October 27th, 2010

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26 years old.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Sports fanatic.
Saints and LSU fan.
Steelers and Colts fan.
Dedicated St. Jude's supporter.
Loves to travel.
Loves to take pictures.
Loves music.

Must be in 20s and mature.
I don't want to read about anyone doing drugs.  I will delete you.
It would be nice to have some sports fans on my friends list.
Someone who doesn't mind my sports updates every week.
Fellow St. Jude supporters.

Comment here, or just add me.  If I don't like your journal, I'll just delete you.  Simple.

stupid chink


ok i've posted here a couple of times and gained some awesome ppl
looking for some more
lately i've been doing a lot of pic posts especially of my retarded cat and/or hamster
the cat is hilarious and you're all going to pee yourselves
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(no subject)

My name is Jayme. I'm 24 years old.
I'm Australian. I live near the beach.
My fiance and I are also business partners.
We own a bakery/specialty cake shop.
I am on a quest to change the world.
Or at least something about it.
I have one son, Brody. I have one fetus, Squishy.
I am currently renovating the house we own.
Pictures pop up every now and again.
A rabbit lives in my yard.
I don't own it, it just turned up one day, and hasn't left.
I don't go near it much, because I have no idea about it.
I donate to a lot of childrens charities, mostly ACT.
I love the finer things in life.

I don't discriminate against who I talk to.
I'm trying to reinvigorate my livejournal, it's been a bit dead for awhile.
I don't have stipulations.
=) Just add me.. Also, tell me you have, so I know to add you back.