February 16th, 2011

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.

Hello, hello! I stumbled upon this community via the LJ spotlight and couldn't pass it up. It's such a great idea, and I'm always on the lookout for possible new friends.

Anyway, I'm not very good at talking about myself, so we'll see how this goes.

My name's Kristen and I'm currently living in central Florida. I was born and raised a New England girl and will always think of myself as one. I'm 28 and just started back at school a month ago for the first time in seven years to pursue my Associates in History.

I'm a Virgo, a Democrat, and a tomboy. Baseball pretty much rules my life from March through November with my #1 loves being the New York Yankees. I also love music, the paranormal, and all things pop culture.

Wow. I just realized how much this feels like a singles ad.

But really, this just scratches the surface of who I am. My LJ is friends locked since I like to know who's reading my not-so-daily ramblings about everything and nothing. But feel free to friend away. Racists and homophobes need not apply. :)
pink dress of doom

Instead of doing something more productive...

Ahoy, ahoy!  I am alpha_helixx, or any non-insulting variant you can come up with.  I saw that this community was spotlit and thought "Hey, why not?"  I like adding people.  I like it when people add me.  So, let's get to it.

I'm a senior in college (sort of...we're crazy hippies who reject many traditional educational norms, it's complicated) working on a huge thesis on beer spoilage organisms that actually makes me pretty miserable.  Oh well.  I'm stuck now, and hopefully it will be over soon. Brewing is something I'm very into.  I've worked as a low level quality assurance underling at a brewery before, and I might get back into that after graduation.  I have no idea, though.  I'm pretty sick of science at this point.

In my real life, I'm a nerd of many different flavors.  I'm into anime, sci-fi and fantasy, some video games, and (oh yeah...) costuming.  Espeically the costuming.  These days it seems like all I do is sew and do lab work and sleep.  My first love is historical costuming (most espeically late 1880s - 90s), though I'm starting to get into cosplay and occasionally making normal clothes.  I go to a few sci-fi and anime cons a year, and I'm kind of developing a reputation as the crazy person who has 5 huge dresses for one weekend.

In my journal you will find...

-Ramblings about my assorted pet projects including photos, designs, and brainstorming
-Rants about my thesis.  I will be honest, I can get whiny about this.
-Laundry lists of what productive things I did for the day, helps with the motivation when I record what I've accomplished

Any adds are loved, but I will especially love ones from people who...

-Like nerdy things
-Do fun crafts
-Like pretty things
-Attend east coast sci-fi and anime cons, or would like to.

Ok.  That's enough talking about myself.  Enjoy :)

Hey there, add me if you like!

 Hello all! I'm not really sure what to say here and I pretty much fail at self-introductions so I'll make this as short as possible.

My name is Laura, though I'm most commonly known as SinginPrincess or SPL online. I love to sing, write, and act. I'm also passionate about photography, photo editing, vidding, and the list goes on. Most of my LJ posts tend to be of my own art, fic/stories, talking about random things, and fangirling all over the place. I don't often post about personal stuff, but then again, sometimes I do. 

Here's a list of some of the things I love, which you will probably see lots of in my journal:

TV: Legend of the Seeker, Castle, Robin Hood, House, Ghost Whisperer, Xena: Warrior Princess, REBA, Mutant X, ER, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, Lost, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, 7th Heaven and waaaaaay more.

Music: Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, Sarah Brighton, and Dolly Parton are my top favourite singers, Sugarland and Brooks & Dunn being my favourite bands, though I do love most music and will give almost anything a shot. (Warning: Not a Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber fan. I just can't stand them...I don't bash them on my journal or anything but I don't want an overload of fanposts on them in my friends list either)

As for art, I mostly create photomanipulations as well as wallpapers and things and will often offer to make some per request.

  • I have recently become addicted to Landcomms and have made my own so yes, you will see some posts related to those
  • I love meeting new people, and I'm generally nice but defensive over the things I love (that includes friends/fandoms/etc)
  • I LOVE my new baby brother (who I happen to have named) so yeah I do tend to mention him every now and then (and sometimes he attempts to take over my computer lol so yeah.....he's adorable!)
  • If you want to know more about me just comment here or friend me, I'll surly friend back ;)

(so much for this being short huh?)
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Is there anybody out there?

I'll cut right to the chase. I'm OLD. Two or three times older than most LJers. I'm gay. Gayer than you. I don't read comics. I don't watch Twilight. I'm not into fanfic.

I'm reality based. A sometimes artist, lately consumed by my job, which is building spaceships. Looking over my recent journal entries I see my latest hobbies - collecting antique engineering books and scientific equipment, remodeling my house - slowly, interaction with neighbors and family. I'm six months in to a multi-year logical deconstruction of the Bible, one or two verses a week.

Politically I'm a pragmatic progressive. Non-partisan in a Jon Stewart sort of way. I enjoy political conversations, but generally keep them in political communities.

I watch Dexter, True Blood, Harry's Law, Psych, Hulu and Netflix, when I have the time.

I post photos. I'm married, in a non-constitutionally recognized way. My husband makes house music.

I keep my Pandora on Elton John, Pink Floyd, Cee-lo Green, Beck, Cake, Seal, MGMT. I listen to audio books in the car, generally history, but currently On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

I live in a suburb of Houston. I enjoy 18 year old whiskey and Shiner beer. Because I'm a Texan.

I take very little seriously.

I'm more fun than this post would imply. It's early, and I haven't had my coffee.
sideways mirror

So, uh, hi, I guess?

Hahaha, I don't normally plug myself, but I've recently deleted my Facebook and my Tumblr in the interest of moving back to a more REAL blogging apparatus, and I realize that I don't have a lot of interesting blogs to follow so thought I'd jump on here. :3

So my name is John, though I've gone by about 100 different names (Jordan and Ike are the ones that stuck around the longest, and some of my friends still call me Ike :P) and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I've lived here for way too long (since I was 4), and though I recently attempted to move to Tucson, that failed pretty spectacularly. I'm 22 (and I almost just said "I'm level 22", if that indicates anything about my interests) and would consider myself an artist, though my "real" job is as an Individual Support Specialist at an assisted living home for people with disabilities (say that 5 times fast!).

Uhm, as far as my interests go, I'm quite an avid gamer (and will probably blog about it sometimes, but not all the time) - my big thing right now is League of Legends, though I'm UNREASONABLY excited about the new Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together port and Marvel vs Capcom 3. I also enjoy gaming of the pen and paper variety - Dungeons and Dragons, Anima, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and Grimm are my primary roleplaying games, though I've tried others and will probably try more as my life continues.

As far as what I'm looking for? Anyone really. My posts generally center around my life, and everyone is welcome - though I guess it's important to note that I am gay, and my blog will have posts of that nature in it, so if that bothers you, maybe this isn't a good fit. Other than that though, I love to have conversations with my blogfriends, and I love to get input on my life from other people - it can be nice to get that perspective, and it's also just a more interesting way to blog.

With that said... Well, hello! And thanks for reading this far! Haha.
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King Princess, Seeking Whom He May Devour

(Can't do right, won't act right, can't help himself, etc.)

I am almost 40, judgmental, surly, and too, too fun!
I’m divorced and looking to stay that way.
I live in Orlando, Florida, and I HATE it here.
I work for Potato.
I drink a lot of beer and monkey wine.
I've been writing on LiveJournal for nearly ten years now. I took some time off (24-35 months LOL) from February 2004 to May 2006. I call that time my "sabbatical."
I recently discovered that I am a devout Satanist. Who knew? LOLOL
I am a moderate conservative, but I never discuss politics. Politics is the new religion, and it’s not something I discuss in company. If you’re overly political, pass on by.
I am addicted to music. Addiction is not too strong a word. I like electronic and industrial music, as well as good pop music. I even like good country music, but there’s so little of it.
I post Blingees. I also draw terrible pictures in MS Paint and post them. I often post about my adventures as an internet troll.
I am kinder than I like to admit.
I used to have my very own hobo, but it died. I might have trolled it to death, but I've never been questioned about that.
I have a pretty tight group of LiveJournal friends, but we need some new blood.

Hard limits include but are not limited to: shouting, hip-hop and noise in general; tattoos; The Eagles; procrastinators; jazz; Adam Sandler and little voices; musicals and popular dancing; and cigarette smoke.

Answer these questions:
Do you often brag to people about how weird you are?
Are you younger than 30?
Are you a sports fan?
Do you share a lot of fan fiction?
Are you crazy about cats?
Do you love “Doctor Who?”
Are you really into anime?
Do you use the word random a lot?

If you’ve answered No to all of these questions and you’re able to write in complete sentences (with mostly proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation), please add me. I've been reading the entries in this community, and I wouldn't add any of these people if my life depended on it. Can I get a witness?

Say it with

Completely new to LJ

 I'm addicted to hockey and music. My iPod is a mix of anything and everything, and I have no doubt it my mind it suffers from some kind of identity disorder. Movies are my background noise when I'm doing homework. I usually go for a comedy, but I'm a sucker for a good chick flick. I don't do much reading outside of what I do for class- I'm studying history, so I do plenty of reading and research.

I'm a son and brother, and I love my family beyond words. I'm gay, came out 03-01-10 and my family accepted me for who I am, and it means everything to me. I lost my Mother to cancer in November of 2010--I miss her more and more as each day passes.

Other than that, I love history, and I'm a total sports nut. It's a rare moment that I'm not rocking a team's logo on some article of clothing I have on. American History, friends, family, and my teams. What else could I want?
[Paako] Cute smile

BL, anyone? :'D

I've posted here before, but I don't mind more, since it's spotlight week for this comm!

As the title suggests, I'm generally interested in BL, and mostly manga and anime.

Fandoms: Junjou Romantica, Koisuru Boukun, Aitsu no Daihonmei, xxxHOLiC, Bleach, Naruto, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji~
Fav mangaka: Naono Bohra (because her men are real men)
Shippy pairings: SasuNaru, LeeSakura, ShikamaruTemari, ByaRen,GinRangiku, DouWata, SyaoranSakura, KuroFai~
Music: Kalafina (anyone a fan of theirs? I love them. ♥)
Other interests: Sebastian ♥, Renji ♥, languages, translation and nearly anything BL. xD;;

I predict I will go into Death Note, Gintama, Reborn and maybe High School of the Dead fandoms in the future. These are the few I've been wanting to watch but I just never get down to it. Togainu no Chi and Darker Than Black have been some others I've always wanted to watch.

I've also gotten into *pnish* and watched their stage performances thanks to watching BuriMyu, where MoriEiji and Tuti were both starred in it. They are just so wonderfully talented, I do like them a lot! Since I mentioned musicals, I have also watched Kuroshitsuji musical, and the second one was especially good. I admire Uehara Takuya! <3

Anything else you'd like to ask? You can also go through this post and feel free to browse/ask anything you like to know! I'd prefer it if we at least had a short chat before we add each other. :D
space, fire

add me :)

Gosh, what to say? I dream big. I love people and conversation. I love to think about information science, libraries, the future role of libraries, and the fate of humanity. I love reading, computers, crafts, breezy 70's weather, travel, coffee, poetry, superheroes, daydreaming, retro gaming, PC adventure games, Tarot cards, real life adventures (but not the outdoor kind), Sunday afternoons, candid moments, lonely photographs, secrets,  the pursuit of truth, board games, movies, comics, creative writing (short stories and poetry),  l33t, independent media, and trying new things with people I trust. I enjoy dark, sarcastic and geek humor. I am Jewish, outgoing, outspoken, flashy, generous, spacey, and a major geek.

I am currently pursuing a masters degree in library science at the School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I work in IT part time for some income on the side.

I love meeting new people! <3

Me, Myself and I :]

I'm Becca, Flawed & Corrupted. I am 17 years of age. I live in Lincolnshire England, and I attend college, studying Law, Psychology, Sociology & Critical Thinking. I am currently unemployed. But I won't complain about that! :D

Right, now some more interesting bits, other than the boring norm!

I am new to LJ! I made one a few days ago but I have posted a little starter about me, and also about a Corn Snake set up. :]

I am a reptile enthusiast!
My current collection is smaller at the moment, with only a baby Carolina Corn Snake named Cutter. :]
Cutter is named after one of my most favourite films - The Devils Rejects. Definatly a defining piece in Rob Zombies career!
My collection shall be growing in March, when I attend a Reptile Expo in Hamm, Germany,
I shall be getting 2 Female Sandfire Bearded Dragons, 1 Female & 1 Male Royal Pythons & 1 Californian Kingsnake.

Like most people, I enjoy music, reading & films. :] I guess I am fairly generic in that sense!

A little taster into my music, I am a fan of a wide range of genres, (I will give you a band from each in brackets!) From Metal (Tool, always a favourite), to punk (Stiff Little Fingers, I will be seeing them in April!) , to MOD revival (The Jam, a tad generic!), to country (Johnny Cash), to Rockabilly/Psychobilly (Hicksville Bombers/Meteors) Composed (Kathyrn Tickell), & 50's rock 'n' Roll (Buddy Holly & Elvis.)

Movies, I love to both watch, but also create my own. I have created my own videos, and edited. I would say I am proud of my work. :]
I love most movie genres, but my most recent film that I love is Dead Mans Shoes, I do like serious films. But it NEVER takes much to get me crying! I love Devils Rejects, The Village, This is England, I am a HUGE Lord of the Rings fans, from books, to merchandise etc.

I have a fair few piercings - My newest edition a 1.6mm Septum (A tad too big at the moment.) I adore it!
I colour my hair every 3 to 4 weeks, always a bright colour. I have just gone from Candyfloss pink, to Rose Petal Red. Next month I am going Electric blue, perhaps!

People say I have no fashion sense. I probably don't. D:

I am philosphical, I think too highly of myself sometimes. Sometimes I make myself come across as stupid, why I don't know, but I can assure you, I am actually fairly intelligent! (Not convinced? Thought not!) I would say I love humour, I am bouncy and bubbly in my head, but not on the outside. People say I am very confideny, despite the fact I don't feel it.
I am a master detective, and I can sniff out ANY lie.
I would say I am a good conversationalist, and very charasmatic, but I lose interest fast!
I wouldn't say I am generic, but they are certainly some things about me that are!

Is that me? A bit of me. :]



(no subject)

  Hi, my name is Robin. I'm 26 and I've used livejournal under numerous accounts since 2001. I live in Virginia but I'm as far left as they come. I graduated in 2009 from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with an English degree. I've recently (yesterday) gotten out of a four-and-a-half year relationship but strangely, I'm not devastated. I'm looking for active friends who comment, because I like to comment too.

hello you

I'm Jaclyn, I'm twenty-two years old, a Michigander, engaged, a Special Education major and expecting my first child in a few short weeks.

I've been on lj for years but have changed usernames several times. I see this community is on spotlight which is why  I joined to be perfectly honest. I just slimmed down my friends list quite a bit and am looking to bulk it back up with people I can connect with more.

I am somewhat of a feminist.
I am an Atheist.
I am liberal as fuck.
I don't listen to racism, even in "joking" form.
I have no problem with the occasional pill or drink but if it's all you talk about, I'm not interested.
I love going to concerts more than anything.

I Like:
Circa Survive, As Cities Burn, mewithoutYou, Ani DiFranco, VNV Nation, Wintersleep, Deathcab
Summer, Traveling, Reading, Concert-going, "Feeling infinite"
Attachment Parenting, Special Education, moveon.org

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Birds fly


My name is Kristen, I'm 22 and I currently reside in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia. I'm in the process of finishing up my undergrad and sending off applications for grad school; some day pretty soon I'll be known 'round the globe for revolutionizing the field of cellular neurophysiology. I love dancing, I love kittens, I love the awful reality shows on TLC.

My journal is friends only because I am shy, but if you add me and leave a comment here I will be sure to add you back :)

This is me, by the way, feeling very weekend-chic in my glasses and sweats :)

we can juss sit like birds on a branch in a tree ;

&be free 
HI! my name is kristyn . i'm a 19 year old leo from south carolina - but my heart is deffaintly somewhere else besides the south . my head is always somewhere else , pretty much in the clouds 98% of the time . i have a son &he holds my world at his hands . im pretty optimistic or at least TRY to be , i always tend to find the worst in people . i have the biggest heart out of anyone you'll ever meet . im sweet , sensitive &not to mention complicated . im pretty damn quiet &shy though , pretty much my eyes speak for me . eyes can tell alot , right ? i LOVE to blog &kinda hoping to find someone just as awkward as me . i love to read , write &especially help people . i've changed alot from who i used to be . main goal in life; help more people than i've hurt . people always tend to come to me with their problems , then again im like a walking diary , i have so many secrets buried inside of me that i'll take to my grave . i love to travel , i want to travel all over the place - from canada all the way to japan .
i love music , huge music lover ; from esham , tracy chapmen , sublime , jack johnson , wu tang all the way to robert johnson . favorite color is purple . natural blonde , but dont really consider myself dull or stupid . im a HUGE lover of disney movies - my idea of a perfect night ; laid up in bed watching disney movies &cuddling . currently single - want to find someone who i can tell all my secrets to &juss to be a kid again with . lifes to over rated to be serious ALL the time - loosen up people ! i love video games , i could play them all day especially FABLE ! [ &of course the old school super nintendo , OMG donkey kong . ] i mostly spend my days enjoying silly moments with my son , blogging &reading post secret , what a life , right ?

all in all , im just a girl trying to regain my innocence . add me , lets chat &be awkward together !
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Raven Emrys

Welsh Witch Looking For New Friends


My name is Raven, and I'm a 43 year old mother of five, who is very happily married, and hoping to meet other Pagans, Witches and other like-minded, or even pagan-friendly folk here on LJ.

I am open to being friends with anyone, of any age or religion, as long as they can act mature and respectful. I'm a fairly laid-back kinda woman, who has a great sense of humor.

My journal is set to 'Friends Only', but I do have some stuff that's open to everyone to give you a small taste. To see the juicy stuff, you've gotta be a friend.

Please visit my Welcome
sticky post to learn much more about me as well as my profile. There are several links on the sticky post that will take you to different category headings where you can find out what my interests are in detail. Hopefully, we'll have some things in common.

I tend to post to my journal every day, and I'm pretty good about responding to comments.

I look forward to hearing form you!

Oh yeah, this is me...

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You know you want to.

My name is Rebecca, I'm 29 and I'm from Philadelphia, Pa. I am a little nerdy, brutally honest, and make no apologies. I have 5 tattoos, and if I had the $$ to blow, I'd have a lot more. I'm planning on a half sleeve soon. I dig music. Some stuff you've probably never heard of, and some stuff you have. I don't judge. I'm obsessed with James Marsters and his character Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like Robert Pattinson, but not a huge Twilight fan. I love, love Supernatural. My favorite show ever. Hello, Dean Winchester. I'll be 30 soon and still a nerdy fan-girl. I will never grow up in that aspect, and I'm ok with that. I have a 10yr old daughter who is probably the funniest person I've ever met. Seriously. I actually really hate children, except for mine.

A lot of what I say is sarcasm, and joking. I talk a lot about nothing in my journal. Its rare that I will talk about my day, or what I did last week. Unless it was something cool. Or something I'm really excited about. I won't tell you how I woke up late for work, and then got stuck in traffic, blah, blah, blah. Its all boring. I'm single, so you won't hear me whining about what my boyfriend didn't do for me last night either. I don't hold anything back. I say what I want to say and sometimes I'm an asshole. If you get offended easily, don't add me. If you want to laugh, please add me. Not that every post I make is hilarious (some are pretty boring), but a few are pure GOLD. (Or so I've been told.) Most of my entries are friends only, so if you check out my journal before being friends, you won't see much. I do like to comment on your posts as well. But I will only comment if I actually have something to say.

Add me, and I'll add you back. Just leave a comment, or don't. 

Last week I went to a Zombie Prom.....or did I?

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(no subject)


my name is marnie, i'm 19 and i'm from australia :)

i like anime, video games, fashion, art, nature & mostly everything else. i want to live in a nice house on the edge of the forest, have several children, cook nice food, read, write, draw and celebrate holidays with enthusiasm. i want to travel the world and become enlightened. i want to be happy and positive and love myself. this year i am going to study forensic science and become a dj. if you'd like to be my friend that would be really awesome :3.

London-based writer

I'm Andrew, a 30 something aspiring writer, amateur actor and full-time advertising guy who lives in London with a cat. I've been on Livejournal for years now, and my original bunch of real-life friends who read my LJ have gradually drifted away.

My journal tends to be a mix of whatever's on my mind and burbling about my writing and acting. I try and keep it upbeat for the most part, I don't think anyone's really interested in reading angsty whinging from a 30 something straight, white, middle-class male. In the last two years, I've been doing am dram (or community theatre, as the more precious members of the company like to call it) out in Barnes, and I'm lucky enough to work with a few retired professionals. Some of whom you might have heard of, if you're into the same geeky things as me. So that's become the focus of quite a few of my posts, as it takes up two or three days a week of my life.

For the record, I'm a Doctor Who fan, along with the usual array of things that many Doctor Who fans are into, including Red Dwarf, Spaced, Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and many more.

I'm also an avid theatre-goer and fluent French speaker, which generally tends to dilute the sci-fi nerdiness of my journal. My writing has consisted of fan fiction, non-fiction freelance articles, novel translations, short stories and attempts at original novels. My most recent article was for Helium, on the Twitter CEO's assertion that Twitter is saving live TV.  The day before yesterday, I wrote a 250 word flash fiction piece about killer robots for a contest. I'm never quite sure what I'll be writing next, as I never know when someone's going to be nice enough to pay me to write something.

I'm looking for friends of all genders, ages, orientations and countries, really. I'm interested in reading the journals of anyone who's interested in reading mine. But do let me know if you add me, as I can be a bit rubbish at noticing a new friend on the list unless they announce themselves in a comment of some kind!

Here's luck and a fair wind!

I'm Beth, but sometimes I'm Beau. I'm cogender.

I'm a month shy of being eighteen.

I'm Creole.

I live in the inbred chav-infested cess pool that is Essex, England, but I'll soon be moving to Cornwall for uni. I have two choices down there and I have a conditional to study Illustration at one, but if I get my first choice I'll be studying at the other.

I love graphic novels. To me, there's no difference between manga and western comics. Manga actually means comic book. They're the same thing.

I want to be a graphic novelist.

One Piece is by far my favourite. I'm a sucker for anything that insane and weird.

I also like Naruto and V for Vendetta, among others.

I grew up with four brothers and as a result, I am a total boy. I don't really get on with girls as much as I do boys, but I still talk to them.

I grew up watching my brothers play video games and such so I'm a total nerd.

I'm fascinated by anything to do with the occult, folklore and history, and I have practiced witchcraft since I was quite young.

I read everything.

I love music (who doesn't?), my favourite bands being System of a Down, Alkaline Trio, Billy Talent, Bullets and Octane, Sex Pistols, Daft Punk, Boards of Canada, The GazettE, Nightmare, Alice Nine, Gorillaz, KoRn, Offspring and more.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not interested in women. I want a boyfriend really badly as I haven't had one D:

I hallucinate.

I love my cats more than anything in the world.

I don't really socialise much.

I love conspiracy theories, though they probably make my mental problems worse.

I love pirate stories~!

I generally don't watch TV (unless I'm bored or something's on), but the series I like are Merlin (BBC), Misfits, South Park, Scrubs and Jackass. Though not much else.

I'm friendly, I really am. I can be a bit distant and I'm really forgetful, sometimes I don't answer or pay attention and I sometimes find it really hard to hold a conversation. You'll have to bear with me on that, I can't help it.

I don't like liars, arrogant people, Lady GaGa or Twilight (I'll still speak to you if you like them, I'm not shallow), people who are homophobic or just general douchebaggery like that.

That's me down there.

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I'll get right to the point. My name is Lindsay. I am 22 years old. I am in my last semester of college. I hate having to explain myself in a single journal entry because I am a fairly dynamic person. So I'll just give you the teaser. I am a history major and an art history minor. I want to work in a museum or an archive some day. I work at a florist, and have been doing so since I was 16. I love to read, especially fantasy books. I love Queen, the Doors, and KMFDM. I am very selective when it comes to my music. I hate trends and I hate when people mindlessly follow them for the sake of being on the in. I have always been my own person and I have never given into peer pressure. I have been in a relationship for a little over a year, and I am happy with that person. I am a social person, and I am not afraid to talk to people. I am a nice person.
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pretty floral bonnet, Nathan Fillion

Also, I can kill you with my brain.

Hi! I'm Stephanie! I'm 28 years old and live in the midwestern US. I'm convinced that the stork got confused and dropped me off here instead of in the UK. I'm a grad student and mother of 3 kids, ages 9, 6, and 5.

I love reading, writing, gaming, and sci-fi stuff. I'm in a bit of a rush right now, but there are more specifics in the user info on my LJ page!

I'd love to meet new people, especially ones who have some similar interests!

Warning: I hate Twilight and Glee. I don't care if you like them as long as you don't spam my journal with fan-ish comments about them. Additionally, I might occasionally post something that bashes one of these things, just so you're warned!
Bunny: Love
  • dqbunny

Hi there!

I'm a 30-year-old visual journalist living in Mechanicsburg, where I am constantly dodging clanks and have to deal with this possessed castle, and ... oh wait, sorry, I don't live in the Girl Genius world. I do live just outside the real Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania, which is all sorts of awesome. My journalism career has taken me from Alabama to Tennessee and Virgina to Maine, then Arizona and finally Pennsylvania. Here's some of what I do discuss in my LJ:

  • I am a bibliophile, and can't pass a bookstore without going, "ooooh, shiny!" I talk about books I've read. My favorite authors are J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts, Julia Quinn, J.K. Rowling, L. Frank Baum, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Laura Ingalls Wilder and a lot more. You usually have to pry books from my fingers. I read just about anything I can get my hands on from history to historical romances, and from mystery to manga. I also adore history, especially medieval and the Renaissance eras.

  • I'm married, but my husband is currently in the UK while he finishes his Ph.D and we get his immigration stuff sorted out. It's been interesting navigating through a long-distance marriage, but we've approached with humor, perseverance and love.

  • We're owned by three squishy kitties. I'm only getting to write this post because they have been pacified by food (and the fact that I'm at work.)

  • My job. I love what I do for a living. I also share the crazy happenings in the area where I live.

  • I knit and do various other crafts, write fanfiction, listen to oldies, instrumental, and J-Pop, debate the state of fandom with various friends, am a Mac junkie, play video and computer games, and anything else that catches my interest. I'm also an somewhat lapsed participant in the SCA and do illumination and fiber arts.

  • I do have various fandoms that I love. My favorite anime is Slayers, Rurouni Kenshin and Spice and Wolf. My favorite manga is Rurouni Kenshin, Maison Ikkoku, Victorian Romance Emma and a few more. I've finally discovered Bones and have been trying to catch up, and I'm also a Doctor Who fan -- especially the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (but I find that One is also adorable in a crotchety way). I love Zelda and the Tales video games, especially Tales of Symphonia.

  • My LJ has become a gathering crowd of many different people with different beliefs. I perch on the middle of the fence politically, and I enjoy seeing points of view from all sorts of people. I am not a person who demands comments. I am tolerant of other beliefs and know a lot of fantastic people of all faiths, nationality, etc. Don't come into this journal and disrespect them. Disagree, yes. Bashing, no. The same goes for fandom.

    My LJ is friends-locked, but feel free to comment here or there and I'll be happy to add you.
  • If insanity interests you...

    I don't share much information as far as things like my name, birthdate or where I'm from. All the names in my posts will be changed, even the names of imaginary people, if, indeed that is what they are. If it makes you feel better, I am female, I live in the U.S. and I am over 21, but that doesn't make much of a difference in regard to... anything, really.
    I have been diagnosed with the following conditions: PTSD, Clinical Paranoia, Anxiety Disorder, Manic Depression, and ADD. Personally I have mixed feelings about these diagnosis, but ADD is the only one I really dispute. Boring things bore me. I don't think that's uncommon.
    I have had full-blown paranoid delusions and I currently am living with two other entities inside my body. For the sake of this journal I will refer to them as Olivia and Isabella, but that is not what I really call them. I have never told any of my psychotherapists about these two, and therefore have not been diagnosed in that respect. I prefer to keep it that way.
    So, if insanity interests you then feel free to add me. It certainly interests me. My dream career is to study and interact with the criminally insane, although I may end up doing that from up close if you know what I mean.
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    Hi all!

    I’m Sanna and I live in Finland. I’m 17 but I’ll turn 18 this spring. My life is pretty hectic at the moment but I’ll try my best to post to my journal at least once a week :-)

    Some random facts about me:

    •  I’m very laid back and I hate stress above everything. I need to study a lot and the workload has occupied much of my free time but I’d rather lie on my sofa, drink coffee and listen to music. I think it’s a bit ironic that most of my friends have stressful personalities and tend to fret over the smallest things (while I don’t really care about anything) and they all seem to appreciate my calming aura… or something. But when I start to stress my first coping method is to weep like a baby… and it works :-D
    •  I love all kinds of challenges. I always come up with something to do and I’m open to experimenting new things. At the moment my biggest challenge is doing a project 365. I also post the photos to my journal. Other things I’ve tried include watching 100 movies in a year, reading 100 books in a year and a year long candy-ban :-) The only thing so far that I haven’t succeeded in is quitting smoking for good. I always stray at some point.
    •  I play the piano and sing in the school choir.
    •  I exercise a lot and I’m currently cutting on the amount of carbs I eat per day.
    •  I’m easy to get along with but I think that recognizing the people I won’t get along with is like my sixth sense. It has never been wrong so far and even if I tried to befriend the person at first I always end up disliking them in the end. Saves me from unnecessary squabbles because I’m very straightforward and some people don’t appreciate that.
    • I'm seriously considering majoring in psychology after school.
    •   I love video games! Games have always been close to my heart but not many know that. Every Saturday morning from Christmas onwards has been dedicated to Final Fantasy XIII, because I don’t have much time during the week.
    •  I listen to all kinds of music, except for death metal or some other branches of metal which really aren’t my cup of tea. I love Bloc Party, Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird, The Kills, miaou and many more :-) My fave genres are trip hop and post-rock.
    •  Most of the time I think rationally and it’s a shame that not all do. Just saying.

    I think it’d be interesting to read all kinds of journals. I don’t mind drama :-) Hope to hear from some of you guys!

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    Well, Hi There!!!

    Hello, everyone. My name is Michael, and I am here, in the hopes of finding new blog friends.
    I started a blog, on June 9, 2010, which is titled The Yarn Project. I had just had this HUGE, life changing surgery, which would allow me the opportunity to walk. (I had spent YEARS in a wheelchair. I was misdiagnosed, with Cerebral Palsy.) While I was in the hospital, I had a crocheted blanket, donated to me. It was in that moment, that I knew I wanted to learn to work with yarn.
    I was given a time span of (at least) 2.5 years, to recover. That is a VERY long time, to do nothing. So, I decided to learn, not just one, but THREE methods of working with yarn. In two years, while recovering, I would learn to crochet, loom knit, and knit. And, I decided to write a blog, about it.
    My blog, is a blog, that primarily focuses on yarn. There is, however, a good deal of my recovery, that I talk about. Working with yarn, though I would not have expected it, has become this strange type of metaphor, of my recovery.
    And, there you have it...A quick little summary, about my blog.
    I hope that you will swing by, and check me out.
    Thanks for reading this.
    [elected] blake

    it appears the stars have aligned

    How neat! I decide to make a return to LJ after two years, log on, and find this community on spotlight. It's meant to be!

    I am 24. I live in northern Virginia, but work has taken me to south Florida for the winter. What work takes someone south for the winter? Work with ponies! I absolutely love being able to spend hours outside every day. Fresh air and sunshine are my best friends.

    I am an art school dropout. Went to school for photography, but changed my course towards the horse thing (graduated 2009.) My camera is always on hand, so you can expect pictures in my posts. Even though it didn't turn into a career choice, photography is still one of my great passions.

    As far as pop culture goes, I tend towards mellow, folksy kinds of music. My favorite artist is The Tallest Man on Earth. Unfortunately, I've not kept up with movies too much. Old favorites include Eternal Sunshine and The Science of Sleep. I love reading - currently making my way through a variety of Scandinavian novels (see next paragraph!) They're fun, and a bit lighter than the nonfiction I was reading last year. I'm always looking for new suggestions! Growing up and living in the metro DC area, politics have been unavoidable. I'm not particularly interested in politics, but it's relevance forces its way into my consciousness sometimes. At any rate, DC is a very fun town to play in.

    My family is from Norway, so I have a strong affinity to all things Scandinavian. I'm pinching pennies and trying to save for a trip over there. It won't happen as soon as I'd like, but it will happen.

    My posts will likely be about work & the ponies. Pictures. Random things I feel like writing about. Adventures! Health/fitness. I'm pretty easy to get on with. In the two years I've been gone, many of my friends have jumped ship. It's time to recruit some new deckhands!

    Here goes nothing...

    My name is Phill and I'm new to this whole Livejournal experience so I figured why not try and meet some new people on here:
    I'm 26 and my life in its current state really consists of work and school. I'm studying to get a paralegal degree and I usually work at the crack of dawn at a global supplier of coffee to the masses.
    I also am a musician and have been playing drums for 14 years and music is really my passion in life. Some of the bands I like are: Emmure, the devil wears prada, The word alive, The wonder years, Saosin, and Suicide Silence.
    I'm a very avid reader, I usually find myself reading alot of Horror or Fantasy novels, stuff from: Chuck Palinuick, and Jim Butcher.
    I LOVE movies!
    Fight Club, The social network, any comic book movies, Horror, romantic comedies, Repo Men, Scott Pilgram vs The world, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Momento, whatever as long as its good.
    Well thats enough i guess, write me, read my stuff i dont bite and i try to keep it interesting.
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    Hey All

    I'm a 27 year old Aussie chick, pretty laid back and easy to get along with. This is my seventh year on Live Journal, however, I reccently created this new username so it's kinda a fresh start. I'm currently studying Cert 4's in Youth Work (just finished) and Disabled Care, so I try to keep my journal updated as frequently as possible... usually as a means of procrastination ... now thats something I've majored in ;)

    Fandoms: LOST, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tomorrow - When the War Began, BBC Productions i.e.- Jane Austen, Dickens, Bronte etc., Glee, Castle.

    Music: Bob Dylan, Paper Route, Boy and Bear, Thirsty Merc, Glen Hansard, Lisa Gerrard, Little Red, Birds of Tokyo, Damien Rice, The Swell Season, Kings of Leon and pretty much every musical score composer there is.

    Books: Tomorrow, when the war began Series by John Marsden, Persuasion by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers, At Home with the Templetons by Monica McInerney.

    Things I Love: Cooking, Music, Graphic Making, Fanmixes, Adventure, Camping, Writing, Reading, Movies, the Outdoors, Animals and being an Aussie ;)

    Right, I reckon that's enough about me for you to get the gernal idea.
    See ya's soon. Cheers!
    Ravenclaw - irony &amp; sarcasm

    (no subject)

    Hello. My name is Alyssa, and I'm 17. Figured I'd join this comm and make a post to (hopefully) find at least one person to talk too who has similar interests. So here we go.

    I'm a high school student planning to go to college and study zoology. I adore animals, and want to work with them as a career. I am also a huge fan of books. I tend to read way too many at once. As well, I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt.
    Essentially, I'm a huge nerd. I love books, video games, comics, cartoons, the internet, and plenty of other things.
    I'm a relatively shy person, but once I get to know you I tend to be more open. I hate people who can't write properly, so be warned.

    I figure now that I should list some of my favorites.
    Books: Harry Potter, Paper Towns, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Hunger Games, Crime and Punishment, Great Expectations, and so many others.

    Movies: Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, Batman Begins, Edward Scissorhands, Dawn of the Dead, The Dark Knight, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    TV: The Office, The Big Bang Theory, House, Sherlock, Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, Gilmore Girls, Red vs. Blue, South Park.

    That's about all I can think of right now... But I suck at describing myself, so I'm sure I missed plenty of info. Feel free to ask me some questions, if you want to.

    O hai

    Hello :) My name is Brian, a 20 year old individual of the male sex. Gender ill-defined hrum... I work as a candy-man and also take a few online courses... I have very much free time on my hands...
    I enjoy cigarettes and walking (when the temperature isn't under 20 degrees Fahrenheit). Music occupies much of my time. I play guitar and I play in a metal band, I listen to various genres such as metal, folk, prog, rock, classical, acoustic... preferably mixing a few of those listed genres at once, I very rarely listen to music that isn't diverse.
    I like reading but I cannot keep my mind in one place long enough to read a whole book, I hate it so much, but I am well read so don't thing me a simple little thing, plox, k thnx.
    I am absolutely new to Live Journal... so new I almost typed form spring right there... yikes, and I am looking for people to add to my friend's list who are willing to interact, exchanging comments and such. I get along with most everyone, but I am not a pushover (all of the time) and I hope you add me now!!!
    Muah muah, ber ber, Blackbird :)
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    My name is Merch and as I have added a few people here I figured I should share a bit about myself and maybe see If I can meet some more people.

    I have been on live journal for years at least seven at my last estimation. I am not really sure what to write here to make myself sound interesting.

    I have recently rejoined the work force after several years as a stay at home mom of two. So right now my journal is strange things that happen to me in the middle of retail hell. Also I tend to talk about my kids a lot.

    Authors: Charles De Lint, Jim Butcher, J.D. Ward, Juliet Blackwell, Yukio Mishima. I love to read and will admit to a secret hidden love to Bodice Rippers. I can't help it. My mother read Nora Roberts so I think it is in my genes.

    Movies: I am a movie freak and I love all kinds. I tend to shy away from chick flicks though I love a good drama. My husband got me a subscription to Netflixs So I am a bit in the middle of a movie over load.

    T.V. I love all things forensics and cop shows. I also love a healthy helping of supernatural. Though I don't like the "trendy" shows, though I do my best not to bash them. Though sometimes I slip. I don't watch reality shows because they tend to make me hate life. Oh And I watch a lot of Japanese Television of the spandex kind. I love Kamem Rider, Setai Rangers, Ultra-Man, Iron King, Basicly anything where a group of people run off and fight crime. I also love old school anime and manga. I also enjoy some new horror manag and anime too.

    Hobbies- I crochet and I am teaching myself to knit. I do write, but you won't see that. I lve Fandom and fan girl some.

    I am pagan, but with going back to work and keeping up with my house and my family unfortuately a lot of my practice has fallen to the side. I hope to find that balance, because I am only truly happy when my spiritual side has a chance to grow.

    I think that is it, if you want to add me feel free. I love new people and would love to get to know you. Anything else just feel free to ask.
    • gmdh

    Hello peeps

    My name is Gemma, I'm 26 and married from the UK.

    I am currently in the process of beating depression and stress, well trying anyway, it can be tough sometimes. This is the main reason for me creating this journal but not to necessarily write about my thoughts and feelings, but also just to write. I like researching random things on the internet and in books and learn about them, so I thought one way I could focus on this is to write about the chosen subjects. They will vary from gay history to food recipes to world war one to the solar system etc.

    This is going to be my therapy as I will concentrating on these subjects instead of thinking too much and getting more depressed. So it may not sound it but it will be a positive journal and hopefully quite interesting.

    Feel free to add me if you please :-)

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    My name is Robert, I'm 32 years old and live in the UK. I work full-time in an office.

    In my free time I love watching movies of all kinds (probably my favourite type though are horror movies - I'm a member of a Horror Group).
    I watch a lot of TV (particular favourites are Doctor Who, The Wire, Millennium, The Twilight Zoneand Peep Show)
    I read a lot (particularly Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, John le Carre, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkein, Haruki Murakami, Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath, George Pelecanos and John Ajvide Lindqvist. I also like biographies and film books)
    I collect comic-books (favourites are Batman, Hellblazer, Spawn, Fables, DMZ, American Vampire, Scalped, The Sandman and the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels).
    I don't follow music much, but I do like it, especially rock, country and western, Frank Sinatra.
    I also write poetry, stories and movie and book reviews.

    I'm a friendly guy, who is easy enough to get along with. I don't comment on every entry but I always read everything. I'm just looking for some cool people to be great friends with. I've been on LiveJournal for about six years now and I have met a lot of really great people on here already.

    Most of my entries are just about my daily life and so on, there's not much particularly controversial, and it has been friends only since November 2007.

    Just one thing I would ask is that if you add me, let me know in the comments so i can add you back!

    the title will be left blank for a lack of interesting things to write up here.

    Hi. (: I'm Kelly (though most people call me Kellie / Kura, for some odd reason) from Singapore. I'm young (just turned 16 today, actually!) and I can speak... three? languages. Mainly English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. I'm Hokkien by birth but the only dialect I can speak is Cantonese.

    Let's see. I love to write and translate (masqueradelie) though I'm not really good at either. Currently I'm in a mentorship programme for writing. I hold a keen interest in Science too, and so far I have participated in the Science Mentorship Programme (SMP) and am participating in both the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) and Biology Olympiad.

    Oh, and I love frogs. That's actually my research project. :D

    Other than that, I love music. I play primarily the piano, violin and double bass, though I can hold my ground in a little viola and cello. I'm taking my grade 8 in piano in two days and my violin grade 7 next month. To me, a life without music is not one worth living. I listen to a wide range of music, though they are mostly Japanese (Alice Nine, flumpool, GARNET CROW, SID...) and classical (Camille Saint-Saens! <3), though on occasion I listen to bands like the Cardigans and mono and maybe even Glee.

    I'm a book addict and I really really love Harry Potter - I started reading the series since I was four and have been reading it ever since. Harry Potter makes up a large portion of my childhood heh (: However, I'm pretty much anti-Twilight, so if you are a Twilight stan we'd best not touch on the matters of books at all. A favourite author of mine would be Haruki Murakami :D

    Just wanted to add: I'm not religious, and never will be, though I lean towards Buddhist/Taoist beliefs (Hey, I'm Chinese after all). So yeah. (: Whatever religion you are doesn't bother me. It's interesting to see and understand the different religions and beliefs anyway!

    Uh. Other than that, I'm pretty much a boring person ._. Nice to meet you all~

    (no subject)

    My names, Jade, I'm 17 and a student from the UK
    I have a part time job, and im the the air cadets, i liisten to music like all the time, play on the sims and sit on facebook :L
    In my journal i just generally express my self openly, bout things going on in my life or what im up too.
    I may sound boring, but trust me im not, hey im going rock climbing next week.
    I want to meet new people and learn new things, i dont quite know what else to put :)