January 11th, 2011

My name is Kay...

 ...and I'm n00b. My experience in the blogging world is limited, but I decided that I needed an outlet for all of my daily frustrations or just plain bitchiness. I'm 19, 20 in a month and a day, and ya...I don't really know what else to write in this, but feel free to add me. I'll keep writing and if anyone reads it, well great. Hello world.

Add me, pretty please?

One of my New Year's resolutions is to write more in my journal/blog/whatever-you-like-to-call-it (I'm hoping to write a post everyday) & I think if I had more friends, I would be more motivated to keep to it. So, add me. Yes/Yes?

A Little Random Stuff About Me:
* I'm 29 (30 in about 3 weeks; ACK!).
* I have red hair!
* I have a 6-year-old white Pekingese that snores like an 80-year-old man with a stuffed nose. I swear it's impossible for her little, smashed-in face to look NOT cute.
* I LOVE & ADORE books. I devour books. I'd roll around naked on a pile of books if it weren't for the risk of paper cuts to certain body regions. I'm also guessing that those pointy corners on hardback books would not feel so good poking into my body.
* I LOVE & ADORE shoes. (not as much as I LOVE & ADORE books, mind you!)
* I love tchotchkes, kitsch, & vintage-y goodness, therefore I LOVE thrifting. It's so satisfying to search through a bunch of stuff and find a treasure (or 2 or 12 or 22). It's even more satisfying when you're in a store that has half-off specials on certain days or on objects with certain colored tags and that treasure you've just found qualifies for that half-off deal!!!
* I like to craft. No craft is off-limits for me, except maybe taxidermy.
* I like decorating. Or, more accurately, looking at the beautiful & wonderful decorating that other people do in their homes on various websites and LJ communities. I save pictures for my WANT THIS! scrap(note)book.
* I like cooking and baking.
* I'm an expert at taking care of bamboo plants! They don't die on me, no matter what I do or don't do. It's so nice of them, don't you think?
* I'm morally opposed to using smiley faces when I type anything online (YET I do ALL the time).
Jack ew

oh look, another "HI ADD ME! I'M COOL!" post. How odd.

- Adrian
- Aquarius
- 22 going on 10. or occasionally 62. I have my moments (and tend to bake scones...)
- Aussie boy in Finland
- theatre techie with a design degree
- bi, pagan, lactose intollerant, in case you were mildly interested.
- a twin
- totally an organ donor
- lover of Bowie, passionfruit and water colour pencils.
- shit at sudoku.
- able to manage enough Finnish to have a reasonable conversation and enough German not to starve
- apprentice cat lady. I'm still working on the purple rinse...

Basically I live in Helsinki, speak really really bad Finnish, have family in Sydney and like to piss off to some foreign country to get lost in supermarkets. I also like David Bowie and am trying to climb out of the tar-pit that was my last relationship. Oh, and I have a cat. her name's Charlie (she has kitten mittens. 10+ friend points if you get that).
I'm travelling at the moment (Cambodia!), but I'll be back to the lameness that is my daily life relatively soon. would be cool to have some new people to spice it up slightly.

Oh, I ramble a bit too.

my journal:
- full of memes and surveys.
- full of competent examples of lj-cuts
- occasionally whiney, but generally optimistic and/or sarcastic
- will probably mention the following: Darcy (ex boyfriend), Kelly (twin sister), moronic housemates, cat, theatre-relateed nonsense, hatred of facebook, sickening love of Johnny Depp and salmon.
- updated pretty regularly

- proud owner of a functional brain
- preferably over 18, only because I am filthy and am not great at censoring myself.
- can write a whole sentence with reasonable spelling and punctuation. ie, NoT LyK DiS!!!11!

Obviously the "BLAH BLAH DONT ADD ME IF YOU'RE A TOTAL HOMOPHOBE/RACIST/RELIGIOUS BUTTHEAD/WANKER" line applies here too. But you ellejay kids are pretty smart. you already knew that.

Sunset Palms

Looking for a couple of friends.

Hiya! I'm Rachel and I'm terrible at introducing myself properly. I guess I'll just list a few things about me... if you're interested in reading more, just comment and I'll add you.

- 27 years old (or young..)

- Living in Nashville with my boyfriend

- Also living with our chihuahua and two cats

- Have a very boring job at a glass factory

- Kind of random and love to go on rambling tangents

- Still trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life

- Love photography and will post my photos every now and then

- Into all kinds of music (who isn't?)

- Couple of my current favorites: The Beatles... hmm.. The Beatles. OH! And The Beatles. 

- Favorite movie ever: Across the Universe

- Have done some crazy, idiotic, and adventurous things in my life

- Could be considered a hippie in many ways

- Have kicked a number of addictions

- Enjoying learning to play piano

I used to be pretty depressed, seemingly all the time. Now days though, I'm a lot happier. My moods are still a bit wonky though, so although a lot of posts will be all:

Cheery and happy ^_^

... Sometimes I'll get a bit down, and my posts might be more:

Moody and sad >_<

I've been on LJ forever it seems, but I've left and come back, and of course a lot of the journals that I used to enjoy reading are inactive now. I'd love some more to read. Beyond that, I'd really love to just find people out there that I can open up to, listen to and connect with. 
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    Polythene Pam - The Beatles
good you see

I know you want to add me really =)

I'm looking for some friends :/ I'm lonely and while I prefer close friends, I find it hard to make some (woe is me, I know). Anyway...

i'm 25 and from New Zealand. I have a boyfriend, dogs and birds. I'm close to most of my family and I'm a pretty positive person most of the time. My journal is brand new for this year because I was terrible and abandoned my last one halfway through last year.

I like to comment and recieve comments but I won't comment every time unless I have something to say and I don't expect you to comment every post I make =) Life happens. I also won't comment on fanfics and poetry etc as I'm really not a good critic but it's most likely that I will read it =)

I love: movies, video games, baking, shopping, animals, reading and wasting time on the net. I dislike: background noise, peanuts, mushroom and people who pick the skin off their feet and eat it.

Random junk no one cares about below......

Some of my favourite movies are: Let the Right One in, Tank Girl, Pans Labyrinth, Rent and Alice in Wonderland. Tv Shows: Hell's Kitchen, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy and Jersey Shore (I know, I'm terrible).

I don't listen to music very often because of my complete hate of noise but some of my favourite singers are Regina Spektor, Yael Naim, Lykke Li, Iron and Wine, The Cranberries, The Beatles and John Lennon.

Anyway, I don't mind if we're complete opposites or if you're my long lost identical twin,  I don't care about your age, sexuality or religion. I prefer female friends but I'm open-minded if you're not a perve =) If you think we'd get along then add me... or visit my profile (which contains a link to an intro post in my journal) to learn more about me =)