January 7th, 2011


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Hello, my name is Kaz, and I'd love to come into contact with more LJ users. ;D I haven't been very active on it, but I've decided that this is subject to change.

I live in Singapore (which is in South East Asia), and I'm currently doing a course in Art, Design and Media. It's only my first year, though, and I have plenty to learn.

My journal might contain the following: rough language, mentions of sex, homosexuality amongst other stuff (I write fanfiction sometimes, and these things come in), so if you're not comfortable with things like that, I'm probably not the best add either.

As a quick note, several obsessions: Inception, Merlin, Supernatural, House, Anime, Manga, Whose Line, How I Met Your Mother.

I can be insane, type in capslock, abuse the 'xD' smilie too much, and just be all round random. You can take this as a warning or a 'come hither' line. :P

I look forward to seeing you people around!
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Hello everyone,

I'm a veteran LJ user looking to make some new friends for the new year. I've met some really awesome people here before - some with whom I've become extremely close with - and I'd love for that to happen again. I enjoy getting to know people beyond their online persona.

I am:
- 24 years old
- not a student (due to residency issues as I recently relocated to Georgia)
- a part-time retail employee
- a native Californian (mountains > beach)
- a natural blonde (currently a redhead)
- tattooed & pierced
- a tr00 metalhead (10 years and counting!)
- a dog lover (especially dachshunds)
- a gamer girl (I ♥ Fallout: New Vegas)
- absolutely head-over-heels in love

At this point in my life, I'd like to befriend a mature and independent individual who is at least 21. Someone who:
1) doesn't party all the time (since I'd have nothing to contribute as I don't drink or do drugs);

2) is serious about school and/or their career (to show direction in their lives); and,

3) has similar music or TV show tastes as I do (see below).

I listen to well over 200 metal bands so I'm not about to start listing my favorite bands here (and I've found that, just like high school, it's extremely rare that I find someone who knows of any one band at any given time anyway so why bother?). But I will say that my favorite overall genre of music is death metal. I don't mean to come off as an elitist. It's just that when something captures you at a young age and continues to fill you with a sense of awe after developing for a decade, it just becomes a part of you, you know?

As for TV shows, my recent obsessions are House Hunters and Pit Bulls & Parolees. These are, of course, in addition to those stereotypical twenty-something target audience staples: The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Family Guy and South Park. Come to think of it, I watch a little bit of everything - from comedies to dramas to cooking shows; those I haven't listed here are in my User Info.

If I sound like someone you'd like to befriend, please comment on this post AND also comment on my Friends Only post in my journal here so I can remember to add you back! Thanks!

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I have been gone from LJ for quite some time, I finally quit playing all of the games that I did on Facebook and also, no one seems to talk to me there. :(

-I am a married father of 2 daughters.
- Stay at home dad with often too much time on his hands
- I have a big interest in music, I fall asleep with my itouch connected to me each night.
- I like movies but I dislike that my wife falls asleep during most of them
- Likes video games, currently goofing around with the microsoft kinect
- I have a short attention span and I get bored easily
- I am drama free, just looking for interaction and entertainment.
- I might be considered rated NC17
- I think cussing is fun.

you like me damn it !!  :)
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Hi my name is Tab,I rock my mom says I'm awesome blah,blah,blah.If you think my first post is awesome then friend me,if you don't well,I don't like you either.Or you can friend me anyways.I plan to write fiction and my journal,I like to read other journals especially those updated everyday,twice a week is also cool,once a month i really don't get.
anyway I'm from Pretoria and I think someone said we had to post a picture so bam

thata me.

Heyy all.

I'm Amanda. Sixteen & a New Yorker. 
I'm super new to this site so I figured I'd post on here :) Lets see... now to name some interesting things about myself? Well I've been a vegetarian for about 2 years. I live to laugh & go for my runs. Running is my basic outlet. I don't know what I would do without it. 
I'm an A+ student and a junior in high school. I want to go for Special Education or Speech Pathology (or both!). Just not sure which age group I would want to teach yet. I guess that sums up me for now. 

Feel free to add message or comment! :)