November 29th, 2010

robin 'hood'

You're my hero!

My name's Heather, and well, frankly I miss the days when livejournal was an integral part of my life. I want it back, but unfortunately I have very few friends who still use LJ to give me a reason to use it again. That being said, I haven't made a decent online friend in years.

I'm a sophmore in Arts & Technology major at the University of Texas at Dallas in Texas. My favorite food is korean and vietnamese, and I survive on coffee and energy drinks. My favorite animals are koalas and walruses! My hobbies are sleeping, dreaming, photography, drawing, gaming, shopping, playing sports, graphic design,blogging, pointlessly tweeting and spamming tumblr, talking to friends via im, programming [java],web design, interior design, watching movies, shenanigans, tearing apart computers, writing, and collaborative writing.

As far as television goes, I really dislike anime, although I like how it's drawn so I can appreciate it sometimes. I usually watch White Collar,Family guy, American Dad, Futurama, Aqua teen hunger force, and Robot Chicken, but I love watching asian dramas like You're beautiful, Coffee prince, koizora, and kamen rider.I grew up loving transformers and I adore old american comic books. My favorite superhero is the Flash (Wally - the playboy one), but I love Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and the Blue Beetle. My favorite game of all time is most definitely Zelda: Ocarina of time, but right now I'm into the Assassin's Creed series and Modern warfare.

Music wise, I listen to everything. Big Bang, B2st/Beast, A Day to remember, Brown Eyed Girls, G-dragon, FT Island, Colbie Colait, Coldplay, Crazy town, Hollywood Undead, Good Charlotte, Hey Monday, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Buble, Michelle Branch, One Republic, Rise Against, See-Saw, Shakira, Shinee, The Cab, The fray, The Hush Sound, The Summer Set, The Veronicas, The Offspring,N'Sync, Avenged Sevenfold, HelloGoodbye,Dj Tiesto,The Rasmus, Foo Fighters,Within Temptation, Trapt, Tatu, Linkin Park, Ian Van Dahl, Sum 41, Papa Roach, Aqualung, Muse, Gackt, Panic! At the Disco, Evanessence, 3 Days Grace, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Frou Frou, Seether, Green day, Thirdeye Blind, Sugarcult, Kyo [french], Emilie Simon, Coventry, Young Love, Eminem.

I think that's pretty much all there is to me. I'm an all-over-the-place kind of girl.
Also, if you have a good book you want me to read, let me know what it is! I'm dying for a good book.

also also, if you have a twitter feel free to add me @aviatorpanda
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Hey there :)

I'm Nixx, I'm 19, live in North East England (which means I'm currently a little snowed it, there being a foot and half of snow outside my front door). I've had an LJ off and on in the past, and tend to keep wandering away because of a lack of friends=lack of interesting posts/comments to read.

About me: I'm a lesbian, future Newcastle law student (as long as I get my grades) and I'd love to live in a Scottish castle one day, but until then, I'd like to move to London and work in a big law firm. I've been with my partner for a good three years now. I'm agnostic currently, but have recently been reading a lot about various pagan religions, which I'm finding ever more intriguing. {If you happen to be knowledgeable in that area, I'd love to talk to you :)} My family is mental, but not all that bad.

What I love: Roleplaying! I adore text-based roleplay, usually with character driven plots and over MSN; I'm always on the look out for new partners. I like to think of myself as a little crafty, and enjoy card making. I'm currently teaching myself how to knit. I really do enjoy studying, and I'm a bit of an English Lang-Maths-Chem geek, the three subjects I'm studying this year. Fantasy and steampunk. Writing. Twitter. (@PhoenixsHonour). MSN. Art galleries. Trying to summarise people into a few lines of writing. Punctuation. Reading. Kindles.

What I watch: Lie to Me, Supernatural and Bones are my big three TV shows that are on at the moment. I love Red Dwarf, Buffy, Angel, Torchwood (pre CoE), most of the Star Trek series, Doctor Who...filmwise, Shawshank Redemption is my favourite, and I am currently loving Star Trek reboot and Sherlock Holmes, but I'll give just about anything a go. There's still a place in my heart for Disney flicks, particularly Aladdin, Hercules and Lion King. My favourite musicals are Cats, Rent and Joseph, and the music from Wicked.

What I listen to: Showtunes, David Bowie, The Killers, The Calling, Lily Allen, Liz Phair, Stereophonics, MCR, Dashboard Confessional, Dar Williams, Queen, Something Corporate, Abney Park, Beautiful South. I love finding new artists.

Why you should add me: Why not? Add me, I'll comment on your posts, you can comment on mine and it'll be like we're really LJ friends, or something kooky like that :P
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wolf moon

I hate this "selling myself" type of thing :P

My journal's been a bit quiet recently (though part of that has to do with me being busy!) so I thought it time to post again here to try to make some new friends.

My name is Richard, I'm 19 (20 on Dec 31st), and am currently in my third year of an Anatomy degree at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. I am currently writing a novel, and I like to write lyrics and poetry. I really enjoy learning - I've learned all countries, capitals, and their flags just for fun :P. I love to learn foreign languages too. I'm fluent in German and of course English, and I'm trying to teach myself Latin and Russian, and a little Italian, but it's a slow process due to being busy. I also would like to relearn French, as I don't remember much from school :)

I'm not one of those people who say "YOU MUST COMMENT ON EVERY ENTRY I WRITE" because that's absurd - I myself will only comment on other people's entries if I feel I have something worthy to say.

I don't see the point in listing about a million bands, films and books I like but I'll mention a few:
Bands - are mainly German, like Letzte Instanz, Rammstein, OOMPH!. Others include Lacuna Coil, Paramore, Disturbed and Evanescence.
Films: I'll pretty much watch anything, but I really like (good!) horrors, psychological thrillers, that kind of thing. And HARRY POTTER!
Books: I'm just getting back into reading. Asides from HP, I like books like films - Dracula, Frankenstein, The Exorcist, that kind of thing.

If you want to add me, either just comment here or send a message saying where you saw my post. PLEASE DON'T ADD ME WITHOUT SAYING WHERE YOU FOUND ME. In caps because people have already ignored it; seriously, it doesn't look good to me if you can't even be bothered to read my whole post and comply with a really simple request.

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