December 19th, 2010



we are:
sun orphans, starry kids, hopeful prayers, scarred arms, broken hearts, red robots, grey clouds, long sleeved hoodies, autumn breaths, memorable desire, empty boxes, old worn out words, melting snowflakes, bare knees, pink flowers, used bicycles, summer shirts, porcelain cakes, front doors, north west, bubble gum, infinite boredom, half filled glasses, rotten bodies, long nasals, blurry photographs, gods dreams, blank books, airplane winds, paper crowns, dirty hands, heart shaped cookies, texture to the blind, wriggling toes, heat eaters, inkless printer, lost knowledge, chocolate chunks, xero copies, silver dew, hurting stomachs, too long nails, everlasting love, woolen mittens, choking hazard, wind lovers.

lets be friends.


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Hi Everyone.

I'm Anna. From Colorado.  I just turned 30. Sounds so old when I say it lol.  Lj user since 2007. I tend to post quite frequently. This is my first time posting to this community :) I ♥ new friends .

MUSIC: I love listening to music. I like the The Killers, ColdPlay, Michael Jackson, Switchfoot, Rob Thomas, Dave Matthews Band, Snow Patrol, The Fray, Pearl Jam, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Nirvana, One Republic,  Oasis , Stone Temple Pilots. Basically anything alternative. Tons more listed in my profile :)  I'm also a huge Hanson fan. 

Interests ~ I love going to the movies, working out, photography, taking pictures, shopping. Starbucks I love Iced coffee or anything coffee related. 

TV Shows ~ One Tree Hill, LOST, GLEE, Beverly Hills 90210, SUPERNATURAL, I use to love The Wonder Years

Favorite Movies ~  Dirty Dancing, Pretty Women, The Goonies, 27 Dresses, Back to the Future,Top Gun, I love horror films. Oh and I looove General Hospital :)
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    Switchfoot ~ I dare you to move
Scott Pilgrim - Ramona at the door

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Kimmi. Twenty, going on forty, going on four; lifelong Michigander, engaged to the love of my life (who lives 40 miles away), no kids.
Graphic Design student, unemployed for the time being.
I'm a bit of a nerd.

<3: Hello Kitty, photography, Glee, stickers, thrift stores, squirrels, iced coffee, anime, hoodies, warm summer days, Swedish Fish, thunderstorms, video games (Portal's my favorite :D), makeup
Not-<3: Bad hair days, snow, Comic Sans MS, doing laundry, traffic jams, driving next to semi trucks
My journal: Rants/raves about aforementioned pseudo-LDR/wedding planning, school, work, and the like. Occasionally photos/surveys/what have you thrown in.
Lisa Kitty

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I know that I have plenty of friends to adore and appreciate on LiveJournal, but I'm considering widening my circle maybe just a little further.

It would be extremely awesome if I could make some friends who are in tune with what I am concerned with. I'd like to add people who are involved in conservation and the animal rights movement. Maybe our opinions don't match exactly, but I would like to feel more connected to the world and hear all about your causes whatever they may be.

If it matters, I'll share some other basic information. I'm Bridget. I'm 25 for a few more months. I have a kind of appreciation for well-made documentaries. My favorites are usually green in themes, but I did just see a pretty awesome one called Erasing David. I like fiction, as well. My favorite book is House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski. I have quite a few favorite movies including Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin, Run Lola Run, and The Mothman Prophecies. I love dancing. I used to be a competitive dancer. I have a Boston Terrorist Terrier named Sadie. I'm a proud Aquarius. I just saw Dee Snider in Rock of Ages and the whole thing kicked ass. Now I'm just rambling...