July 11th, 2010


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-Hi! I'm Stephanie.
-I'm 20 years old.
-I live in a very small town in Michigan.
-I am a Psychology major, but very well might change my major.
-My main hobby is penpal writing.
-I am a reading addict and have a bad habit of buying books whenever I am out and piling them on a shelf.
-I don't feel comfortable in anything that isn't a dress.
-I drink tea, coffee, and mango smoothies like crazy.
-I'm very easy to get along with.
-I watch too many crime shows (REAL crime, not scripted), history channel, and old sitcoms from the 50-70s.

-I blog about a number of things:
-life in general
-Things I love Tuesday
-My boyfriend and my cats
-my dorkyness
-Recipes once in a while (I'm a new cook!)
-Anything interactive (asking the readers questions etc)

A lot of my friends list is off on summer vacation or have abandoned LJ all together =[
If you would like to be friends, comment here, or add me! =]

Add me!

I'm Anna, 23, a recent grad currently living in Vancouver, BC. I've had my livejournal since 2003, but haven't regularly updated in two years or so. I'm trying to get into the habit again and looking for new friends to keep me motivated! : )
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First things first. I am a huge nerd. Maybe the biggest one your have ever met.

I am a fan of video games, particularly rpgs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I do enjoy Final Fantasy as well, and my favourite entry in the franchise was Final Fantasy XII. I didn't like VII, and not because of the graphics. The story didn't resonate with me.

Music is my anti-drug, and if I could, I'd listen to it forever (But my ears can only take so much!). I don't have a favourite band, but I have songs I adore. "Be Be My Love" by Rachael Yamagata and "Our Truth" by Lacuna Coil are some examples.

I am mostly seen with my nose shoved into a book (reading is one of my favourite past times), or a pencil gripped in my hand. I like to think myself an artist at times.

No one else knows this, but I have a secret desire to become a race car driver. I know it will never happen, but hey! A girl can dream!

I like to think that I am generally amiable and friendly, easy to get along with. So don't be afraid to drop me a line! c:
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Wannabe hippy
Soon to be psychology undergrad student.

Music Lover: Trance (especially vocal), psytrance, conscious reggae, hiphop, r'n'b, anything else I like the sound of.

Bookworm: Non-fiction, Cecilia Ahern, Jodi Picoult.

Film lover: Almodovar, Fincher. Nine Queens. Motorcycle Diaries. A Little Princess. Coyote Ugly. 50 First Dates.

Other Interests: Religion/spirituality. Poi spinning and other circus skills. Creativity. Writing(must do more...).

My Journal: is my online diary. I have up days and down days. My journal reflects that. I may occasionally talk about self injury, but usually put it under a cut with a trigger warning. I am a spiritual seeker but I welcome people from many faiths, or none. I only ask that you don't force your beliefs on me.

I look forward to reading some interesting new journals!
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New start, new LJ, new friends.
I just wrote an intro post in my journal, which is public, so you can read that if you'd like.
To add to that, though:
I love wine. I love cigarettes. I love pot.
I'm 22 and single, just recently broke up with a boyfriend of 3 years because he moved across the country and we didn't think long distance would work.
I really love to read, but I am not into the vampire/werewolf/whatever genre that is so big right now. Maybe I am just a walking cliché, but JD Salinger is my favorite author and anyone who wants to judge me based on that can fuck right off.
I really love music. I am not a fan or anything of the band Orgy, but I credit their song "Blue Monday" with shaping my music taste into what it is today. Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards is my favorite band right now, if that gives you an indication of what I like, but I enjoy a wide variety of musical genres. "Glendora," by Rilo Kiley is one of my favorite songs of all time.
I don't have any stipulations for being my friend (you must comment always! you can't have differing opinions from me! or whatever), just add me if you want.
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Как определить успешность блога

  Всем доброго вечера дорогие френды. Скучно становиться вот думаю чтоб этакое замутить, кое что придумал, но для этого надо каким то образом определеть успешность дневника. Если у кого есть какие идеи по поводу определению успешности дневника, делитесь в коментах этими идеями... Вот ссылка на запясь  Как определить успешность блога

Коменте и добовляйтесь в друзья, всех взаимофренд.
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Дополнения в список френдящих ботов

Будьте осторожны! В последние дни появилось большое количество ботов, которые записываются во френды и спамят в блог
Свежие: aabhas_tumalo | aaneel_renotte | aksayini_drykos | althea_fellene | bronson_ritner | burle_manesco | drahuska_malbo | elianne_fabke | emlyn_magidoff | erika_carmisci | farrar_dampier | fayola_nuoding | florencio_povl | jelisa_druhack | judge_tsuneyos | kait_harazmus | keshia_riader | lubbert_kobyak | lucucrush | nishkama_scrou | nima_leichety | oskar_brinsdon | roberto_meggis | spurius_firtle
(более подробно a href="http://re3.livejournal.com/382621.html" >тут</a>)
Если в ваш жж тоже спамят новые боты - напишите о них. Составим общий "черный список" спамботов. И кстати, расскажите об этом друзьям)