August 22nd, 2010

patrick wolf


Name: Chris
Age: 21
Sign: Aquarian

~ Fourth year English major with a minor in writing
~ I believe in fairies and ghosts
~ I think robots, not zombies, will destroy the humans
~ I have a personal belief system with ideas from Christianity, Discordianism, and Druidism
~ I'm gender confused
~ My favorite bands are Patrick Wolf, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, and Mastodon, though I love a lot of the music now considered "Oldies" or "Classic rock" (thank you Dad!)
~ I have two cats and a pet rat who I adore with all my heart
~ I'm non-confrontational
~ I'm obsessed with the number five, keys, bottle caps, and little plastic toys from gumball machines
~ I have a MAJOR Peter Pan complex... so bad my seven year old cousin was weirded out by me
~ Fandom wise, I don't really have many... Harry Potter is the biggest one. I feel like a mix between Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom
~ I don't have cable so I fail at what's going on in the big outside world *hides in box*
~ I roleplay: steampunk, fantasy, and online varieties
~ I believe in the power of rocks and crystals
~ I envy creatures capable of flight

All of the above is a lie. I'm really an alien robot from one of Saturn's moons sent here to observe you humans.
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blackandwhite, plaid

hi thurrr :]

hi! i'm valerie :]
i just made this thing last night in hopes of making some new friends, so i'm still sorta confused about how this works :P
well, i'm seventeen.
gonna be a senior in about two and a half weeks, holy shit.
music is my obsession, my passion, my life. i play it, listen to it, sing it, basically live and breathe it.
i play piano, guitar, ukulele outside of school, and percussion in my school's band (i'm kind of a band geek :] )
my favorite types of music are acoustic & indie. some of my favorite artists are regina spektor and ingrid michaelson.
i also like food...a lot. :P
i 'm a total kid at heart...i still play pokemon (and can name every single original one :) ), and watch nickelodeon shows from the 90's like hey arnold, rugrats, and rocket power <3
i want to change the world, but who doesn't?
i guess that all i want is to be loved.

add me if i sound cool, or if you wanna know more about me. i loveee meeting new people :D
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