July 1st, 2010

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 Hey! I'm looking for new LJ friends. :) I'm pretty new to the site, actually. But I love reading creative journals. I've posted here before, but I'm pretty sure that entry is long gone. Let me recap. :]

I'm six foot one quarter inch tall, and my feet are too small for my body. I fall a lot. I might have been meant to be a fat person, because I have the widest hips ever!! I'm smart, and it bothers me when people pretend to be dumb. I believe that happiness is a choice, and you are who you choose to be. I'm nice to people before they get the chance to be mean to me. I hate being compared to people. I appreciate every little thing, because it all deserves to be appreciated. I hate scene kids, so uh. Don't bother. 

I want friends who will actually read my journal and comment on it, and want me to do the same. I value each person that gives enough of a damn to take the time to do that, and be supportive. I really appreciate advice, and even a simple, "it'll be okay" lets me know that you care. <3
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Hello! My name is Kelly and I'm 19. I'm an advertising major, potential sociology minor, and I'm also receiving a certificate in new media. I just made this LJ account and would like some friends so I can read and talk to people. I live in Georgia (USA) but I grew up in Michigan. I am a pretty big Doctor Who fan and I also like web/graphic design, reading, watching good movies (not the Twilight series), listening to good music, etc. Oh, I like Glee and Dexter as well. I go through cell phones way too quickly (not because they break, I just get bored of them) and I spend my money way too fast.

Let's be friends.
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Фотоконкурс с призами «Пейзаж»

На конкурс принимаются городские, сельские и индустриальные и морские (и прочие водные) пейзажи.

Первый отборочный тур продлится до 4 июля (воскресенье) включительно. Затем в течение 5 июля члены жюри в результате голосования отбирают 10 лучших фотографий и 6 июля начинается второй тур — голосование. Также параллельно во втором туре будет работать жюри. По результатам голосования и оценок жюри будут определены победители.


Первое место: книга Энтони ЛаСала «Обнаженная натура. Лучшие фотографы мира».
Второе-четвертое места: годовой аккаунт на тарифе «Улучшенный» на сайте фотоконкурсов Фоткон.Ру.
Отдельный приз от организаторов: книга Фергюса Грира «Лучшие фотографы мира. Рассказы о них и об их произведениях. Портреты».

Конкурс проходит здесь: http://fotkon.livejournal.com/90332.html

Участники конкурса – френдите организатора. Взаимность всем, кроме ботов и 100%-х рекламщиков.

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i'm naomi, i'm 19 and i study and live in london! looking for some beautiful new friends! i have a long, descriptive userinfo about me so please read that here and then comment on my friends-only post to be added :) i'm not picky.

reading, bookshops, learning, tea, polaroids, everything english, toast, big sandwiches, socks, hippos, americas next top model, radio 1, djs, clubbing, pubs, nikon d40 and nikon film SLR, scrabble, art journaling, paints, alcohol, shots, bars, cocktails, weed, tattoos, firefox, fancy dress/dressing up, macbook, apple, ipod, photoshop, bookshops, cobblestones, history, environment, rare animals, pets, farm animals, puppies, raw vegetables, old england, victorian, bricks, crowns, farming, castles, sun, words, verbs and adjectives.
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Friends Not Journals

Hi! I'm looking for some new friends because LJ has been slow!

I'm almost 32, married, and mom to 2 beautiful girls. I work from home, but am unemployed at the moment. My entries are mainly about my daily life. I post a lot of pics, 99% being of my kids. I sometimes post videos. I'd love to meet other parents. That's not mandatory, but if you don't like kids, you will be very bored! I also love to cook and share recipes. I post every couple of days. I read daily. I comment when I have something to say. I don't cut people for not commenting, but I don't like lurkers. Please check out my journal for more info. My profile hasn't been updated in forever, but the basics are there. My journal has been friends only for a few years too, but there are some public entries if you want a peek.

We're about to head out and enjoy some fireworks to celebrate Canada Day. I hope to catch up with some of you soon!
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 Hey, it's Michelle again.

Still looking for new and interesting journals to read.
I've found that people have been really supportive of me, and I'd love to be able to do the same.
Who wants to be friends?


Hi, I'm Danae.
I'm an American student of film and German.
Just finishing up my year abroad in Germany, only 5 weeks to go.
I'm also 5 weeks away from turning 21.
I admit that this year I haven't been posting as regularly as normal.
But once I'm back in the States that'll change.
I read my Friends Page every day and I've got some really great, long-time LJ friends.
So I'm not looking for people who aren't committed to this thing.
It makes me sad when people who used to write a lot just disappear.
Basically my hobbies include traveling, writing, reading, going to the movies, tennis and running.
In my journal I mainly write about everyday life & college.
I'll be graduating in May 2011.
Generally I'm on the quiet side and consider myself a good friend.
I'm pretty independent.
I've backpacked for a month on my own and want to do a round-the-world trip one day; that's my biggest goal.
I also want to try out the acting thing, because why not.
LOVE sharing book recommendations.
If you do too then I'll probably love you.
Good time to mention that I hate Twilight, but love Harry Potter.
Otherwise I'm not really a fandom type of girl.
No matter how much they can piss me off, family matters to me.
I support Obama.
Comment here before adding me, please =)