January 8th, 2011

just like you percy

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Q. Who are you?
Oh, bite me, existentialist lead-off questions.
Let’s start somewhere better.
Let’s get off on the awkward left foot.
A fact! A bit of trivia, for your estimating eyes alone.
I love the sound and sensation of cracking bones.
Or ‘ligaments,’ if you’re gonna go picayune particular on me.

Q. Don’t trifle with me. Who, precisely, are you?
Sophia. Twenty-one, now. Too late for sugar mountain.
(Neil Young reference. +8 Friendship if you caught it.)
Philosophy major, English and History minors.
Last lap at my college: final semester, here we go!
I love children’s movies because they’re such naked parables.
I laugh hearty and hard. Like, beef soup hearty, with biscuits and everything.
I love 5 AM. I like being awake exactly then, because it’s so secret, so hush, so heroic.
You eat cheerios, and listen to music, and the day begins. No flash. No fireworks.
But there was that lonely hour, when you might have been the only one awake,
and no matter how the day goes thereon, you have that private miracle.
And I rather like that.

Q. What else do you like?
I miss Reboot, and The Brave Little Toaster,
and that secret sense that that what you touch may also touch you back:
the toaster marvels over your pastries and strudels, the tanning bed over your pasty knees.
I used to like waking up on rainy days because it used to mean, “Relax, babycakes.”
“Go clinomaniac, get yourself under the covers, catnap to heart’s content.”
I like when my dog nudges my hand for a loving pat, and getting mail unexpectedly.

Q. Spare us the rant. What’s your journal like? Diary of the century? Move over Anne Frank?
Tumbleweeds, currently, but getting on track, shortly.
I rant, I rave. I get sweet on teenage dreamboats.
I might wax philosophical, or go gaga over rain boots.
I argue and comment to myself en quotes. “Like so.”
It’s an expression of audience-awareness, and my last resort before laugh-tracks.
As you’ve perhaps noticed, I abuse italics like nobody’s business.

Q. What do you want in a friend?
You know those comment conversations that last days?
I want those. I never had them, due in large part to my lag in getting to them,
and sometimes owing to disinterest on readers’ part. Whatever.
I’d like some friends like that.
I’ve had some good ones, and through this community!
A few more would be wonderful.

Just drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free.

In a similar vein: add me, if you’d like; don’t if you don’t.
But I hope you do.
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 Hi everyone. I'm a 30 year old mom of three who is trying to get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis. I love to read about people's lives, and sometimes give advice (if you want it). I have a lot of experiences that I will be sharing with people, even though they are painful and at times still very surreal to me. But I want to have my story known, because it could help somebody out there ... feel free if you add me, to comment on anything i write.
A little more about me:

I am a procrastinator, but the excuse I use to justify that is that i work better under pressure to meet deadlines. :P
I listen to every kind of music from classical to death metal...it depends on my mood.
Since the birth of my daughter i have been trying to become less tomboy and more girly girl. But I have a style all my own, which varies also depending on my mood.
I used to hate being me and found every flaw imaginable. But I'm learning to accept myself for who I am.
I have ten tattoos,  three of which i designed myself. I like drawing and think i"m not that good at it, but am told I have some talent.
I love people watching, but prefer to stay on the sidelines ..fear of rejection or just plain shyness, i'm not sure.
I have trust issues, but I am the most loyal person ever. I take care of who I care about. Sometimes its a downfall.

I am looking for friends, people to read my journal and maybe get a glimpse of the person I am.  i try not to offend people but do speak whats on my mind. I'm also looking to read about you and know YOUR story.
Oh and...
My hair has been blonde, red, orange, really red .. see below



I'm Bethany.

You may have been my friend before because I've had other journals... but the last couple years or so, the hustle and bustle of life has left me rather distracted. But I'm ready and willing to update and comment tons! haha. After all it was suggested to be my new years resolution.

Anywho. I like to get to know new people. I'm down to earth and lets face it... just plain awesome! haha

So lets be friends?

My name is Sara. A twenty-year-old Michigander. Art, music, literature & fashion are my favorite things in this whole wide world. I fill my journal with social ramblings, relationship bullshit, my dreams & aspirations. I will also be including any writing I've done; photos of my clothes, friends & art.

I like to think of myself as a little bit of everything & I'd like to have a diverse group of people on my friends list.

So, ADD ME! & please comment here or on my friends only entry with your name, and some interesting things about yourself.

Addendum to my intro

I realized I left a fair amount of stuff out of my intro so, in case you wanted more:

-I've been writing indie-folk songs since 2008 under the name "Rusticalia" and you can find lots of my stuff online if you google that. I take inspiration from Neil Young, British Folk ballads, Iron and wine, and Sufjan Stevens just to name a few.

-I like debating people around sustainable development, civilly though, not raging battles.

-I occasionally write about being single and essentially lonely yet not alone, if you understand that.

-I have plans to move back to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area and would love to meet other RDU/Triangle dwellers.

_ I am obsessed with Lomo and Holga photography.

_I'm also a huge fan of road bikes as a form of commuting, general travel.
Senior Pics, Pink

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I'm Andrea. I'm 19 years old and a freshman in college. I'm studying to be a Forensic Nurse.

I'm really just looking for some down to earth people that I can get to know and chat with. I love meeting new people and learning new things, if you do as well please add me:)


-It really goes on and on.

Feel free to add me and start up a conversation. Like I said, I love meeting new people.