June 25th, 2010

Hey, looking for new friends!

Hey, my name is Sindy.
This is not my first LJ, I have been using LJ off and on since 2002, but my current profile is fairly new.
I am looking for more friends, I love to read, and comment.
Some things about me:
I mostly write about my life, silly experiences, and I will admit I do my fair share of complaining but I try to keep it entertaining. You will find the occasional movie, or book review cause I am strongly opinionated person, and love to share my thoughts on those kinds of things.
I am 22, and prefer only those over 18 to add me.
Interests include reading, writing, movies, tv, music, dirty jokes, sex, offensive t-shirts, laughing, meeting new people, and ten million other things I can't remember to list.
If you sound interested add me!

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Hey! I've been on Livejournal for about 3 years now, I've recently abandoned it and not really written since March time... I'm back and looking for some new Journals to look through!
I'm Em.
I start University in September to study Fashion design.
I've fought through a lot of shit, which is evident in my LJ posts.
I'm Yorkshire born! But still from the city, yes it's possible :-)
I love anything red, anything lace, anything half naked!
I have tattoos, I love someone quirky and out of the ordinary.
I read a lot, I studied English Literature and A Level and loved every minute of it!
I'm 18 years old.
I possibly love my cat more than I love anything in the world, is that sad?
I'm beginning to think I'm nocturnal, (I'm writing this at 1.20am and not even tired!)
I'm pale, with black hair and red lipstick.
I'm a Leo, and a big believer in starsigns!
Feel free to add me :-)



 My name is Buggiepup.

I'm not telling what sex I am,
what age, height, weight,
gay, straight...

I think it's more interesting for you to read and assume, don't you?

My journal is based around the weird happenings in my life involving
musicians and their bands,
crazy adventures to East Bumblefuck and back,
strange and scandalous romances and confusions,
and generally just growing with the addition of a strong drink every so often.

If you want to take a look and find me interesting, I'd be happy to share my stories with you.



Nerdy Friend Wanted

Hi there. This is a new account I have made for LJ. I lost the connection between people on my f-list and I felt like I had nowhere to belong. I am hoping to make a bright, new start and meet some friends along the way.

  • I'll just be honest: I like feedback. I like giving it people and I like receiving it in return. There's no use adding someone's journal if you are just going to ignore them, right? You don't have to comment on every single entry but once in a while is nice. It really brightens someone's day and I'll be happy to do the same for you.
  • I am extremely fascinated by 2D and 3D animation (whether American or Japanese) and sometimes play video games. I'm only interested in friends that share this passion to some extent. I am a nerd and I'm only interested in nerdy things.
  • I am almost done with college.
  • I don't care much about politics but I lean more towards the left.
  • I don't care much about religion but I guess I'd say I'm atheist.
  • I like to embed youtube videos on my journal sometimes.
  • My favorite community on LJ is Fandom Secrets and I check it everyday.
  • I like baking in my spare time.
  • half the time my entries are often about different subjects and I like to see people's opinions on them.
  • the other half of the time, my entries are embeds of nerdy, funny or both videos. If you hate that kind of thing don't add me.

If you can tolerate these things, I think we can work something out. If you're interested, comment and tell me a little bit about yourself!

(no subject)

Hi all. :) My name's Brea, I live in the US and turned 16 several months ago. I've been on LJ for a couple/few years now, since late '07, but I recently came back from a very long, much needed hiatus and, having lost touch with many of my od LJ friends, am looking for a fresh start.

I write a lot, for lots of different fandoms (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Uglies, iCarly,Victorious, and occasionally dabble in some smaller, lesser known ones). I actually don't watch a lot of TV, but if you feel you could change me, go for it. :D I listen to a lot of world music-- one of my favorite albums on my iPod is North African rock. I have four younger brothers, three of whom live with me, and a younger sister. I'm currently on vacation from school, but am taking online college classes that bore the hell out of me, to be honest. xD

I'm interested in: reading all kinds of books, history (I plan to teach it eventually, specifically world/ancient history), psychology, criminology, writing writing writing, attempting to draw and usually failing, trying not to wallow in teen angst, cryptograms, word games and puzzles, shipping couples that never get/stay together, going on walks, playing suduko, learning French at a ridiculously slow pace.

(Oh, and if anybody gets what my username is a reference to, you will be my BFF forever. xD ~nerd~)

Add me? :D

Be kind, polite and considerate but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

My name is Jeremy and I'm 23 years old. I have had a live journal account for roughly 7 years and this is my first time reaching out for friends in a community.

I live in Florida, born and raised in Orlando. I'm not really insecure and I trust entirely too easily that people have the capability to be decent, though lack self control.

I don't do drugs even though music is my passion, but with that being said I don't consider anything of the earth to be a drug. I'm not religious but I also don't criticize people for being so.

I'm not a hippie, if anything I'm indescribable. Grunge is my favorite type of music (no I don't idolize Nirvana) up there with industrial 80's metal and 70's rock. Sublime and Thrice are my favorite bands, there is no single answer I believe in balance.

Add me if you'd like, I won't comment on your every entry unless I find you interesting enough to wait for responses. I'm not a jerk, but if you ever need one just let me know. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
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Hola! I'm a seventeen year old girl looking for people around my age. No older than twenty, please!

I know I'm sounding really rude, but I would love to make some friends around my age.

I'm a bona-fide Canadian with a love for music. On a side-note, I'm a strange kid who enjoys writing, reading, drawing and playing video games. I have a love for the outdoors, and can't stop walking. It's my main method of travel. Some say I'm a pessimist, but I would label myself realistic, though I am a tad bitter at times, for someone who's barely lived life so far.

In terms of television, I do think myself a fan of Glee and America's Got Talent (am I the only one who finds it amusing that the hosts are two Brits and a Canadian?). I have a morbid fascination with zombies, adore Dragon Age and Final Fantasy. In short, I just may be the nerdiest person you may have ever met.

This summer, I hope to learn a new language (we'll see how well that goes...), hone my writing and drawing skill, and perhaps meet a few new friends. I'm also attempting to write a zombie apocalypse novel. So don't be afraid to drop me a line!


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2 недели 200 друзей!!! Осталось 5 дней!!

Добрый вечер дорогие друзья... Кто может уже видел мое сообщение тому обьяснять не надо в чес смысл, тот кто еще "не в теме" сейчас все поймет.
Спор с другом - 2 недели 200 друзей - я с просьбой к вам - кто отозвался на клич о помщи, кто нет, кто нахально подносрал, но не в этом суть.

Осталось 5 дней и еще надо минимум 54 друга... Помогите друзья... Всегда буду рад видеть вас у себя в друзьях, читать вашу ленту, коментить ваши посты...

Заранее спасибо...