but im not that picky
im intrested in rerading many diff types of journals.
i do picture post and the ocasional v-log
i comment a decent amount
i go through tiimke where i update like crazy
to only a few times a week
i want to be a pierceer and a nurse in the future!
i love rainbow.
add me and ill add you back
spock; energize
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My current f-list seems pretty dead, so I thought I'd post here again :)

Name's Liah, presently 20 years old. I'm half Chinese, half Malay. I was born in Singapore, just a little dot on the equator :) Currently studying in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm majoring in Linguistics, and basically I enjoy the cheap everyday thrills in life, whether it be materialistic or not. I'm a huge fan of Regina Spektor, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, The Pierces and basically my music taste ranges really widely.

I am obsessed with style blogs, shoes, and everything to do with fashion. My style icon is Olivia Palermo.

I'm really silly at times and light-hearted. Most of my entries are just about my everyday life, the ups and downs and images that I find riveting. Also, I draw pencil portraits and paint as well. I play the piano but I'm still stuck at ABRSM Grade 8 :(

I don't know, life to me sometimes is just amazing. The things people do, the things we experience everyday is just art itself.

I'm pretty random like that. Add me up if you'd like to :) Here's a picture of me:


Hey what's up my name is Candice and I am 20 years old and I live in Fajardo, Puerto Rico in the caribbean, I am currently in college studying to be an english teacher and I love it. I love entertainment, fashion, rock music, italian food, movies and guitars. I am an open minded christian and love talking about almost anything. I loooove movies and watch them all the time. I am obsessed with disneyland and anything Disney related. So add me if you wanna learn more and check out my entertainment community and join if you want!

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My name is Beth & I'm 26 years old. I live in a smallish town in Northwest Indiana, but I'm originally from Chicago. I just recently started journaling [is that even a word?] again; for the past couple years my journal has been mostly used for keeping up with communities. I've also just started a quest to lose a lot of weight! I'm looking for friends in general [most of my friends on here don't update very often], but if you're also into health & fitness, that's a bonus! I'm not looking for pro-ed buddies, so please, none of that.

I watch a lot of movies & shows. I'm on the 6-at-a-time plan on Netflix, if that says anything, haha. I mostly watch shows through Netflix, since I work a pretty erratic schedule, I can't ever keep up with shows as they air. I am currently watching 90210 from beginning to end - I know, how terrible! I used to love that show as a pre-teen/teen, but man, was it corny in the beginning, haha.

I LOVE music. Seriously, when I get home from work, I plop right down in front of my computer, put my [hot pink] earbuds in, & listen to music for at least 2 hours. Bon Iver, Florence & the Machine, Tegan & Sara, & Ellie Goulding are some of my favorites. I listen to just about anything though, rap, pop, classic rock, oldies, etc. Projectplaylist.com is pretty much my favorite website...well, next to FB & LJ, anyways!

I know that's a pretty vague insight on what I'm about, but I'm kinda terrible at trying to describe myself. I hope at least a few people want to add me! :]