January 23rd, 2011

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I feel like I'm addicted to getting new friends on LJ.
Maybe because everyone has been sort of inactive lately.

I'm (nearly) twenty-four. Recently I've decided I don't like the way it looks to type numbers, so I type out the word instead. I have an Associate's in Computer Information Technology--I'm not too sure why I picked that but, yep. After being laid off and working two random low paid jobs I decided to go back to school after being out for two years. I'm now working on my Bachelor's in English Education. I want to be the most amazing high school English teacher.

I've been engaged since last May. I have absolutely no wedding plans yet. I want to get married on a remote beach some where. I really don't want the white gown/church/complete mess that comes with a huge wedding.

I'm actually ready to have children, even though that's not an option right now.

I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage/rights, and I pretty much go against EVERYTHING you think you'll find in a South Louisiana raised girl.

I can be overly dramatic.
Really, really loud.
And I worry constantly.

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, just add me if you think we'll click :D

This is me!

I'm really just a cat lady, don't mind me.
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Hello, everyone!  I have been using LJ since 2003, and have had various accounts through the years.  I just recently created this account and I am looking for new friends.  I don't like adding people I know in person to my livejournal because I like to use this medium as a means to be completely honest & raw; I find adding people in my life here often forces me to filter my thoughts and I hate it.  I'm willing to share old LJ account names if anyone is interested, but they're dark and heartbreaking & there's a reason I no longer use them.

My name is Alyssa.  I'm 24 years old.  I live in Michigan.  I am a sales representative for a company in the pet industry.  I travel each week for my job, and I am fascinated by casual interactions and encounters with people throughout my day.  I plan to use my new journal as a means to write about the happenings of my life.  My entries will read more like a story than a recap of my day.  I'm looking for people from all walks of life that I can get to know and will have a desire to get to know me, as well.

There is a chance I may write about something that offends others.  I make mistakes and I learn from them.  Sometimes, I don't learn from them immediately.  You'll see me write about my dates, places I've visited, restaurants I've eaten at, people I meet along the way.  I'll also use my LJ to write out my thoughts when I need to make sense of them.  It's never really a guarantee as to what I'll post.

Some of my favorite things are sushi, long conversations on the phone, making new friends, my cats, traveling for work (I am somewhere new almost every week), making lists, and all things creative and artistic.  My favorite artist is Audrey Kawasaki.  My music taste varies from day to day and there's something for me in each genre.  Same goes for movies.  I don't "fangirl" anything, I don't believe. 

Basically, if you think you'd like a new friend, please leave me a message.  I can promise I will always be honest with you.  I'm good with leaving comments and will update my blog regularly.


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Hey guys! I lurk this community quite often but rarely post. Last time, I ended up with some amazing LJ friends, so why not give it another shot?

I'm Sarah, 24, and I live in mid Missouri with my parents. It's nice because I have the space and resources to get my life back together: I work 2 jobs, sponsor Student Council, and am taking a full load of classes for my Masters in Library Science. I'm a special ed aide and the kids can get crazy, so I tend to post funny stories about that. Since I'm a MLIS student- I read a LOT. Sometimes I post short synopses, but I do keep a running list of everything I've read.

As you can tell, I tend to ramble. Here's a list, 'cause I like making lists:

Loves: Ludo, making playlists, my nephews, scribbling lyrics in a Moleskine, makeup, running (started the Couch to 5k program as of yesterday), The Big Bang Theory, Andy from Parks and Recreation, cheap wine, winter, college basketball, Kings of Leon, jigsaw puzzles, surveys, conspiracy theories, fat babies, tattoos and piercings, getting to know people, karaoke-ing loudly and terribly, writing letters, inside jokes.

Dislikes: Not much. I will go out of my way to avoid an elevator, and I am terrified by fish. I got poked by a catfish when I was a kid and have been scarred for life.

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hey, i'm kat/katy/kath/whatever-the-heck-you-want. i'm in my teens, but don't let that put you off. i'm pretty s'well. i'm pretty straightforward, will often comment (once i get over initial shyness) and i'm good at giving advice.

i'm just getting into this lj lark, but i generally post about my day, moan about school, go off on rants about tv shows i like (fyi, current obsessions: doctor who, merlin, sherlock, being human, skins) and also post stuff that's interesting to me - but probably not to anyone else.

i'm into quite a number of things, and even if we don't have much in common, i like seeing new things. i like fashion, but mostly looking at pretty blogs/pictures. my own style's quite boring. i like art, a huge deal and frequently talk about how depressed i am that i cannot pursue it further. i like looking at art/craft/diy stuff, too. i like pictures, i'm def. a visual person. i like the tv shows mentioned above, but also casually watch anything on the tv. i don't watch movies. i like ridiculously smooshy romance, just not in real life. i don't post much about my love life, due to an extreme lack of a one :)

i like literary criticism and history (ancient). i also like dinosaurs. i like mythology. i love love love books more than anything on earth, like every kid who doesn't fit in and needs something to find solace in. i like non-fiction books and classics, mostly. i love to write, but often find myself unable to express my thoughts.

if it sounds like we'll get on, just post a comment here or anywhere on my lj and i'll add back. tell me some things about yourself, if you'd like.
p.s. i'm posting again because my f-list's a bit quiet atm. hope that's not breaking some kind of rule :)

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Hello, hello! My name's Kathryn, I go by "Katie." I'm 19 years old, college student in Texas. Your typical teenager I suppose. I'm Facebook obsessed, screw myspace. I cuss a lot. I love hanging out with friends, traveling, just having a good time. Right now I'm focused on school, my job & becoming successful. As of this moment, I am single. Maybe someone "good" will come my way soon, but it's not my top priority. I haven't used a journaling site in like 2-3 years, RIP GREATESTJOURNAL♥, but I'm back. Oh, if you knew me on that site I was "temptational", can't remember my other usernames, unfortunately.. Lol. So, if we have anything in common, add me. I love new friends. Oh & this is me. Kind of a bad picture - but here you go:

add ambagangsta!!!

Hi! I'm amber from aberdeen, washington. lookin for new friends. Things I like: riding bikes, us weekly, taco bell, pepsi, goin to tha movies, pizza, listenin to my ipod lol.

I'm back again on livejournal and I neeed to make new friends cuz none of mine update anymore! Plz add me if ur interested in becoming friends :)

My journals friends only, add me and then comment on THIS post here so I know u added me. Thanks!