September 16th, 2010


Housewife with Skillz

am 29 married 10 years 2 kids. I live on my 360 since I don't work. My journal will be full of rantings about my psycho family, dieting, gaming, and how much I hate people. IRL I have to pretend to be a soccer mom half the time and the other half I am crazy as hell me. All of the time I wear my emotions on my sleeve and have a hard time pretending. I have narcolpesy, can't drive, and get pretty lonely. Just lookin for some people to share with. I am brutally honest 100% of the time. On 360 I am the xbox mom with my younger friends and OMG I can't believe she has kids with my older friends. Sidenote:: I don't party. I don't do drugs and don't care for those who do.

gaming: Gears of War, Plants vs Zombies, Rock Band, Dead Space

tv: True Blood, Big Love, Eastbound and Down, hell, all of HBO. Dexter, Weeds, Vampire Diaries... (don't make fun I watch it with my 10 yr old daughter)

movies: Netflix. If its on there I will watch it. Most of the time. And if it sucks I just fall asleep.

music: 90's on 9 is my favorite XM station. But I dig some of the new stuff. a7x, Paramore, Flyleaf, yes its all on the radio. I just don't have time to be up on the underground/indie scene anymore.

books: Orson Scott Card, Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris and a weird thing for Royal history.

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 Name  Jen
Age  29
Location  Arizona
Status  Married

Movies I love renting and watching online from nexflix...comedies, chick flicks, suspense etc

Food Chinese, Italian, Mexican and I am recently very interested in actually cooking a meal instead of just 
throwing something frozen in the oven or microwave :)

TV Shows I don't watch too much tv, but when I do it's pretty much reality shows, but I like a few others... big brother, dog the bounty hunter, some MTV shows, some TLC shows, the news, SVU, and more I cant think of :)

I pretty much listen to whatever is on the radio...all the newer stuff...rock, pop, hip hop

Little Info:
I am a stay at home wife. My husband and I have been married for 4 years and do not have any children yet. Sadly, we have not had any luck in that area... We do have a bunch of pets though, 5 cats and 2 small dogs. Being 29 and not having any children yet makes it feel like I dont fit in with a certain age group and its very hard to make friends. Most my age have children and are busy and the younger crowd still like to party :) I've never been into partying... I dont smoke, drink and never done any drugs. I suffer with extreme social anxiety, general anxiety and panic attacks. My journal is a mix of different things that go on during the day...annoyances with the husband, my anxiety, rants, raves etc

Feel free to add me!