January 3rd, 2011

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im opening the doors to my new journal. i've been on lj since 2001, but recently created a new journal for the new year.

i'm 27.
currently unemployed
moved cross country in may 2010
...after a house fire
...after being laid off from my job of 6 years.
im starting over :)

life is full of changes
variety is the spice of life
live laugh love
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New year, new start?

Just like to say before you start reading that I'm generally, pathetically naff when it
comes to writing about myself, so please, don't let this put you off :')

It's a new year so I thought I'd try something new so, here I am.

I guess I'd best start with a little about myself so.... I'm a 21 year old university
drop out (after 2 years, me and physics just simply didn't agree) turned bar man
living a rather monotonous life at the moment but seeking ways of rectifying this.
So I started small, a blog to record all my wonderfully exaggerated rants, rather
strange (occasionally morbidly depressing) thoughts and random excerpts of
my life as it happens.

Now to actually tell you a little about myself:

- I'm a gamer, grew up playing them since I was tiny (not that I've grown that much) and will most likely keep gaming even into the grave. Play the 360 mostly, RPG's and FPS's being my forte. Although I've been known to play WoW on occasion...... okay, a lot ¬_¬

- I'm a book worm. There's not been a time in the past 4/5 years when I haven't had at least one book on the go and I'm always buying more and quickly running out space to put them. Read fiction predominately, Sci Fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, military fiction, horror etc etc. Basically if it's make believe, I'll probably read it.

- Not really much of a sporting person but I really do love playing badminton, great fun.

As a person I'm really rather sarcastic and can't help it, sarcasm just comes naturally to me, it's my second language really. This tends to get me in trouble with people quite often and yes, you would of thought that after a few years I would of learned my lesson by now but no, I don't think I ever will :')

When it comes to music I just like a little bit of everything, from soft acoustic to hard rock, all just depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

I feel as if i should write some more but my minds a blank but it is 3am right now so yeah, that's my excuse for stopping here but feel free to add me and talk, I love getting to know new people (:
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 Hey everyone :)

My name's Laura & I'm 22. I'm a student in community college...looking forward to graduating in May, transferring to a 4 year college and moving!

I'm engaged to a wonderful man who I consider my best friend. We're planning on getting married AFTER we have both graduated with our bachelor's degrees. 

I'm really feminine, love shopping, traveling (my family travels a lot), listening to music, playing piano...I'm laid back and non-judgemental. I love writing about every day life, I love sharing my day-to-day experiences with people as well as reading about other people's experiences. 

I hope to meet some cool girls of any age who are down to earth and love to share their day to day experiences as much as I do! :) 
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I'm a mother of two. A 4 year old daughter named Daphne from my husbands first long term girlfriend (who I talk about a lot and I'm not always a big fan of for many reasons), and our almost 5 month son named Kirby. I love my family, love to cook, and am trying to stay organized in 2011. I try to post more but it's hard. I love reading entries and friends who will comment each other. I dislike a one way lj friendship.

I live on the West Coast and love my steak cooked rare. I've been married since June and it's amazing. Please add!
Jack Nicholson's Joker

I get by, with a little help from my friends.

Hey everyone. I'm Jenn, a reasonably insane, 24-year old femalien from Texas. My interests and personality are pretty scattered. I'm quite a spunky and optimistic person although I have my bad days just like everyone else. The only things I really dislike are popular culture and mean, defensive people.

Here is my quilt of interests:

If you recognize any of these things, you should definitely come check out my profile and public entries and consider adding me as a friend. I like keeping my friends list small and tight, and sincerely appreciate friends who don't mind interacting outside of LJ (like on Facebook, Word Feud, and sometimes txting). I get bored easily, and like to fill those empty spaces with good conversation.

Pic & bio in profile!

Well, it's worth a try anyway :)

Ok, well I'm 16 and live in England and am basically looking for a few friends on LJ because I've only had it for a few weeks and I guess I'm just interested in chatting with peope who share similar interests with me. :)
So here it goes; I live to read and write, I'm trying to watch every film that I can get my hands on, I'm also trying to learn the violin, Sherlock Holmes is a particular obsession of mine and sarcasm is a bit of a second language.
I don't mind where you're from or what gender you are, as long as you're aged between 15 and 20 because I think it would be easier to get along.
So add me and I'll add you back if you're interested in an actual friendship,
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Let us talk as friends do.  Let us talk of things both pleasant and that which would rather remain untouched and beneath shadows.

Now come closer

And will I speak to you in hushed tones.

We will begin our Quiet Exchange


We will speak of music
We will remince of days past

I will show you my world captured frame by frame

Prehaps, you will do the same

Hallo there :)


23, from Australia. I've had a number of eljay accounts, this being the newest and most regularly updated. Currently on the daily! Hurrah!

Stuff wot to know:

I love music more than life (I know that doesn't make sense, but work with me here) - I'm a schizophrenic audiophile, and alternate between genres from song to song. Currently fixated by classic rock [Whitesnake/Elvis/etc. - shutup] and almost anything featuring an acoustic guitar.
I dig film. [Ghost World/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Garden State/My Own Private Idaho/Four Rooms/The Departed/Indiana Jones etc.] - I love Tarantino/Lynch/Van Sant more than most, and I've a penchant for the quirky and peculiar.
I read as much as I can. [Authors: Chuck Palahniuk/HP Lovecraft/Philip K. Dick/Alex Garland/Irvine Welsh/Oscar Wilde/Bret Easton Ellis/Reinaldo Arenas]
A major hobby is photography. So you'll find my entries usually contain images, both mine and not. I'm a fan of aesthetics.
I work in theatre. Self-employed, which usually means much journalage, punctuated by month-long stretches of nothing while I slave away in a big black box with no sunlight. Woo!
I'm a sci-fi nerd. I particularly swoon for Stargate. It makes me happy in the pants.

I'm one of the most open-minded creatures you'll ever meet. And I don't bite much. So feel free to add me. I'm pretty friendly.
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Hi everyone!

I always get awesome friends when I post on here so I was after some new ones!!

My name is Nicki and I'm 28 from Sydney, Australia. I am just about to get married (in 3 weeks) and movie in with my fiance next week! So my life is full of changes right now! It's very exciting! I'm a tad scared, but more excited. We are about to embark on our first trip to Europe for our honeymoon  which is even more exciting! So the next few weeks could be filled with stuff about the wedding and travelling.

I work as a travel agent and also as a movie critic on my own website called Movie Critical, which is doing very well at the moment. I do also study film studies at university but I have deferred for awhile, although I want to go back really soon. Some of the things I love are movies, old Hollywood, reading, coffee, rock and indie music, cheesy reality TV, culture, travelling, biographies, perfume and journalling. I love being on the net and blogging or Facebooking.

I am looking for friends who are at least 18+ from any walk of life. I love reading about people's lives who are completely different to me and then I love reading people's journals who are like me as well. I love commenting and getting to know people beyond LJ. So if anybody wants to be friends, just give me a yell and I can't wait to hear from all of you!