January 2nd, 2011


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I'm Tom, a gay 30 y/o aspiring high school English teacher in southern California.

I took about a year's hiatus from LJ (I started in 3/2004), and it looks like most of my friends have, too--so I need some new ones. :)

I'm a fan of digital photography, sarcasm, ice cream, spirituality, film (especially the Criterion Collection), learning to speak Mandarin Chinese, Foursquare, and Words with Friends (among many others. Check out my userinfo page for more).

I was going to post a couple of things from that "100 things about me" list that I did a couple of years ago, but I came across something else I wrote in '09 that illustrates my own search for depth and meaning:

This morning I stood at the lectern at church and spoke, something like

"One of the quotes I love is by the 13th century Prussian nun Hadewijch of Antwerp, who wrote mystic poetry:

'What is worth saying may be said without a tongue;
what is worth hearing, may be heard without ears.'

When I first started serving with the sack-lunch program on Monday mornings, I thought I was going to be the one who would be 'speaking.'

I quickly learned, though, that I would be the one who needed to 'listen.'

I used to go to the Greyhound bus station, which is located in one of the worst parts of downtown, next door to skid row. Every time I'd go there, I'd think about the folks that lived there. The outcasts, the undesirables.

But you know what?

The past couple of months I've been doing this, I've seen another face of the hungry and homeless, one that looks a lot like mine.

(Sometimes the simplest realizations are the most profound.)

After all, the way things are going, it could happen to any of us.

So, it turns out that all the time I spent thinking of us and them?

There is really only us."

---I look forward to getting to know some of you. :)

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so New Year and all that, and I would love to get some more friends on here that I can actually get to know and become proper friends with =]

I'm Liz I'm 20 from the UK and in my last year of uni =O

I Love films and TV and sport - both playing and watching. I will have the odd rant but normally I just use the blog to talk about random things!

Anyway hope to speak to some of you soon! =)
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Happy New Year!

My new year's resolution is to start and maintain a journal, strike up new friendships and to experience what it's like to be a good friend to others! Here are some tidbits about me:
* I'm Michaela, AKA Kayla, 22 years old
* I have ADHD, and it's not at all perfectly under control
* I have a (good) sense of humor and don't take myself too seriously
* I'm a student nurse
* Professionally, I'm fine but privately I'm a little socially inept
* I'm bilingual (Dutch/English)
* I have four cats and four sisters
* I work full-time, odd hours and last minute 'please-help-us' shifts
* I suffer from unrequited love
* I like making people smile :D
* I am extremely impatient
* I'm trying to become a better person and will use my LJ to reflect on me, my life etc. (That is, if my attention span of a shrimp allows it)
* I recently broke up with someone, or...did he break up with me? Not quite sure...
* I love to read when I have the time
* I walk the line between right and wrong very often
* I live in the forest; all I see are trees, trees, trees and my car

I'd love some LJ-friends, because it's really hard for me to maintain real-life friendships. I can't be there in person, but I can be there online, supporting you through comments, make you smile or give you some fuel for thought. My posts will probably be amusing most of the time, though I can be very serious. I'm interested in meeting people from all over the world and getting to know your lifes and loves (or lack thereof). I'll share mine with you in return :) 

Don't worry, I'm actually very nice. Really! Most of the time, anyway :P
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Hey everyone! I’m Erin, I’m 24 and I live in CT with my mom, sister and two kitties. I’m a self-proclaimed book worm, geek and crazy chick.

I’ve done and seen a lot in my life. I went to Coast Guard boot camp but broke a bone in my foot so I was discharged, I was homeless for six months, did the college thing but dropped out for a lack of a better term because I hated the school where I attended. I’ve been drunk once in my life, I smoked weed once and hated it, but I don’t care if you smoke or drink. Just don’t make fun of me for my boring way of life. I’ve seen the affects of alcohol and I just don’t choose to live that life.

I work full time at Savers which is a thrift store. I’m currently training to learn the position of an assistant manager so that if the time arises, I can just take a position somewhere. I write about work sometimes. It’s stressful but some of my friends there are really awesome, so I talk about them.

I have the best boyfriend ever. I mean it. He’s my heart and soul. We don’t fight about anything. I talk about him just about in every entry, so if you don’t want to read about love, maybe you shouldn’t add me. We live a boring life in the eyes of others, but it’s just perfect for us. No drama. That’s our motto.

My father died on February 15th, 2010. It was sudden and my mom, sister and I watched as the paramedics attempted to resuscitate him in our living room. I live with the burden of replaying that in my mind on a daily basis and I write about his death a lot. It’s therapy for me to write about it. I repeat a lot of what I say in previous entries. If it gets to be too much, remove me from your friends. It’s all good.

I live in chronic pain. My digestive system is whacked, my joints ache and I’m always extremely exhausted. I don’t have my health under control at all. I try, but it doesn’t ever work. I’m starting up Slim Fast so that I can get the nutrition I need to feel better and I hope it works. I also lift weights. It’s an amazing stress reliever and so awesome to see your weights go up over time. I need to get back into it because it’s such a great thing to do.

I’m a music and book addict. My musical tastes are not limited to the following: Frank Sinatra (my favorite ever!), Reel Big Fish, Hanson, Barenaked Ladies, and Straight No Chaser. Books….I love them. I would marry books if I could. I guess I’m kind of a book hoarder, but it’s getting better because I now have a Kindle. I like inspirational romance (and Christian fiction), Amish novels, books about the medical field, chick lit and lots of other stuff. As I said, love books. I almost forgot to add that I’m learning German through Rosetta Stone. J

Football is my sport of choice. I love watching it, especially the New England Patriots. I like playing tennis and basketball too!

I’m conservative, but I have friends of all political backgrounds. I don’t really care about your opinions unless you start pushing them on me. I do have some liberal views. In fact, I read Annie On My Mind, a story about two lesbian girls that fall in love, and I loved it. I like to learn about the views of others, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. I’m not religious. I do believe in God, but I’m not religious at all because I’ve never felt comfortable in any church. Most church people are hypocrites and are faker than Santa Claus.

I’m sarcastic, silly and usually friendly. I do complain in my journal about my family drama, health issues and work. I love making new friends and learning things from people. Sometimes I post often, other times I disappear for a week or two. Just because I don’t comment all the time doesn’t mean I don’t read what you have to say.

Add me if you’d like.. Comment on this entry or on one of my journal entries, or even send me a message, whatever you prefer. Hope to hear from you soon.
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but really i'm not actually your friend, but i am

My friends page is dying down and I've decided to add some new people for the New Year. I'm Alex(andra) and I'll be 32 in a couple of months. My journal is two years old, although I've been using this site for more like eight. I have no idea how to best describe myself. I'm a little eccentric, a bit self-centered and definitely complicated. I'm not nearly as serious as this entry will probably sound. My friend Kate wrote this about me not long ago:

"Her lunch is as naked as Burroughs but she is far from pretentious. She's a misfit toy who Santa took off the island and who's having trouble adjusting to the real world (aren't we all?). She's Courtney Love, but isolated, away from flash photography, younger, and more coherent."

I used to write a lot about getting fucked up and puking my guts out. I've cut that stuff out for now, and lately I like to write about and record my (often strange) thoughts & memories, daily musings and ideas. I post pictures almost every day and I like to write about my past and the world around me, too. I've found that by writing things out in a way that pleases me, the most boring or painful situations can seem almost beautiful. In that sense, and in that I've made some close friends, Livejournal has been very important to me through the years.

I have quite a few public entries at the moment, so check it out, and maybe we can be friends.
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Sonya. 21 on 01.21. Maine.

I'm currently working on putting my life into boxes so I can quit my job on the 22nd, and then hop on a plane 10 days later moving to Colorado; a place of which I have never even been. I'll be flying out with my wonderful boyfriend, but leaving behind almost all of my belongings, along with three gorgeous kitties that are my world. However, once I figure out where I'm going to live, I'll be coming back for them.

I'd tell you more about myself, but there really isn't much to tell. You can find out more of myself about the same time I do.
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Hello There!

Hi everyone,

I'm Katy, 29, married, no kids, but three fuzz babies (one feline and two canine).

I am a phd student in my second year. I study 20th century US history. My goal is to be a professor at a small liberal arts college.

Yesterday I started on a 101 in 1001 list which includes everything from getting healthy to learning new arts skills to travel goals.

I'm in the SCA, where I sword fight and shoot archery, as well as weaving. I'm trying to enter an arts and sciences pentathlon in which you enter five arts projects.

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Here we go agaaaaiiiiiiin!

Oh man, I'm so bored.

Okay. Okay,


Hello, I'm foldedtowels, I've added countless people, I've deleted countless people. Me and 80% ( v.rough, made-up estimate) of LJ simply do not get on. (Read: I get bored easily.) I can be quite snarky, and rude, and elitist, and there's possibly some deep-seated psychological problem (Ha!) causing me to act that way but... y'know... most likely not.
I return to the adding communities periodically, because once in a blue moon I find an LJ friend I really click with, or whose entries I really like. I'm hoping I get lucky again this time.
Some stuff about me:

 - I'm old (too old for any of this, really.)
 - I listen to good music. Belle & Sebastian and The Field Mice mainly.
 - I'm working towards being a fully-fledged drunk but Gin's pretty expensive.
 - I play video games: Banjo-Tooie, Uncharted, Sonic Colors, Fallout: New Vegas and Pokémon Yellow right now, though I did throw Wind Waker  out of the window the day before yesterday -  DAMN I hate the 3D Zelda  games. Link's Awakening and Link To The Past are works of  sheer  art,  though.
 - I like to read. Children's fantasy and PG Wodehouse. Bit of Pratchett, too.
 - I didn't go to university. I feel very alienated from people who did, and the whole university culture. You all might as well be living on the far side of the moon.
- I like most animals. Cats mainly, horses almost never. Dogs terrify and fascinate me in equal measure.
 - I have an animal of my own. A cat, predictably. He gets erections for no reason.
 - Unlike my cat, I'm not really a sexual being. I'm actually pretty uptight when it comes to all that, so if you like going into detail about who you last fucked, I'll probably just make uncomfortable faces at my monitor and delete you.

Ah yes, the obligatory picture. I have nice shoes.

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tura. mid-thirties. Aquarius - and quintessentially so.

I've been floating around on El Jay for damn near a decade, and the friends list has waxed and waned over the years, and I figure that with everyone running for the hills (Dreamwidth) or over to FB, I'd like to venture out and see whose random interests match my random musings, and maybe breathe a little life back into my FL.

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She's Lonely

   Well I'm a 17 year-old She that is looking for some friends to share a journaling experience with. I'm an avid writer and work as a side shooter for a local photographer. I'm a rather lonely homeschooling, socially pathetic, happy person and I'm not too particular about my lovely virtual friends (but for the record if you are a cranky internet troll in the late 30's and still with the parents, we might have issues). I write about my daily life for the most part, but the occasional short story and poem, or melt down will be updated. I enjoy reading others blogs, unless its just complaining, and leave it to me to find something for us talk about for hours. I don't mind whether you are a manga addict or old cat women. I've got my quirks too. ;]   

I like
Graphic Arts
and just about everything else. :]

I dislike
Judgmental and really religious perspectives  

Catch your eye? Just add me, if you so dare,
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