January 26th, 2011

Can never sleep properly, here's my intro anyway


Hey there, name's Dani, would like to meet more people on LJ, so I've decided to come on here and introduce myself. I'm not really new to LJ though the journal is. Its mainly for writing about photography and music. Simply put, I photograph and I love music. I wish I could bring the two closer together but for now, I can use it as inspiration.

What else? I'm 22 years old and I'm in nursing school at the moment as its also another passion of mine. I 'm a huge music freak and I love all kinds of music though my personal obsession is Japanese indie music (aka Visual Kei) and punk rock. I also enjoy theater, opera, Shakespeare, poetry, art, foreign film, walks, coffee, sleep, cooking, herbalism, meditation, yoga, gardening, video games, reading, animals, shopping, and other things I'm sure I can't remember at the moment.

Looking for friends...

 Hello everyone! My name is Elaine. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Hawaii =) I'm not new to LJ, just wanted to make some new friends and meet new people. I'm not too picky in who I add, I'm open-minded, as long as you're at least 18 years and over and we share at least one common interest, its fine.

Here are some things that  I like: reading, going to the beach, hiking, shopping, watching  movies.  I don't have cable so I watch Netflix all the time. I like watching Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Dexter, Friends, The Twilight Zone. My favorite anime right now is Bleach. I also like Azumanga Daioh. I like to listen to Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera. I also listen to some Japanese rock and pop like Utada Hikaru and Ayumi  Hamasaki. I love food. I love to eat Chinese, Japanese, Cajun, Thai, Filipino, Mexican, Greek/ Mediterranean, Italian food and I'm willing to try new ones too! I'm addicted to sweets! Chocolate covered almonds and strawberries are my favorite, ice cream too, brownies, cookies...yum! =)
Some things I don't like: narrow-minded, ignorant people, stinky feet, hypocrites, animal cruelty.
I have a bunny name Tiger and he's big ball of fluff. I absolutely love Hello Kitty, ever since I was little kid!  I'm currently working in retail, which I'm desperately trying to get out of. I'm looking for a better, paying job, preferably that pertains to the degree that I have, Psychology.

My blog is friends only, so if you wanna add me, just leave a comment here. I don't blog everyday or every week. I blog when I have something to blog about. I do read my friends' blogs however, if I have something to say, I will leave a comment.
I guess that's all. Hopefully we get to be friends! =)
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Because I like this place..

Well, I just wiped my friends list clean because non-updaters are a little pointless to have around, non?

Which brings me here.. because I love new "faces" & I've encountered some real fantastic people from this community. Of course it's hit or miss, but the hits are worth it.
  • I'm a typical Sagittarius. It's not even that I'm huge into horoscopes but I do find it interesting when I read about them, how bang on they are about the Sag's (& myself) & how I've learned over the years that my relationships with Leo's will fall apart eventually, & the Pisces & I will always have each others backs in the end.
  • I enjoy reading books about messed up people, fiction or non.
  • I love Indie & 80s music. My two favourite bands are The Stills & Mother Mother.
  • I'm huge into photography. My 365 project can be found here (if you're interested!) Basically, you have to shoot & post one photo per day, & post it, for the entire year. It forces me to bring my camera out on a daily basis, so I love it & recommend it for anyone else who is into photography!
  • I love cooking. In fact, it's a passion, right up there with photography.
  • I say it like it is, & never really care what anyone thinks. I am a compassionate person, believe me. I'm quite sensitive, but when it comes to opinions, I just don't care. I'm open-minded though, & will listen to & accept opposing opinions, definitely. I just expect the same. I have good intentions.
  • I have a crazy sense of humour . I don't always expose it in my journal, but I am probably one of the hardest people to offend. Don't ever confuse my sense of humour with ignorance. If you can't laugh & lighten up, we can't be friends.
  • & with that, I can't handle ignorance or people who make outright dumbass remarks about something specifically. I appreciate all opinions but ignorance, when evidently so, is called out upon with me.
  • I love fashion & art.
  • I still find myself playing video games from time to time. The kid in my will never die.

Add me up!
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 Hey im  Val

*New York
*Go to school for cosmetology
*Love horror
*Open minded
*Half Angel....Half Devil!!!
*Im a fruit loop in a world of cheerios!!
*Cant live without music i listen to everything n i do me EVERYTHING u should see my playlist :) lol

Anything u wanna kno just ask.

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Hi! The name's Roxanne and I'm looking for friends here in LJ who would read my journals and comment on them as much as possible. I'm a newbie and I don't know how to gain friends. I want to have more because I want to know if my posts are interesting/borinh. Please, do add me. Go to my journal and comment on my FO post. Befriend me, I would love to meet new personalities!
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klaine 2

(no subject)

My name is Carrie, I'm 22 years old, from Illinois, and I'm... well, trying to be active again on this LJ thing! I've been around LJ on various names for a while, but I guess I'm using this as a fresh start or something. I can't promise I'll update all the time, or comment all the time, but I'm going to try! Especially when Glee comes back on the air, so if you're a Glee fan, I'd love to add you as that and my job - I work at Panera Bread - and my friends and family are pretty much what I'll be talking about!

Likes : Glee, Harry Potter, cooking/baking, my siblings, my job (for the most part,) Modern Family, going to shows, road trips, AFI, shopping, the news, politics (though I usually try to stay away from talking about it)and my pets, who are insane.

Dislikes : homophobia, sexism, racism, discrimination of any kind. You're entitled to your opinion, but I don't want closed-mindedness on my friends page or in my journal. Should be common sense, really.

(no subject)

Hi there! My name's Tracy =]
- Criminology/Music Student - applying for graduate /law school; unless I find a job within the next couple of months that'll be my ticket out of further education haha!
- 22 years young
- Sagittarius
- Singer, Dancer, Pianist ( somewhat guitar and drums lol)
- Fear of Driving & Heights
- Enjoys reading, watching movies, documentaries and cartoons ( I have a bunch of favourites in all the mentioned categories so chances are we'll have a few in common )
- I listen to almost everything but love old school music <3
- I love to travel!
- I'm a fitness freak
- Can't get enough FOOD and SLEEP
- I enjoy knitting, sewing & painting..by the number ;) LOL
- Photography, Fashion Design
- Open-minded, talkative and optimistic
- HUGE animal lover, and I often feel the need to go up to stray animals and cuddle them!
- I love to cook and bake
- I enjoy being out-doors and I make an attempt to do everything outside - just not when it's cold haha
- I get random cravings for celery
- Sometimes I'm nice to a fault while at other times I can be pretty cold and cut-throat
- Um, I like to wash my hands...a LOT >_<
- I have a stuffed animal toy collection that's been getting a bit out of control now that I've nearly hit the 300 count
- I believe I have HORRIBLE luck
- I have a low tolerance for stupidity
- Favourite colour - PURPLE
- Michael Jackson = awesome
- Facebook gives me social anxiety
- In real life I have ZERO girlfriends, I'm one of the guys but I still expect them to open my doors
- I'm absolutely awful with doing my own hair and makeup so I pride myself on how I good I smell LOL
- I'm not afraid to break out in random song and dance haha
Anything else just ask =]

In my journal you will find me writing about everything that goes on in my life uncensored, critiques of songs or some stuff that I write, memes, pictures or an occasional recipe
Disclaimer: I tend to write LENGTHY entries sometimes and I know it may be difficult to take the time to read everything but a comment here and there would be nice so that we could have some interaction =]. Also, I wasn't too sure what to write to describe myself here so although this entry makes me seem bubbly and upbeat I sometimes write about some really dark and twisted depressing stuff ( so don't be fooled ).

I've been on LJ for over 6 years now, so I'm here to stay and I hope the new friends I make here are too. I keep up with my friends' entries and comment ONLY when I have anything of significance to add or say. Interested in being friends? Comment on this entry, tell me a little about yourself and ADD ME =)

Oh and here's what I look like ~ most recent picture:

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I'm new on this site, looking to make some friends

I guess I'm supposed to say somethings about myself.

First off, I'm really weird...Like super. But that dosen't really come out much unless I'm really comfortable with a person.
I'm a poet/artist, writing is my vice for my ever so dramatic life.
Oh...hahah, I'm seventeen by the way, guess that's kind of important.
Drawing is something I enjoy also though I'm pretty terrible at it.
I like meeting new people as well, but I'm "awkward" so I kinda meff that up at times
I'm not a big fan of judgmental people (those words that end in -ist)

I don't know what else to say, so I guess I wanna just make some friends and stuff haha

~Let's be friends