August 23rd, 2010


 I'm 24.

I write. I've been writing for eleven years. I have too many ideas and I'm often leaving one story to start another. I would love to make a career out of it one day.

I'm a very loyal, loving, passionate, caring person. I like reading, and watching movies.

Oh, and I love The Gazette. Look them up if you've never heard of them :)

Oh, and I love Harry Potter. I write fanfiction for it ^_^

Grey's Anatomy is amazing. Yes, I said it.

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My name is Mateo. I recently moved back to the US from Italy. I drove cross country on route 6 for the second time before moving to Hawaii for the second time. I also recently got out of the Army and I'm currently unemployed. I'm a mercenary and a land pirate. I'm 32. I have a wife and a cat and a dog. I live on beach front property. I own two motor vehicles: a Hyundai Elantra that I've had since 2002 (and driven all over North America, Hawaii, and Europe in) and a Vespa that I brought home from Italy. I have a wife (she grew here, I flew here) and a cat and a dog. I like music, cinema, art, and literature, but who doesn't? I hate fandom and I take no heroes. I have a severe disdain for most everything mainstream, especially music. I am an anti-theist and an anarchist. I despise conservatives and democrats and republicans and liberals. I miss living in Europe, but there's no place [in the US] that I'd rather be a destitute scum bag than Hawaii nei and I fully support an independent Hawaiian republic (not a return to monarchy like most pussy separatists desire). I have a love/hate relationship with life. I'm trying to grow plants and mostly failing. I have a problem with drinking which is actually more of a problem with not drinking. I want revenge. I'm bored as hell on this gods damned rock. I hate the north shore and the dip shits that live here. I call the syndrome that the residents suffer part of being on Planet North Shore. I'll eat just about anything.

Do not add me if:
You are a conservative
You are in the US military or are a spouse of someone who is (foreign military are OK)
You dislike homosexuals, or are sexist, or racist in any way
You are new to LJ or are one of those people who frequently/infrequently delete there LJ to start a new one
You never read/comment on your friends list
You like pop music

I would prefer:
People over the age of 25
People who have more than 333 LJ entries
People from foreign places such as Africa, South East Asia, and South America
People who write consistently and often; content is not really that important
People who can spell and use grammar correctly, allowances granted to non native English speakers, of course

Here is a recent picture of me in my back yard:

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Hi :)

My name is Jesse. I am 22 years old and I live in Kentucky. I am very new to this live journal deal so if I am not doing something right, please let me know and I will fix it asap.

I have joined live journal to meet friends, and to find support groups for my weight loss efforts. From what I've read there are QUITE a few weight loss support groups on here of all different sorts, so I will clarify.  I am 130lbs overweight, and intend to lose the weight naturally through exercise and a healthy diet. This new diet is not something that I am going to do for a few months I am attempting to change my lifestyle forever. Coming from a large family, and raised in a predominately unhealthy community, I am not sure what to do, or where to start. Hence the live journal. :)

While weight loss support and tips are my main goals in here, that is not all I am.

I am a lesbian. Been faithful to my girlfriend for three years, and we are currently engaged and soon to become illegally wed.
I love animals. Particularly my cat Spencer who is my night guardian keeping me safe as I am TERRIFIED of the dark.
I love cartoons, painting, playing, goofing off, and creating anything.
I love children, I cannot WAIT to become a parent, and until then I will bide my time with whatever children cross my path.

I don't know much about politics, but I do know I am socially liberal to the max.
I do not follow a religion, but I am spiritual to the extent in believing in the good in people, and the indisputable responsibility we all have to try and make the world a better place one smile at a time.

I have attended college for four years, and accomplished nothing. But I am not giving up and I intend to pursue a career shaping the minds of our youth. :)

I am patient, understanding, stubborn, creative, air-headed, moderately tech-savvy, ill-tempered, forgiving, and loving. (yes I know some of those contradict, try being me! lol)

My pet peeves are anyone who is ignorant, racist, sexist, spineless, or without any moral code. I believe that not everyone has the same moral code, but we should each have one, and respect one anothers.

Anyway.. that's me... trying to be healthier, scared of the dark, and racist

If any of this sounds like we could be good pals, don't hesitate to add me! I don't care how little or much you write, no friend is a bad friend.
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Finn n Jake

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OK SO, I did this once and met 1 awesome person from it so I figure it's worth it to give it another go!

I'm Christie, I've been told that I'm "really weird" many times so I SUPPOSE it's true~. I live in Atlanta, currently with my parents but that will hopefully change within a year when I get full time hours at work.

I love video games. I don't have as much time to play them now-a-days but I have a wii and a ps3, the wii I use to play with my friends (smash bros & mario kart), the ps3 I use to lose myself in a good game. It's kind of the same thing as reading books, which I also enjoy when I have the time. Sometimes it's just nice to forget about our reality for just a little while and emerge ourselves in a different world.

I like cats, I have 2. One 16 pound big black cat and one 15 week old 2 pound Abyssinian kitten. They are both a complete joy to be around.

I enjoy football, the atlanta falcons particularly. I haven't found any falcons fans on lj, boo :p. Matt Ryan is probably the only guy I'd go straight for. bahaha

Let's see... I recently started working at Delta Airlines which is great because of the free flying benefits (I love to travel), and because the job I had before this one sucked ass (fu Best Buy).

I like pop & hip hop music really, lady gaga and rihanna, girls aloud (in the UK), drake, stuff like that. Not a huge movie person (it's hard for me to sit still for 2 hours unless the movie is really good), but my favorite is definitely x-men 2. I'm not big into tv either, but I love Grey's Anatomy and random America's Next Top Model marathons, along with Frasier.

I love facebook to stay connected with my friends but refuse to befriend my mom on there because all she does is farmville and it's kind of embarrassing.

I am not a morning person. I've had to spend the past 3 weeks and 1 day getting up at 5am and it's been killing me... or actually, I've been wanting to kill others (no one is cute or funny at 5am, and there's no reason to talk that much!) Luckily my normal work shift starts Thursday and will be at 2:30pm!

I've always said that I wasn't shallow but if you're a cute girl and/or have some sort of european accent you may or may not be able to get away with more than a normal person would around me XD~

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I'm Sonja and I'm 21 years old.. I've been using LJ for a ridiculously long time but I go in and out of phases with it where I post like crazy, or don't post for awhile. I love reading others' journals and comment quite frequently, but I like to keep the whole idea of LJ a secret from anyone who actually knows me in real life...
I like to believe that sometimes personal thoughts are best shared with strangers who don't actually know you in real life.


I go to College and currently have a Diploma in Sports Science and am working towards a degree in it, with a minor in Biology. From there I will either become a trainer, a teacher or a physiotherapist. I'm very passionate about exercise and love the outdoors! (It helps to live in British Columbia, Canada where I'm surrounded by an ocean on one side, and mountains on the other) Being in college however I balance out my physical activity with a decent amount of partying and drinking... I'd preferably like to add people out of high school but not in their 30's just because I feel like they can relate better =)

Anyway some tidbits
- When it comes to music I have a pretty diverse taste.. country, rock, hip-hop.. you name it I probably have it on my Ipod. However my favorite artists are definitely: Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Shinedown, Snow Patrol, Third Eye Blind, Carrie Underwood and Theory of a Deadman.
-Favorite Show is definitely Grey's Anatomy.
-I work at a Liquor Store part time... it's an easy job and I can study at work so I have no motivation to quit even though I deal with a lot of shady people.
-I love cats, even though mine keep getting eaten by coyotes :(
-I've always been a huge fan of reading and my favorite book is False Memory by Dean Koontz. I also love Harry Potter and The girl with the dragon tattoo.
-When it comes down to it the best way I can describe myself is reckless, outgoing and dorky at times.

Anyway leave a comment if you want to friend me!