August 6th, 2010

new friend, hatter

looking for fellow actors

Hey I'm a 23 year old actor/singer/writor and I'm looking for people who I can network with in these areas. I'm hoping to find people who are going through the same things (auditions, memorizing, small plays, etc.) I'm also looking for people to bounce ideas off of and seek advice from about new plays, novels, short stories and poetry sets that I'm writing. If you don't share any other intrests with me thats fine, I could section out my updates, if you read my profile and love me thats great too.

I'm mostly a rant blogger on my profile, mostly critiqueing tv shows and plays that I've seen but I also read and write fanfiction and share updates about my life, I'm a little nuts but that's what makes me fun. I'm currently working on a new two person romantic drama fro next years Fringe, some original shorts for a scifi mag and a fantasy/historical novel. Hope to talk to you soon.
bad things are about to happen


My name's Erika, I'm 20 and live in Pittsburgh. I'm a sporadic poster so don't always expect a lot from me there, but I read and comment in other journals frequently. Just looking for fun people with a strange sense of humor like me x) There's not much in my LJ right now simply because its new- my old one got attacked by spambots.

I love all types of music and play several instruments, shoot archery, love food and cooking, adventurous but shy at the same time, dark and bizarre sense of humor, doesn't take self too seriously. If you like music, food and alcohol, we should be good friends. I think this includes just about everyone on the planet. I WIN!

Add me? :)

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Hello! My name is Melody!

- I live in Southern California.
- I'm a shy, 21 year old libra.
- I'm very friendly & loving.
- I can be a little too nice for my own good.
- I post a lot about work, school, friends, & my bf.
- I do the occasional picture & video post.

- I like meeting & making new friends.
- I comment & update as much as I can. :]

Comment on my friends page & add me first, pls. :]