August 3rd, 2010

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hi! my name's alyssa, i'm seventeen, and i'm gonna be a senior this year. i live in new jersey.

i've been on livejournal for maybe four years, and i've always been involved in bandom, mainly panic! at the disco/fall out boy/fbr bands in general, but other bands/artists i'm in love with include third eye blind, queen, empires, andrew mcmahon, brand new, fun., fiona apple, muse, kevin devine, jeff buckley, and frank sinatra. i talk about music a lot.

most of all, i'm a writer. i have a separate writing journal that i pimp a lot (feel free to add that, too, or at least check it out!) but i talk about my writing a lot. i love chuck palahniuk, kurt vonnegut, charles bukowski, jd salinger, antoine de saint-exupery, roald dahl, richard sikens, and ee cummings.

the only television shows i really keep up with are the office, south park, tosh.0, and family guy. then again, i also love things like spongebob, drake & josh, and the fresh prince of bel air.

i'm very into movies and talk about them a lot in my journal as well. favorites: mysterious skin, my cousin vinny, fargo, rain man, mean girls, silence of the lambs, perfume, aladdin, the mudge boy, anything tim burton, peter pan, milk, benny and joon, adventures in babysitting, tarzan, as good as it gets, lloyd.

as for real life (real life, what?), all of my time is consumed by cheerleading. i'm a "hardcore" cheerleader, if you will, and spend all my time at the gym either working out, practicing, or working. i also work with little kids! i babysit tons and coach a team of little kids. the majority of my journal is me rambling about my life (concerts, friends, etc), but i try to keep it interesting.

i like to think of myself as very nice and personable. i try to comment as much as possible and my only pet peeves are arrogance and terrible grammar. you should know that i have a very sarcastic, sometimes crude sense of humor, and, being a writer, i'm a little on the insane side. my journal is friends only save for a couple of entries, i prefer comments before you add me, and beware, i post pretty much every day! feel free to drop a comment if we have anything in common!



Name is Trevor. 21. Vegan. Straight Edge. Homosexual. I feel my life goes in weird ways. I get thrown left and right, up and down, side to side, but I am a better person because of it. I post... when I feel like it. I'm not going to give you much insight into my life, as my journal explains it all. I guess if I peak your interest, you'll let me know. I hope somehow, I make a difference to one person, or a group, and that someone makes a difference, inside of me.

I guess photos are what attract people?

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Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’m still figuring out just who that is. Twenty-three years old. I’m from Northern Ireland, now located in Liverpool, England. I moved over for university in autumn 2006; I dropped out after the first year but hung around to see what else the city had to offer. Most of the time I'm quite mellow and my motto is "whatever happens, happens". It's not very proactive but it gets me through. I enjoy life but there's not much going on these days. I'm engaged to Steven, he is the main person in my life. We’ve been together for nearly three years and I guess you could say that it's been an interesting journey so far.

I suffer from insecurity and anxiety over many things but I try not to whinge about it. I’m open-minded, quiet, random, silly, and serious. I have a few vague wants and wishes. I don’t own many pairs of shoes that I can walk in comfortably because I am a silly girl about such things. Thankfully I am becoming more sensible as I grow older, in many respects. I have a huge soft spot for animals. I love music... then again, who doesn't? I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up. I love taking photographs - I just started up a new Project 365 so my journal features a lot of (cut) images. I enjoy seeing new places and I hope to travel more in the future.

I've had my LJ since 2004 and while I don't post as often as I used to, I still like to read my friends page and interact with people. Unfortunately it has slowed down recently and it's nice to find someone new to read every once in a while. So, if you think we have something in common and might get along, add me. I'll almost certainly add back :)

This is me on the beach -


Im a small town girl with a heartfull of dreams

-The name is Haley.-I'm 20 years old
-I'm a full time student at Lincoln Memorial University.
-I'm a nursing major who hopes to one day be a flight nurse. 
-I love to hang out with my friends and family. 
-I blog about my life, school, my crazy unexplainable love life, family life, and crazy dorm life.
-My interest include movies, reading, and music. I watch comedies, love stories,and some horror. I read anything by Nicholas Sparks. I read the twlight series. I'm now reading a book about Madonna. So far so good. Music is my life. I listen to everything and quote it when I need cheering up . 
-I'm hung up on an ex boyfriend and that sometime comes up in my journal.
so thats me If you wanna add me feel free. I read and I comment. I would love to make some new friends! Hope to hear from you soon!  
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I’m Kay. I’m a college kid trying to figure out who the hell I am (and it’s a fairly entertaining journey.) I tend to get a kick out of life, so if you have no sense of humor, we probably won’t get along. That’s not to say that every post I make is a barrel of monkeys, though. I’m looking for some people who I can get to know and who, in turn, will take the time to get to know me. You don’t need to update 7 days a week, and I certainly don’t expect comments on of my entries. But it would be nice to have some reading material every once in awhile.


+ I’m a Lord of the Rings geek. Books, movies - you name it, I love it. I occasionally write fanfiction (and by occasionally, I mean once in a VERY long while.) The fandom doesn’t take over my journal, but I do talk about it from time to time.

+ Playing the piano! I’m not very good, but I love to play.

+ I also love to write and take pictures. Like I mentioned above, I don’t write a lot, unfortunately, but some of my writing may show up on my journal. You may also find some photography, too.

+ As far as musical taste goes, I listen to a lot of: Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five (my all-time favorite music is created by this man,) fun., The Format, Dave Matthews Band, Five for Fighting, Regina Spektor, The Fray, Jon McLaughlin, 3 Doors Down, anything Howard Shore writes with his beautiful mind, Josh Groban, Lifehouse, Matchbox Twenty. I also love instrumental stuff – soundtracks and piano and such.

+ I love watching and playing soccer and tennis. I’ve played soccer since I could walk, and tennis is a recently discovered love.

+ I’m also a fan of way too many TV shows: 24, Criminal Minds, LOST, White Collar, Psych, The Mentalist, Glee, Will and Grace, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Cash Cab. And hell yes, I watch Shark Week.

+ I’m open-minded. I don’t care what race you are, what religion you practice, what sexual orientation you identify with, what gender you are, if you have a mohawk, if you watch Survivor, if you still play with Legos, whatever. If you’re nice and tolerant and like to have fun and enjoy yourself, we should get along great.

Don’t be shy! Stop by my journal, leave a comment on my FO post and say hi. :D

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Heyyyy. I'm Audrey. I'm 20, I live in Mississippi, and I'm a college student.
I'm pretty chill, I guess.
I used to use online journals from around 2004 to around 2007 (on Ha!), then just stopped for some reason. But I'd really like to get into it again. I don't really have any entries yet.
I will mostly post about random things from my day, and the occasional survey/quiz under a cut-tag.
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If you're interested in adding me, leave a comment on my friends only post, please :)