October 24th, 2010

Want to add an otaku? :D

Hi, I'm Martina and I come from Italy
I like reading books, anime and manga, and I'm a big otaku of Japanese stuff! I think I'm a kind person, and I hope I'm nice XD
I'm looking for some anime/manga fans, like me, who can comment my journal even with the smallest comment *___* I'll do the same, of course! If you want to add me but you're not into manga etc... well, that's not a problem, I'll be pleased anyway :D So, well, I dunno what to add XD I hope someone will add me as a friend! Byebye!

(no subject)

 I've tried this several times before and had mixed results. But it seems like my list has been dead lately, so it's time to find some new journals to read. I post frequently, read my friend's list every day, and comment as long as I have something to say, so I kind of expect the same thing. I want people who actually want to interact because otherwise, what's the point, right?

My name is Tracey. I'm 22, and I just finished college in May, so I'm sort of in the phase of trying to figure out what to do next (the economy bites, man). I have a job in retail for now, so we'll see what comes next. I live just outside of Chicago. I'm a total lit nerd, since I was an English major, so I read and write short stories and poetry. I'm also fairly athletic. I'm hoping to do a short triathlon next summer. I have a wonderful boyfriend and pretty great friends. I really like music, especially indie rock and electro pop, but I am not at all pretentious or limited to genres. The same goes for books, TV, and movies, really.  I usually update about whatever is going on in my life, and I promise it's more enthralling than this entry...

So that said, I'm not too picky about LJ friends, as long as you are above 18. I would prefer active LJ users rather than people that kind of float in and out of their journals. So just comment here or in my friend's only post and add me!

New friend?

I'm looking for some new friends. I like to read other people's journals and comment when I can.  My journal mostly contains information about introversion/extroversion.  Stop on by if you're interesting in learning a bit more! :-)