February 14th, 2011

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Add me?

Hello all. My name is Caity. I live in Downtown Portland, Oregon. I'm 21 and I'm the nerdiest hairstylist you'll ever meet. I love reading, writing, fashion, thrift stores, crafts, sunny days, the beach, cooking, music, and sleeping in (off the top of my head).

I'm a very positive person (most of the time). My LJ consists of photos, stories, and wishes. I try to be good about reading and commenting on friends entries and I expect the same in return.

As I said before, I'm a Hairstylist. I'm in a new long-distance (although not for too much longer) relationship with a boy named Andrew from Arkansas. Long story. I love vintage things, especially clothes. I am a cat person. I'm addicted to coffee.

Comment on this entry and add me, I'll probably add you back!
Sense, No, Truth

Say 'Ello, Class!

It's the new [rather young compared to most of the other posts] girl! Greet her warmly, and maybe she'll give you some information so those of you lot who want to be friends can!

Hey there, as previously stated, I'm [physically] a female. As I said earlier, I'm younger than most of you lot. I'll have you know I'm living in Texas, and currently it takes me six hours to get to San Antonio. Technically I can drink as long as my parents say I may. I wasn't born here, I was actually a Kansas Missouri border baby, and if there are any history nuts out there, yes, I give you permission before hand to call me that. My favorite place to live would be Charlotte's Ville in Virginia, and yes, I lived there for a brief two years. I see a lot of Okies roaming around my town and the city I'm near now days, but today I was some ladies from Utah! Almost as rare as the Alaskans down here, I assure you.

My interests? God, I have so many I couldn't name them all. Currently I'm writing a lot about Star Trek XI, though. I assure you all that I won't be on that topic forever, and I am fawning over several other things right now. Psych, that TV show? Yeah, I love that show. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog? The soundtrack is absolutely enthralling. Repo! The Genetic Opera? Possibly the only horror movie I love. Bridge to Terabithia, the book? One of my favorites. Cobra Starship, that band? It is up there, along with All Time Low. Despereaux? Love it, though often I have trouble spelling the name.

I often post two times a day, because I really do have that much time on my hands. I write everything to entertain myself and others, because what's the point of a boring post? I also add color to all my posts. I promise to read and hopefully respond to all comments. Also, the posts are often very long. I still haven't figured out LJ yet, because I joined about two weeks ago. A kind voice to guide me would be nice, especially on how to make it have a link to the entry and a preview, yeah.

I'm willing to have a long banter with someone if they want it, or be ranted to. I do that with all my friends anyway. Grammar Nazis welcome, and as long as you're not hating just to hate, I'll take critiques with open arms. I'm rather pathetic when it comes to comments, because each comment make me squeak with delight. I also have a variety of twisted and normal humor. I may use foul language on occasion. I look at my friends posts as often as I can.

No, I have no life outside the internet, why do you ask?
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Hachi MC

Lets Make Friends?

Hello! My name is Caitlin. I'm a 22 year old from Maine, USA.

Here is a little about me:

- I'm an INFP
- My interests include but are not limited to: animanga (NANA, Crimson Hero, CLAMP), literature (especially classics, sci fi, fantasy), writing, music (Wolf Parade, The Killers, Mika Nakashima), fashion (bohemian, dolly-kei, natural-kei, mori, vintage/thrifted, gothic, lolita), photography, animals, travel (I've been to Japan, France, Canada, and a few islands in the Caribbean), Japan/Japanese culture, Korea/Korean culture, history (especially American Civil War, the victorian/edwardian era and the 50s), Disney, Acting/theater, horror, making graphics/coloring manga.
- I'm bisexual, and have been happily dating a guy I met through work for two years.
- I'm open minded. I don't believe in judging people based on their background or personal preferences.
- I'm sensitive. I don't like arguing and I avoid aggressive confrontations.
- My goals in life are to teach English overseas in Japan or South Korea (or both!) and to write novels for adults as well as young adults.
- Despite my interest in teaching, I don't really like small children. I do however adore animals of all shapes and sizes.
- I have a Cosmetology license, but I don't use it because I'm not passionate about the industry. Instead, I work part time at a deli while going to school full time. (Indeed, a little OVER full time since I'm taking six classes).

I think that's enough for now. I'm hoping to meet some interesting people from different places. :)

Edit: I should probably also have said that if you add me I'd appreciate it if you commented here or on my friends only page telling me why you added me/what we have in common.. or something. Even if it's just "you have a fun username! I think we could be friends based on that!" so I know that I'm not just going in your friends list to make you look more popular. Thanks! <3
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Let's Be Friends

 I didn't get much of a response last time, so let's try this again! :)

My name is Rebecca and I'm from Philadelphia, Pa. I a little nerdy, brutally honest, and make no apologies. I have 5 tattoos, and if I had the $$ to blow, I'd have a lot more. I'm planning on a half sleeve soon. I dig music. Some stuff you've probably never heard of, and some stuff you have. I don't judge. I like James Marsters and his character Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like Robert Pattinson, but not a huge Twilight fan. I love, love Supernatural. My favorite show ever. Hello, Dean Winchester. I'm 29, and still a nerdy fan-girl. I will never grow up in that aspect, and I'm ok with that. I have a 10yr old daughter who is probably the funniest person I've ever met. Seriously. 

A lot of what I say is sarcasm, and joking. I talk a lot about nothing in my journal. Its rare that I will talk about my day, or what I did last week. Unless it was something cool. Or something I'm really excited about. I won't tell you how I woke up late for work, and then got stuck in traffic, blah, blah, blah. Its all boring. (If that's what you like to talk about in your journal, don't be afraid to still friend me. I'm saying my every day life is boring. Maybe yours is fantastic!) I don't hold anything back. If you get offended easily, don't add me.  If you want to laugh, please add me. Not that every post I make is hilarious, but a few are pure GOLD. (Or so I've been told. Not tooting my own horn.) Most of my entries are friends only, so if you check out my journal before being friends, you won't see much. I do like to comment on your posts as well. But I will only comment if I actually have something to say. 

So yea, I guess that's it. If I sound interesting, add please. Leave me a comment here so I can add you back as well!


My Nutshell

I won't beat around the bush.  I'm a nerd girl and I think that's awesome.  And considering that since we're veering ever closer to a homogenous nerd culture, I feel that straddling the contentious line between pretty, normal-looking chick and uber geek puts me ahead of the curve. 

One important thing to know about me is that I love to read, which is beyond an understatement.  My favorites are the classics, horror/paranormal fiction, and existentialist manifestos but I'll pretty much read anything -- cereal boxes, cosmetic ingredients, the FBI disclaimer at the beginning of movies, etc.  I would agree with Nietzche that "without music, life would be a mistake."  It is incomprehensible to me to not have my i-pod charged and ready to go.  My taste is eclectic -- very eclectic.  I have a little bit of everything and I am constantly searching for new stuff.  My music collection isn't quite epic but it's getting there. 

I'm also a foodie (a food enthusiast/geek/student/whatever) especially anything involving molecular gastronomy.  I'm such a foodie that the small amount of TV I watch is divided between The Food Network and The Cooking Channel, with Discovery and "Bones" re-runs sprinkled in for good measure.  Oh, and a healthy dose of trashy reality television.  I'm a big fan of horror films, even the shitty ones.  Other than that, I like foreign films, documentaries, and cerebral dramas, although I can appreciate a good bro-mance.  My friends consider me an authority on the Harry Potter series (mainly the books, not so much the movies -- I'm not too keen on most of them).  I used to play a couple of MMOs (Eve and WoW) but don't at the moment because money is tight and my laptop can't really run them anyway.  Finally, I'm immensely interested in (i.e. I have degrees in) psychology and the French language.  I speak french well -- not fluent yet but I'm working on it.

My blog is mostly a smattering of individual essays I write on various topics.  I'll be honest -- I'm a list-er.  I'll make a list about anything.  Occassionally, I'll post a recipe I've tried or invented myself but generally, a lot of what I write is just random thoughts on my life as it is now.  I'm told I come off as snarky and sarcastic (even bitchy at times) but usually, my friends get a good chuckle after reading one of my rants.  I'm young (23) and I suppose I've entered what they'd call a quarter-life crisis.  That being said, I like to muse about what I'm going to be when I grow up.  I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to novelist or international spy.

One last thing:  If I could have any superpower, I'd choose psychokinesis. 
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(no subject)

I haven't done one of these in awhile...

I'm in my mid-20s and currently living in Buffalo NY. I work for a mega multinational and am leading a (fairly) mundane existence.

I'm interested in goth rock, industrial rock/ebm, horror movies and fiction, and fantasy. I'm something of a gamer though I really don't game that often. I watch some anime but I don't really have any fandoms and I don't really have shows that I follow. I can't hold interest in them for a long enough stretch at a time. I read tarot. I have a lot of odd/bizarre/gothy type interests but I try to be fairly down to earth.

I'm obsessed with BPAL. That's one of the areas I babble about the most.

I'm pagan, and openly pagan (though only to a point at work). I'm fairly easy going when it comes to religion, and I do intend on filtering my posts once I remember to set up the filters. I'm really laid back when it comes to filtering posts if you ask me to. I don't care about religious background and discussion as long as it's a live and let live type scenerios- I don't mind being asked about my beliefs, but please respect that they are my beliefs. I generally do the same.

I'm a handspinner, hand knitter, and I write bad fantasy fiction on a side account. It's a hobby/joint project and it's supposed to be bad.

My boyfriend and I have a fairly unconventional relationship but we've been together for just over 3 years. We're working on getting our own place again soon.

I really suck at these things.

My only request is that if you add me:

- you understand that I probably won't comment that often. I work 2nd shift and I read from my phone a lot, and my blackberry makes commenting more trouble than it's worth. I comment when I feel I have something to add to the conversation. While I like comments, I don't expect them and I may not respond back. It's nothing personal, I just tend to forget to do it.

-If you delist me, please don't send me a message. If you send me a message, just keep it to "Hey, I cut you this time." Something as low detail as possible. I check my lists fairly frequently and remove people on my own. I got a really weird email once that made it sounded vaguely like a dear john letter and it made me more uncomfortable to deal with someone telling me I'm boring than just cutting someone from my list.

(no subject)

Hello, everyone! I’ve created a new livejournal and want to get active past my own little posts and thought a good way to do that would be to make some LJ friends.

 I’m 20 years old and married, with no children. One cat, who is not currently living with me but I buy her the good cat food and treats, and visit her weekly until such a time we can be reunited in a field of daisies or pet friendly apartment.

 I’m a full time college student studying to be a teacher. Right now I think I’d prefer to teach secondary school, and my preferred subjects are history and literature. I graduate from community college this May and transfer to a four year university in the fall.

I love Doctor Who and Torchwood. Right now I’m watching Xena on Netflix. I read a lot but not as much as I used to. Which is sad, I miss it. I find my tastes changing, though. Where I used to love to read loads of historical fiction I find I now prefer the historic nonfiction. It’s just as interesting.

I’m not very good at driving, and I’ve been in more near-accidents than I care to admit.

I love Michelina’s Budget Gourmet Wheels & Cheese meals.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.


[anna karina] book


My name is Rachel and I'm a twenty-three year-old graduate student from New Jersey. I've been on lj for many years, but I would love some more nerdy and spiffy friends. Personality-wise, I've a very sharp and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoy witty one-liners and puns when proving a point. I'm very friendly and love carrying conversations, and can be something of a social butterfly. I love people. Here's some more information:

• earned my BA from Rutgers in New Brunswick. I completed English and Sociology majors, and struggled to graduate on time because of a bad semester my freshman year.
• current graduate student at Rutgers in Camden. I'm working on my MA in English literature, and want to complete an honors thesis next year. My favorite literary periods are the English Renaissance and the Victorian Era.
• lover of books! Nerdiness about books and authors is rampant in my journal! You wanna talk about literary movements and criticism? You're at the right place.
• sushi and cupcake fiend.
• lover of different places and cultures. One of my main goals is to travel to a new country every summer. I'm going to the UK in May and next year I want to plan a trip to Italy. If you enjoy travel, you're at the right place.
• open-minded. Any religion, gender, race, sexual identity, and ethnicity is welcome in my journal. I don't judge people and believe diversity is a very special thing. Please don't friend me if you're racist/homophobic/sexist.
• I'm a feminist.
• I've a certificate to teach secondary English.

Check out my profile for more details about favorite books, tv shows, and movies. I haven't been active in many lj fandoms but I love original writing and hope to be published one day in the future.

Best. :)

Trust in Coyote

Trollin' for friends...

Soooooooooo... let's see who's out there who is interested in the same things I am. I'm absolutely terrible at introduction posts, though, so I think I'll just leave it short and sweet and ask that if you think I'd be an interesting person to friend or talk to here on the internet, to just go to my userinfo over at aj_hyena (since hey, that's why it's there).

Cheers :)
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成宮寛貴;;night walker

Because I've done pimp posts all day...

My nickname is Mi, but I also go by Oreo. I've been on lj for several years and found that friends have come and gone, mostly because interests changed. That's probably my biggest warning to people, I obsess over things for a time and... in many cases I get over it months later and find something else. Of course, I still love all the things I used to, I just love the new things more readily. I'll start with that...

For example, Anime. I loved Anime, watched it day and night. The last two years I still love it, but now I buy the shows I miss and watch them from time to time when I just really want to see a certain scene or watch my favorite part again.

On the topic of Anime, my favorites are (and I know I'll forget some) Death Note, Princess Tutu, Saiyuki, Hetalia, Chrono Crusade, Yami no Matsuei, and Beyblade (don't ask, I like the characters). Yeah, that is a painfully short list with so much I can't remember at the moment.

I fell from Anime into Japanese Music and Dramas; my favorite artists being Dir en Grey, the GazettE, MUCC, 12012, Nightmare, Miyavi, and Kanon Wakeshima. Again, probably forgot so much...
Dramas; Bloody Monday I and II, Yankee no Magnae, Stand UP!, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and Mr. BRAIN

Then it was Korean Music with Super Junior, BIG BANG, SHINee, Teen Top, 2NE1, SNSD, and OneDay. I'm still really into Korean Music right now. My favorite idols are G-Dragon and Kim Heechul. And dramas like You're Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, and Bad Family.

As of a week ago I now love the Korean actor So Jisub. My other favorite actors include Sato Takeru, Hiroki Narimiya, Miura Haruma, and Kim Jaewook.

I LOVE TEXT BASED ROLEPLAY COMMUNITIES! That's my sole outlet for stress and thus a major part of my life. Second to that, I love slash and am a major pervert.

In reality!
I am 21 years old and I attend a college Iowa. I went to high school in Florida, but have since then returned to where I've lived most of my years. I am majoring in German, but I also study Chinese. I love language and would like to learn Japanese, Koran, Russian, French, and Spanish someday. As I mentioned, I love roleplaying and it takes up the bulk of my time. Beyond that, I live with my sister and my mother. My sister has four children, a major source of stress.

My journal entries are fairly sporadic and range from emo bullshit that I write on a whim to... hm, music videos?

.... I'm female.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask~! :D

LJ attempt 2

Well what to say......

I'm a 20 year old film student from the UK although I'm originally from Australia. This is my second attempt at an LJ blog thingy, now looking for some like minded friends.

I enjoy reading (sci-fi and fantasy mostly), watching/making films, all kinds of music, online games, Arsenal (my only vice I promise), jewellery making and lots of other things.

I am currently studying in cardiff whilst trying to sell the jewellery that I make.

I never really know what to say when trying to 'sell' myself. If you would like to be my 'friend' then just comment and I will add you in return. :)
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A networking community?! Very cool!

I've noticed most posts are from people new to LJ. I am not, although I am just coming back from a 2 year hiatus. Anyway, I've already seen some people who share some common interests and I'll probably be addin' ya later this week. Just some quick notes on me:

- I'm 37, married with 2 kids.
- My hobbies include chess, disc golf, poker and yes...fursuiting
- While my journal is VERY politically active, I enjoy and encourage open discussion (for those interested in participating). From that perspective, I'm not just interested in filling my friends list with a bunch of "yes men".
- I am also a big hockey fan and used to goaltend in the local rec leagues.

Any other questions...feel free to ask.
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Take Chance x Made by Me


Hey, my name is Genesis and I have been on livejournal for quite a while but this account was made last year due for me wanting a new start. I post blogs, poetry and infomation about gaming (sometimes) and I also post graphics such as icons and wallpapers. I am from the United Kingdom and I live in a quiet village up far north (Gets very cold!)

I am interested in a lot of things. Movies, Video Games, Anime, Music. I can talk about anything. I am a very creative person and I like to create fanart and write stories/poems. I am also a student of Digital Multimedia at University and have dreams of becoming an animator or a producer/director. I am also a video maker on youtube and have already recieved nearly 2,000 subscribers for the fan music videos I have made with Sony Vegas and After Effects.

I would like to meet more people who could share my possible interests on here. So add me if you are interested in knowing me.
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They see me trollin'...

Jeez, I'm really not good at these things. They feel too much like high school dances. You know how the girls stand on one side and the boys stand on the other and make really awkward advances across the room and nobody ever goes out into the middle of the gym unless they have a significant other?


Ahg, well, might as well get this over with.

Hi. I'm Rosemary. I'm seventeen years old, although I tend to get along better with people that are older than me. There are a few key things you should know about me before requesting to be my friend:

- I'm a raging feminist and a bleeding heart liberal. Yay gay, peace on earth, etc.
- I also identify as pagan.
- I write novels. A good portion of my journal is dedicated to rambling about said novels.
- Movies. Lots of movies.
- Also, books.
- I am female. Obviously.
- And a gamer. See below for favorite games.
- I love history and mythology and researching pointless things.

Here are my standard lists of favorites, if you're curious:
MUSIC: Emilie Autumn, Within Temptation, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Nightwish, Florence + The Machine, Nirvana, movie scores, Epica, Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert.

BOOKS: Harry Potter series by JK Rowling, Dracula by Bram Stoker, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, the Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan, the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Handmaid's Tale by Margret Atwood, The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, and so on and so forth.

MOVIES: The Young Victoria, The Hurt Locker, Star Trek (2009 revival), Nosferatu, Drag Me To Hell, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mean Girls, the Harry Potter films, Nightmare On Elm Street (not that disgusting remake), Beauty and the Beast, Let The Right One In/Let Me In, etc.

VIDEO GAMES: Red Dead Redemption/Undead Nightmare, the Fable series, Dragon Age, Mirror's Edge, God of War series, Shadow of the Colossus, Haunting Ground.

TV SHOWS: True Blood, Justified, Glee (DON'T JUDGE ME), Gilmore Girls, Skins (UK version), Community, Invader ZIM, Deadwood.
Lifelong Thing

Add me?

I've been on eljay since 2003. Alas, many of my friends are no longer posting, but I refuse to unfriend them in case they ever return! Nevertheless, I'd like to befriend some more frequent posters.

I just turned 32, and am therefore elderly by eljay standards. I'm hopefully nearly done with my Ph.D. in archaeology, and am presently applying for assistant professor jobs all over the country. (If you need one, let me know!)

Beyond archaeology and the Ancient Near East, I'm very interested in religion and occultism. I also read vocaciously, especially books written between about 1920 and 1950, a period I'm very interested in also. I've published a few articles on H. P. Lovecraft.

My journal is mostly open, so please have a look at it, and I'd be happy to friend anyone who finds it interesting and/or amusing.
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I've never been good at these things, but okay.

I'm extremely interested in history and literature, obscure facts, Victorian poetry, and music of all sorts. On my journal, I post things mainly related to writing, but there will be other odd information/tidbits thrown in. (i.e. music, art, personal posts, quotes that inspire me, book reviews)

I am:
* Dedicated tea-drinker
* Critical and opinionated reader
* Obsessed with the 19th century
* Period film purist

Music I listen to
: Depending on my mood, I will listen to a great many things. I adore film scores, classical music from the baroque and romantic periods, Sia, Marina & the Diamonds, Van Morrison, The Kills, Joshua Radin, Regina Spektor, Vienna Teng, 80s music, and Disney songs.

Books I read: I will admit to being rather partial to classical literature, as its what I was exposed to from an early age. Some of my favourites are Gone with the Wind, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Persuasion. I do have a weakness for young adult literature from the 1800s, particularly books where the heroine has unrealistic qualities and is described at length in purple prose.

Movies I watch: The movies that interest me the most are ones that take a different view on things and show things in a different light. (Perfume and Benjamin Button being the foremost examples) More often than not, I watch period pieces, just as I have since I was a little girl. The Secret Garden has been one of my biggest obsessions since I was three.

Sites I frequent:
* Goodreads (Just found it a few months ago, so my shelves are a little bare)
* Tumblr (I post any pictures I like here)
* Fictionpress (All of my prose and poetry can be found here)

Feel free to friend me if you so choose. I welcome all discussion and opinions, whether they be postive or otherwise.

The Transfiguration
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My name is Jenny, I'm 33, married, work in a library, and I am pursuing my masters in library and information science. I've been on lj for years now, but I went through a phase where I wanted to keep my journal to a limited amount of friends. Well I guess I still am not needing to have hundreds of friends. I just would like to have some more active friends as many of mine no longer post as much as they used to. I like to read journals that involve personal thoughts and meanderings. I like to leave comments, and I enjoy having friends who comment on what I write.

I have several interests but my main ones are:




attaining fitness and health

mental well being

Most of my posts are just random thoughts about my life. Occasionally I post quotes that are meaningful to me.

Have a great day.


This is my  brand spankin new LJ, and I'm looking for some cool people.
A little about me...
I've technically been on LJ since it's beginnings, but that first journal is long gone so I'm starting up a new one.
I'm female, 23, and live in the Southwest where I was born, and raised.
I'm a bookworm, movie buff, music freak, stoner, and the nerdy girl next door.
I'm easy to get along with, and love to meet new people.
I write about my life, or maybe weird and interesting things I pick up along the way. I'm not a shy person, and I write about a lot of my life so there might be adult content in my LJ, but not all the time.
I update frequently, and comment on other journals, and communities I add.
All that I ask is that you add me because you want to get to know me, cause I like to get to know the people on my friends list.
Feel free to add me, and I'll add you back as soon as possible.

(no subject)

Should get out of my shell, and always find these kinds of things difficult, but whatever.
-I'm Sarah
-Currently living around NYC.
-Fannish for a number of TV shows, although so far this current season has been a bust but whining about where various TV shows have gone wrong can be fun. So many bombs this season, e.g The Cape, and No Ordinary Family, and so many tragic shark jumps, RIP Desperate Housewives.
-Enjoy watching good movies, and snarking bad movies.
-Occasionally like to take recipes off bakebakebake cooking and food_porn.
-I'm into plus sized fashion.
-Need more journals on my f'list, most of my LJ friends have left for Facebook, leaving just comms, and no personal journals.

(no subject)

Hi guys!

I'm looking for friends clearly. I'm Jocelyn and I'm still in school. I've never been really good with these intro things so :x

Things I'm in too that I can think of off the top of my head:
- Music (YT Stars <3)
- Books
- Fanfiction
- TV Shows (Gossip Girl, Glee, Vampire Diaries, Nikita ... etc)
- Movies (Inception & Black Swan win)
- Volunteering
- Basketball (the playing of, not the watching)

I write about whatever just happens to be on my mind. I try to comment often if I see something to comment about and just yeah...

Leave me a note or whatever, check out my profile whatnots. :)
Tangled, Pascel
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Hallo~ YD

My name is khstar YD that's usually the only thing I go by on the internet.
I have a Gaia, youtube, facebook, etc. You name it i probably have YD if I don't have it then I'll probably make one.
My main hobby and hopefully soon to be job is writing. ^^ I love to write all the time and usually I always have ideas. I hope anyone who at least looks on this post will take a quick look at one of the intros I have posted so far.
I love reading of course, and I'm really good at picking books out for people. I'd be a hardcore gamer if I had the money for it *sniff unfortunately though I usually have to wait for all my games and I only have a PS2 and like All the handheld consoles. My favorite game is Kingdom Hearts O.O which probably wasn't hard to figure out but my second favorite (favorite addiction too) is Harvest Moon!!!!
I love music and I listen to everything except rap, heavy metal and screamo type things. If I think it sounds good though I'll have it no matter what YD I go crazy for music cause its addictive and Amazing period O.O YDD
Hmmmmm lessie I can't think of much else YD Oh!! This face -> YD that's my laughing face YDDD yes i know its "supposed" to be XD but i wanted my own. I'm not trying to make it cool or anything like that i just like my YD ^^ I like to make lots of faces like >> ooor >//< ooor -3- tehe
Oh yeah I'm a girl and I'm actually about to turn 18 next month yay! (NOT) >>
OH OH I know!! I'm a HARDcore Disney fan!!! >> How could i forget that?! Yup Yup I LOVE Disney! I know every song and every movie and so on and sooo fooorth! ^^
Yes one more thing to ramble about- I collect pictures from the Internet so if anyone is looking for a certain picture I Have It! ^^ I actually like filled up my entire laptop memory will pictures, music, and stories YDDD So feel free to ask me for anything I'll be glad to help if I can ^^
Bye now!

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♂ simm; leave it all up in the air

(no subject)


I'm Marley, 17 years of age but will be 18 in March. Washingtonian. Junior in high school and I plan to go to college to study psychology and criminology and eventually become a criminal profiler. I've been on LJ since 2009!

Some things I like:

Television - I basically give anything a chance but at the moment I find myself being a total sci-fi geek. But at the moment I watch: Skins(UK), Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life on Mars(just started), Mad Dogs, Supernatural, Californication, Weeds, CSI(off and on lately), Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Buffy: TVS, Angel The Series, The X-Files, Sherlock. And probably more I'm forgetting! :P

Books - I love to read! I read a lot about serial killers and school shootings I also really like reading auto-biographies and memoirs. But I also read fiction. My favorite book is "The Perks of Being a Wallflower and my favorite author is John Green(any nerdfighters? DFTBA.)

Other things - I talk about serial killers and school shootings a lot. Like I said I want to be a criminal profiler so I look into things like this more than some people do it's a bit weird but very interesting. I probably talk about the Columbine massacre the most but I'm finding the Thurston high school shooting and Kip Kinkel very interesting at the moment.

I also sometimes swear like a sailor.

Comment if you'd like to be friends! :D
  • zoilist

(no subject)

Name: Shelby
Age: 18
Location: Ontario
Job: Tim Hortons, the quintessential Canadian job for teens
Movies: The Dollars Trilogy (and almost everything Clint Eastwood), Quentin Tarantino films (my favourite is Reservoir Dogs, followed by Death Proof), Star Wars (the original trilogy), Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, XI, TRON and TRON: Legacy, Alien, zombie flicks, Back to the Future trilogy, (no matter how hard Cracked.com tries to make me hate it), Evil Dead trilogy, Splatter films like Hostel and Haute Tension, Pixar films, and Coen Brother films.
TV: The Simpsons has been a favourite of mine for s long as I can remember, Futurama, Kids in the Hall, House, The Walking Dead, American Dad, war miniseries, Deadwood, The A-team, The Office, Six Feet Under, Justified, The Golden Girls, South Park, Teletoon Retro, Adult Swim, The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Books: I read mostly non-fiction. I like books about WWII, whether fiction or not, George Orwell and Joseph Conrad are my favourite authors. If I'm reading fiction, it's most likely classic literature because I find it hard to get into most modern literature. I do enjoy reading graphic novels and comic books, though.

Other Things I like: discussing cinema, finding new music, writing, history, philosophy, being a dork about a lot of things.

on my LJ you will find:
rambling, a lot of memes because I get bored easily, rants maybe...there isn't a lot at the moment, because I don't have a lot of lj friends.
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Hi I joined LJ and would love to make some more friends.

I use my LJ for mostly fandom things but I do post personal things from time to time. I also write fanfiction so I post that there too.

I love hockey and my team is the habs so there are a fair number of hockey posts too.

I love reading too.

I would say my favorite fandoms are: Harry Potter,Lost,Friends,Buffy the vampire slayer,Angel,The vampire diaries,Grey's anatomy,Private practice.I only post in English.

I also really enjoy music and movies. I'm really into classic movies. I think I'm pretty easy to get along with. Feel free to friend me.

Let's be friends and be merry.

Hi there my name is Jude; a gal in her early 20's. I collect vintage film cameras and standard typewriters. I ride a yellow vintage cruiser with a basket on the front only during summer days. It's winter here in Toronto and I am out of commission except when I have to go to school or wander the city. Let's be friends :)

Things i like:

Design: I am currently a student studying Graphic Design. I am influenced by art nouveau, plakastjl/de stijl, retro and vintage and also modern design. I'm into typography and love decorative fonts. I'm a fledgling graphic designer but I am struggling with creativity and inspiration at the moment which makes it hard for me to finish and start projects.

Fashion/Style: My style is inspired by the 1900's to 1965. I was always drawn to vintage clothing and antiques. I love swing dresses [think Mad Men style] and pencil skirts and hound tooth patterns and beautiful pretty hats with veils. Or sun hats. I love clothing with patterns. But for the most part, I am a t-shirt skinny jeans kinda girl. My mother teases me that I dress like my grandma.

Music: I love jazz from the 1920's where you can dance the charleston or the lindy hop. I love music from 1940's to 60's that you can shimmy and swing to. (ie: The Chordettes, Buddy Holly, Dion & the Belmonts and of course Elvis). I love Edith Piaf and old french music with accordion. Modern music-wise, I love Beirut, M. Ward, Devendra Banhart, Arcade fire, Brighteyes, Fleetwood foxes. Indie folk, Balkan music etc. It's all over the place. I also love to dance, I can rip up the dance floor if the music is to my liking.

Movies: I like watching Film Noir [those ladies sure look classy] and films from the 30's-60's. What can I say, I am obsessed. I love period pieces especially BBC adaptations of classic novels like Pride & Prejudice, Little Dorrit etc. I also like Wes Anderson films and of course AMELIE! I love Gilby studios... Miyazaki all the way :) I love watching animes that are well done like Paprika and Tekkon kinkreet. Also a lot of foreign films.

Hobbies: You can probably find me sitting on my computer chair most of the time working on photoshop/illustrator/indesign and from time to time looking up info on wikipedia. During the summer I like to take photographs and wander around the woods and go to the island.

This summer I am traveling to The Philippines, Hong Kong & South Korea! :)

Feel free to add me but comment first so I can determine if we are compatible. I tend to write overdrawn posts so yeah sorry bout that. Cheers!

Oh yah I have a flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/icaptureyouframe/
& tumblr account :D odetoyesteryear.tumblr.com

Here's a photo of me:
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My Forever

Hello all!

Hello all my name is Joy and I am a 30 year old stay at home mom and a college student. I have been married 6 years to an Army Veteran and we have 1 son that will be 6 in 14 days!

Location: Florida

Both Transformers, Anything by Tyler Perry, The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, Dirty Dancing, All of the Halloween movies (not the new ones), White Christmas, Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past, Fireproof, Facing The Giants, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, A-Team, The Wedding Date, Life As We Know It, 2012, Titanic

Music: Seriously I will listen to just about a little of everything

TV: CSI, NCIS: Las Angeles, Pretty Little Liars, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, The Mentalist, Cold Case, Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Old re-reuns (Golden Girls, Roseanne, Cosby Show)

Sports: Alabama football, Sabres hockey, Green Bay Packers

Hobbies: Reading, writing poetry, sending time with my family, playing the XBox (my CSI game)

Religion: I am a Christian

Addictions: Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, Starbucks, the color pink, flip flops, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, my Droid Incredible

Random: I am in school for Medical Office Administration, I have 10 classes left! After I graduate I plan on working in a doctor's office and going to Nursing School!

Dislikes: DRAMA (leave it at the door), Liars, Backstabbers, Trouble Makers

I am a down to earth and laid back person!!!

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My name is Sara, and I've just turned 41 (today)...wow that sounds old! :o/

I live in Penzance, Cornwall, UK with my two wonderful kids Kai who's 12, Ellie who's 11 and my husband Roy. I am a holistic therapist, but my main job is hairdressing, I work for the nuttiest boss in the world and wouldn't change it at all. I had a journal 3 years ago but never used it, so I have decided to add some thoughts from my eternal weight loss journey for others to see.

I would welcome friends and lots of comments, but please be nice...I'm relatively new to blogging lol


PS, if anyone can tell me how to adjust my photo so it's the right way up I would really apretiate lol.

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All You Need is Love

Feeling Social

Some of the coolest people I know, I've met on the interwebz (including my husband), so I thought I'd give this a try. 

I'm two and a half months shy of being 32. I've been on LJ for about six years, though I've had long periods of inactivity due to 1) not having internet or 2) not having anything to say. Fair warning, I sometimes disappear for bits at a time, though I always come back. I'm trying to use it more in general in conjunction with some other blogs I have. 

Some facts about me:

I live in Kansas but grew up in Michigan. I also spent a couple years living in Oklahoma City. No one understands it when I say I loved Oklahoma, but I did.  I moved to Kansas to be with my husband, and I've never regretted it, but I miss OK. 

My two main hobbies are reading and knitting. I do however like to write, watch TV, and sometimes bake. I do a little crocheting and want to learn more, and I like taking pictures of silly things and situations. In my LJ, I often post book reviews from my Goodreads account. 

I love horror movies and anything offbeat. Some of my favorite movies: Repo! The Genetic Opera, Requiem for a Dream, The Cell, the Cube series, and Martyrs. However, I also like a good comedy or romance. As for TV shows, I'm open to anything. I'm currently finishing up the fifth season of Angel. I like most things in the Whedonverse. Also love Doctor Who and Torchwood, which brings me to my next point....

I'm a total nerd/geek. I game with my husband and run my own DnD campaign. I go to gaming conventions, collect dice, play things on the Xbox 360, and get geeky pop culture references that some of my other friends don't normally get. I'm proud of my geek cred. 

My favorite artist is Tori Amos, but I have a very eclectic taste in music and am open to new things. 

I do rant about things and naturally make snap judgements when it comes to media figures and celebrities. However, I don't judge the people I know (at least I try not too). My philosophy is that we're all on our own journey. My lifestyle isn't for everyone and vice versa, but I'm all about doing what you do and loving the adventure. Believe how you want, vote how you want, live how you want. As long as you're not asking me to help drown kittens or bury bodies, we'll be alright!

I rarely have anything exciting to say, and most of my LJing is ranting about work or talking about my day and upcoming plans. I do keep it friends only, but that's due mainly to the fact that it's my outlet, one that doesn't need to be known professionally. Friends only gives me a sense of security. 

So I'm done rambling. If you want to add me, please feel free! If we don't sync for any reason, we can part ways later with no hard feelings. I look forward to meeting some awesome people. No comments needed unless you want to...just add/request as a friend and I'll add you back. 


And then there was...

...I'm Peja. I use my journal for posting my fan fiction, but am always up for a good chat. Hoping to go off in new directions this year...so I might actually ...(gulp) ...talk!!!

The Medias: I'm pretty much a media-bad word. Far as TV goes, ADDICT! I'll watch snow just to have the screen move.

Hobbies: I recently got back to painting. Prefer portraits, landscapes and animal prints bore me. Used to do stitchery and needlework, potting and that sort of thing. Majored in Art in college with a side of English.

Family: The kids are raised, am now raising my second family. The boys are Chihuahua/min-pins. The Ladies are mixed something or other and my youngest daughter has added the triplets, who are pit/border collie.

want to know more, friend me and ask. I'm friend-easy.

Hello, hello!

I suppose, as far as introductions go, all you need is that I'm Beth and I am obsessed with music in a quite literally terrifying way. I love all sorts really - except screamo and rap, those are my two pet hates - and in particular Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi (that guy in my icon, Richie Sambora, is my personal God and I love him *totally has not set up a shrine to him in her room or anything*), Van Halen, AC/DC, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Queen... basically, the contents of my Dad's CD and vinyl collection. I read too much, in particular biographies and long, difficult literature like Kafka, Homer and Thomas Hardy. I love standup comedy and panel shows like QI, Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I laugh at fart jokes, snort when I giggle and occasionally shiver for no damn reason. I guess you could say I'm weird; I'd be inclined to agree with you, to be quite honest!
I look like this:

That shoe is attached to my head for reals. I'm not crazy.
Okay, maybe a little.
A lot.
Anyway, my iPod owns my soul, unless you're my friend Suki, in which case the in-joke is that John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin fame) owns my soul; I am overly spammy in regard to LJ - seriously, my journal is so cluttered with my crap, it's unbelievable - and will likely post all about the guy I met when walking down to the shop, taking up about half your friends page. I write a lot and often, some of it fanfiction, a lot of it those surveys you see around sometimes, most of it jabbering on, in the manner of this post, actually, about cornflakes or something. IRL, I'm pretty boisterous, can be incredibly obnoxious, "antisocial" (my mum hates me listening to my iPod in the car or wherever because my attention is entirely focused on the music), and slow on the uptake. I like to think, though, that my friends and I gel because we're a band of misfits. And we don't care.
I think this is a good place to end, having scared you all off! :P

P.S. Beware of teh emow - we've just had some pretty bad news in the family and, well, I'm not sure it's hit me yet. Still, I don't tend to let shit get me down. :D
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i'm your generic college freshman.

but, maybe i'm not the only one, and we can all be generic together. XD

- i'm traci. 18 years old, 19 on april 4.
- i go to UGA in athens, ga- lived in georgia all my life. gotta love the bible belt southern baptist...... *avoids rant*
- i crap out artwork constantly, it's my life, i'm a photographer. PLUG! traci's designs on facebook. haha.
- music interests: paramore, bjork, enya, mindless self indulgence, hollywood undead, kesha, classical (mozart<3), the pretty reckless, deftones
- sometimes a little too opinionated. pardon me. :(
- i like long walks in the park, winter and spring, kittens, knitting, staying up late and waking up late, and, i like to throw it down. XD
- i deliver pizzas for a living, now. :3
- member of amnesty international. very very strong activist for equal rights for everyone. i don't judge. ^.^
- half japanese YEAH
- i don't watch tv, but if i do, it's south park, supernatural, or the office.
- i also don't read. but i love art magazines and spend hours in the bookstore looking at them.

i'm pretty much a little person with a big heart, i have hardcore emo moments when i feel like i'm completely worthless and generic and a clone of all the other people at this school, but i like to think that even if that's true, i can go out of my way to help people and change a life or two, so my generic life will have some kind of purpose. i believe in the Christian God but i don't like to say i'm christian because of its judgmental implications... get to know me, I'm probably the most liberal christian you'll ever meet haha. what can I say, just another 18 year old trying to figure out her place in the world and what i want from myself and change the world all at the same time.

feel free to add! i shall add back as soon as possible! <3

thas me :3
Phil the Shill02


Hi, all.

I'm Brittany, and I'm 27 years old.  I'm from Kentucky.  My huge passion is music, but I am an animation/voice actor enthusiast on the side.  I love Phil Collins and Genesis and my journal is used mostly to write about them, or more or less, my adventures in a fandom that doesn't always get a lot of attention.  Both Phil and Genesis' music are some of my guilty pleasures.  I listen to their music all the time and have started a growing collection of DVDs, t-shirts, and other memorabilia.

I don't watch a whole lot of television, but I love VH1 Classic's music videos.  The 80s block is my favorite of all the blocks.  I love 80s music and never get tired of listening to it or watching the videos.  I also enjoy the Genesis documentaries that air on the channel often.  As for other television, I like Jimmy Neutron and Planet Sheen.  I sometimes watch Boomerang for some old-school cartoons.

I love the Nicholas Sparks books.  I've only read about one or two of them and look forward to catching up with the series and reading the rest of the books.

If Phil or Genesis or animation interest you and you are looking for a few more friends to add to your LJ, please comment on this entry if you would like to be added to my journal.

It's nice to meet everyone here. :)

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I am new to LJ.  I decided to start a blog to get better at putting my thoughts down in text.  I would like to eventually actually write, and it's nice to have an anonymous outlet to put some of my most private thoughts down.  I would like to write creative nonfiction or poetry, although I'm not really confident in either.  If you're interested in reading and writing, or would just like to leave comments on things I have to say, please add me!
  • kantamu

You had me at Hello~

And so, hello!

I'm Tamu, recently turned 20, second year university student, and biologically female. I'm pretty easy going, and since this journal is relatively new, I would love to meet new people!

Some of my core interests include reading and writing, in particular within the fantasy genre. I also have a weakness for poetry (although this is not currently reflected in my journal, haha!) My favourite authors include G.R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire), G.G. Kay (A Song for Arbonne, The Lions of Al-Rassan), and Anne McCaffrey (Dragonsinger) - like I said, fantasy! I write as well when I get the chance, but this results in mostly fanfiction these days.

In terms of journal content, as a fair warning I do spazz a lot when my favourite groups release things/are featured in things (read: SHINee, Super Junior M, and Top Combine) which is... very often lately, but hopefully if you're not interested in this sort of thing, we can still connect on something else! I think for the most part my journal is unlocked, so feel free to look around.

Anyway, I'm really excited to meet new people, so - hello!

I are nerd hear me ROAR!

 Hello there all!

I affectionally call myself by the above subject line, or the shorter i are nerd, but my real name's Roselynn (or Rose/ie for short, I'm not picky). Um, what else to add?

I'm 19 and a college student, studying a double major of political science and psychology, though I may change my mind soon. I'm originally from New York, but I've grown up in Pennsylvania, with some months and such in Puerto Rico between. I've got two dogs (a german shep mix named Sexy and a cockerdoodle named Jay Jay) and a cat (Sammi), and I wouldn't mind at all filling my house with more animals, I love them. I'm a laid back kinda girl, who likes to be a shoulder to lean on for my friends (some call me a mama, cause I like to feed/lavish gifts on people), but I tend to say things before I think, and very often the things I say are smartass/caustic (I prefer to fight with my words) remarks. I tend to lean more towards the liberal kinds of things, but I live by the motto of live-and-let-live and am an activist for rights (gay, animal, etc).

I'm admittedly more of a lurker on LJ, despite having been on it for... 4 or so years now, I think? but would love to be more active on it. My main fandoms are Supernatural and Wrestling (it'd be more, but work and school have seen my TV viewing days almost gone lol). I am a HUGE wrestling (and Yankee) fan; not only WWE, but also TNA and ROH and just starting to get into other indy promotions. I am also a slasher. Growing up with 2 brothers, I've always been more into the 'tom boy'ish things, like wrestling/MMA and games (ZELDA GAMES) and superheroes (COMICS. LOVE THEM), ergo my 'i are nerd' status. I tend to get a little spastic when I meet someone with these same interests and geek out. Also huge fan of movies/music and almost always have a book in my face (Barnes&Noble and the public library are my fave places), and I'm a bit of history buff (centering mostly on ancient times and Europe).

I like to think I'm pretty cool and nice to hang around with, and am enthusiastic about a lot of different things, so feel free to leave a comment or add me! I'm always looking for new friends, male or female, any age. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask :).



Hey there
I’m Corinne, I’m 21 years old and I’m really bad in introducing myself. :)
I guess I’ll just give you some short facts about myself:

-         I’m a vegan

-         I’m addicted to coffee

-         I listen to all kinds of music. Some of my favorite musicians are are: AFI, Bob Dylan, Billy Talent, David Bowie, Linkin Park, Shantel, The Cure, Blur, Saosin, Daft Punk,…

-         I’m studying photography

-         I’m bisexual

-         I’m obsessed with fashion

-         Favourite movies: Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, Everything is illuminated, The Hitchhikter’s Guide to the Galaxy, Milk, Into the Wild…

-         I love reading, although at the moment I don’t really have time for it. Extremely loud and incredibly close, Thinking straight, When I was 5 I killed myself, The importance of being Earnest, The Lord of the Rings, ,…

-         I’m in love with Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. ;-)


I try to write about positive things in my journal, but there might be times when my posts get a bit… emo. I’m sorry about that, but I just lost my twin about a year ago and I don’t think I’ll ever really get over it. But I don’t talk about it that often, so don’t worry :)

If we have something in common, or you just think we might like each other – just add me, I promise to add you back as soon as possible.



Well, it's either this or my comp var homework, so procrastination it is!


My name is Jenn, I'm 23, and, I like taking long walks on the beach despite the fact that my hometown is landlocked don't really know what else to put here. I'm more than a name and a number, though, so I'll try.

I am currently a senior in chemistry, graduating this spring and applying for graduate school. I work in one of the labs on campus—I play with quantum dots for a living—and I tutor high schoolers in math and chem. In case the aforementioned didn't tip you off, I love math and chem. I'm taking complex variables for fun this semester, if that gives you any idea. I read more than anyone I know, somewhere on the order of five books a week. (Evidently I read more than anyone my English prof this semester has ever met, but I still haven't figured out if he's creepy or not, so we'll let that slide.) I've been referred to as "frighteningly intelligent", though I honestly feel dumb compared to the people I'm surrounded with on a daily basis. I play a lot of games, mostly indie stuff (Braid! Osmos! Magicka! Amnesia!), and some big-name games (Portal, Fallout 3, Borderlands, Fable, Half-Life 2 and its spinoffs).

Before anyone goes, "omg she is one of those nerds" and runs screaming into the night: relax! I write, a lot. I knit. I quilt. I play music (flute and piano). I have a creative side! ...ish. These days I feel like the only writing I do is proof-reading journal articles for my boss and typing lab reports, but that will change in approximately three weeks, when the lab class I'm taking this semester ends (THANK GOD).

What comes up in my journal...uh. Random polls, "ask the audience" type questions, and lots of talk about what's going on in my life. I suffer from social anxiety and a mood disorder that no one can quite seem to decide on a label for (bipolar I has been suggested as the most likely candidate). I talk about it rather candidly. I'm at a stable point in my life right now, but I would be lying if I said that it never comes up/that it doesn't affect how I view the world. I also talk about my boyfriend a lot. I very occasionally write about sex. Very occasionally. Once every six months, max. Mostly I write about my life—what's going on, how my day went, anything out of the ordinary, et cetera.

What you won't find in my journal: talk about politics. I hate discussing politics, because I feel that it invariably ends up falling apart into a flame war. I don't watch TV (no particular reason why not), and I'm not involved in fandom these days, so posts about either will mostly not appear in my journal. I don't post a lot of memes. I don't post my tweets. Apart from that, most everything is fair game.

I'm not looking for anything in particular, apart from the obvious "making new friends". I'd prefer if everyone adding me was above the age of 18, mostly because I can't see a high schooler being particularly interested in what I have to talk about (college life, woo), but that's not a hard and fast rule.

For the curious: my last.fm profile and my Goodreads profile. Easier than listing everything I like. :)

Before you write me off as a pretentious nerd, give my journal a once-over. Most everything is public these days, and, well. I never present myself well in these intro posts. :P
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SPN - erotically codependent

(no subject)

Hey there! I'm Vera. I'm an 18 year old girl, living in the Netherlands and I thought what the hell, I just send a post to this thing.

So, I guess I reached the point where I should tell you something more about me right? Well I'm currently studying Pedagogics, but it sucks and I really want to do something else. I still hope to finish this year though. I live on my own for over a half year. I'm liking it, but I also miss my family a lot. I'm a fan of a couple things, let me just give you the ones I can think of right now: Supernatural, Chuck, Dexter (series and books), and many more but I strangely can't think of any right now, o and my favorite bands are: Muse, Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Kinks, Coldplay, Paramore, Killers, Foo Fighters, Green Day and again, many more.

So if you've got about the same interests, you can befriend me cause there's more where that came from!

Greets, Vera
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I had an introduction all typed out this morning, and then my computer ate it just before I had to go to work. So here I go again. *sigh* I never know where to start with these things. 

I'm 22 and probably destined to become a crazy cat lady. I currently share my apartment with three kitties, Romeo, Gremlin, and Harkness. And Harkness' human...aka my room mate. Plus there's my cat Bob, but my parents are holding him hostage. And I've come way too close to taking in another one on multiple occasions. I just can't resist a cat in need. 

I'm totally addicted to books. I should probably be put in rehab. If there was a book rehab. But it would probably be a hopeless cause. I usually have a book in my purse. And several floating around my car. Not to mention four book cases cram packed with them. And I am constantly buying more. Lol. In fact, within the last week or two I have bought 6 new books. Four for me and two for my niece. And I'm almost done reading all of mine. :P

Lately, my journal consists of lots of recipe posts complete with pictures. Because my New Year resolution was to try a new recipe at least once a week. It also seems to consist of lots of talk about bills. Which is weird. But when I pay my bills I feel accomplished and it makes me happy and when I am really happy I want to make LJ posts. So there you have it. But I also post lots of other things too. Random stuff really. If you want to know what random stuff go ahead and take a peek. 

I'm an incredibly random and bouncy person. And I mean bouncy in a literal way. I actually got caught bouncing in circles in the check stand at work and squealing because we had less than 20 minutes until closing. I'm pretty sure everyone who ended up catching me in the act thought I was crazy. Including my supervisor. My dad always says if you tied my hands behind my back I wouldn't be able to talk because I gesture wildly all the time. 

I LOVE music. All sorts of music. One of my favorite past times is raiding the music libraries of people I know in search of things I've never heard before. 

I mostly watch movies, because I don't have TV hooked up at my apartment. However...I never miss an episode of Glee on Hulu. I used to faithfully watch NCIS, and I still love it. Also among my likes are Hellcats, and just about anything Joss Whedon. I've already corrupted my room mate with Firefly, Serenity, and Dr. Horrible. I'm working on Buffy. :D

I'm terrified of needles. Like, panic attack terrified. Although...maybe I should amend that to hypodermic needles. Because I have two tattoos and three piercings (technically I also have four per ear lobe too but those were done by piercing gun, not needle, so they don't count) and would definitely get more. Lol. I'm also terrified of spiders. Go figure. I make my roomie kill them. :D 

Anyways...before I ramble on and on and on getting totally side tracked by the facts I'm trying to spew turning into long and tangential stories...I'll cut this off. :P The whole point of this anyways is to convince you to add me. And getting off topic probably won't help my cause any...Lol. If you really want to know anything...just ask me. Or go browse my entries to see what I'm like. *sparkle* 

And also...in case you're wondering what I look like...Here is a picture. It's an old picture. From somewhere around Halloween '09. But I don't have any recent pictures. At least that I'm willing to share. Because generally I feel that I am not a very photogenic person. Lol. This picture, I actually kinda like. Even though I have absolutely no idea what in the heck I'm laughing at...

Collapse )

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