August 4th, 2010

Toshiro Mifune/Smoking

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I'm Ana and I have an addiction to SPARKLES, emoticons, and animated gifs.

I post about figure skating and music (check my!) and other sundry things, mostly of the silly variety. I post photos of food and cute animals every once in a while, too. :Db

I love happiness and rainbows and all that, so if you're having a bad day expect me to drop in and comment on the post with clichés about how awesome life is.

I'm looking for people that comment and aren't adverse to having spontaneous conversation! I comment often, and I love talking to people, so expect to get to know me! I want to be friends with people I add/who add me, not just a name on a list. :) That's the reason I'm seeking friends, so I have someone to talk with!

I don't talk about myself beyond a relatively shallow level very often, and if I do it's nearly always under a cut so you can scroll on by.

I don't do friend cuts unless someone really deserves it, so that's probably why half of my friends are dead journals. That's alright though, maybe one day they'll come back! If they ever do, I'll be there to welcome them back. :))

Here's to hoping I make some fantabulous friends!! :D

Not to end this on a sour note, but please don't just add me, I want to know who you are before that! :)) Just shoot me a comment, either on this post or on my FO post!