December 4th, 2010

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Shiny, happy, people!


*Waves* Just me!

Hey! I'm Kay, 23 and from the UK. I've recently just come back to LJ as my diary doesn't comment back and the world of my thoughts is a little lonely without other peoples musings. ^_^ Anyhoo, I'm a fangirl. I love so many TV shows and books, a few being Supernatural, Glee, Life Unexpected, Morganville Vampires and Hush Hush. I like music, going out with friends, sending time with my family and reading. I'm a DVD whore and have a HUGE collection of boxsets.

I like to post pictures, day-to-day things and like spilling about my life in general, no matter how lame it gets. =D I won't stipulate that we have to have lots in common, I believe you can know people who share no interests with you whatsoever but they turn out to be the BEST people to know. I'm the sort of girl that would walk down the street and say hello to anyone that smiles! I like to work hard and play hard! Im up for most things and I love to have a challenge!
I'm not going to type lots here but check out my interests and either comment on my Friends Only post with a little about yourself, here or send me a private message. I'm looking for friends not stalkers so don't add me if you don't want to get to know me.



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Hello livejournal folk!

- My name is Kayla. I'm twenty one years old and I live in the Illinois Valley.
-I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and I love my work. I graduated this past July from a year straight of the most grueling school work I'd ever had to do, but it was worth it.
-I am open minded, I am funny, I am friendly, I am generally good natured, and I like people.
-I've had my journal for six years and have always been active. I have dry spells here and there where I don't update for a little while (usually because there's just  nothing to talk about), but I check my friends page every day and comment on my friends entries.
-My journal typically includes talk about my day, my opinions, my anxieties, searches for advice and opinions, and pictures of stuff I made or things that generally make me happy.
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-No one under eighteen.
-if u have shtty gramar and youre whole journel looks liek this, don't bother adding me because I won't read that shit.
-The last time I went friend hunting, I added about twenty people. When I did my most recent cut, all those people were removed due to inactivity. Please, don't add me if you're not active or don't think you will be active in the future.
-My cat is better than your cat. If you can acknowledge this, accept it, and move on, we can be friends.

If you want to add me, leave me a comment here at my journal, and I'll be happy to add you back. Thanks!


Hola! My friends list seems to be dying a slow death...where is everyone these days?! So I've decided to try friend fishing again.

My name is Brittany, I'm 24 [I'll be 25 in one month!] and I live in Northern Virginia, just a stones throw from Washington DC.

I'm in this huge "transition" period of my life that seems to never end. Isn't it funny how it always seems like we are transitioning to something? I'm desperately in search of routine, certainty and some optimism in my life.

I grew up with a dad in the military so I moved around quite a bit as a child and I'm still getting used to what stability is. I graduated college from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2008. I am NOT an Aggie though, and I didn't get a ring! [Insider joke for those Texans out there!]

I write daily, mostly about my new job, my friends, my cat [yep, I'm one of those people!] , guys, and whatever deep thoughts run through my head. Most of my writing is extremely personal and I am guilty of rambling so don't add if you like reading entries that are one or two sentences.

Just as a heads up, I read nearly every entry on my flist. I probably won't comment to all because there is nothing worse than that person who repeats what the person above them commented or doesn't add anything constructive to the post.  I also don't expect you to comment on every post. 

I hope to meet some new friends! :D

hey again

 I like my rock and roll, my make up, my photography, my culture, my movies, my fashion, my tv shows (glee, vampire diaries, secret life, biggest loser, etc), my adventure, my books, my writing, my healthy eating, and probably a lot more.

Comment here if you think you could like me.

Looking for friends, not numbers.\


add me (:


I'm Ashley, 18 and I live in Canada. I recently started using my journal again on a (somewhat) regular basis. Some of my posts are public, but the majority of them are private. Take a look and if you like what you see comment and ask me to add you! :)

Just a few things about me:
- I have my head in the clouds, heart on my sleeve, and my feet on the ground
- If I could I would drop this place in a heartbeat and move to Venice
- I have yet to discover how this world works
- I am incredibly shy in front of new people
- If you make me laugh to tears even once, you've pretty much got my heart in your hands instantly
- I have many regrets but I can count the ones that have not changed me for the better on five fingers
- I take positive things to heart, I live off compliments
- I keep my thoughts inside of me, and there is only ever one person in my life that I can honestly spill my heart out to
- I exhibit slight OCD
- hopeless romantic
- dreamer
- atheist 
-  idealist
- individualist
- insomniac
- humanitarian
- optimist 
- pessimist
- emotionally naked
- I like life, even if it's fucked up on so many levels
- I'll like you if you're not a dick
- I am working two jobs
- I would love to be a writer but I need something with a bit more stability, so for now it is just a hobby!
- Vegetarian
- Capricorn
- Red head
- I play rugby
- I love animals and nature
- Very interest in photography
- A major book worm
- Music fanatic
- Starbucks enthusiast
- At times a little addicted to technology (haha)
- I LOVE dancing
- Oh, I also have this constant craving for Bob Marley. Straight up.

Also, I love people who comment, seeing as I love to leave comments too! :)
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