November 20th, 2010



I’m Rachael

I’m 24

I’m a Pre-K Teacher

I’m a proud USAF wife

I’m positive and love life


I know you’re going to most likely read my profile anyway, so I won’t bother putting much on here.


I post a lot of pictures[[I<3photography]].  A picture is truly worth a thousand words.


I write about whatever is going on in my life, which probably means my marriage, my personal issues, my family, my ranting, my hobbies and everything else in between.


I am a very accepting person and want to hear about other people’s lives.  However, don’t add me if you post 20 times a day with petty one-liner entries.  I am not looking for status updates.


Also don’t add me if you never comment.  How are we supposed to get to know each other if we don’t communicate?  I will try to comment on every single entry, but I know that isn’t possible.


Add me if we have tons in common or nothing in common.  Shall we be friends?


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I'm Aisling and i'm 16 ^^
I love making new friends and it would be lovely to meet people from all walks of life.
Whether you're bi, gay, les, homo, single, HIV positive, ADHD - I would love to know you :)
But for the records, I'm female and straight.

I'll regularly go to your journal and comment ^.^ Add me, I'm friendly!

P.s. Comment on my Friends Only entry first, won't you? >:D (don't comment here, i would most likely forget to check D:)
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I tried to make this short!

I've been a long time lurker of this community and have occasionally popped in to make a friend or two, and I figured it's time to give it a post.

My name is Melissa, and I'm 23 years old soon to be 24, and am very much a Capricorn in every sense. I live in Orlando Florida, and I'm going to school to major in History at the moment, but that soon may change. I'd like to be a college history professor, or a museum curator. I love games, books, art, writing, and music.

My entries tend to be very longwinded and I am in a period of self-reflection, soulsearching, and attempting to find what it is to achieve my inner peace by any means I can. I write about my day, my feelings, and the things that bother me in an attempt to pinpoint what and where I need to fix the problems in my life. I enjoy the feeling of writing itself and if I could hand write these entries into this journal I completely would. I write about the people I care about, the people that have helped me to see the trials and tribulations I've set up for myself, and the ways that I mess things up for myself. It's an attempt to be honest with myself and slowly learn to reach out with it to others. I reflect back on what I write and attempt to see where it is that I need to learn my life lessons, and each and every detail I record counts for something towards it, something to work at building the tools I need to build myself back up after a series of screw ups I've made.

On a lighter note, I have other interests beyond just trying to find myself, but my journal does not often consist of these. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, and I mainly play a holy priest. I also like to play SNES games, and my favorite series on the console is a tie between the Suikoden series and the Mana series. (Despite the fact that my name is from Ratchet and Clank, which I guess could be thrown in for a three-way tie.) I like to read fantasy and science fiction books, and I've culminated a love for history since high school--history of any kind. I enjoy art of any kind as well, although my favorite painters are Mark Rothko and Caravaggio. My music tastes span a great distance and there is not much that I would turn away. My favorites are Ben Folds, Jimmy Eat World, Manic Street Preachers, Queen, Our Lady Peace, Peter Gabriel, Better Than Ezra, and I listen to much beyond that.

If you feel like we can learn something from one another or even just have fun talking together, I would not turn away a friend add.
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Hi, my name is Sam.

My journal contains book excerpts, random thoughts, creative writing, I'll share the days where things that are notable happen. I'm just starting to entertain my friends-list with videos. If you want to see the latest one, click my journal and you'll see the public post. That's one type of humor I'm into- the shy and awkward. I like satire, dark humor even corny jokes have their day in the sun.

I'm bisexual but I think you'll still like me.

I have serious thoughts but I usually channel those on messenger.

I do read journals and I'm open minded, I just ask that everyone is respected for having their opinion.

So, whaddya say :D

Back from the World

Hey folks. My name is Seth. I'm a graduate student in Denton. I was an active LJer several years ago, but I've been inactive for the last several years. I'm trying to get back into the journaling thing. Now, most of my old LJ friends are inactive, and I'm looking for some new folks to interact with.

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