August 21st, 2010


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Name: Diana
Age: 20
Location: FL .. specifics aren't for the general public. (:

Relationship Status: Taken. Possibly forever .. I'm hoping. <33
Occupation: Student. Unemployed otherwise -_-
Pets: .. too many. I lose count at times. lol.
Interests: music, education, criminal investigation, writing, video games, horoscope, astronomy .. etc.

List 3 words to describe yourself:
1. quirky.
2. stubborn.
3. optimistic

List 3 interesting/random things about you:
1. I go through a lot of phases. I'm constantly changing.
2. I'm really thinking about pursuing web design. It's .. fun?
3. No, I'm not your typical 'white girl'. -_^ 
List 3 things you look for in a friend:
1. Some sort of connection, no matter how small or big it is.
2. Someone who can hold a conversation.
3. HUMOR !

5 Favourite Bands/Artist/s:
1. Backstreet Boys
2. Justin Timberlake
3. Britney Spears
4. Blink 182
5. John Mayer
.. Mock me because I'm not all "underground" & I like mainstream music. Don't care. I'll know a good song if I hear it.<3

In a nutshell this is me. These are my most basic facts, go with it! (: I'm fairly new to LJ, so my posts right now aren't amazing. I made my journal for ranting, randomness, etc. I post about my day, my feelings, random pictures/quotes. Basically .. whatever I find important or inspiring at the moment. I enjoy reading what other people have to say as well. Add meeee. I promise I won't let you down. ((:
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need new friends

so i've been gone for some time....and i need some new friends
about me

[x] name:

[x] nickname: manda
[x] live: somewhere in the south
[x] bday: november 22, 1982
[x] age: 27
[x] smoke: yes
[x] drink: yes
[x] drugs: just mary jane
[x] type of books i read: true crime and about death
[x] fav genre of movie: horror and comedy
[x] fav music: rock, metal, hip hop/rap
[x] tv shows i try not to miss: bad girls, jersey shore, and big brother
[x] movies i could watch over and over again: taxi driver, the hangover, gone with the wind, IT + a ton more
[x] things i love: horror movies, studing serial killers, music...
[x] things i hate: anything and everything pop, hot topic, close minded people, people that rag on everything i do or where i live, being ignored, people never listening to me...

so if you want to be my friend just comment on my journal or something
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