July 9th, 2010

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I want to meet new people but dammit I want to get to know you. Don't add me to make a bigger friends list. And I don't care if we have anything in common - I know and like a shit ton of people that have nothing in common with me.

Add me.
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Привет всем! Приглашаю вас с свой жж, он посвящен фотографиям о семье, детях, любви, эмоциях и солнечных улыбках)
Буду рада новым друзьям)

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My name is Tia. I am twenty-six years old (twenty-seven in about a week and a half). I live in Sacramento, CA. I have a bachelors in psychology and enough units for a bachelors in English Language with an emphasis on teaching but am a few units shy due to bureaucratic red tape. Currently, I work as an instructional assistant in middle school, but aspire to be the teacher someday. Originally, I wanted to teach English, but I’ve fallen in love with the special education students and believe that that is where my future is.

I am recently married (about a two and a half months) and we recently bought a home (about a month). We have two cats and a turtle.

There’s been a lot of life changes recently and I would like not only write about it more, but share it with people and my friends list has been pretty sluggish in recent years. The more I write, the more my entries are made friends-only, but it really depends on the entry itself as my journal is definitely not strictly one or the other.

I have been part of LJ since 2001 and though my posting is sometimes sporadic, I always read. Ideally, I want friends that are in similar stages of life as me, who post and comment regularly (which isn’t the same thing as frequently). I like having new things to read and I enjoy getting to know more about people and connecting with them. I would like a friend that comments if for no other reason than that builds the relationship.
myself & I, just me
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mutual friending 95%

If you are interested in the post below but can't speak Russian, let me know I will provide the translation.

взаимозафренд 95%.
журнал о ШвеДции (Швеции). Журнал по своей тематике и направленности - нейтрал.
Человечный, интеллигентный, ВЗАИМНЫЙ. Френдите - в 95% случаев отвечаю взаимностью.
Хотите внимания? - комментируйте. 99% отвечу взаимностью.

Жрунал ruriktochkase наглядная иллюстрация того что в ЖЖ ИМХО есть огромные минусы
(например тот факт, что мы, обыкновенные пользователи, здесь полностью бесправны) но есть так же и огромные плюсы.
например: несколько недель назад написал пост "поколение Д".
Потом пришли люди из международного журнала, попросили опубликовать.
Теперь появилось маааленькое, коротенькое интервью,
но всё же интервью & на ТВ вещающем на несколько стран:

Вклад: нормальные материалы + посты именно в комьюнити взаимофрендинга as f.ex.: 
Результат: весьма сложно представить такую спираль, в такие сроки, на каком либо др. ресурсе.
(если вы конечно не персональный друг Носика)
Итого: ПРИСОЕДЕНЯЙТЕСь! общайтесь, комментите!
буду рад вдиеть! да и сами тоже попиарится можете, здесь:
мало ли? может и вам такое общение может быть чем-то полезным?

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So, the basics.

I'm 23, I'd like to think I'm semi normal but I'm probably as crazy as my mom was, I'm most definitely extroverted. I love writing, I had one of these a year or so ago and decided to make a new one. I go through moods i can't explain so I like to write them down and have others try to analyze them if they want because they think they're helping in some way. I like to think of myself as a sweet person, but I guess most of the time I'm really not. I used to be a lot nicer but than life happened so I don't really give a fuck anymore. If you want to add me, that's cool. If you don't than I really don't care. I want interesting people though, I'm sorry but if all you talk about is how many showers you took, and what you ate, and weird things your dog does than don't bother adding me.

--Favorite Flicks--
Remember the Daze
Fireflies in the Garden
Me, you, and everyone we know
500 days of summer
( & many, many, more)

Joy Division
Iron and Wine
Noah and the Whale
The Avett Brothers
Ani Defranco
The White Stripes
Artic Monkeys
Loud Reed
Velvet Underground
( & many, many, more)

I don't have much at the moment in this journal, since I just made it. But if you'd like to read an entry or two from my old one to see if I'm worth adding than you can here aeriexane 

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jade.
I am 25 years old.
I live in Tulsa, OK.
I have two cats that I love them dearly.
I am married to the love of my life.
I'm kind of a random person with a crazy personality but I'm friendly and like to meet new people.
I can be ditzy at times. (but I'm harmless)
I am a staunch believer in animal rights.
I'm a lover not a hater. :-)
My likes include: music, reading, writing, digital art, cooking, "dancing", pink, yellow, and vampires. :-)
My dislikes are: close-minded people, haters not lovers, gum popers, people who drive 20 in a 35 mile and hour zone, and animal abusers.

If you would like to get to know me better please add me. :-) I love meeting new people.
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