January 4th, 2011

i love being black

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Hey, I'm Clandestine. Clandy, for short.
I'm 21, and from Ontario, Canada.
I don't really know what to say aha.
This is a new journal. It's a secret journal that I just made last night. I wanted to start fresh and have something for online friends only.
So I suppose this is where I list a bunch of stuff I'm interested in, eh?
I'm addicted to icons. I make graphic desgins and a bunch o shit like that. I create layouts for vf.com and a few other sites.
I love MCR, it's my secret addiction. I watch Supernatural almost religiously, I own all five seasons on dvd.

I'm into a lot of different music. I really love anything from the 80's. A lot of indie, rock, alt-rock, techno, and everything in between.
I do a LOT of DIY, I dumpsterdive, and try to live a life as freeganistic as possible.

I love comic books, anne rice, zombies, george romero, and a bunch of other shit.

You should add me only if you want your journal to be commented on, and actually comment back. I'm not looking for a bunch of friends just to say that I have a bunch of friends. I'm looking to connect with other people.
ohyeah, 420 and LBGT friendly only, as I smoke a lot of pot and am definitely a lesbian.

I'm not posting any photos because this is a secret journal, and I intend to keep it secret. x3

She & Me 2

Why not? he thought. So here it is.

This is the 8th year I have been connected to LiveJournal, although this particular journal is literally only HOURS old.  I wrote my first LJ entry in 2003, at the beginning.  No, that was the middle.  Not sure where I am now, perhaps "the end". Or a new beginning.

But....I ramble,

I introduced my brother and my sister to LiveJournal, and a few months [years] later, they both married soul mates they found here.  Meanwhile, the reason I found LJ in the first place continues to be the ghost that checks in on me ever[y] once in a while.

I am 34 years old, and I am recently separated with the woman who I divorced 7 years ago.  Long story, if you're interested, it is [or at least will be] chronicled on my journal.

I have two wonderful children, an 8 year old daughter and a 3 year old son.  Their mother walked out on us a few days ago, was gone 4 days, then came back and announced she didn't love me any more.

And I .... somehow .... was okay with that.  And now, I move on to the place I never should have left at all.

I like music, movies, and [though you'd never guess from my LJ name] football.

And of course, I fancy myself to be "a writer", but not as in the "i wanna be published someday" type.  I write because it's therapeutic.  But I've learned that the therapy only works if people read, and I get the feedback that [apparently] I crave.  After all, there is NO better feeling in the world than seeing Inbox (1) pop up on the screen.

If I sound interesting, add me and I will most certainly add you back.

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So I just scrolled through the entries in this community and saw five of my LJ friends posting on here, which means they are tired of their old friends, and will probably ditch me soon.

So now I need some new friends.

Here some information:

My name is Erica.
I'm 27.
I live in St. Louis, MO
Here, enjoy this picture of Nelly

I tend to be hilarious. That is something I would never consider bragging about, but enough people have said "holy shit you're hilarious" that I feel like I can add that to my resume now.
I have recently discovered a love for cats (I grew up allergic and hating them), and may or may not be turning into a crazy cat lady.
I am an avid fan of drinking. I don't do drugs because the last time I got high I was convinced that I peed all over myself. wtf, i don't even know.
I have this weird creepy crush on Steve Buscemi
I love memes (I think sad keanu was the best meme of 2010)
I went to college and have a job (as you can see I"m passionate about neither)
I'm in a moped gang
Here is one of my mopeds

Here is me

Okay I'll be straight with you. I tend to spend a lot of time on my journal bitching about how people are retarded. I make a lot of generalizations and I'm sure I have offended a few people in my time.  I also talk about regular life stuff, but I try to keep it at least somewhat amusing. Otherwise I'll fall asleep typing. 

When it comes to comments, I don't care, ever, how much you comment. In fact, the journals I love the most never comment back on mine. If you're interesting, you're interesting and I don't like the concept of obligatory commenting that so many people do. If you are talking about some friends or dude that you have a history with, that I know nothing about, I don't really have anything to say to that. If you are talking about how someone made a facebook status that was vague and emo and how dumb they are for doing that, count me in.

Oh hey please don't be a teenager. I am old as HALE now and cannot relate to high school problems. I have a couple of high school friends on my lj and every time they complain about their parents I just want to be like CHEER UP KID, YOUR PARENTS LOVE YOU, ONE DAY YOU'LL UNDERSTAND. I think I'm just too old to relate now :-(

I don't really know how to end this so bye


hello, English-speakers! :)
I'm Valeria, 18 years old second-year student of Medical University.
but I even don't try to awake your interest in me by these general facts.
the reason I'm here is that I'm looking for foreigners who are interested in communication with people from other countries.
this summer I'm going to pass my exam to receive First Certificate of English in my London School of English (btw, I'm from Donetsk city, Ukraine, if you don't know about this country, Wikipedia to you in a help). it's also boring, but I'm really scared of it and need a lot of practice. so if you're ready to help, if you're patient person, or just if you're able to be patient to a multitude of my mistakes, see below more fascinating part of my "curriculum vitae":
  • I've never had an English pen-friend
  • I'm fond of medicine, study it
  • Greek girl
  • city I would always like to live is London
  • small stature
  • Sagittarius
  • straightforward
  • ambitious
  • guitarist and pianist
  • love poetry, even try to create smth (it was ridiculous)
  • music lover
  • psychology & philosophy are close to me
it's definitely not all about me, but enough for so-called "CV". I'd be happy if I could arouse your interest. Add me, let be LJ-friend and blah-blah-blah :)
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Oooooh, shiny :3


Hi :D Happy to meet you, greet you, and hopefully learn something more about you. I am 16 years old, female, and prefer to go by the name Banjo Joe the Unicorn here on LJ :3

Basically I recently started this journal, although Im not new on LJ. I started this one to pour out anything that I would want to scream to the world but do not have the possibility or the balls to do so. SO I DO IT HERE :)

Things you should know about me:
1. I love to rant.
2. I also love to rave, if theres something worth raving about.
3. I love tv shows. I watch House, Gossip Girl, Family Guy, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy and more.
4. I love music and will happily discuss it with anybody. Taste ranges in a bit of everything :)
5. Same goes with movies. Im one of those people who watches horror movies while squinting the whole time, however.
6. I am a huge supporter of animal rights, so please respect that. I do, however, accept all views on the matter :)
7. Comments = YES. You comment on my ramblings, I will comment back :)
8. While life is a bit complicated, I always try to make the best of things. The conversations I have in my head will often be complete gibberish and so the entries might sometimes reflect that ;D but I hope you get a good laugh from it at least.

Basically Im looking for anyone who might be interested in reading about my life, my interests and more personal things. I made this journal so that I could completely take my guard down and write whatever I want to say without stress :)

Please add me if you think I sound just crazy enough to be interesting, check out my webpage for more details about me and I hope we can share awesomeness together :D

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