October 18th, 2010

Hey peeps

Name: Jonathan
Age: 19

What I like:

I love moosic (MCR, Jimmy Eat World, Senses Fail, Thursday, Alkaline Trio)
Playing guitar
Reading (mostly romance and horror)


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Friends wanted! 24 years old, forever a student, catlady, bookworm (edgar allan poe ftw), chain smoker, taken, 420 friendly, stormchaser, music lover (http://last.fm/user/artisteque), morrissey's biggest fan, globetrotter, photographer, visual artist, shopaholic, fashionista, addicted to hairdye, lover of post-punk and electronic music, caffeine addict, super nerd, spontaneous, owns too many shoes, fan of autumn, fan of house and hell's kitchen, etc... etc... etc...

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Mike Chang

Hello everyone :)

 Hello all, I'm Jamie, I live in the US. To be honest I hate writing these things, but I feel it's quite demanding if I want some interesting people to talk to. I guess I'll list a few random, and some important things about myself first. 

I guess I'll start with the crappy stuff first. I've been severely depressed for 4-5 years now, and nothing has seemed to fix it yet. I've been a cutter for a couple years, but it's gotten better recently which is great. I also have an eating disorder and have been trying to recover for a few years. It's an extreme up and down battle and it's taking it's sweet-ass time on me, but I'm holding in there. My father was killed two years ago, and it still gets really hard at times, but I believe that one day the pain of that and everything else I've gone through/am going through will lift it's weight from my heart. 

Okay now the fun stuff. I love to dance - particularly hip hop dancing. I'll dance anytime, and depending on the place, pretty much anywhere. It's one of my two biggest passions in life. My second passion being writing. I can't tell you how many journals I've gone through just this year alone. I write poetry, stories, and I'm currently writing in a fiction blog - which is basically like a normal blog; daily happenings, past stories, and just insanity. It's just not reality.

As for other things I like/love, they're listed below:

*art (of any kind)
*biking, hiking, anything outdoorsy
*men(seriously can't get enough of them haha)
*most vampire related things
*the legend of zelda
*new england
*the uk
*creepy things
*being a vegetarian
*magazines and books
*antiques, old things, and stuff with history
*my friends and family

Those are just a few basic things I love. Anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask anytime. I'm honest and up-front about things, so don't hesitate if you've got a question burning in the back of your mind. 

Now I'll leave you all with a few pictures that I think show off my personality a bit :)
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That's all for now. But I'm not judgemental nor am I racist or any of that shit, and anyone that wants to be my friend most definitely can be. 
kick ass batman


hi there,

i've been on lj for a while but am only just starting to use it as a place for words. in the past i've been using it as a place to store my icons.

a bit about myself:
my name is rachel, i'm 24 from australia. i work in retail and am in my first year of uni studying a double degree(BA/BTeach) and thankfully in two weeks uni lets out and i will be on holidays for 4 months. so my journal should fill up nicely with my day to day experiences (or lack there of)
-i love movies (i also collect movie stubs) my favs at the moment are kick ass, salt, zombieland(which i saw last night) and whatever is on current release (it's been a good movie year)
-i love music especially ben folds, bnl, angels and airwaves, regina spektor and counting crows
-i love reading and am currently making my way through the discworld series. i'm up to guards, guards
-i also love history. i prefer ancient but i've been learning heaps on modern at uni and it's really good.

i'm not sure what else to tell you about. but of what i have i hope you found interesting. add me if you wish :)
Finn n Jake

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UGH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M PIMPING MYSELF OUT AGAIN but on my off days I get back into lj and want more interesting things to readddd

-I'm generally sweet to my friends but I'm a mean little girl when I dislike someone and the shit-talkin a-starts.
-oh I'm not really a little girl I'm in my 20's
-I have a college degree in psychology which isn't good for much besides wiping my ass
-6 months ago I had a dead end shitty ass job at best buy that I hated and now I am a gate agent for delta airlines which I love. I also get free flying benefits and can post pix of crappy places so ya'll can see the best parts and not have to subject yourselves to having to go XD
-I have 2 cats, an Abyssinian who i mock for costing me too much who likes to climb up my leg which results in me screaming in pain and a black rescue cat who is the sweetest cat ever.
-I don't really care for nicki minaj's music but omggg I could stare at her forever
-I don't watch much tv besdies footall games but when I do it's usually Grey's Anatomy or Castle or The Office.