August 9th, 2010



All of my friends are disappearing on LJ (I guess for stuff like Facebook and Twitter) and it's pissing me off. I hope LJ itself isn't dying and my friends are just being dumb. So I am here to try to find rad people. 

Okay so here's some stuff about me.
This is me, I'm Erica:

I'm old as fuck ok? Like 27. I went to my first 30th birthday last weekend and it was super scary because everyone kept talking about getting old. I just got really drunk and sucked helium out of balloons.

I live in St. Louis MO, which is cool because we have Nelly and Toasted Ravioli. I once saw Nelly at a casino and he glared at me I think. That's my Nelly story. Everyone in St. Louis has one. My story is one of the more boring.

I graduated from the Univ of MO - St Louis with a BA in Communications which is the equivalent of NOT HAVING A DEGREE because no one knows what to do with that information. " like to communicate?" That's what people ask at job interviews. It's like wtf do I even say to that?

I do accounting (hilarious considering my absolutely disdain for numbers) for a small environmental consulting firm in StL. It's pretty cool what we do. Sometimes I get to get away from the office and go to job sites which are like super old building with asbestos and lead paint or like old ass gas stations that still have underground storage tanks that we have to dig up and that's pretty cool. But I wouldn't want to work in 100 degree weather so I'm down with being in an office for most of my time.

I fucking love movies and music and cooking and baking.

I just saw inception - totally thought it was overrated. I was expecting a major mindfuck and all I got was juno and third rock from the sun kid making googly eyes at each other.

I'm a vegetarian but not an annoying one. PETA is weird. People who support PETA are weird. Vegetarians who are obsessed and call it a "lifestyle" is weird. It's like damn son you don't eat meat. It's not that fucking epic ok? There are people who don't eat nuts because they have allergies. Are they calling it a "lifestyle"? God i hate pretentious fucks

I listen to a lot of crap.  I really love Daft Punk and Justice and all of that weird french electro shit. I also love love love The Clash. Put on any Beastie Boys song and I will sing it to you.  I like to work out to Operation Ivy because they make me feel stabby.

My family is Jewish. I'm just jewish for the food, but I don't practice. Too boring, plus all the jews in st louis are rich and the synagogues are all out in the suburbs of rich people land.

I wear a lot of barrettes and bows and glitter and sparkles and i'm sure i'm way too fucking immature for my age.

I'm in a moped gang. If you learn one thing from this entry it should be this: a moped is not a scooter. Scooter people are like weird hippies and scooters look like toilets. Mopeds look more like motorized bicycles.

I'm on the left of this pic and that is a cool graffiti'd floodwall in Downtown St. Louis. The might mississippi likes to drown our city sometimes so we have that giant wall...which of course never stops the flood but what can you do right?

Oh my god did you read all of that shit? You are truly wonderful.
This is what I would like in LJ friends.

I want people who do more than talk about their goddamn relationships on every entry. that is way too boring and i don't have the attention span to sit through it. i like people with a sense of humor, people who get sarcasm.

i know this is such a 1999 thing to say but i'd actually like to get some friends out of this, like real friends. i have met some people from LJ in the past and they have been damn cool! i have  enough st louis friends but i'd like some more not st louis friends.

i don't really give a shit about getting/giving comments and i don't understand why people always talk about that. if your entry is boring or i have no input or maybe i just didn't even care to read it, i won't comment. and i expect you to do the same to me. obligatory comments are weird.

i guess that is all.


My introductions are always kinda awkward
I think that's because
I am

my name is Kimberly
I live in California
for the time
I'm 24 about to be 25

My life is Cooking and Art
I've been to culinary school
and had been cooking professionally for over 3 years
I recently left an executive chef position
and am currently working on my own recipes and trade from home

while I decide where my life is going to point me

I love cook books,sun shine, clothes, boots, refrigerators full of food, japan, travel, photography, hookah, driving, reading, green blankets, recipe development, museums, wine, painting, art, music, movies, drawing, yoga and rollerblading
I collect cooking utensils their all over everywhere
nothing makes me happier than a new knife

my journal has pictures of food
speaking in jagged short sentences
and mostly me learning how to adjust to
too much change

cheers everyone
Just me

Hi to everyone :)

Hello! I'm Lizzy and 22 years old from cali :)

I heard of this site through a friend and decided to check it out to get to know new people

I love to do a lot of things from both extremes I like to just be at home and read a book


Get crazy and go to bars and clubs <3 Vegas is def a place I like to go to

I grew up on sports and have a competitive nature at times :$  but when i see someone is hurting I try my best to help them out or just be that shoulder and ear that might be needed =]  I might not always have the right thing to say and might not always say what you want to hear, but sometimes people need to hear the truth even if it could sting a little =\

If you'd like to chat or need help or just want to vent just add me ^_^
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