January 9th, 2011

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 So! Hello! I’m an 18 year old girl living in a random place in Europe, I’m in school so that’s … not such a big part of my life as it should be. Heh. Anyways, I spend most of my time either with friends, asleep or on the sofa with my laptop. (At least in the weekdays.)

I recently deleted my old lj, and my old tumblr, so this is my way of starting fresh. I post mostly about random stuff that’s going on in my life, music/movies/art/series I’m currently in love with, a rant every now and then. I might come of as slightly negative at times, but mostly that‘s just my humour. Irony isn‘t always obvious coming trough a screen. I don’t comment religiously, but if I’ve got something to say or if I simply find whatever you posted/wrote great/fabulous/brilliant. J
I would like to “meet” some new people, I do find it interesting to read other people’s journals, blogs or whatever, so yeah, that’s basically it.

Just comment here or at my journal if you’re interested in a new lj-buddy, hehe.



Hi, everyone! My name is Merry and I'm 20 years old. I'm looking for people who share my interests and people who will comment on my posts.  I am a very spiritual, not religious person, just to throw that out there. I would like to friend people who are like-minded and who are generally optimistic. I don't want to friend anyone who is dramatic, who is always ranting and raving in their journals, or people who like to argue and start drama. I want my journal to be a happy and cheerful place and I just want to friend people who are like that as well.

Here are my hobbies:

★ Reading
★ Writing (journal, stories, poems, etc....)
★ Playing video games(Nintendo DS and computer)
★ Organizing and decorating
★ Playing and listening to music
★ Being on the computer
★ Drawing


★ Old movies, fantasy and fairytale-esque movies
★ Indie  music
★ Fairytale study, history, mythology
★ Astronomy and astrology
★ Art
★ Victorian Era, Renaissance Period, Regency Period, and Edwardian Era
★ Vintage, old things
★ Kawaii things

Book Genres I like:

★ Fairytale retellings
★ Historical and mythological fiction
★ Classics
★ Some contemporary fiction

I can't wait to be your friend to some of you! ^_^

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First, it needs to be said that I'm bad at introductory posts. I always end up listing all the shows or bands I like at the moment. I don't actually write about them on my journal, though. I had almost a six month gap when I wasn't really active. The beginning of the new year is as good time as any to get back to it.
I'm in my early twenties, a full time student. I live in Europe. I like traveling and I would like to do much more of it in the future.

Second, I guess the most useful information I could give you is what I write about on my journal:
- about school, and I don't see it changing any time soon. I'm doing my BA this year and it takes up a lot of my time
- the few social interactions I get. I am socially inept and don't make friends easily. Either I'm too shy and don't talk or I ramble about stupids stuff nobody cares about and annoy people. Also, I over think things which is never good
- my family - we are not getting along perfectly most of the time (but who does?) and I'm not living at home for quite some time now but obviously they are still a big part of my life
- the movie I've seen and liked or the books/article I think is worth reading

I don't know what else I could tell you. All in all, I don't find myself a very exciting person. I know how to oversell myself, don't I? ;)

Add me?

More then meets the eye.

Before you add me, please note that I am not a happy go lucky bullshitter who has these amazing dreams and experiences.
I'm a hippie deranged psycho fuck who lives in the wonderful and lovely Sin fuckin City, NV.
INTERESTS: Slasher Movies, ALL genres of MUSIC. Reading. Battle Rap. ETC & i'm an alcoholic..
I am also a graphic artist, who loves to write poetry.
I would like to connect with more people who write poetry. This is why I made a live journal, for writing. I love people opinions and reactions after reading my gore-filled and suicidal mindset.

This is where I show my true self. You will read thoughts that no one else will ever know about.

I am not the nicest person in my posts, but I'm amazing with giving advise. :)

I will comment on your posts and give my opinion.
Add me   <3    

Please&Thank you.

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