January 6th, 2011

Babmbi Butterfly

lets be friends!

hi!! :3
i'm Churee & I'm 24 & I live in England.
I'm silly and should act my age, but I don't :,(
I'm engaged & since moving out of my house, I've become a homebody.
I like to whinge, tell about my (oh-so-exciting) day and post pictures and watch a lot of movies.
I like to drink, to dance ridiculously, to pull the supidest faces and cry at the lamest things.
I do not like the usual things that people don't like, like racism, ignorance, homophoics, extremely windy days, etc.
I thought that with the New Year, I would ike to make some more friends :)
And with the New Year, I'm hoping to make this year more exciting as well!
I'm down with anyone adding me!
The more the merrier :)
Hope to meet you soooooon wa wa wee wa


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I've definitely posted here before and I've made a lot of awesome LJ friends, so I was hoping to meet some more new people!

My name is Swan and I'm a 22 year old student from Canada. I've just finished up my Bachelors degree in Psychology (honours). I'm also an amateur photographer, so I enjoy posting some photos that I've taken (I'm also looking for some good photography communities on LJ, if you have any suggestions).

I definitely enjoy reading entries from my LJ friends! Although I might not comment on all entries on my Friends list, I definitely do make an effort to read each and every one! If you're only looking for comments, I might not be the best person to add, although I try to be comment as much as I can!!

If you want to be LJ friends, please leave a comment on the "friends only" entry in my journal. I usually won't add anyone who doesn't comment there, just because I like to know where you found me from!

I look forward to hearing from you :)

D Grey Man

Not really good at this...

Okay so my name is Jasper, yeah i know it's a boys name but I'm a girl. I'm new to LJ and I'm interested in getting some new friend...otherwise i wouldn't be here. On my LJ you will find mostly posts about my life >.< yeah i know right, that probably sounds boring BUT if it helps there will be cussing and LOTS of drama. Oh I'll be mentioning my homosexual friends so if your against that stuff then sorry >.<

Anyway I'm an easy person to talk to. I like to give advise if i can and really I'm not your average ordinary everyday teenager -_- I'm weird. I'm into writing, reading, anime, manga, drawing, music, and many more things

So please add me as a friend and check out my LJ
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See...that subject sounds much more different in my head than it probably does in yours.

Hi there. I'm Sharyla, I'm 25 and live in North West Pennsylvania. I'm looking for more friends to read and get to know and such.
There are important things to know about me:

-- I enjoy telling stories. Some are funny, and some are sad, and some are pointless, but they are usually long and I enjoy writing them. 
-- I do not expect my LJ friends to read every single one of these long sometimes fun, sometimes pointless stories, but it'd be nice if they did.
-- I have a tendency to go MIA from time to time. Sometimes for  a week, and sometimes for months. I come back eventually, but I really do just 
               drop off of the face of the earth.
-- I enjoy reading my friends page, but like many others I've noticed on here am not the greatest at commenting. I go through spurts, as I am sure 
              everyone else does. But if you're looking for someone who will comment on a daily basis, I'm not your gal.
-- I start every post with a picture, usually one I have shot myself and I never put them under a cut. So if that bothers you, please don't add me.
-- I always, always, always, add anyone as a friend who adds me first.

Other fun facts:
I'm engaged. I talk about him a lot, and sometimes it's sickly with it's sweetness, as he can be so, and I rather enjoy him.
I'm a student at University of Phoenix, and I don't particularly care for it. I plan on transferring after another few classes
I'm a reader, pretty much above and beyond anything else.
I have blog on blogspot, and I'll talk about it
I have a job that is entirely too stressful for what a do and get paid, but I'm sort of addicted to it in a weird way and I talk about it most of all.
I'm emotional at times, and it's what I dislike about myself the most
I am not a depressed person, but not an ultra happy one either. I ebb and flow like everyone else, but just so you know, you won't see a lot of 'woe is me my life is so sad and bad and horrible and I just want to die' posts out of me.

I'm really quite fun, and my live journal isn't friends only, or at least I don't think it is, so if you want to stop by and see what I'm all about, feel free.
and on to the picture:

Seeking Advice

I am going by the name of Regina (alias). I am choosing not to reveal my real name due to how personal my entries will be....However, I am 23 years old, turning 24 this month. I have no clue where I am going in my life and I have come to a crossroads with my boyfriend of 5 years. I have anxieties, including Trichotillomania. Like most families, we have our secrets, and its those secrets that trigger these anxieties i have, but because of how I grew up and how important the concept of Family is, it's holding me back from going down the same road as my boyfriend.

I have no clue what to do. what I am doing. or even how to sort things out.

I write long entries, so if you wont bother reading it, then dont add me. I need advice. I need to hear what other people have to say, because the people around me are very bias...I of course will read what you have to say. I like to read about peoples lives and am willing to give advice as well.

Thank You


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Hi! I'm Louise and I'm a nerd. But I don't think that's a bad thing! I've posted to comms like this before and made some great friends, so I thought I'd try again!

I live in South-East England in a very pretty little historic city and I'm studying English and Politics at university. I love reading, writing, debating and having a giggle and my journal reflects all of that, I think. I tend to talk about a whole range of things; from my experience dealing with Trichotillomania, to the stupid things I've done and the things that make me laugh!
  • I'm teetotal... which sounds rather boring. But I like to think of myself as the one who remembers all the funny stuff that happens on nights out!
  • I love laughing. I cry when I laugh, which makes me look a bit mental in real life, but if anyone has any comedy to share I will love them for it! And, wherever possible I like to see the best in life. I'm very difficult to offend, I think I stopped caring long ago!
  • I like being a listener. When people have problems or just need to talk, I'll be there, even if I can only offer a listening ear without advice. I love reading everyone on my f'lists entries, even if I don't always have anything to say in reply. I don't expect my friends to always comment on my own entries, either.
  • I want to travel the world! Money is tight at the moment but one day I want to go to Russia and work in an orphanage, as well as travel round Europe!
  • Terry Pratchett never fails to cheer me up. Kurt Vonnegut is my hero. Elwood P. Dowd is my role-model.
And, because pics seem to be obligatory nowadays!