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Wow, I feel kind of nervous typing this. :\ Why do I feel nervous? Anywho, I'm looking to find new friends from different places. I've been wanting to meet more friends on here, but haven't had much luck.

My name is Ginna (thats a picture of me in my icon), I'm 24, but will be turning 25 this coming week. I'm a friendly person, and I always try to think of positive things to say, even if I disagree with what you might be saying, aka being respectful. :P  I live in the "deep south" of America, but I lack the local accent.  Both my mom and husband are from other parts of the states, which is why I don't have a southern drawl.  And I'm glad about that, I am.

  • Reading
  • Writing (including letters)
  • Jesus/Church
  • Anime, including: Naruto Shippuden, Clannad, NGE, Code Geass, Rurouni Kenshin, some others
  • Japan/Japanese stuffsz!
  • SUSHI!!!
  • Penpals
  • Typing
  • Swimming
  • Warriors series, Earth's Children series, Dean Koontz, Inheritance Cycle, some others I can't remember right now
  • Being a house wife (I know, I can't believe it either!)
  • Facebook!
  • Movies!
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (but the movie sucked!!!)
  • Survivor
  • Interneting
  • Laughing!
  • Making jokes
  • Making other people laugh
  • Telling stories
  • Traveling
  • Learning about other cultures
  • Cleverness
  • The Golden Rule
  • Music of course!
  • Trumpet
  • Poetry (I write some, too)
  • Postsecret

  • Lies
  • Deceit
  • Bad humor
  • Liquid medicine
  • Bad drivers
  • Too much sugar
  • Bad movies
  • Lots of dirty humor (some is ok, but not a lot)
  • Cussing/swearing (I can handle some, but again, not a lot)
  • People who don't use their turn signals
  • People who cut me off
  • People who play their music so loud you can hear it inside with all your windows and doors closed... and I'm trying to sleep cause it's stupid o'clock in the morning
  • Hate (like what the Fred Phelps group does)
  • Porn (Yeap, I said it.  I don't like porn.  So sue me?  It makes my stomach turn!)
  • General not-nice attitudes

In my journal I talk a lot about my day-to-day life with my husband, the things I do... I try to be interesting. lol  I type long entries sometimes filled with a lot of different topics.  Caution: I do talk about religion in my posts, so be forewarned.  I'll discuss things with you about whatever I'm talking about, but please be respectful and don't start an arguement with me.  If you can't say something nice (or have a genuine "I'm interested in knowing" question you want to ask), please don't say anything at all.

I'll talk about the things I watch sometimes (mostly, if I do, it'll be about Naruto, or random things I notice in anime), but not a whole lot, cause hubby and I don't have TV channels, and I do all my watching when I go to my mom's house, or when I can use a fast internets... cause we don't have internet either. lol  I also post a lot of videos from YouTube of music I like.  Sooo, if anyone wants to add me, feel free! :D  I'd love to talk sometime, I leave comments, and I generally try to stay positive, and I'm pretty encouraging when I put effort into it. :)
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"Always be yourself. Unless you suck" - Joss Whedon

Hello possible friends from the future!

I'm Milly. I'm twenty-two, although I look about seventeen, and I'm a student living in Portsmouth, UK studying Drama and Film Studies. I like to ramble on about my life, and the small things that make it a bit more fun.

Things I like, in handy bullet-point form.

  • Acting. I don't do it as much now as I used to, but I love being on stage and the whole excitement of putting on a production. The last time I was on stage, it was performing part of Sarah Kane's 4:48 Psychosis.
  • Spending time with friends - time which is generally spent drinking and dancing the night away, or sitting at home in slob clothes watching films/TV. I'm lucky in that I have quite a lot of friends, I like meeting new people and guess I'm pretty friendly.
  • Going on adventures. I like to make every day a little more exciting. Going to the Sea Life Centre, random walks, even just taking a slightly different route home breaks me out of routine. I don't like routine.
  • Writing. I copy edit and write for the University paper, as well as regular blogging for my own reviews blog and various other sites and publications. I'd love to get paid to do it one day.
  • Obnoxious hair accessories. I love flowers and bows.
  • Tattoos. I currently have six, including skull theatre masks with flowers, stars and bows on my upper left arm/shoulder.
  • Music. Being eclectic, because sticking to one genre is boring. However, saying that, my 'main genre' is probably pop-punky 'emo' type stuff. Alkaline Trio are hands down my all-time favorite band and I have a long, epic love affair with them. I also like Rise Against, A Day To Remember, Emarosa, We Are The Ocean, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Fightstar, The Blackout, Kids in Glass Houses, The Ataris, Dead Poetic,  Rammstien, Audioslave, Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, McFly,The Saturdays, Devlin, Example, and as a throwback to the days of old, A1. A lot of my post titles are song lyrics. I'm all about live music and festivals (Download 05-10, Sonisphere 09/10, Reading 07/08).
  • Films. Horror please. Preferably with gore. Or suspense thrillers.I prefer 'guy films' to 'chick flicks'. Except for Mean Girls and Just My Luck. I like foreign cinema, The Edukators being a film I LOVE. Repo! The Genetic Opera is my favourite film ever
  • Supernatural. It borders on unhealthy obsession. The higlight of my weekend is actually a new episode. And despite masses of love for both of the boys, I'm a Sam girl...
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I'm a lover of all things Whedon, and Buffy was the show I grew up with.
  • The Vampire Diaries, Bones, Glee. (it's such an awesome guilty pleasure), anything with Russell Howard or Charlie Brooker. I get geeky over TV a lot.
  • Dean Koontz is an amazing author, I adore his books. When it comes to books, generally, thriller-y stuff tends to do it for me. But I also have a massive place in my heart for Harry Potter.

So yeah. If you have similar interests (or, what the hell, even if we seem to have nothing in common!), feel free to add me, as I'd like to meet new people! Just a tiiiny warning, sometimes I do get a bit sweary, and there's some adultish content at times, but I'm generally pretty nice. I think. I hope...
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big bang;;bubble trouble

My second post in which I will use images to make my points.

Hello! Hallo! 你好!
Please don't be confused, I assure you my journal is 99.9% English. I am learning German, my college major, and Chinese, my minor. This is my second post on add_me because this page eats entries so fast my f-list is overflowing with entries every few hours. Last time I did my add me post fairly normal with the 'hi this is what i like, blah blah blah' and this time I'd like to present the same information in a more visual way!

My nickname is Oreo, but I also go by Mi-chan. If you absolutely must know my real name.. I won't tell you because that's just creepy. Now, below the cut I'm gonna have a small pic spam depicting some of my favorite people and things so... if you know or recognize anyone please comment and add me! :D

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Feel free to ask if anything/anyone looks interesting to you! And to make your own mosaic go here.
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Scott Pilgrim - Ramona at the door


Kimmi. Twenty, going on forty, going on four; lifelong Michigander, engaged to the love of my life (who lives 40 miles away), no kids.
Graphic Design student, working as a graphic artist for my college.
I'm a bit of a nerd.

<3: Hello Kitty, photography, Glee, Scott Pilgrim, cosplaying, stickers, thrift stores, squirrels, iced coffee, anime, hoodies, warm summer days, Swedish Fish, thunderstorms, video games (Portal's my favorite :D), makeup
Not-<3: Bad hair days, snow, Comic Sans MS, doing laundry, traffic jams, driving next to semi trucks, long work days
My journal: Rants/raves about aforementioned pseudo-LDR/wedding planning, school, work, and the like. Occasionally photos/surveys/what have you thrown in.

Let me entertain you (in which I mean bore you witless)

Name - heffermonkey . Well actually my real name is Louisa and as you can already tell, my username is heffermonkey - the name came about through a bout of name calling between myself and one of my most awesometastic friends. It's how we bond, calling each other names - I called her something that I won't say here (delicate eyes and all that), I got called a heffermonkey - a nickname was born. It's how we roll.

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I'm determined to start using my lj more often, so I figured this would be a good ruddy thing to start with...

I'm Hannah, 26, live in the UK, I work in a boring local government office and I am a slight geek. By which I mean I love love love comic books, am a complete music nerd, and tend to get slightly obsessive about TV shows. Also a tad into films. The biggest love in my life is my bed, or laying about and being comfortable in general.

I love anything, ANYTHING by Alan Moore. Zombie comics are also a big favourite, as is anything by Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, the usual Marvel and DC stuff, and I'm just starting to get into more independent comics too. I too also read 'real' books (some people I know are totally snobby about comics), I'm not fussy, anything from Oscar Wilde and other classics, to Stephen King and Chuck Bukowski.

I'm not even going to go into music I love... Again not fussy, I can find something of merit in nearly every kind of music. I live for it. Pretty much the same with films.

TV shows - recently obsessed with BSG, it's the best thing I've ever seen on TV, even better than the Wire. I'm a lifelong X-Files nut, but my current true love is House, mainly because I want to bone him.

In general I'm a bit of a twat, prone to extreme laziness and eating ridiculous amounts of food, which is why I've just started running. Which hurts quite a lot, but it's better than getting fatter than I already am. I also tend to be quite miserable at times, so sometimes my lj is pretty much doom and gloom, and I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of people, so there's normally quite a lot of ranting.
acrylic, caron, red heart, yarn, fiber

What I Realized...

Ever since I started my blog, back on June 9, I have come to it, to discuss my two year adventure, with The Yarn Project. I mean, that was the whole point, of my blog. I was using it, to record every little thing about my time with yarn. But, I have used it for another purpose. In my blog, I find myself speaking of my recovery quite a bit. I will often start a post, by writing about walking around. I will write when I have bad days, where I fall. I will write of good days...where my ankles don't give out. I will write of my dreams of, one day, being able to walk just like everyone else.
My blog is a blog about yarn...but it is also about my recovery.
And today, while I was looming away (creating a washcloth), I started thinking about the 'deeper' levels, of The Yarn Project. You know...Why I started it, and everything.
I started my project, because I was recovering from a surgery. TV had become boring, and I needed something to do. I needed to occupy my time. I needed something, apart from pain, to focus on.
And now, I realize how special my blog (and my Project) are.
I needed The Yarn Project.
It has given me the ability to write about my recovery. It has allowed me the opportunity to use yarn as a metaphor, for everything else. (Because, dang it. If I can learn to crochet, loom knit, and knit, then I can learn to walk!)
Before starting The Yarn Project, I had tried to write another blog. I tried to write a blog, about my recovery. But, I couldn't. The feelings I had, about my surgery, and my recovery...They just would not flow onto the page. That is, until I started this blog, and this Project.
Through my Project, I am learning new talents, which I love (even though they often stress me out.) And, I have finally found a way, to write about my recovery.
I am so thankful, for The Yarn Project.
I just thought I would write that out.

Greetings and salutations.


I'm a 33 year old male. I live near Detroit, Michigan, and have for going on 10 years this September (prior to that, I lived in Oregon). Married 8 years this June. Father of twin sons, 5 years old in April, one of whom was born with complications and special needs. I've been on LJ for years, and I went through a friends purging a month or two back. Recently added a few from a different friend-adding group, and I saw this one highlighted on the main page, so I thought I'd try it once.

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I'm fairly open-minded, and I don't need friends to be an exact match ... however, there are some "don't bothers" that, if you fall into these categories ... well ... don't bother.

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So ... there you go. My journal is friends-only, so post here, or send me an LJ message. Or both.
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girl and dog
  • ahyom

Good day, sir!

Just returned to LiveJournal.
I'm eagerly looking for people that actually want to communicate with one another.
I don't really feel like posting a long winded about me on here.

Name: Jessica
Age: 21
Interests: Reading, cooking, baking, snail mail, comics, animation, and being in the sun
Favorite book: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
Favorite author(s): Shirley Jackson, Haruki Murakami, and Fyodor Dostoevsky

I'm about to move from San Francisco (due to a job loss) back home to Texas. I looked at losing my job as a sign that I should finally go to college. I'm excited to start in the Hospitality program at U of H in the fall. I like to think that I have a good sense of humor, but I'm nerdy and people just don't get it half the time. If you're into comics, movies, reading, and food then I'm sure we have plenty in common.

The Stuff You Should Know

I'm Essie. I've only been on LJ for a while, but just got into the "Post More Often" Groove. i like to write, read (sometimes, and especially not my textbooks), sing (although I have been told I don't do it well.) and make friends online. I want to be more outgoing in real life.

I'm a person who is hovering towards Christianity. I have a post on that in my journal. I mostly update about school and life. I post maybe 2 to 3 times a month, but i want to change that. I also write about what goes on in my head and the mental breaking down i want to halt.

I want to be more positive, and now this journal is going to (I hope) take you through my journey of spirituality and other things.

So I think that's it. It's not too long an introduction. Add me if you'd like, just please let me know you're from the add_me community? Thank you so much. =)

Hope to read you soon.
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nuhdeen CLAP

lol omg add me is featured


I'm christie, twenty something (ok 26 lolol ugh) from Atlanta, GA. I have a family full of christian redneck republican racists and I'm a liberal lesbian whos fawning over a beautiful black girl so needless to say I often feel like I don't fucking fit in. I still live with my parents bc I work part time and can't afford not to yet. I was recently hired at Delta Airlines as a gate agent which is a pretty cool job (especially compared to me being a cashier at best buy making $7.00/hour before). The coolest part is that I fly free and since I was hired in August I've been on about 15 different planes. I was actually a little scared to fly before this job, but there was no way I was going ot let that stop me from traveling. Now there is zero anxiety when flying - I actually enjoy it.

I don't watch much tv but i do always make time for Castle, Detroit 101, Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice. I have 2 cats who I love very much despite the fact that the ginger one can annoy me to no end. I listen mostly to pop music which I know turns a lot of people off but whatever they can get over themselves!! Girls Aloud, Nicki Minaj (so sexy), Rihanna, & Lady Gaga are some of my favorites. I have a ps3 and a wii and when I really get into a game it's hard for me to put it down (most recently = Dragon Age: Origins). I have a macbook pro which makes me kind of a mac snob but only because this computer has never ever given me problems compared to the piece of shit HP i used to have that annoyed the hell out of me. My favorite movie is x-men 2. I still remember just staying in the theater and staring at the screen after seeing it because I had to let it sink in what happened and how emotional I felt lololol yeah.

I've been described as "kind of ghetto" and I really dislike religions because even though I think it's good for some people to find religion I also find that it turns a lot of people into judgmental hypocritical assholes. I remember my grandmother's pastor trying to find a home that was "not near any black people" and them preaching against abortion the one time I went to church with her (to help her with my grandfather who was very sick) and I really cannot with those people at all. Not to mention how homophobic most of them are. Ugh.

Ok idk I could find more to say but you've all been bored to tears already probably and this will only scroll into oblivion SO YEAH. HI. COMMENT/ADD ME IF I INTEREST YOU, ETC. THANKS

Hmm what is the subject? Oh, Add me; Duh!

 A Small Post About Me! 

Well there really isn't much to say! I'm looking for any one who'd like another friend, people who are hurting, and people who need any kind of encouraging or uplifting. =) I'm here to tell my story, However interesting or dull it may be, and to help others. 

I love all kinds of music from Sigur Ros, to lil wayne, and every thing in between. I'm open minded, open hearted, and open to suggestions. I love God and am a Christian. I don't curse, drink, or smoke. 
  • I love people and love listening to their stories. 
  • I sing in the shower
  • I am an optimist
  • I love food
  • Very friendly
  • I love to laugh and joke around
  • i enjoy watching the stars at night and the waves in the morning. 
Add me and come tell me your story =D
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Bubble gum

Let's be friends

Well there isn't much I can say but that I'm looking for anyone who would like to become friends with me. Someone who shares common interests with me as well. Here are some info on myself:

-I'm 22-years old.
-From Michigan.
-Love anime and manga.
-I always read the Naruto manga when it's updated.
-I love to draw, (I did lose my muse but I'm trying to get it back).
-Listening to music. My favorite bands are Linkin Park. Red. Skillet. UVERworld. And my favorite singers are Anna Tsuchiya. P!nk. Nana Mizuki.
-I love horror movies.
-I ship the SasuHina and KakaHina pairing, among other pairings.
-I'm currently writing a science fiction/fantasy novel.
-Kimi no Todoke is a funny anime to me and Maid Sama!
-I think Death Note is one of the best anime ever made~
-Very friendly
-I write Hinata-centric fanfics. (If you read Naruto fanfictions, particularly Hinata based stories, I have an account on FF.net. I'm Hinata6 on there).
-I have a personal journal and this journal where you would find my fandoms.
-A gamer
-I'm learning Japanese, currently I can read Hiragana and Katakana. In my Japanese class we're learning Kanji now.

Please feel free to add me. I'll like to meet new friends who also like anime and manga n.n!

(no subject)

My name is Katy, 21, American, live in Virginia but moving to Arizona.

Hoping to get back into school this fall- was a social work major for a year.

I adore photography, cute animals, RENT, the ocean, writing my novel.

Im a loyal mcdonalds employee and I hate it.

Im on Facebook like 24/7.

I can get along with anyone unless they give me a reason not to.

Im open to any friends, I dont discriminate Race, Religion, Sexuality, Disability, any of it. But you are not open minded about these thing, we may not get along. Fair warning.

I love my Dog. she's my best friend. Her name is Chelsea Martini.

Theres lots more to me, so if youd like to know me, comment my friends only post :)

I look forward to getting to know you! ^__^

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Lightning Crashes

Hello everyone, I hope life is good to you where ever you are on this wonderful planet we call ours. 
I wouldn't say I was terribly interesting, I mean things have happened to me in my life that have made it drama-filled but me as a person, I don't think is very interesting. I am a normal teenager, albeit slightly odd. I like to say unique, sounds better. 
My name is Keely, I am Eighteen years old, turning Nineteen in May, which I find rather frightening  and exciting at the same time. I have two parents (who I don't have a great relationship with), three half siblings; long story there, ask me about it sometime if you're interested, and three best friends whom I love with all my heart. My friends are more family to me.
Now for some personality traits. I am quite introverted, but I come across as extroverted. It's my way of coping. I can be quite bad socially so I try harder when I am around people I don't know, which is why I come across as extroverted. I am shy, to an extent. I am extremely passionate about what I stand for, and things I believe in. I am fiercely independent, and I am a dreamer. I seem like I am a realist but I do genuinely wish for a happy ever. The only difference between me and a hopeless romantic is that my happily ever after doesn't need a significant other. I am quite happy alone. 
My interests include old films (Casablanca is amongst my favourites), collecting Vinyl records, music of most kinds. I have a really strange collection of music, everything from the Cure, to Live, to Cat Stephens, to Emery, to Disney Soundtracks. It's a lot like my personality. I am a walking contradiction, but I like it. It keeps things interesting. I love spending time with my best friends, like most teens. I adore letter writing, and films in general. I read too much, way too much. Harry Potter will always hold a special place in my heart. I can't read Deathly Hallows too often because it destroys me. I love to analyse things, and I am a history nerd. I love learning about the past. 
I want to do humanitarian work when I leave Uni. Or Editing. Or Teaching. I will probably do all of the above. Continuity bores me.

If I seem interesting, comment on my friends only entry, or here and I will add you. New friends would be just lovely.

Hi Guys!

Hey Guys,

My name is Emma Ballantyne and I am 19 years old, living in New Zealand. I was away from LJ for a long time and so i'm looking for some new friends!!!

My interests are:

Travelling!!! I am a cruise hag in the making and love talking about my travels with others.

TV- Bones, The classics like Dr Quinn etc, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, Glee, E! channel, many more haha

Movies- Burlesque, Black Swan, No Strings Attached, Step Up 3 are the recent favourites

Activities - Dancing, Going to train in floristry, obsessing over TV ships, fanfic!

I am a nanny for a beautiful 5 month old at the moment (start March 14th) and love children.

I haven't been updating a lot but I will be from now on.

I love technology.

Look forward to talking more to some of you xxx

Hey there!:)

I'm Jesus (Hey-zeus) and I'm an 18-year-old guy who would love to make new friends especially those who share similar interests with me.

I absolutely love J-rock which is why I made this lj in the first place.xD
It's not the only thing I'm into though.
I'm a gamer. I love playing Halo 3 or Reach with my friends. I play COD, too, but it gets boring at times.
I play those online, but I also have so many other games.:D hehe
I like Anime and Manga....used to be more of a fanatic, but not as much anymore. I still love having my collection, though.:)
I'm sort of a neat freak when I feel like it.>.>
I'm kind to those who deserve it.
I have my depressive moments, but they always go away if I keep myself entertained.:)
My journal will not always be about one certain subject, so expect random thoughts popping up.
My journal is not full of entries, but that's because I just started using my journal.:)
Feel free to add me as I'd like to meet new people.:D
It's always fascinating to read what other people think.


I'm Tess. Nineteen. University student in sunny, sunny Scotland. I spend my time shirking lectures and developing my raging career as an amateur animator. And by that, I mean, I do nothing at all. I eat organic, dream of snowy mornings, and am waiting for a when and where I actually feel at home.

My posts contain some of the following: cheeky little videos, hometown american sensibilities, photos of pizza, horrible puns, typical flatmate rants, freckles, ice hockey pucks, dirty jokes involving orifices, and fashion lust.

Be my friend, you won't regret it I do solemnly swear! And if you recognize the quote in the subject line, you are absolutely required to make yourself known ;-)
  • seikita


Hello!--I've been reading through the community and thought I'd drop a line ^_^

I'm Seika -name's Macarena, yes, like the song, thankyouverymuch- and I'm a 24 soon to be graduated -hopefully- Chilean girl. That's, I live in Chile, in South America ^^ The country of the huge ass earthquake and the 33 miners -thank God it's over, because all the miners euphoria was getting on my nerves, seriously >_< -Spanish is the mother tongue, so you'll have to excuse my english if my english needs to be excused ^^U

I'm very random, somewhat OCD, usually positive and somewhat sarcastic. I like photography -and my LJ lately has been about pics and the occasional rambling about the afromentioned pics because... well, I think it's cool to watch something and then read about it ^^--I like my country so I try to share stuff about it there too. And I've been obsessing with Home-Deco blogs lately... and that shows, at some level xD

I like love writing fiction, I like to get involved with character development and somekind of psychology behind how those characters act (I don't do that with people, because... well, that's what I have characters for), I do my research when writing, it's exciting, even if I don't get to write any of that down ^^U --You might also read about those charas every now and then.-->But that's because I have a God complex that gets off when I play Sims and write ^_^

I love travelling too ^o^ And I like watching movies and TV, like Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and Being Human. Uh-oh, V. Danny Boyle is my fave director. And I like to listen to indie music (like Coldplay and the kind) and post-rock and experimental.

And I comment. I like to comment on my flist, because, well, that's the whole fun of the deal, right?

... And that's it. I take a long time to say something simple ._.
McFly - Attitude!

Just so you know...

Hey there guys, My name is Minaali. I am sixteen years old and from the wonderfully exotic land of Sri Lanka. I guess you could say I'm not exactly the most 'normal' person around, but I mean that in the most positive way, I assure you. From as far back as I recall, I've always been passionate about photography, writing and design...so I tend to ramble about those topics quite a lot.

I have many phases and obsessions, but a few that I've stuck with throughout are McFly, Cricket,  Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Merlin and How I Met Your Mother. I am, however, part of a million other fandoms that would take wayy too long to list. I'm also quite a k-pop freak at heart! XD

As an LJ friend, I read all my friends entries every day and comment maybe 80% of the time? (Somedays when I'm busy, I just skim through the page) So, if anyone thinks that I sound interesting enough, please add me and comment on my f/o post because I am currently lacking active friends. ♥