February 19th, 2011

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I'm Cat and I'm 27 and married without kids. My nickname is Lilly (that's more of a RL thing though). I've been on LJ since 2001 and have used this account since 2005

Rubbish at intros :)

At the moment I'm taking a break from my degree, a lot of things in RL. I'm studying applied social science as I want to be a criminal psychologist. I work for a family friend, who is also my husband's boss.

I'm a fangirl and into multi-fandoms, far too many to mention :) I also write fan fic and make icons/walls but I post my fannish creations elsewhere and link back to them and they are all of course multi-fandom, multi-ship.

I have PTSD (stemming from childhood abuse and neglect), a couple of other mental health issues too but I don't talk too much about it as it's easier for me to not dwell on them :) besides the therapy I'm having and the session I attend are helping me a lot.

I have dyslexia and irlen syndrome.

I'm a geek and I joke around a bit. I'm kind of addicted to twitter too.

Music I listen to pretty much everything, except opera and some bands and singers. Music does own me, I have a red mp3 player called Michie which goes everywhere with me.
Telly X-Files, Simpsons, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Taggart, Coach Trip, The Muppet Show, cartoons and kids tv in general and lots of other shows.
Movies Bollywood (any), Daredevil, Elektra, The Interpreter, Babylon A.D., Eragon, Priscilla and lots of others.

Dislikes There are a few things I can't stand in terms of fandom, music etc... I cannot abide prejudice or intolerance of any kind, we are all the same inside after all.

All I ask is that if you do want to friend me, please, comment here and I'll add you otherwise I won't know you're there :)

Night all :)


Hello!  I'm not really good at introductions, but I'm giving it a shot.  :-)

I have a lot of interests, but not enough time for them.  My profile page has my recommended artists, books, shows/movies, and so on.  They aren't complete lists, but they give an idea of what I like.  

Collapse )There are a number of other tidbits about my life and my past that may or may not be of interest, but seems to have me labelled at work as likeable and quirky.  Mainly, I don't take myself seriously and do tend to joke around a lot, even though I am serious about my responsibilities.

I tend to be very tolerant of different mindsets and lifestyles.  I had a colorful past compared to some, and not so colorful compared to others.  I maintain a diverse circle of friends and acquaintances.  I love learning from and about other people.

My LJ is mostly friends only, except when I'm reviewing books I read.  It acts as an ongoing record of certain events, a place for me to rant and get out my frustrations, or an area for me to try to work things out in my head by simply writing out what's bothering me.  I don't really talk about certain aspects of my past because, honestly, they are in the past.  It doesn't mean my life was always "happy go lucky", but that I've worked through those experiences; they don't define me.  I don't label things like my sexuality because I don't feel it's necessary.  My life is always full of transitions.  It's not a sign that I'm wishy-washy but more that I adapt.  This applies not only to my sexuality, but also my spiritual beliefs, life views, and so on.  I've gotten to a point that I'm perfectly comfortable with not fitting into any specific moulds.  In the end, I am what I am; a result of what I was with the foreshadowing of what I will be.  I feel people worry to much about certain things in life.  How much easier would it be if we stopped worrying so much about what labels apply to us?  Other people will label us as they see fit; but I'd rather them do so by how they perceive me through our interactions (in RL or online) rather than what categories I think I fit into.  :-)

I have public blogs too, like Sew Mankycat, Chrononaut Cookery, Be My Bento, and a couple others... but I update them as I have interest and time.  I hope to update my sewing blog soon... it's a bit behind in regards to my projects.  Check them out if you like.

Ah well... that's all I can think of to say.  Hopefully not too boring, though I did warn you that I'm bad at intro posts.  :-)


Hey, I'm Jeff. I'm 17, I live in Fort Collins, CO and I go to Fort Collins High School. I'm a huge sports freak. I am a fanatic when it comes to football and baseball. I'm a huge Red Sox fan and a huge Patriots fan. I know that's weird, seeing as I'm in Colorado, but my dad grew up in New England (Vermont, to be exact) and raised me as a Sox and a Pats fan. I also like basketball and hockey, and for those sports I stay home. I don't like the NBA very much, but my team there is the Nuggets and my NHL team is the Avalanche. My NCAA team is Notre Dame, even though I won't be going there after college. I don't get why people, who don't have a rivalry with ND, hate Notre Dame so much. But oh well, I'll always support them. I want to major in journalism in college and go to either TCU, the University of Oregon, Northwestern University, or the University of Missouri after I graduate from high school. I play football for my high school, and we are the reigning Front Range League and 3x reigning city champs! We'll be headed for a 2nd confrence title and and 4th straight city title this fall. Well, that's me in a nutshell. If you want to know more, check out my journal and add me as a friend!

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good morning!

Greetings from crappy, albeit sunny, Bremerton, Washington!

You can call me Kasey. Or "You there, in the shirt!" I'm 26 and female. I graduated with a BA in English and Creative Writing from Seattle University nearly 5 years ago. I work at a countertop retailer and fabrication shop in a Scandinavian town north of my home. I like tattoos. I hate chocolate. I grew up in Hawaii, but was born north of Detroit, and most of my belongings still reside in Nevada. I think fart and dead baby jokes are hilarious. I'm a Czexican.

I'm in a wonderful relationship with my fellow of 2+ years and we live together with our adorable abomination pupface, Apollo. He is so stonking cute and eats up most of my posts in my journal. People stop in their tracks to stare at his majestic pound puppy butt.

My hobbies include engaging in witty banter with my fellow, playing "it bites you on the butt" with the dog and his stuffed animals, knitting, playing video games until my thumbs bleed (or in the case of Warcraft, my left middle finger and right wrist), baking/cooking, hiding under seven layers of blankets when it's windy outside, scrolling through Netflix's insta-queue ten times before settling on something I've already watched a thousand times over, writingwritingwriting, making weird noises to see what can make the dog still cock his head to the side, nonchalantly slipping "I'm published" and "I'm a celebrity in Wales, y'know" into conversations, and dreaming about my next big traveling adventure.

I listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of movies and pretend to read a lot. I like to read, but I always fall asleep about two pages into whatever is in my hands :(. Some favorites include:
music: Cold War Kids, TV On the Radio, DeVotchKa, Elbow, Dance Hall Crashers, Reel Big Fish, Flogging Molly, Alkaline Trio, David Byrne, Oingo Boingo, Josh Ritter, Scissor Sisters.
movies: Up, A Dog's Breakfast, In Bruges, Shaun of the Dead, The Princess Bride, Dirty Work, anything by Trey Parker/Matt Stone especially Cannibal the Musical, Blue Crush, The Proposal.
reads: George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, Beowulf, The Princess Bride, most anything by Vonnegut, old classic lit from Europe. Screw American Lit.

My journal is a little sleepy at the moment. I've found I have little to talk about beyond work, my dog, or World of Warcraft, and it's seeming like most people on my f-list don't care about any of 'em or just don't have time. Talking at walls is never really fun. When I post regularly, it's a mix of RL goings-ons, photos galore, and general silliness. Stuff tends to be 18+, so readers beware.

Collapse )

I love this website! :D

Hey guys, I'm Cristina and I'm 16 years old. I'm from Canada.

I'm obsessed with anime and House md. My favorite anime is Bleach and obviously my favorite House md character is Gregory House and sometimes Cuddy too. I'm from Romania but now I live in Canda. I have no brothers or sisters. I tend to have mood swings on a daily basis. I know English, Romanian, Spanish, German and also I'm hoping to learn Japansese and Korean too. I love listening to K-pop. My favorite band is SHINee :D  I'm hoping to become  a child psychologist when I grow up.

I'm pretty weird so if you don't mind that please feel free to add me! :D 
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

(no subject)

Hi, I'm 28 years old and currently live in Boston. This is my second LJ. I love all things related to history. I read a lot (though I don't always finish the books that I am reading) and I watch a lot of documentaries and movies. I love to cook. I have a bit of a Gertrude Bell and Freya Stark obsession. I'm trying to learn Arabic and desperately want to go back to school (I don't have a college degree). I'll be moving back to NYC soon (I'm from there). There's a chance I will be moving to India as my boyfriend's boss has just asked him if he'd be willing to live there (hell yeah!). So keep your fingers crossed!

I'm pretty lonely, I must admit. So, hrm, not sure what else to say! I hope everyone is doing alright today.

Take care,


Another one bites the dust.

Hi. My name is Noora, I'm from Finland. Yeah, yeah, it's cold and snowy but no polar bears, okay?

I've never really liked these introduction thingies, so here's just some basic stuff about me.

I'm 26 years old.
I'm living with my boyfriend who's probably the best man there is - for me at least.
I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. No kids. Yet.
I currently work in a small hospital. I still haven't decided what I'm going to be when I 'grow up'.
I'm an eager writer. I couldn't live without music. I love cooking too.
I love colors but hardly wear anything besides black or other dark colors.
I love quiet mornings, coffee, chain smoking, fresh grass, etc.
I dream of seeing the pyramids, take a tour in every museum in London, hide in the hectic rush in New York.
I think of myself as a creative person who likes to work with her hands. I enjoy knitting, sewing, making jewelry, restoring old furniture and oh if only I could draw better...

So there's a decent start, I think? I really don't think of myself as an interesting person and I dislike sort of advertising myself. I'm no one special, just someone who wants to go through life enjoying every moment and all the little things. Someone who can't live without animals and dreams of having a big family someday. Who knows she's met her match - using that word in its every meaning - and even won his heart and is basically in a Nirvana-like state of mind for that.

If you're a sort of shy person with a lot to say too, then add me. I write randomly, sometimes many times a day, sometimes once a week. I just started this new LJ so it's a good time to hop in to the adventure with me. Just remember, that I comment as much as you do and I dislike lurkers so I'm really expecting to be at least somehow connected to the people on my f-list in time.

i am who i am.

hiii; i'm a fourteen year old girl living in illinois, united states.
my most popular "name" is lloyd (my online alias), but you can also call me liz (my real name is elizabeth). (:
here's a few bullets about me, 'cause i'm too lazy to actually write something out, lololol.

-i can be a total spaz, but i'm mature for my age.
-i enjoy lowercase letters and emoticons. :D
-i listen to all sorts of music, but mainly techno, electronica, trance, dance, dubstep, pop, screamo, punk, and alternative.
-i'm an internet addict.
-i'm going to marry miss kesha rose sebert (ke$ha) some day. no doubt. ;D
-i make graphics in my free time.
-i roleplay! :3
-i lovelovelove to read; my favorite authors are john green, laurie halse anderson, and cornelia funke.
-i sample in photography, but i suck at it ;____;
-i'm an artist. i draw a lot, and i just recently started getting into painting.
-i'm a stoner and i was recently court ordered to go to rehab. :P
-my favorite holidays are halloween & my birthday. (:
-i write lyrics for a millionaires-esque musical duo i'm in called "thc", which stands for "too high crew" ;D
-i'm a brunette <3
-i'm a diagnosed sex addict D:
-i shop at thrift stores and i cut up clothes to make them awesome; i have a very unique style.
-i want to be a cosmetologist.
-i have an unhealthy obsession with memorizing last words. just ask me about my favorites some time. :D
-when i was little, i would experiment with make up on barbie dolls.
-i'm a freshman in high school. go g-vikes! ;)
-i have a bunch of posters in my room, ranging from star wars to michael jackson to paramore to zac efron to MY SIGNED FRAMING HANLEY POSTER~
-my favorite band is marianas trench, and i have a signed photo of the members <3
-i used to be a scene/emo poserrr lolololololol
-my birthday is august 20
-i have a violent temper and i'm stubborn as all hell.
-i'm a comedian and a natural leader
-i love music and singing, but i'm totes tonedeaf
-tim burton is my idol, and, while i am not excited for him to die, i know his last words will be epic.
-i'm pansexual, and i've dated a trangendered drag king <3
-i'm done writing bullet points. -headdesk-
-you should add me. :3<3
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Have tea and cookies

Hello there :)

I'm Kali (and of course this isn't my real name, but most of the people, even in RL tend to call me that), I am seventeen and I think it can not be wrong to get to know some people on a virtual basis. 

First of all, I am a dreamer. I spent half of the day sleeping and the rest of the day thinking about some crazy fantasy-thoughts I have. When I get bored I invent stories about the furniture or other useful things in my reaching distance. In Math class I write stupid slashfanfiction about my teacher, which might be the reason why I won't pass this year. 

I hate misunderstandings. I need a lot of time to write or speak. And I am unable to LJ-cut, even though I know how it works. 

I am German and I think it is the most beautiful language in the world. I just began to write because I wanted to see what I could do to the words, and the grammar, and... well, everything. I also love reading, but I am a critical reader, and the Twilight- Saga, including Stephenie Meyer, is my arch enemy. Besides, I haven't much time because I have to sleep or learn because I absolutely want to graduate next year. 

I live in a flat with six other freaks/teenagers and we might one day kill each other because of the television. 

Certain things which are also important: I am not a fangirl.  But I like Sherlock Holmes, LotR and a few TV-Shows, so there will be ranting about that, but not much. And not in a "OH THEY ARE SO CUTE!" kind of way.

My journal will mostly deal with books or my own stories and poems, mixed up in two different languages. It's pretty new, but more entries will follow soon. 

Basically I am more interested in conversation than in comments. So, if you feel interested (and I hope so), please feel free to add/PM/whatever me. I am looking forward to you :D
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(no subject)

I'm Aubs. I'm 25 and live in Salt Lake City, Utah, US.

My journal mostly consists of my own musings about life and the like. My current hobbies including costuming, gaming and writing. My husband and I are LARPers, so most of the costumes I sew are for either him or I. Gaming wise, I own an Xbox 360 and I am absolutely in love with Dragon age. I can't want for the next game to come out. I write fan fiction, but I've also been working on my own novel when I have the chance. I haven't quite hunkered down and just thrust myself into it, but I'm hoping to get the chance to do that this summer.

I'm an Early Childhood Special Educator, who teachers Special Needs Preschool in the district I live in. I love my job most days, but this year has been trying. Sometimes I talk about the related topic that I'm married to someone who is Autistic, but high functioning. We both figure my skill set I gained from working with Autistic kids makes me have a better view into what he's going through.

I love Joss Whedon, Music, Fantasy and Sci Fi. I have a wide variety of music I listen to, everything from Fleetwood Mac, to the Kills, to Ella Fitzgerald, to Ok Go. My current favorite on shuffle is anything that involves Brandon Flowers. I guess it's because he's from a similar background to me, but I really relate to his stuff. (He's a Mormon, the religion I was raised in.)

I struggle with an undiagnosed Anxiety disorder, and I'm pretty sure I avoid getting it diagnosed because my father was a Psychiatrist who out of love put me in Depression meds when I was 16. I stopped taking them at 20 because I felt like they were making me feel nothing, not just stopping the pain. Since then I've done my best to manage my Anxiety through Cognitive retraining. My mother is also a therapist, so, hence the user name Freudianslipped. Despite my father's misguided attempts to medicate me, I know he loved me and just wanted to help. He suffered from Bipolar Disorder and I'm sure he was worried for me ending up going through things that he went through.

I do my best to keep my journal up beat, save for a rant here and there. I think if I'm putting something out into the public, it should have a positive spin, if I can help it. :)

So yeah, that's the long and short of it. Hope you have a fantastical day!

Love This Shit

This Is my first time on LiveJournal.com  I am a 20-yr old mail With SchitzoAffective Disorder I love to read, Write, and Listen Music... I Love tomeet other people and talk about new thingsplease add mee Im looking for friends
mordecai drunk

Starving Artist and Consummate Nerd

 I live in Central Illinois, work full time at a dead-end job, attend school half-time for a programming degree I recently realized I don't really want, and spend as much time as possible making/drawing/painting/dressing-as...whatever.  Recent obsessions include steampunk and genre-savvy super-heroes (with as much noir as tolerable), and modding nerf guns (performance and paint).  I feel I should state after that last part that I'm 25, relatively hansom, and left the nest seven years ago. :D (also I use emoticons shamelessly)

I just came to LJ and mostly lurk in the megamind_movie community.  I have posted pictures of costumes and projects and will be posting random thoughts at random (a large topic will probably be my ongoing search for the right costuming school).

Also I'm madly in love with ArrowTibbs...

So that's me in a nut-shell.  It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
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My name's Hannah, I'm from England but I haven't lived there for five months.

I'm twenty.
I live in Latvia.
I speak English.
I can understand a fair bit of German although I can't speak it myself.
I'm learning two languages, neither of which are German.
I'm a volunteer.
I can't live without tea.
I love cats (I have two in England and one in here, the latter of which isn't really mine).
I prefer to write numbers as words instead of figures, unless it's the temperature (no idea why this is different).
I love to draw.
I'm a family historian, at least I have been tracing my family tree since I was eight.
I love snow, but not when it's -25C.
The first time I ever went sledging was two weeks ago and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I also love to read.
I've been a gymnast (trampolining) almost my entire life and I miss it a lot even though I was never very good at it.
I often spend my weekends cooking or having adventures in the countryside with my flatmate and friends.
In September this year I hope to go to university to study art.
I love photography and I miss having a camera.
There's always music playing here.

My blog is mostly a continuation of my travel blog about my year abroad, although it started as just a general place to write and will continue as such when my year here ends.

Please comment if you add me :)

Team Jim


I am Zed, and I am 25 26 20-something. One of those previous two (I always forget).

ANYWAY. I am Zed. I am mid-20s, and I have a serious LJ icon addiction. Feeling a need to do something with this addiction, I like to post a lot. Communities, journals, ficmemes. Anything to use my icons. And since I'm posting a lot, I might as well find some new friends and journals to comment on! So, that's why I'm here, in a nutshell.

Some things about me that you may find interesting enough to warrant checking out my journal:

  • While I'm into fandom, I don't post fandom stuff to my journal (there is a bit of bleed, with memes and a bit of meta, but the strictly fandom stuff is elsewhere, but easy to find if you want it).

  • Related to the above point, I write. A lot. This requires a lot of research, the more interesting bits sometimes being shared with my F-list.

  • Some of this research is not done online, but in the form of experiments. I document all of those, mainly so I have a place to find them later. Also, they tend to be interesting and make for good blog posts.

  • I tend very heavily toward asexual. I am also married, and have been with the same guy for over 11 years. At the request of a friend who is coming to terms with her own sexuality, or lack thereof, I blog about things the husband and I do in the bedroom and sometimes just sex in general. The bedroom posts are always under a cut. The sex posts are about 50/50, depending on content.

  • I gender-identify as mushroom. As in, more often than not, I don't feel like I go either way. I also tend to refer to myself in masculine, feminine, and neuter pronouns, depending on my mood.

  • Artwork WIPs will occasionally be posted to my blog. As will the occasional photo, usually of stupid or funny things I've come across in my daily life.

  • I have terrible insomnia. The longer I go without sleep, the more often I post. So, be warned about that.

  • I will occasionally whinge about life, and my first-world problems that come with said life. I also like to complain about my flat, because it's small and it sucks.

  • Other things I post/whinge/complain/ramble about include my back, my placement on the autism spectrum, the weather (related to my back, usually), science, religion, a particularly good episode of Casualty, music, stupid things my husband does, how much I hate doing the shopping, my neighbours, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm bored listing.

  • I also practically live in my pyjamas, I don't work for health reasons, and have a particular love of pineapple juice.

And that's me. Now, I'm going to go trawl through the other posts here and see who's around.
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  • vicchan

Oh Hai! :D

Hello everyone I'm Vic,I'm a girl who considers herself a boy, and am currently 16 years of age but in a month will be turning 17 years old. I'm bisexual and am dating the most wonderful girl in the world.
I'm currently living in California but in a year will be moving away with my girlfriend to Minnesota.I speak English and only some Spanish.

Other things.

1)I'm an anime fan some titles I like are: Death Note,Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji,Loveless,Axis Power Hetalia,etc.
2)I'm a cosplayer and go to cons
3)I write fanfics but there won't be much up on my journal but they're on fanfiction so if you want to read some just ask and I'll send you links to my fanfiction.com account.
4)I rp and have like a trillion and 1 rp accounts on LJ.
5)I'm OBSESSED with Doctor Who

Things you should expect on my lj
1)normal life
2)Talking about fandom
3)talking about cosplay and cosplay tutorials

I'm a VERY friendly person so don't be afraid to add me the more friends the better <3
JaeMin love~

They say hello, they say hola and they say bonjour~

Hey there! ^^ I'm not the most eloquent when it comes to writing introductions but I'll give it a go :)

I'm Michelle, from the UK and I'm 14. Please don't be put off by my age, I can tolerate pretty serious things and I don't get offended too easily, unless you're racist or a homophobic.

I am pretty crazy most the time but I probably won't show you what I'm really like unless I feel that I can trust you or I'm really close to you. The things I tend to like are a little odd for a teenager but eh. What can you do about it? I think I'll put this under a LJ-cut to avoid taking up too much space...

Collapse )
I love meeting new people so feel free to add me regardless of whatever differences we have! Life is all about experiecing new things and people, right? If you do add me, please drop a comment below just so I know and don't ignore you because I'll more than likely want to add you back ^^

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This is the first "add me"-community I have joined. A lot of my friends have left livejournal and it's a bit dull to never really get any comments or read interesting entries so I thought I'd give this a try and maybe find some cool people to add to my friends list.

I'm a 29 year old "girl" living close to Stockholm in Sweden. I am originally from Northern Germany and I am half-German/half-Iranian. I am sharing my flat with my lovely boyfriend who I have met on the internet six years ago and for whom I actually moved to Sweden for.

I am "goth", ah well, who likes that term anyway. I have been part of the goth-scene for 15 years now, so I don't think I'll ever become normal, or what others would consider normal. I love literature, art, music (goth, deathrock, old school goth, postpunk, darkwave), languages, literature, philosophy, traveling, penpalling and much more.

I am a student at the university of Stockholm and I have studied cultural studies with literary studies being my major but I have decided to just concentrate on literature in the future. At the moment I am taking a break from my studies though but I am determined to go back in autumn.

I have recently been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and light forms of phobic personality disorder, OCD and post-traumatic stress disorder. I am currently struggling to get back on track with my life, getting off all the meds that have been forced upon me and trying to live a normally again. But my days are mostly filled with anxiety :( 

My livejournal is mostly about my life, what's going on and my thoughts. I will also start to write about the books I am reading, music and philosophy. So please add me .. I always comment on interesting entries and I love to read about other people's lives and thoughts.
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anxious, thinking, worry

Oh my...

 Hello, my name is Ceil and I am 19 years old. Yosh!

I was born in New York and moved to Austin, Texas and have been living here since. I am a college student, and it pretty much eats up my time, and that makes me very very sad. ): 

I'm interested in a lot of things, but can never seem to think of them when prompted. Then, when I read other people's posts, I go, "OH! I like that too!" So, this is just a snapshot of what I like:

Reading. Hey, it's why I'm here, to stalk read your posts.
 By the way, fiction writing here is amazing. Everyone here rocks. I love it. It's why I decided to make a LJ. People's journals just rock in general.
Anyway, I have a bunch of interests, like: Inception, Naruto, Death Note, Harry Potter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Sherlock Holmes, Bleach, NCIS, etc. But I haven't got the guts to do much for any of my interests. (Maybe that will change...)
Art/Music. I pretty much like anything from JPop to Alternative Rock to Techno to Original soundtracks. I also happen to draw. Badly. I do like drawing though. :)

Learning. I love learning the technical aspects of things that may never pertain to me in real life, e.g., men's suits, how to tie a tie, what to do in a zombie invasion... Just anything. Everything. Especially when it's written in a snarky fun attitude. :D

Friending. I'm actually incredibly shy. It took me years a bit to get myself a LJ. I'd love it if you'd add me, please. *meek*
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Curtsy while you think...

...it saves time. I'm currently on an Alice in Wonderland stint. I read both Lewis Caroll's Alice stories and watched SyFy Alice recently. Loved it! Well, I loved Hatter.

I'm a girl who recently became a 'legal adult'...and I gotta Wii for my birthday too! I love video games, but I don't play as much as I used to. 
Games: Infamous, Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia: the Forgotten Sands (the one before that Sucked raw beans and eggs through a straw)

TV: Basically only thing I watch now is Wheel of Fortune (which I rock at. Please put me on the show), the Mentalist (There's no business like Cho business!), and Harry's Law (she's like a female Matlock!).

I love Ted Dekker's books. Start with Kiss. Then the Bride Collector.  I love writing and would love to get published one day. I have just over 70 stories on Fanfiction, mostly X men Evolution and Avatar: the last
airbender. There's a few other fandoms in there too.

I love Naruto (Itachi's boss; Kakashi rocks!), Cowboy Bebop (I refuse to believe he's dead.), and Spirited Away.

I'm a Romy fangirl. Just throwin' that one out there. Does anyone else even know what a Zuko is?

What else, what else?

I'm an incredible klutz, and athletically challenged. It's just not a good idea.

What I post on here will be random thoughts, maybe something that happened that day, rants, or working out some thoughts about my stories.

(My stories are a lot less disoriented than this post. I hate being put on the spot...even though I did this voluntarily.)

So, add me if you wish. If you want to read some of my stories, I'll send you a link.

Edit: I'm a Baptist Christian. Rather stupid of me, but I forgot that you guys can't see me, so you can't know I wear a skirt so you have no reason to assume that I have any religious affiliation whatsover. Duh. I have my idiot moments too.
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marie antoinette; blue


Soo, my name's Marie Theodora, I am 19 years of age, and I hail from Norway. I'm utterly odd, pretty lost and all about the book banter. I enjoy cats, psychopathic shoelaces and a smattering of apple juice, but mainly water. I have a body that cannot understand or decide whether it's low blood or diabetic, and a bipolar brain that is bipolar in it's bipolarity or manic depressive in it'smanic depressive....ity, a brain that overcalculates and overshoots and overthinks and rushes more than a train on steroids, or Flash on full throttle as he slams each character down on Mortal Kombat vs DC.


Okay, over to the serious stuff. My previous account got hacked and deleted, so I basically lost all my friends on here. Yay public wifi!

As you can see I'm from Norway, that little bass-shaped country that decided to give Obama the Peace Prize. I usually read, write, get lost somewhere, watch movies or play games (*cough**cough*Left4Dead2*cough**cough*). As my icon indicates, I am a huge Star Trek fan. I also love Star Wars, not to mention a variety of television series (The Big Bang Theory, Skins (UK) and Bones among others).

My journal so far mainly consists of a few personal musings, stuff I write, anecdotes... Things like that. Oh, and I also passed midterms with 180 minutes of sleep under my belt. Yeah, I experiment a lot.

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beast of blood

始めまして! (Pleased to meet you!)

Hello! I'm 4ristocrat_o and I'm from the north west of England. I can speak three foreign languages - French, Japanese and German; however I'm only fluent in French (well, almost). I took my French GCSE three years early (started it at age 11, but now I'm fourteen, so I'm quite good) ;)
My life revolves around music. Literally. I listen to virtually nothing but Japanese visual kei and alternative. I am a Gothic Lolita on a budget and these bands give me inspiration.
I became interested (deeply) in Japan four years ago when I discovered an anime on TV called 'Tokyo Mew Mew'. I just became obsessed, until next thing I knew, I had bought the soundtrack.
This lead me on to more Japanese bands, and to my favourite band of all times... MALICE MIZER. (I love you Klaha!)
So yeah, now almost everything in my room is Japanese. My friends at school think I have something wrong with me because i love the country so much. But who couldn't? :)
Personal synopsis:
• I love manga and anime
• I am Japan-obsessed
• I joined LJ yesterday so I'm lonely '~' (well, not really, but I'd like more friends on here :D)
• I love music
• I'm a Goth-Loli
Plenty more, however my entry would be too long if I included everythig about myself. Must warn you though: I am *unique* (in other words, bizarre :P ). I'll make friends easily but I'd like it if I could share some common ground with someone.
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(no subject)

Hello! My name is Chelsea, and I'm 23 years old.
I live in NJ, right across the river from NYC, in Hoboken.
I'm looking for new friends, because a lot of my friends don't write in their journals anymore.
My likes are: journaling, thrifting, art of any kind, creating art of any kind, fashion, and different views people have to offer.
I own a vintage store on Etsy named Chelsea Vintage, and that is my work and pastime.
If your interested in what I look like, my picture is in my userpic, and my profile.
I'm also a recovering drug addict from heroin, so I sometimes write about that.
And I like to think of myself as a nice person.
I'll pretty much add everyone that adds me.
㊣ History 101
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hello there.

I'm Julianna Lynne. I'm 14, and live on the US/Mexico Border. I'm a freshman at an small private school with a bunch of kids & teachers who I've more or less know my whole life, where I'm in the drama club, yearbook committee, and newspaper staff. I'm speak my mind quite a bit and I can sometimes come off as bitchy. *shrugs.* I love the tv shows Fringe and Buffy, I squee about them a lot in my journal. I also talk about my struggle with Depression with a side of ADHD, not a lovely thing. I speak both English and Spanish, having been around both my whole life, but I'm not as good at Spanish. I also enjoy reading, and read my first word at 18 months. I like lists, and tend to over share sometimes. I can't really think of anything else, so comment if you'll like to be friends. (:
cute: cow+egg+chicken

Guten Abend from Japan!

Alright, I try to keep this as short as possible.
I'm a 30 years young German woman who's working as an English teacher in Japan. I moved to Japan 3 years ago and in a few days I'll go into my 4th year here.
My hobbies are travelling, photography, studying Japanese, blogging and watching dramas (mainly jdramas). I also used to be a huge fan of anime and manga, but recently I don't care so much about it anymore (but as I've been a fan for way over 10 years, I've seen/read a lot and thus know a lot ). I also like Johnnys, mainly Arashi and ... Ikuta Toma who I also met live last year and will meet again next month twice
Here's a list of all animes/jdramas/jmovies I've watched so far (so that list needs to be updated like WOAH!! ) and here's a list of all jdramas with pictures and rating (also needs to be updated ...).

Recently my journal is mainly about my life in Japan. The majority of entries is about me travelling Japan with TONS of photos. If you have a slow connection, then my journal is probably not very interesting for you.
I'm ranting every now and then about life, work, food and culture in Japan. I sometimes post about my Japanese studies (self study - just passed N2 last year, working towards my final goal: JLPT N1 ).
Before I moved to Japan (2004-2007) I mainly posted graphics (icons, banners, screencaps etc.) and also reviews of various animes, jdramas etc. If you're interested, you can still find all of that in my journal, but don't expect me to post anything like that in the near future. I just don't have enough time.

In order to find out if my journal would be interesting at all, I suggest you have a look at my JOURNAL INDEX
I also created a "Japan travel index" and a "Japanese castle index" recently for anybody who's interested!~

Recent travel photos:

Collapse )

I'm especially looking for other people who also live in Japan or who have the same interests, but ANYBODY is welcome really!
Just please note one thing Collapse )

I also have a Japanese Livejournal where I sometimes write in Japanese in order to practice: densha_onna

If you're annoyed by all these small graphics, then it's probably not a good idea to add me as I use them in every single entry!!

Thanks for reading!~
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im trash


♥ i'm natalia/andy- call me whichever :D
♥ i'm 17
♥ i like dem animu shows
- my favorite right now is hetalia ( FFFFFFFF )
- other favorites include: DRRR!, baccano!, kuroshitsuji, xxxholic, ouran, death note, tsubasa, junjou romantica, and gundam wing! /and alot more
- i also like shipping guys with guys, so if you don't like it, you were warned ;D
♥ but i also like rl shows like 'how i met your mother' and 'doctor who'
♥ my journal is mostly of memes and fangirling~
♥♥ my newest obsession is K-POP!
Suju Suju Suju!
2 pm 2 pm 2 pm!
Rain Rain Rain!

>=D ah ha enough of that.
anywho, imma pretty cool dudechick, so lets be friends! :3



My friends list seems to have a died a little bit over the past month or so. I'm looking to find some new friends to freshen the place up a bit!

I am 20 year old sophomore majoring in special education. Originally, I am from Cleveland, Ohio, but currently I live in Columbus for school.
I enjoy music, art, the internets, dancing (very badly), comics, (teaching) children, going on walks, sex, food, etc.

I usually post about things going on in my life- which is usually school or work related. I seek advice and suggestions from my friends list, so I enjoy getting feedback. I sometimes take quick videos or post pictures (although not very often).

I do not know what else to say... so if you have any questions, feel free to ask or add me and see how you like my journal.

p.s. here's a picture:Collapse )