February 17th, 2011

joy division <3


haay, i'm livvie! i'm young years old, living a kinda weird life in MA.
i've had a very on/off love of livejournal these past couple years, and i decided to try it again.

i'm bisexual and a vegetarian of 4 years. i love art, makeup, fashion, music, comics, drugs, and allll that fun stuff. i was raised in such a manner that my blood is probably 50% binary and 50% red wine. i'm not religious, but i'm exploring my spirituality a great deal.

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so yeah..let's be franz? :D
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(no subject)

 Hi there, I decided to try this once more and I hope I can make a couple new similar minded friends <3

I'm Yuki, which is actually a pen/artist name. I never go by my real name and I'm 21 (and seriously going on 11) I don't really act my age, unless I know I must be serious. I'm very into fandom but I try to keep it at healthy levels so I don't overindulge myself/get too bored with it.
I will also warn you that I can be a bit obnoxious in some of my entries and will say some of the most random things, hopefully your okay with me being silly XD But anyway, interests sound nice right now C:

♥ Sengoku Basara
♥ Gintama
♥ Sailor Moon
♥ Kuroshitsuji
♥ Level E
♥ Beelzebub

Gaming (Lawdy, there's so many)
♥ Final Fantasies (Yes even 1-6 is awesome to me, those games should get more love because they're just as awesome as the newer)
♥ Guilty Gear
♥ Fire Emblem
♥ Soul Calibur
♥ Kingdom Hearts
♥ Sengoku Basara

Other Interests
♥ Oekaki (Paintchat, Pchat, whichever. I doodle. ALOT. I'd love to make some friends who enjoy it as well)
♥ Asian things
♥ Ireland
♥ Anything Playstation
♥ Drawing (my art is anime-like)
♥ Writing crackfics
Caps text for the lulz

What's in her journal
♥ Memes
♥ A little bit of RL stuff (I don't have too eventful of a life and I like it that way)
♥ Icon/Wallpaper/Banner i.e graphic work dumps
♥ Sketch/digital art dumps
♥ Original Fic dumps
♥ Randomness
♥ Fandom Discussion (games/animanga)

Also if you'd like to be my friend, that's awesome! But, when commenting, please introduce yourself correctly. When someone just puts "Adding You", it doesn't say much about them as a person. I like to know a little bit about the person I'm about to add. Now, I'm not expecting a life story but I am asking for some common interests and a name that you'd like to go by (so I know what to call you, haha.) Also there's a whole lot more on my Friends Only page, do refer to that for even more fandoms.

Lastly, I'm not trying to be mean but there are some things that aren't welcome in my journal..
- Homophobes
- Abusers (to animals, humans and whatever else that deserves love and respect)
- People with grudges against Yaoi/Yuri, I will sometimes talk about these and will occasionally draw it so if you don't like it, I'm not your cup of tea.

18+ Friends only, please. I've met some lovely people who are under 18 but my journal isn't for them

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yo! my name is nao, it's actually a nickname, only my parents and people which i don't like call me by my real name. i'm 2X years old and living in germany. i love to laugh, but when i'm alone i also can be pretty melancholic. if i don't like someone or something i can be pretty honest and direct. i'm addicted to almost everything related to japan. i also love the uk and hope that one day i'll be able to live there. since i'm living in a small city i don't go out often, but i love going out and meeting friends, so i hope that i'll be able to move to a bigger city soon. i spent a lot of my freetime online, watch animes, read mangas or go to concerts. i like roleplays and write almost everyday. when i was younger i've read almost everyday, but today i'm more into mangas, animes and video games, but there are some books which i definitely want to read, for example the discworld novels and alice in wonderland. i'm not good at cooking but i like to cook, i love food and have gained some weight in the past years, i'm esp. into sweet and asian stuff. atm i'm looking forward for an apprenticeship place as a graphic design assistent. when i was a kid i used to draw a lot, but today i'm more into writing and graphics. i'm not just looking for livejournalpals but also'd like to have some penpals, i had some when i was younger and i'd like to write letters again. sorry for my bad english, i hope everyone understand what i'm trying to say. btw: i'd like to learn japanese, i gave it a try once but i've forgotten almost everything and must learn the basics again


like ✗friends >> concerts >> music >> animes >> mangas >> video games >> jdoramas & movies >> japan >> uk >> cats >> monkeys >> johnny depp >> tim burton >> terry pratchett >> tomboys >> glasses >>  creamsoda >> coke >> subway >> starbucks >> ben & jerry's >> dunkin donuts >> asian food >> gashapons >> puricura >> ball jointed dolls >> stars >> butterflys >> colorful hair >> black / white / pink


music kagrra, >> sid >> bis >> golden bomber >> cindykate >> vivid >> matenrou opera >> vistlip >> baelscope >> daizystripper >> zoro >> aoi >> lulu >> velbet >> lm. c  >> vidoll >> an café >> duel jewel >> gackt >> kanjani8 >> arashi >> news
+ also: rock, alternative, nu metal, punk, charts, german music, anime music

ღ manga & anime kuroshitsuji >> reborn >> togainu no chi >> durarara >> hetalia >> darker than black >> shinrei tantei yakumo >> xxxholic >> death note >> gosick >> junjo romantica >> okane ga nai >> finder >> koisuru boukun

movies alice in wonderland >> pirates of the caribbean >> the nightmare before christmas >> sweeney todd >> sleepy hollow >> from hell >> hogfather >> om shanti om >> moulin rogue >> phantom of the opera >> detroit metal city

jdoramas hanazakari no kimitachi e >> bloody monday >> liar game >> galileo >> kisarazu cats eye >> maou >> zettai kareshi >> kurosagi >> mr. brain >> the quiz show II >> gokusen >> ninkyo helper >> my boss my hero >> nobuta wo produce

ღ tv scrubs >> desperate housewifes >> queer as folk >> little britain

games final fantasy >> devil may cry >> persona >> yakuza


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  • cherany

Pick me! =)

I'm Cherany, a 27-year-old from Atlanta, now residing a few minutes outside of Portland, OR. I like to travel and have been abroad, but money has been tight the past couple of years, so my adventures have shifted closer to home. There is fun to be had any place, I believe.

The first thing most people notice about me is my style. I'm a lover of clothes, practically a collector, but I don't follow trends or pay big bucks for labels. I'm into color (I like to think of myself as a walking rainbow), and I love things that are girly, flashy, and fun. A huge portion of my wardrobe is secondhand, acquired at free clothing swaps, garage sales, and Goodwill Outlet (this is where the stuff that does not sell at Goodwill ends up; clothes are sold by the pound & cost next to nothing). When I buy new, it's either off the clearance rack somewhere or from a cheap website. I take pride in putting together outfits that garner more compliments than the number of dollars they cost.

I'm a social creature, so I hang out with my friends often and take a lot of pictures, which I slather my LJ in. Fun for me is a meal out and some form of entertainment. I'm a fan of community theatre, from plays and musicals, to improv theatre, to stand-up comedy shows. I like the big productions, too, but they're a drain on the wallet, so I get to a lot more of the small productions. I also love performing arts like ballet and figure skating and try to see those things when I get the chance. If I could spare the expense, I'd see some type of performance every day. The opera is the one that has eluded me thus far, mostly due to the cost, but I intend to get there sooner or later.

I live with my girlfriend of more than four years and two rescue dogs I've had about five years. We're child-free by choice, but I frequently borrow friends' kids and take them out for fun. I find it's the best of both worlds: I get to enjoy their company, without being responsible for their entire upbringing. I do post lots of pictures of kid activities, but it's usually balanced out by grown-up stuff.

I get along with most people online, but whether we'll really click or not, it's hard to say. I add pretty much everyone who adds me, read the entries that interest me, comment when I have something to say, and usually keep my friends until they remove me or leave LJ. Some people, I form really close friendships with, and others, I never seem to get past, "Cute pictures!" with. Both types of friends are ok with me. I'm not going to take it personally if you decide we don't click and remove me.

I might not be the friend for you if...

- you don't care for posts filled with photos, mostly of people & frequently of kids
- you're annoyed by cutesy graphics
- you've never heard of a paragraph break (I'm unlikely to read your entries)
- you don't like happy people (I'm not sorry for being one)

Otherwise, just being a decent person is enough. Looking forward to making new friends!

sparkling rainbow universe

Looking for actual online friends.

I'll try to make this as short as possible, I swear.

Name: Katie
Age: 26 (Mental age: about 18-20)
Occupation: Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA) at the local Long-Term Care facility (i.e. nursing home). I work night-shift. ♥
Residence: Big town/smallish city in Nebraska. The crossroads of the midwest.
Fandoms: Non-anime: Buffy/Angel, Harry Potter, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Glee. I'm interested in several others, but they haven't reached the level of obsession these have.
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Ouran High Host Club, Kuroshitsuji, Gundam Wing... There's a WHOLE bunch more, but these are just the ones I've shown any spark of obsession interest in in the last 6 months or so.
Games: The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims: Medieval when it comes out... I'm not much of a gamer, otherwise. I love games, I just suck at them, & I'm impatient. & don't like dying.

About me: I'm an eternal optimist, & hopeless romantic. I'm single, & will probably remain that way. I'm an electronics geek. I love technology. I use semi-colons & ellipses & ampersands & parentheses when I write. I am grammatically correct, & I know how to use spell-check. I am a writer, even if I'm not published. I am an artist, even if I think I can't draw very well. I was raised by a 3rd generation English teacher, so I have an inherent love of the English language (as well as a couple foreign ones). I use emoticons A LOT. I am always trying to better myself, & my current project is becoming a better artist. I'm very bubbly & happy, but I'm also fascinated with things that are considered dark & taboo. H.P. Lovecraft comes to mind.

What you might find in my journal:
- Anything & everything fandom-related. Which fandom? Pick one from the list. Or a new one I have yet to discover, or maybe rediscover. There will inevitably be homoerotica mentioned. I like slash, femmeslash, yaoi, BoyLove, whatever you call it, so that'll get mentioned at some point.
- Real life happenings I want to write down for posterity. From hanging out with a friend & what we discussed, to a trip out of town, etc. Things I'll want to re-read later. It's a journal, so that's what I usually use it for.
- Talk about money. Usually what I spent money on, really.
- No really serious posts, generally. Even when I have Serious Thoughts, I tend to give them a humorous, optimistic spin.

I can't always read my flist on a timely basis, so I may not see everyone's journal posts. But I'll try to make some comment on entries I feel I can contribute to somehow, & I'm always willing to lend a shoulder or electronic ear. If you think any of this sounds remotely interesting, go ahead & friend me. I'd like a comment here mentioning something we have in common, or why you're friending me, just to be polite. I'll friend you back. Very simple & painless. ♥
  • redeim

Erm... Hello

About Me:

My name is Redeim, well... online it is. ^^;
-I like using a lot of smileys.
-I love to travel, and I especially love Korea.
-Inside the US, I've been to Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Catalina Island, and Nevada. Outside of the US I've been to Mexico, Japan, and South Korea. I still want to go to Thailand, Taiwan, China, and many parts of Europe.
-KPop has taken over my iTunes. I'm pretty sure I now have more KPop in my music library than anything else. (According to the calculator, it's about 54% of my iTunes library. The other 46% consists of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese, some random outliers, and American music ranging from the 80's to current pop).
-I've recently discovered Skillet's music. I'm not usually into hard rock, but I like them.
-I'm 22, currently in my fourth year of college but probably not graduating for at least another couple years. I'm in the special major at my school, so I'm making it up. I want to become an English Teacher in Asia (read: Korea) once I'm out of college.
-I'm horrible at math and science
-I support gay marriage, pro-choice, and equality for everyone
-I identify as Christian, but that's about as far as my religious views take me. I'm not looking to get converted to become a "better Christian" or re-converted to another religion, but I'm open to hearing about other religions I'm not familiar with. :)
-I'm an only child. I've grown up with cats all my life. I am a self-proclaimed cat person. I currently have two cats living with me, and my parents have a cat. But I want a dog.
-I like to RP. I've never tried it on LJ, but if you want me to do so, I'm willing to give it a try. :)

I've had LJ since around my senior year of high school, but I haven't made many friends outside of fanfic comms.

About My Journal:
My journal entries generally consist of long-overdue updates, fanfics, memes, or random notes/comments on things. If I said I updated even monthly, it would be a lie. Typically if I add new friends, I'll make an updated introduction post.

About You:
I'm basically looking for some new LJ friends that share common interests. If you're from Korea, that's a plus. If you're interested in Korea, that's a bigger plus. If you see something we have in common and want to be friends, that's just as awesome. :D
I am Here

Bla Bla Bla

I was a member here a long while ago and thought I would rejoin and discovered that this place is a featured community. Surprise!

The rundown:

30 year old (nearly) gender confused unpublished author who dabbles in drawing from time to time. I work for a book company and a doctors office in my free time.

I am a crazy cat person in training finding over the years that I do better alone, and don't deal with loss very well at all.

I tend to be morbid and melancholic one day, and hearts, unicorns and rainbows the next depending on how the sunrise strikes me.

Music (The Decemberists, Dead Man's Bones, Bjork, etc) has always been my life's blood, while books (The Dresden Files, Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, etc) have been my bones. I love animals and spend a great deal of time with animal encyclopedias in my lap reading about giant tapirs and golden lion tamarins for fun.

I'm a vegetarian, I ride my bike a lot, I've run into a lake filled with alligators to free an egret from fishing line.

Most of the time I read LJ from my phone so I will always friend back it just might take a day or two because LJ for Blackberry is pretty crappy.
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Like Mario

(no subject)

Hello all, my name is Aurora and I am 31 years old. I live with my boyfriend and two male cats. It has been a while since I joined an 'add me' community. But I am looking for some new friends now that I am using my Lj a lot more. ^____~

♥writing, mail, swaps, photography, tarot, reading, photoshop, diy, papercrafts, faeries, videogames, nature, cats, music, art, makeup, penpals, and so much more.

what you will find in my journal...
♥ photos & scans
♥ cute pixels
♥ artwork
♥ to do lists
♥ videogame trailers
♥ rants
♥ my cats

Please Note...
♥ I don't always use an LJ-Cut
♥ I don't always comment ((working on fixing that))
♥ I always read my flist
♥ I post way too many pictures

Feel free to check out my profile and leave a comment. I shall add you. ^_______^

Live from England!!!

Hello add_me!

december_clouds(I share a name with a disney character that I wasn't named after, but I hate the "OMG I LOVED THAT MOVIE" that comes with giving people my real name)
American in England

I've been in living England for a little under 3.5 years with my English husband.

I am pro-choice. I don't have children and I'm not interested. If this bothers you, oh well.

Non-Japanese Interests: Historical British dramas, WWE (on/off), Travel, reading, writing, some cooking, health stuff (although not enough apparently because I am quite rotund), tarot card reading, languages, spirituality, tasteful nude pictures (male or female), package exchanges*

Japanese/Asian Interests: A little anime (Detective Conan), a little manga, huge Japanese drama fan, some Korean dramas, RPG video games, some jpop, some jrock, interesting random Japanese stuff

Books: Eastern Asian historical fiction, Murakami Haruki, cookbooks (any kind)

I love: The English country side, London, Tokyo, traveling, spirituality, cats, tea

I hate: Chavs

What's in my journal: Not much although I'm getting loads better!! I'm a reader/commenter type.

*If you're an Anglophile (or a homesick Brit) and you need me to get some English stuff for you, I'd be happy to do a package exchange after we get to know each other!

If you add me, please comment first!
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define normal

'Ello ^^

Heya everyone.

It's been awhile since I've posted in an add me community, and while I love my friends on here, new ones are always nice. =]

About me:

* I'm 23, a graduate student studying English with a concentration in creative writing.  I live with my boyfriend and my kitty and I spend way too much time on campus. ^^

* I love to dance.  I *try* to get out dancing at raves and the like once a month.  I make cyberlox and hairfalls.  And sometimes legwarmers.

* I am learning hoop dance. It's fun and will hopefully lead to more photos/videos etc.

* I go to anime cons but I don't really watch much anime at all.  I just love the environment.

* I LOVE to read.  It's a passion.  I engage in book exchanges, discussion groups, and the like with fellow readers.  I hate Twilight, Hush, Hush, and other literature which features weak female characters who fall in love with people who are abusive.  I sometimes rant about this. xD

* I love to write.  It's another passion and I am starting up my own publishing company.  

* I love play by post RPGs.

My Journal:

* During the semesters I post at least once a week.  I try to post more, but it doesn't always happen.
* I post about pointless stuff usually--grad school, my day, things that excitement, things that make me angry.
* Sometimes I post photos.
* During the summer and breaks I usually post more.
* I always read friend posts but sometimes I do not have the time to comment.  I apologize about that in advance!
* Sometimes I rant.  I will rant about literature, movies, shows that annoy me.  Sometimes about people who bother me.  
* I sometimes posts about some very personal things, and sometimes I go into detail about those things and why they matter to me right then and there.  I usually post a warning before the post. xD

You! =]

* You are boring, interesting, whatever.  But I would like friends who post. ^^
* I like friends who comment sometimes, because I know we all can every once in a while.  I love when those comments are thoughtful and honest.
* I don't care if you have anything in common with me, though that does help. ^^

Basically, it would be awesome to meet some more people. <3  Check out my profile on here for more random information if you so desire. ^^

billy &amp; quinn :O

Hello :)

I was never very good at introducing myself, so please excuse me if I sound a bit stiff in this. I'm Jess, I'm 24 and when I grow up I want to either be a teenage mutant ninja turtle ... or a teen librarian. I don't know which one yet.

I play world of warcraft, and dungeons and dragons. I'm trying to get into the habit of writing more about general stuff, since lately all my writings have consisted of my love life (or lack there of) and just general things. My mom passed away a little over a month ago and I'm still coming to term with that, so sometimes there are really depressing posts. But for the most part I try to be positive and up beat.

I'm pretty friendly and try to comment, but I only comment when I have something to say.

In my LJ you'll normally find:
my daily tarot readings
my dreams and what I think they mean
pictures (sometimes, haven't really gotten around to putting them up)
and just anything else I feel like sticking in there.

Hope to make some new friends :)
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bad ass


I'm not so good at advertising myself, so I'll just start off by saying that I am 23 old. I'm originally from Houston, Texas, but I currently reside in Gwangju, South Korea.

Here are some random facts about me:

○ Likes to draw things.
○ Doesn't take compliments well.
○ 100% Korean, though not by choice.
○ Would die without music.
○ Watches too much TV. Mostly cartoons.
○ Wants to be a superhero or an artist. Whichever comes first.
○ Will challenge anyone to a good fighting game.
○ Terrified of snakes and most other reptiles.
○ Can more than likely whoop you at Puzzle Bobble.
○ Loves to make delicious noms.

I'm nowhere near as active on my journal as I used to be, but that's something I've been trying to fix. Here's hoping this will give me some motivation.

Thanks for reading!
~ Jen
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why, hello there. . .

Looking to add some new journals to read and comment on.


Aileen. Twenty-six. Lives near the Mexican border in Southern California. Loves books and movies. Music taste varies greatly, but I don't make it the fountain of my life. I consider myself a positive realist. Not a Demonrat or a Repulsivecant. I just tell it the way I see it. A fan of: Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien, The Boondock Saints and much more {but rather not waste space in telling you so}. I ♥ video games and quotes. I loved owls before they became a trend. I consider myself a self-proclaimed dork. An open-minded individual in general. Greatly opinionated {which obviously means I write about everything}. I'll pick a day at the museums over a party. I don't give a rats ass if that makes me boring. Not exactly religious, nor an atheist. I don't believe in 'labels'. Though I might appear shy and/or timid, don't let that fool you. Believe me. Pic?


I don't care about: age, race, sex, religion or sexual preference. I really don't mind if you write about politics or religion, because that's your opinion and you have a right to it. Just don't be judgmental. That. Goes. For. Everyone.


My journal consists of random pictures that I've either taken or not. As well as writing whatever I feel like writing at the moment, whether about my life or the world in general. I might update everyday and I might not update for a week. I enjoy reading about people's lives whether random or not. So, don't add me if you don't like being commented on. I don't expect you to be the same, but it'll be nice if you comment once in a while.

If adding, let me know so I can add you back.

Hi :)

I'm Grif, I work, I play video games, I write. There, that's it. Kidding! ^_^ Well, I've been here on LJ for a long while and I'm currently looking to add to my friends' list and meet some new people. I work in the swimming pool business, which is about to turn into nearly all I do as the season's starting up. I'm 27 years old, I have a bachelors degree in Telecommunication and Film. I have two dogs, a cat, and a mouse that I frequently refer to as my "kids". I have a wonderful boyfriend and a small group of really good friends. I like writing, singing, and dancing when I have the time to. I guess, as far as interests go, a list would be better. :)
Metalocalypse, Glee, Law & Order, Hoarders, Man vs Food, American Dad, The Event, Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Death Note, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Darker Than Black... I'm sure there's more, but at the moment that's all that will come to mind. lol
I enjoy playing on my PC and Xbox360. As for games, here are a few I really like- Left 4 Dead, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Rift, WoW, Gears of War, Guitar Hero, Beautiful Katamari
I'm honestly pretty diverse when it comes to music. A few of my favorites are Lynam, Nine Inch Nails, Dethklok, Skid Row, Poison, Metallica, Basshunter, and Motley Crue

Add me if you think we've got some things in common and such. ^_^

Looking for friends

Melanie is a twenty-five years young newspaper reporter/photographer living in a small town by the water in Washington. She’s a single, blue-eyed, curly brown-haired French/Scottish/German/English American Gemini who is living life to the fullest. She’s a writer, reader, photographer, smoothie-aholic, music whore, hiker, camper, sailor, stargazer, dreamer, sports nut, gamer girl, chocoholic, shy social butterfly, sometimes shop-aholic, half movie junkie, wannabe traveler. She's honest, caring, patient, loyal, stubborn, easy-going, optimistic, bubbly, liberal-leaning open-minded Christian who talks a ton and is a great listener. Her journal is NOT censored. She writes about work, family, guys, sex, emotions, frustrations, lame things that make her giddy and life in general. Please be 18+ before attempting to add her.
♪♫♪ Who I am, Who I’m not and Who I wanna be ♪♫♪

P.S. No, I don't regularly talk in third person :)
intermission (credit: musesrealm)

About moi

Hi everyone!

My name is Krystel. I'm 21 years old, and I live in good old Indiana (psh, whatever). I'm currently working on a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications. I'm a news option - meaning they're not training me to do anything, just throwing me out in the field and expecting me to know what to do - but I'm thinking of switching to the graphics and web design section, no matter how long it makes me stay here.

Music is my passion. I'm a music buff. I devour everything I can about it. I like a lot of classic rock; U2, The Beatles, and Oasis are my three favorite bands. Three of my favorite singers are Hamasaki Ayumi, Meghan Tonjes, and Sean Lennon. I like a song in pretty much every genre you can think of. My iTunes is incredibly random. @_@

I'm a total nerd. I love all things that are considered nerdy. Name it, I probably love it (except for Doctor Who...I have nothing against it, I've just never watched it.)

I've been on lj for nearly 10 years (October 6th will be my 10 year anniversary on this lovely site), and I've had friends come and go. I'm looking to meet some new and interesting people. Honestly, I don't update as often as I used to, but I'm working on getting back in the groove of it. I miss it. BUT, I do read my friends page nearly every day, and I comment.

Anyway, go ahead and leave a nifty comment if you would like to be friends. This seems like an awesome community!

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Greetings and Salutations

Name: Katie
Age: 25
Location: Newfoundland, Canada

About Me:
- I am currently finishing up a double major in Archaeology and Religious Studies
- I absolutely love my province and can't imagine living anywhere else though I want to travel the world someday
- I have two cats that I absolutely adore; their names are Mako and Reilly
- I love crafts- especially with felt
- I love cooking and trying out new recipes
- I am learning Ancient Greek and loving every second of it!
- I live with my boyfriend and we are talking about getting married when we're both finished with school.
- I have varied music taste but it leans mostly to the classic rock-alternative side of things.
- Though I study religion, I don't consider myself religious; rather, I see myself as spiritual.
- I love reading, though I haven't had much time for reading besides text books lately. My fabourite book of all time is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.
- I'm a huge geek
- My favourite tv shows are Supernatural, Firefly, Doctor Who and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
- I do believe in the paranormal, having had some personal experiences. However, I believe that there is always a logical and scientific explanation for these events, we just haven't discovered it yet.

About My Journal:
I recently created this journal as a way of learning to love myself. This time around, I'm writing for me and not writing for the approval of anyone else. Mostly it consists of random thoughts, dreams, and experiences in my daily life. I will most likely post recipes often. It's my goal to post something, no matter how mundane, on a regular basis so I don't fall out of the habit of journaling. I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and pretty Liberal. If this offends you, it's probably best to stay away. Basically my journal will consist of rants, of writing exercises, of recipes and of music and pictures that will help me accept that I'm a wonderful person in my own right. It may be boring to some people, but I know that I love reading the intimacies of other people's lives, so there's probably someone out there looking for just the same thing as me. :)

What I'm Looking For:
Right now I have very few friends because my journal is so new. I would love to make some new ones, and I promise to read every entry posted! I would love to meet new people from around the world that share some of my interests, and have different interests to mine so I can be exposed to new and wonderful things. I would love to forge close friendships with my new LJ friends, and if they're not put off by it, I would love to start up some sort of craft exchange. I love sending mail, and I love receiving it. There's nothing more fun than putting together silly care packages. :) Though, obviously, this is something that we would have to discuss before hand.

I think I'm a pretty open and friendly individual, and I would love to meet the fabulous people that I know are out there. I honestly believe that the universe throws like-minded people together. So, here I am! :D
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(no subject)

Hullo. *waves*

I made a new journal a couple weeks ago, mostly to write about stuff I can't write in the other one. And you know, what's the point of that (besides obvious catharsis) if you have no one to commiserate with?

I'm almost 18 seventeen and live in the US. I love reading blogs about almost anything and people with strong opinions (and actual facts to back them up). I'm a socialist, vegetarian, bisexual, writer, college student, pessimistic, and some other stuff. I don't cut down on swear words. I have a very open mind and I like talking to people about their problems.

Um, as far as movies/music/books go... the list is too long for one post. Basically rock/indie/etc for music, horror/documentary for movies, and not crap (is that a genre?) for books. Hobbies: video games, writing, activism, etc.

I post once a day usually, more or less if I feel like it. And like I said, I love reading other people's blogs (you know, provided you can spell and you're not an idiot) and commenting, et cetera. Also, I like caps.

Fair winds~

uh... Is this thing on?

 Hello, I'm triknight (at the moment, it seems.) 

I'm 18, female, southern, agnostic, and left-leaning. 

Frankly, I'm not all that interesting. I'm just a really nerdy person who happened to stumble upon livejournal for the second time, after being quite stupid the first time.  I just graduated from high school, am going to college (but I don't want to talk about that), and spend a lot of time writing. That's pretty much the extent of my value to this community, a bunch of stories ;;; ...

I'm quite the nerd (restated for influence) and I am highly invested in the general nerd activities. I watch TV, become invested in pop culture, go on and on about movies, read comic books and manga, think things over too much, and play a lot of video games (Xbox is my life.. Wii is less of my life ;;; .. ) 
Collapse )

What you should expect from my journal: Infrequent posting, nerdiness, short entries, and short stories. I post a lot of short stories, because I'm testing my technique and my concepts. Otherwise, my journal is sparse except for the very occasional nerding out post. 

Why you might not want to friend me: 1) I curse, a lot. If you read the short stories, I curse ten times more than I do in normal conversation.. Just warning.

2) I don't talk much about my life in general. I dunno, it might bug some people.

3) The short stories might and probably will offend you, but there are warnings.. just so you know. 

That's all, thank you for your consideration. If I'm at all interesting, feel free to add me! 

acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

How Yarn & Recovery, Go Hand In Hand

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read my last post. It was very nice to see the comments, and make new friends.
So, as you know (if you read my last post), my blog is a blog dedicated to yarn, with a bit of my recovery, thrown in. I have given myself a two year project (which will last for the duration of my recovery), centered around three methods of working with yarn. I will be learning to crochet (already have), loom knit, and knit. I have decided to write a blog, about the whole thing.
And, in my blog, you will also read a bit about my recovery. I spent 8 years, in a wheelchair. I was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy. Now, I have had a surgery that will allow me the opportunity to walk.
Recovery is not so easy. I find myself falling down, quite a bit. Every time I do, it is beyond embarrassing. But, the my obsession with yarn, has taught me a valuable lesson, that I take with me into my recovery.
Patience is a virtue. You have to go at all things, slow and steady. And when you fall down (or make a mistake) don't give up. Just get back up, and keep on going.

hi dolls

Hi there.

Ive been with LJ for about 10 years..this is my new journal that i try to make every year.
I used to be britpoprocks...on to the goods..

Age:33,act 16.look 19.feel 90
Job: Assistant poetry editor for a magazine/interviewer/Poet(two books published) vocals in a band.
internet addictions: tumblr,lastFM,facebook,stumbleupon,LJ,youtube.netflix
Current Obsessions:Pulp,manic street preachers(Richey's disappearance)Britpop,Indie rock,england,the mighty boosh,Ian curtis

tv shows: the mighty boosh,true blood,dexter,dead like me,united states of tara,MR. bean 80's sitcoms

Movies: control,velvet goldmine,requiem for a dream,trainspotting,heavenly creatures,dancer in the dark etc....

Music: britpop indie rock,grunge,shoegaze,synthpop,dreampop,new wave,dark wave

Passions:indie and horror films/tragedy drama,music,live shows,reading,writing poetry,thrift fashion,finding new bands,being dorky,laughing(loudly)photography,film,acting

:personality:dark,depressing at times,silly,clumsy,awkward, misfit for sure,agoraphobic,loving,passionate, animated.

single don't want kids,no pets...

my journal talks a lot about my mental health/physical health/poetry/band photos/some videos..no child or boyfriend rants.and i prefer that with other journals as well.
I'm not the best commenter but always reply to comments.Also please be over 21:)



If you ever start to feel square...

Just wear a De La Soul t-shirt once in a while to make you feel more hip-hop than you are.

Hello there.
I like birds, breakfast, sweets, music of all kinds, and those big dolls from Asia.
I can't burp the alphabet. Sorry.

I design books for a living. I'm an animist and an optimist.
Sometimes I make stuff. Sometimes I write stuff.
I used to draw quite a bit, but now I mostly photograph things.

I like internet humor, some anime (mostly slice of life and shinto themed), and RP.
I haven't used LJ in an age, so I figure I ought to make some friends. Y'know, so it's all worthwhile.

Thanks in advance. You are all niceys.
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Hey guys :D

Name: Maddy
Age: 22, but that doesn't say much
Occupation: Analist/Lab rat ;)

About me: I love LJ even though all my friends seem to have moved to FB or some other site! So I'm looking for some new interesting friends :). I'm a pretty happy go lucky, cheerful girl from Holland. Currently working at a laboratory that works with animal DNA. Don't worry, we do not work with test animals! That brings me to the fact.. that I ♥ animals :D I own two devon rex cats and my parents have a doggy.
I used to be very into the whole Japan scene.. but it's kind of lost it's sparkle for a while now. I still listen to some J-rock bands and love the country and language, but my obsession is not what it used to be.
So i'm loosing track of my little story here, haha.. I also love dancing, going out with friends, animeconventions and cosplaying, reading, movies♥, relaxing, nature, photography, languages, gaming, being passionate about things~

What you might find in my journal:
Talks about football! I know, not typical girly eh ;) Mostly it's about my favorite dutch club though.
Pictures! Of me, random things, places i've been too, parties i've danced on etc.
Talks about my boyfriend, who lives in Sweden and my trips there.
Talks about biological things and my work.
Talks about movies i've seen and what i thought about them.
Talks about super random stuff!

If you wanna know some more just take a quick look at my profile i guess ;)

I feel like i'm leaving out a lot! but at the same time i just can't think of anything else to write, haha. Well i hope i'll get a few new friends from here! :D

~ ♥
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Hello ~

I am DarkShadowRose1 ~ And yes, I am new to this site. Though I must say, I really enjoy it! ^^

Hmm..What should you know about me?

I'm 17, finishing my High School Career, and heading off to college to continue my education. Hoping to either become a nurse or a famous writer, whichever one can happen!

Writing, I love it ~ It's the thing that helps with my stress and lets me talk and get out my feelings in a way nothing else can.

I write Original Work, and Fanfiction! Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction!

Ah, the anime about Children's Card Games! Yesh, I love it like crazy, always have, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

Fave Characters? Bakura Ryo and Yami Bakura!

I also love to draw, though I don't post anything because I don't have a scanner, however I can make some very pretty sideshows of other pictures! XD

So, that is some info about me, see ya ~
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[loz | about to poop mahself ]

oh boy

About Me
★ 20 year-old Chinese college student, double majoring in biology and philosophy.
★ i enjoy most things like drawing, music, and not being stabbed repeatedly.

★ i smoke too many cigarettes. mostly marlboro red 100s.
★ i enjoy playing video games, especially pokemon, final fantasy, and legend of zelda (along with other titles).
★ i'm pretty socially awkward -- but that's okay because i guess that makes me like 90% of the internet.
★ my favourite shows include kuroshitsuji, the mighty boosh, doctor who, venture bros., tim and eric awesome show, firefly, and spongebob squarepants.
★ redwall was the best children's books series there ever was.
★ i love eating. too much. think epic meal time. two words: bacon party.
★ yay internet memes.
★ i'm here because i went inactive for a very long period and came back to all my lj friends being dead/inactive/purged accounts.

Things You Should Know
★ i use swear words in my lj entries.
★ if entries about sex/boobs/that sort of stuff makes you feel squicky inside, you might not want to read my journal. i think it could be offensive to people with delicate palates, but then again that's just what i think.

that's all i can think of for now.
lookin' forward to meeting some new people soon.
don't leave me hangin', bros. ;)

So a zombie walks into a bar...

o. hai!

My birth name is Ashley, my given name is Skarlet. I am twenty-four going on fourteen and am learning to be less ashamed of laughing at fart jokes. I'm at a strange point in my life where I'm pretending to be a grown-up and failing, so I'm actually making efforts to be a real one. So my posts will contain much flailing and angsting and ranting and foot stomping and fish shaking

about me

I would love to be a gamer but lack the appropriate hand-eye coordination for it. And so choose to live vicariously through walkthroughs on youTube. I like pictures. So if you post them we'll likely have something to talk about. I also like cheese and prime numbers. I'm currently in the middle of a thirty day meme to encourage more frequent posting, but beyond that I have a bad habit of not. And then, when I do, it's pages and pages of epic quests, unrelated segues, and profanity-laced ranting. And exclamation points. And... and caps lock. Essentially I'm that guy who, when telling a story, is completely incapable of just saying `so i went to the store and i bought milk and i went home` and instead says `as i started off on my journey... *four hours later* ...and wouldn't you know it? llamas can't even join the military! |lulz| and then i went home.`

other stuff

You know... I think that's about it. I'm not picky. And if you are you really wouldn't know what to do with me anyway HUURRRR

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borderline nostalgic

i'm not complicated.
nor do i ever wish to be.

- i'm called britney in many circles
- but my nickname is tiggo (tig-go)
- i've had that nickname since my sophomore year of high school
- i'm now a freshman in college
- i'm 20 years old
- i have very few friends IRL
- my major is undecided but i'm leaning towards music or english/literature
- i'm incredibly easy-going
- i get lonely a lot
- romantic
- music = my world
- i'll listen to anything
- except country
- i'm english and german
- i understand german perfectly
- can speak some
- working on my writing
- working on my reading
- i hope one day i can speak to my mom in fluent german again
- i'm a great listener
- vegetarian (4 years in december)
- i don't associate with any religion/religious group
- independent

youtube stuff
- nerdfighter
- shaytard rebellionite
- beardlover
- cynchy
- forum member

- dr. who
- star trek
- farscape
- dexter
- the goddamn batman
- joker
- john green
- dan brown
- mary higgins clark
- harry potter
- anime

- alex day
- asking alexandria
- avenged sevenfold
- alan lastufka and luke conard
- charlie mcdonnal
- david choi
- deadmau5
- driftless pony club
- chameleon circuit
- in this moment
- ministry of magic
- scissor sisters
- terabrite
- the parselmouths
- ukf dubstep

the leaves are changing color and pretty things are falling.
i'd like to be your best friend but the truth is i've been hurt. emotionally. though i'm able to hide the bruises well with enough make-up and covergirl blush.
i'm the eccentric type which won't be a secret after 5 minutes of conversation. it's okay though. it's not contagious.

oh, look; the pretty things are falling.

Let's Be Friends? :)

Greetings everyone! :) My name's Nora :D
I'm new to LJ and looking for new friends. It's kinda lonely writing stuffs without human contact/response :P So yeah, here I am!

About me:
`I love my boyfriend. 
`I love staying home.
`I admit, I'm kinda nerdy... :P
`I can't wait to leave high school! (104 days left!!!)
`I'm leaning into taking either psychology or law after high school!
`I'm so excited to get my car in a few months!
`I secretly want to learn how to belly dance. 
`I love reading. I have no favorite genre, I read anything and everything.
`I love to travel, one of my dreams is to visit Japan.
`Huge fan of anime!
`Foreign languages are interesting to me. I know French, Tagalog, Arabic, Japanese, and currently learning Spanish.
`Scared of cats and snakes!
... I guess that's most of it.

About my journal:
Hmm... There's not much to say. I post anything; movies I watched, my life, quotes and graphics... I guess that's basically most of it. As I said, I'm still new so... =)

Feel free to add me, comment and introduce yourself :)
Cheers! x
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Can you guys help me?I used to have an account here but it was years ago so Im like new as hell.Newbie me!:( Im a fighter.Im an optimistic person.Been through a lot of ups and downs but Im still standing here.Most important thing for me?Itll be my family.

Likes:I like to dance.I used to dance ballet for 11 years and just recently danced last November~joined a competition~.just found out I can dance something more than ballet.I love watching korean and jap dramas online even at my age (27).I fully love Kpop.Im also into alternative bands,classical musics,instrumentals...I love reading books.Im into novels.Julie Garwood,Stephenie Meyer,Judith Mcnaught...who wouldnt love them ayt?I also like watching animes but Im not that into it.i just watch what my younger bro suggests.The likes of Gundam Wing and 00,fruitbasket,fushigi yuugi,special a,vampires knight,naruto,etc.Im a doctor.Im about to take a state exam.Ive been through med school and Ive done my internships well.I love to shop!Love passing by for clothes,shoes,make ups and facial care stores.Im a girl.Cant help it!

Dislikes:Dislikes are rather personal ^_^ Ope to find new friends here who actually shares my interests!^_^

Seems like asking is a little too much...To those who befriended me,tnx a bunch!

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tiger and bunny

(no subject)

 Hi guys! Im new to this community, and was hoping to make friends on here! Im 17, graduating high school this year, and cross my fingers going to be going to one of the best universities in the PROVINCE (alberta).  Im going to be going for nursing. :)
living in a small town currently. 
My interests are anything thats interesting. Mostly, though, when im on here, im looking for my fandom fill, which right now is Megamind and naruto! 
links on my page to only my favebook and deviantart right now, but will have more later!
Hobbies: drawing, school (yes it feels like one sometimes) anything artsy, and reading comic books!
but enough about me. hit me up and let me hear whats goin on with you!
I say grumpy drawf in the title...cause I come in a a height of 5'3...I have turners syndrome, and if I hadn't taken my growth hormone (medically-accepted steroids, I swear) I would be about 4'9 or shorter. Grumpy cause you dont wanna see me tired lol not fun!

So yeah,  if you wanna make good brownie points at first impression, send me a pic of a hot guy lol :)
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Uh oh!

So what do I say about myself that I haven't said already? Probably...A whole bunch of stuff since I've been through/seen/heard/smelt/dealt with a whoooole mess of stuffses. I'm a guy who likes to tell it how it is, be told how it is, but best of all, likes to hear about how it was or what everyone thinks how it's going to be. I like to count things in even numbers, but my favorite numbers are 3 and 7. I write random poems that make no sense at the time of writing them, but later on they make a weird kind of sense, and all is well.

1. I also like to make random lists all of a sudden.
2. I have long hair. I'm calmer with it, everyone tells me. With short hair I guess I'm more...wacky.
3. The only time I've been bit by a dog was when I was little, and it scared the crap out of me because it was one of my really good friends dog and I was worried that if his dog didn't like me because he just bit me, did that mean my friend wouldn't like anymore? Turns out he did still like me and I have the scars to prove it.
4. I'm a collector. Of all kinds of stuff. Nothing odd like teeth or used coffee filters. The usual geeky stuff. Star Wars. Various swords and weapons of ages past, especially samurai swords and other oriental pointy things. Comics, movies, music, books, socks and action figures with real kung fu grip.
5. I have random bursts of wisdom every now and then. When I was younger, I was always worried about what was going on around me, trying to fix everything and everyone. And for a bit there I was tapped out and got a bit crusty, meaning...uh. You know. Crusty. After a brief time of healing and self discovery, I discovered that in fact I wasn't tapped out, just fed up with certain people. I'm better now, and find joy in meeting all kinds of people.
6. Me and animals have a weird connection. I'm not saying I'm the Beastmaster and can summon ferrets and unicorns, just that when I look at a animal, it looks at me and there is a connection. Usually the only animals I see, to be fair, are house cats and dogs, but every now and then I'll run into a deer or bear, and through some deep hidden...thing, we know that we are just here to do what we do.
7. I'll stop on 7, because I didn't even mean to start. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that if you like random thoughts, random poems, random animal encounters that don't end up being like Jurassic Park or The Legend Of Boggy Creek...you came to the right place!

I'm tall, like to play soccer, video games that involve various acts of summoning huge creatures to do your dirty work, and re-read books because it's kinda like comfort food for the brain. Speaking of food, I can cook. All kinds of stuff. I run on a daily basis, try to be as nice as I can be, take care of those I care for the most, but won't hesitate to help out the stranger on the road with a flat tire.

Well...that's not all. But I hope you get the point. Lets be friends and trade stories of horror and mirth and dire times and grand adventure.
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