November 24th, 2010



I’ve been away from livejournal for a long time now, and I’m trying to make a limping comeback. I want to start writing entries again, and having a few lj-friends around would be a wonderful thing. I’m not the world’s best commenter, but I do read, and I do care – I just never know quite what to say.

By the by, I’m Sophie. I’m a philosophy major doing a last victory lap at a college in rural Ohio, and then with any luck landing a place in philosophy bootcamp this summer and then scooting off to Philadelphia, for cramped quarters, tears, and minimum wage. (I’m more excited about this last bit than I can say. Really. I’m gonna cook badly, and brew my own tea, and be a stranger in a city of millions. Here be growth!) I dig on music that you’ve heard of before, and books, and poetry, and chess, and microbrewed beer. I ain’t no expert at any of these things.

Orange is my favorite color. Christmas, my favorite holiday.

Carbohydrates <3.

I’m a green-behind-the-ears vegetarian.

I waggle my finger helplessly when there’s a jam on the radio.

I can’t dance / sing / play an instrument / insert item requiring talent here, but I’ll try!

I’m a mental meliorist, but in my heart? Sometimes I’ve got no faith in people.

I’ve been trying my hand at making playlists! Caution: I may post them.

I used to put more craft into these things, but really, I don’t have anything up my sleeve. I’m mildly pleasant, mildly narcissistic, but I do care about others, and I’m all about the old college try for everything. I’m morally minded – not puritanical. Genuinely? I want to know who you are and why you do things, and I will ask. My entries tend to be long and fun to write, but maybe not so much to read.

If any of this appeals, I hope you do add me. :) Here's hoping!
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Here I go again..

Hey dolls .. :D

I'm Diana. I'm 21. I made my LJ almost a year ago & tried to get into it .. but just couldn't. I recently decided to give it a go one more time. I'm really into expression. I love posting pictures/quotes/videos etc. that I find interesting at the moment. Here & there I'll post about my day & feelings. I have tumblr as well but figured I could make my LJ a little more private. With that being said, my page is friends only ..

I'd love to make some friends & get feedback as well as give some feedback to others. (: I'm addicted to watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' & yes, I do enjoy 'Hannah Montana'. :x I'm an honest girly girl. I love makeup, shoes, hand bags & girl talk. I'm not a spelling Nazi, but I cannot stand people who refuse to use proper grammar. Does that make sense? Anyway .. lol. One thing to know is that I loveLOVElove the Backstreet Boys! I will be meeting them in a few weeks & words couldn't possibly express how excited I am. So, on that note, I'm really open minded. It doesn't bother me if we're complete opposites. If you have the right attitude & conversation skills, we're good.

Add me if you'd like. The only thing that I stress is that you please be 18+. I wanna be able to relate to you sweets.
-- Diana  
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I've had my livejournal for 7 years now, and have been blogging online for over a decade. I've had a major lapse in posting over recent years and, upon returning, noticed most of my friends aren't active anymore. It's time for some new blood on my friends page.

A little about me; name is Caitlin (or Caity, Cait, etc.), I'm 24 and from Nebraska - the Switzerland of the Midwest. I love obscure music, photography, video games, cinema, and awkward humor. I'm pretty hard to get to know unless you're one of the few people who has access to my journal.

For a sneak peek into my mind, view my tweets.

To request an add, please comment here as my journal is firmly under lock and key.