January 10th, 2011

jazzing up my F-list

 My name's Kailey.

I spent a lot of time of my LJ profile, so look there, but here are some of the basics.

I'm twenty and married.

I have borderline personality disorder, so sometimes I talk highly of my husband, other times I don't. I have self harm tendencies, and sometimes I briefly touch on that in my journal. I may say things like "I'm having a lot of trouble with SI lately" or "one week SI free". I also have depression.

I'm studying drug and alcohol counseling, sometimes I talk about that. I also drink on occasion. I may say things in my journal like "I don't know what wine to buy for thanksgiving" or "I could use a drink". If that bothers you, sorry.

I work at the local mental health clinic, but I rarely talk about work.

Sometimes I use curse words.

I talk about life and things that are happening in my life. I sometimes post pictures, song lyrics, poems, or videos.

My husband is a retired chef, so sometimes I talk about food, and sometimes I post pictures.

General interests:
-Music of all sorts, except country
-rainy days
-driving, I drive a chevy lumina.
-space, nature, and cultural/social documentaries
-diet coke
-cult classics movies (animal house, one flew over the cuckoos nest, fast times at ridgemont high)

I'm not a comment whore, I comment when I have something to say, and thats what I expect of my LJ friends.
Also, in terms of LJ friends, I really don't care what age you are, I'm looking for people that have commonalities. I want friends, not numbers. Lets be mature.

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snap shot


Hey I'm Bethany.

This is just a photo blog because I'm addicted to taking pictures. lol. I'm not that great or anything and I don't have a fancy shmancy camera... The photos are just of random things in my everyday life taken by my cheap digital camera or phone. Some are old and some are new.

I don't know much about the technical side of photography but I would appreciate feedback. I try to update every day or so.

Lets be friends?

(no subject)

Psychology undergrad.
Member of the LGBT community (but I'd rather not label myself as gay/straight/bi/whatever).
Music lover - Nadia Ali, Above and Beyond/Oceanlab, Armada Records. Professor Green, Devlin, Tinie Tempah. A7x, Bullet for my Valentine. Infected Mushroom.
Book lover. Books about music or religion/spirituality.
Poi admirer.
Creativity. Needs to write more.
Recovering/recovered from depression.
Ex-self harmer.

Herman & Lily kissing

new friends?

hey guys! new year, new friends?

the name's sam, as in samantha.
let's do a crappy intro thing! yay!

here's some basic info ;
* i'll be twenty this saturday=]
* i currently live in waynesboro, tennessee, but just got a house in florence, alabama that i will be moving into in the next week or so.
* i work with elderly individuals with mental disabilities.
* i have a boyfriend & we've been together for one year & about twoish months.
& here's some loves ;
* the colors green, purple, pink, and grey
* hello kitty
* tattoos
* piercings
* facebook, twitter, all that gay stuff
* good books
* coffee
* menthol cigarettes
* downtown florence, which is where my new house is ;D
* texting & whatnot
* video games & MMORPGs - worldofwarcraft & eq2
* anything glittery except cullen fucking vampires, however i did enjoy the books
* making jewelry
* painting, doodling, arts&crafts
* cooking
* horror movies - good ones
* criminal minds, house, trueblood, it's always sunny in philly, nip/tuck
* country drives
& more
& then there's dislikes ;
* insomnia
* drama of any kind
* depression
* oweing money to anyone/being behind on bills
*  junkies&drunks
* people who are too lazy to clean their houses
* hoarders/animal hoarders
* most people in general...

if we have some stuff in common, add me ;D
***general warning
i cuss a lot, sometimes i rant about stupid people in the south, sometimes i talk about my past,
& i'm not always happy and bubbly. i have bipolar disorder & i quit taking my medication almost 2 years ago.
my depression hardly ever interferes with my everyday life now, but sometimes i vent because it makes me feel better.
i talk about sex sometimes. and then sometimes i rant about videogames, if you can't handle that then don't add me.
I DO NOT ADD DRUGGIES OR ALCOHOLICS because i've been there and i'm clean now, i don't want to be triggered by your two week coke binge. i smoke pot sometimes & i'm one of those crazy hippies that believe "marijuana is not a drug" and whatnot.
so let's be friends? comment on my friends only post so i can get back to asap - i hardly ever check my emails and junk.


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Heyy! Im Sinead


I'm very outgoing, a social butterfly! I love being around my friends and family and having loadss of fun! I have the 'you only life once' attiude towards life, i'm quite optimistic... most of the time anyway
On the other hand, i like my space, like the next person.
I tend to laugh just a little too loud
I've never been one to blend with the crowd, But I'm okay with that
I lose my keys and I'm constantly late
I'm comfortably overweight
I learned to dance with my two left feet
I'm best friends with whoever I meet
Addcited to True Blood and makeup
I also love capturing life in pictures, big on pictures! :)
I enjoy going out and having a drink, im a SoCo and lemonade girl!
Im friendly, random, happy, up for a laugh!
I love music, shopping, having fun, being with friends and family, also meeting new friends!

So if you think we have something in common, add me!