August 2nd, 2010

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 Hey :) Im Chelsea. Im 17 and about to start my senior year in high school, I like chocolate.....Alot. Im serious that's how my mom got me to walk when i was a baby....she baited me with chocolate. Smart women, she is.  Hmmm, Im very random, theatre geek, depressive tendencies though not in a while now. Im lacking in friendz that comment so thats why im posting cause Ive been on LJ a while now. I post often. I also love to read, so I comment alot, lol. I like getting to know knew people so i like people who blog about thier lives, and emotions. Ooo I also love peotry so if your blog is like a poetry portfolio, add me too! 

Hobbies: Acting, drawing, reading, "attempting to sing", talking with my good friends, meeting new people, and trying new things

Favorite things: Hmm books...( Thirteen Reasons why, anything Agatha Christie, classic lit , I have a slight vampire obsession but I think im outgrowing it, ---oh and dont be scared away by that im not a twilight nut lol, although i dont have anything against twilight, like people who will spend hours ranting about how they hate it-- Favorite films- The ButterFly effect, A time to kill, Feast of love, A walk to Remember, Big Fish, Radio, Knowing okay this could go on and on. I love movies. And as for Music I like a wide variety of things Im kind of stuck on Florence and the Machine right now though.

So....anyways here's a cool pic of me I like 


My journal is Friends Only. So if we have anything any common, add me and ill add you back! :) kthxbye.