February 2nd, 2011

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Hi there.

Ive been with LJ for about 10 years..this is my new journal that i try to make every year.
I used to be britpoprocks...on to the goods..

Age:33,act 16.look 19.feel 90
Job: Assistant poetry editor for a magazine/interviewer/Poet(two books published) vocals in a band.
internet addictions: tumblr,lastFM,facebook,stumbleupon,LJ,youtube.netflix
Current Obsessions:Pulp,manic street preachers(Richey's disappearance)Britpop,Indie rock,england,the mighty boosh,Ian curtis

tv shows: the mighty boosh,true blood,dexter,dead like me,united states of tara,MR. bean 80's sitcoms

Movies: control,velvet goldmine,requiem for a dream,trainspotting,heavenly creatures,dancer in the dark etc....

Music: britpop indie rock,grunge,shoegaze,synthpop,dreampop,new wave,dark wave

Passions:indie and horror films/tragedy drama,music,live shows,reading,writing poetry,thrift fashion,finding new bands,being dorky,laughing(loudly)photography,film,acting

:personality:dark,depressing at times,silly,clumsy,awkward, misfit for sure,agoraphobic,loving,passionate, animated.

single don't want kids,no pets...

my journal talks a lot about my mental health/physical health/poetry/band photos/some videos..no child or boyfriend rants.and i prefer that with other journals as well.
I'm not the best commenter but always reply to comments.Also please be over 21:)



My name is Kat but you can also call me lithium.
I'm 19.
I'm currently in college, majoring in biomedical engineering and japanese.

I listen to a mix of indie music and usually just the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I'd love to get to know some new artists so if you've got recs for me...
I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, the Stargate series, Firefly; pretty much anything sci-fi.  I was also a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, House, Bones, Royal Pains, Burn Notice but as classes took over my life I stopped watching almost everything.  Glee is also good in a 'it's so bad but I can't stop watching' kind of way.
I love reading and will most likely post something about the book or story I have been reading that day.
I don't have a boyfriend and don't date so I will likely not comment on your relationships (or your drug use.  That's not particularly interesting either).

I'd like to post mostly on day-to-day activities, pictures (goal for this year = improve photography), new and interesting things I've learned that day.  I always end up with one almost-stalker a semester so you can follow my exciting journey of attempting to avoid that!
ph the dome


Englishman, big tum, bald, California, married, amazing wife, bewildering stepdaughter, writer, guitars, songwriting, recording, Christian, music ministry, LJ addict, bitter, dry humour, encouraging, ranting, chatty, friendly. So, hello to you.

The icon is my photo.
(rdj) - Paint Hands.
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Why hello there!

Doing my daily rounds of Livejournal I realised that I wouldn't mind meeting some more 'like-minded' people.

So without further ado, I bring you my pathetic attempt to comprise myself in a small HTML formatting box.

#1 Firstly, my name is 'JD' empathis on the 'D' please. I am 18 and a Sixth Form Student.
#2 I am that of a female creature, this is apparently something in which people over the internet often wonder about due to my style of writing.
#3 I like to speak in somethat of a coherent mannor, typing like you have no brain is never an option. I can't spell and am slightly dyslexic, if you think I meant to type that, then I probably did.
#4 I love art and photography so much it pains me.
#5 Magic and whatnot intruges me.
#6 I am also an avid cult film fan as well as an inexpesive date.
#7 I read more then eat hot meals.5, even if that's all you ever eat.
#8 I don't spend my life typing out angry journal entries on moaning (granted there may be a few, especially during the exam period).

And finally, I add everyone back and will try to comment journal entries as often as I conceivably can.

I will not insert a picture as I frighten children.
Look forward to meeting you!

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Be curious, not judgemental.
-Walt Whitman


◆ I'm Sarah. I'm 24. I live in Colorado.

◆ I've been away from livejournal for several months. I deleted my former journal because I didn't have very good access to the internet. I finally own a laptop. I missed LJ so much!

◆ I'm very open-minded.

◆ If you add me, I will take time to get to know you. I am a comment whore. Expect comments from me at least 2-3 times a month.

◆ I used to model. I quickly stopped modeling because I was tired of people telling me how I should look. I was tired of conforming to other people's expectations.

◆ I am a published poet.

◆ I've had depression and generalized anxiety disorder off and on for over ten years.

◆ I am bisexual. I believe in equal rights for all.

◆ I have a huge smile on my face even if I'm unhappy.

◆ I love photography, meteorology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, writing, reading and art.

◆ My last name means "songbird" in German.

◆ I am a student. My major is journalism. I am going to be an unbiased journalist.

◆ I've made it to state for track.

◆ I grew up in a town with only two stoplights. The mascot for my high school was a watermelon! We were called the meloneers. My high school made "worst mascot" lists.

◆ I have an obsession with waterfalls.

◆ I would rather be at a bookstore than at a wild party.

◆ I have a love for vintage fashion.

◆ I've ridden an elephant.

◆ People are very complex creatures that deserve more than a label. I don't believe in labeling people.

◆ Diversity is beautiful. I want a diverse friends list.

◆This is me: