December 30th, 2010

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Alright then...

Here we go! The name's Mark, though often go by the name of "Tosser" or "Mark - What a cunt"... Just Mark would be nice, though!

Live somewhere in Manchester, England, and am one of those awkward late-teens that apparently like to ambush old people in the park at night... I must have missed that seminar, as I haven't partaken in that social event recently...

I use ellipses (...) quite a lot, so if countless triple dots don't bother you, I'm sure we can get on fine!!

Happy to talk or be talked upon by pretty much anything, so long as it isn't based on The Great Bieb or... well, he's pretty much my only guideline, to be honest! If you're daft enough to add me, please comment on here so I can find it easier to add you back... Not a great LJ user, as I only started it recently and have a little trouble finding my way around places.

Ta Ta, for now...
Youuu were the wife
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HI, I've done this a lot because I'm lame and have no life. Simply that.

I am happy with everyone on my list. Seriously They're amazing people :D 

I would like some happy campers. Or happy blogger, whatever.

Like, I know life is a downer. May wanna kill yourself a time or two
or fucked the wrong person the night before.

But I would like people who just update...and Not about

+Eating disorders
+ Cutting
+ Any bodily harm
+ Depression *

I'm  Bipolar && I use to self harm so this shit is pretty much a trigger & A downer.

I want & bubbles..or anything remotely close.

I don't care if you comment, never comment, I just would like an awesome update here and there to amuse my voyeur tendencies, mmkay?

I'm not that interesting. I post pictures, Memes, Comment you, I DO LJ-Cut because fucking long entries annoy the hell outta me and I'm worthless at I slap everything under an LJ-cut

Other stuff you probably want to know:

I'm 21. I live with my boyfriend.
Oklahoma, Liberal Arts major,
I enjoy Netflix, Video games, & music
Thank you! Please comment or let me know that you added me :) I'm usually good at checking but would like a heads up. That way I don't think you're a creeper. 

Anyways, thanks for reading!

I don't have an age restriction.
Like, if you're weird that I'm older/younger then you don't add me.

Need more friends!

I've returned to Livejournal to discover most of my friends don't update anymore, so I'd like some friends! I ask a lot of questions and throw a lot of emotions into my journal, so serious friends only please, not just people who want to increase their number of friends :)

Some stuff about me:
+22, almost 23 years old
+No one ever pronounces my name right
+I'm a grad student constantly questioning life
+Some of my updates are funny, sad, random, angry, etc.
+I'm an adult, so my journal will talk about adult stuff. I feel no need to post obscene words or topics behind a cut; if you are offended by anything I say, just take me off your list. I won't be mad :)
+I may go several days without updating =/

Add me? ;)

Hi I'm megan.. Add me?

 I'm really new to LJ but I'm really dedicated. I plan on using my blog so that I can reach out to people as well as let 'normal' people realize that emotional disablities can be over come one way or another. I'm looking for people to read my blogs as well as people who's blogs I can read I'm desperate for both! Uhm.. so I really don't know what else to say.. I've been Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder but I'm still a friendly person though people tend to shy away from people who openly admit they have a problem. I'm 23 and a recovering alcoholic as well (5 months sober woot) so yeah! Thats everything :) Please add me I'll add you back :D
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