July 30th, 2010

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i've had too much coffee.

i'm some sort of artist, i make a lot of Really Very Strange Things. i work as a writer, i work from home. i'm D's surfer-wife & M's mama; i'm back in an old-skool [80s] deep dark goth phase right now; i really need positive people around me, coz mercury is going into fucking retrograde and the world has to be softer for all us hyper-introverts. working through shit = awesome, general bitching = exhausting. [not that you shouldn't bitch in your own journal, just i'm not into reading that right now] i'm a hyper-introvert. i love crows! i'm quite friendly! i like exclamation points! i'm not really that excited, i just like exclamation points! i fucking hate facebook! i love lj! i'm a reading FIEND & i read everything: sartre, steinbeck, camus, bad vampire books, dame darcy, the new york times, zines, EVERYTHING. i have 53 books in my to-read pile, no word of a lie. as far as journals go, i don't do & don't complain about lj-cutting. if you post 700 photos a day i am SO INTO THAT. art art art. i like people who are always into discovering new things, constantly learning and questioning. i like people who are making the world a better place. i like silly people! i don't care how old you are. i'm 35 but you'll be pleased to know i act like a sullen 23 year old most of the time. and this is me, if you need to see before you purchase:

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ЖЖизнь или смерть жж?

Как гром среди ясного интернета прозвучало заявление гендиректора "Вконтакте" П. Дурова о желании "прикупить" ЖЖ, дабы спасти оный от якобы неминуемой смерти. (Что думает СУП по этому поводу, мне неизвестно.) Поводом для обнародования предлоЖЖения стал широкий негативный резонанс акции Resurrection, которую "замутил" СУП. То бишь "воскресения" и второго пришествия "мертвых", или виртуально "убиенных", засуспенженных жж (винно, невинно - нужное подчеркнуть), ныне всего за 15 баксов (по курсу, 30 сереб.) обретающих новых владельцев. Момент дуровской атаки выбран удачно - а то, что за этим стоит запланированая кампания, видно по синхронно появившимся сетевым публикациям о скорой кончине ЖЖ, в финансовых муках и публичной агонии (см. тут и тут). История даже сыграла в ящик выплеснулась в телеящик
Конечно, слухи о скорой смерти жж несколько (лет на десяток) преувеличены - происходит еще не агoния, но уже стагнация, этак с конца 2008. Попытки (мои личные, по крайней мере) контактировать с топ-суповцами по этому поводу (на публичных мероприятиях) встречают стандартный ответ: "У нас все хорошо" ("у нас" - имеются в виду не блоггеры, а СУП).
В этой ситуации, как говорится, спасение утопающих ресурсов - дело рук самих пользователей этих ресурсов.
Каковы ваши рецепты?


 Just call me Phoenix. I'm a 21 year old cashier who loves pretty much anything with fur. I have three adorable kitties that are my babies at the moment. I live in an apartment building with my new and amazing roommate. I'm a total bookworm and read way too much for my own good. If there was a book rehab I'd definitely be in it. I love listening to music of all kinds and I'm always looking for new songs or artists. I used to write all of the time but I haven't written anything in a long time. I'd love to get back into the habit. I can be pretty shy at first, but once you get to know me I tend to be really random. Really, I have no idea what kind of stuff to put in this intro post so hopefully this works for now and maybe later I can do a better one. Or, you can just add me and get to know me through my posts! Lol. I love meeting new people whether we have everything in common or barely anything at all...
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