August 28th, 2010

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Hello everyone =)
My name's Tracy.
I have a ton of hobbies which include: knitting/sewing, painting, singing, dancing, playing the piano/guitar/drums, cooking, photography, working out, watching movies, documentaries, talk shows, chatting, reading & writing

I listen to about almost every genre of music - classical, opera, blues, jazz, soul, funk, rap, hip hop, country, rock, rnb; and chances are I'm almost always singing along while listening to them!

Since I love to read I'm constantly reading whatever I can get my hands on, and I'll read up to 6 books at a time. No general preference but I'm not a fan of romance or sci-fi.

I've worked as a sexual assault counselor, daycare worker, model, dancer and in retail for about 5 years ( disgusting I know lol ). And now I find myself unemployed, looking for work with my honours BA in criminology and music. The job search hasn't been going well so I'm thinking about getting my masters or going to law school.

Oh and because I feel the need to throw this out there - I have horrible luck and I collect stuffed animals =p

I'm not new to lj, in fact I've been on here for about 6 years now lol. In my journal you'll find everything from rants, me trying to work out my problems, descriptions of my day or whatever else I find to be interesting, pictures, memes, surveys, critiques of songs ( along with some lyrics that I write as well ), and an occasional recipe or two =]

Please do not add me if you are inactive, want to increase your friend count or will spread any kind of hate on my journal. I'm actually looking to make meaningful friendships on lj. I do quite well with keeping up with my friends' journals and posting comments. I also tend to write some pretty lengthy entries sometimes so I don't expect you to read and comment on every single one...but it'd be nice to know that someone's reading sometimes.

That's all, so introduce yourself and ADD ME =]

PS - I am a lot older than I look, bonus points if you can guess my age ;)


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I'm Greg, I am English, 44, and have got some great friends from here since recently joining, so thanks to the moderators for a great community.
I joined LJ a while back, and did nothing because I didn't know what to do. I think the U.S. has a bigger tradition of journalling than in the UK. I was going through a bad time, so I typed darkness into the search box, and from there gradually found people and communities, and now I am an LJ devotee.
I overanalyse and I am sometimes quiet, so don't add me 'if you hate all that new age BS' or want a frequent poster. If you want to share your journey with me, then go ahead, I am interested in all walks of life and will follow your story. Age is immaterial to me. As far as I am concerned, life is about self-development and positive progress, and so that is reflected in my journal.
Other than dealing with life itself, I don't have many interests, other than music which falls into the genres of industrial / ebm / dark electro / goth / dance / ethereal / neofolk etc. you get the idea.
More info if you want it on my bio page. Whatever happens, go in peace and respect for nature, and be well!
2016 me

Let's do this thing!

Hi there LJ'ers! That's me up there to see what I look like first.

My name is Charisma C. (or just Charisma lol) and I'm interested in meeting people all around. Some information about me...

I'm 19-years-old and I live in New York. I currently go to school to study Medical Billing and Coding as a second career. Recently, I just passed my NHA exam to become a Certified Billing ad Coding Specialist!! My real passion is music, and that's my everlasting first career; I sing and play the guitar. A total music lover. I like Paramore, Tokio Hotel, LaFee, Lady GaGa, Evanescence, Linkin Park, and lots more.

I'm down-to-earth yet caring, and sometimes a crazy chick. I love anime (but I'm not obsessed with it as I used to be), YouTube, cartoons like The Boondocks and Family Guy, unplugged performances, marble notebooks, red-ink pens, drawing, writing (avidly), and a whole lot more. What you will get from my journal is posts of what's going on in my life, little rants from time to time, stories of any kind, pics and drawings (coming soon!), and my music which will be embedded from my YouTube channel (and other places) to here (I'll be singing covers and my own original material, which means very much to me). I'm making new material again so the music will be on here eventually. Maybe I might even do random videos one day, who knows? You can check my profile for more info on me or just ask!

Feel free to add me, I won't hurt you one bit at all and I'll add you back as soon as possible. I'm into meeting people and actually having FRIENDS on here. I comment whenever I have something to say, but you'll hear from me that's for sure.

You can even feel free to add me on these following:
Facebook- Charisma Ca , ,,

I can't wait to see your journals and get started. Let's be friends shall we? ; )
Dmitry Berkut


Photography and travelling is my life.
Currently freelance press photographer.
If you are interested in my photo-blog - Welcome! I be happy everyone!