February 24th, 2011

wingcharm says hello ^^

A human being who is easily mistaken as an alien. Usually quiet. Suddenly smiles or laughs. Screams near roaches. Hugs kitties. Frustrated photographer. No sense of direction. Can't sleep without mosquito net. Snobbish. Absent minded. Childish. Silly. Careless. Squid phobic. Japanophile. Interested in useless/crazy stuffs. Has random taste in music. Loves fashion but wears trashy clothes. Curious minded. Bookworm. And simply crazy. That's me.

My page is literally a diary. I just write random stuffs about my day. So if you want to have a light read of real life episodes, may it be boring, weird, dramatic, common or adventurous experiences, then you might relate with me. ^^

Feel free to comment. I absolutely welcome ANY thoughts (just no spamming ok)

And oh, If I love your page I'll surely add you in my watch list coz' I love reading and commenting to posts that I can relate with. Seriously.
Vampira the Glamour Girl

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Hello, my name is Shyviolet15, I am a 25 year old goth tattooed law student.

Interests: Music, Photography, Tattoos, Zombies, Cats, Cemeteries, Silent Films, Running, Yoga, and legal research.

Warning: In terms of religious views I'm an atheist, and politically I'm very liberal. I also have been discussing various family issues and the illness of my grandpa, so my journal may at times be a downer. I use it mostly as a diary.

Why am I here: I created this journal when I was 15, and a lot of people I was originally friends with are no longer on lj, so lj has gotten a little dull.


So, Instead Of Schoolwork, I'm Here

I have posted here before, but I notice some new faces and the diversity is great. So how does one accurately describe themselves in order to seem like they are "friendable"? I am unsure if I will be able to, but it is worth a shot I guess. So, here it goes.

One... The basics. I am a 21-year-old gal (adult or woman, just sounds odd to me) from Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!) Am currently living it up at home with no job and going to school. Sounds like the life, right? Wrong. I have Severe Crohn's Disease and Superior Vena Cava Syndrome, both of which I was diagnosed with in the last two years. If you'd like to read more of these in detail just Collapse )

Two... I am an aspiring writer. I write, I write, and I write. Some of my entries are mindless gab which is drawn out from the deepest and darkest corners of my mind. You never know what you get with me in my entries some days. Yet, some days, I write just like you're typical Dear Diary entries if I happen to let the moment catch up with me. With my writing, I'm trying to write a journal entry for one year. So, guess that's a warning to y'all. ;)

Three... I post random photos from video games, movies, literature, anything really. Don't worry though, I resize them to medium according to photobucket. Again, just another warning for those who can be finicky about their friends' page getting filled up with nonsensical photos (don't worry, I don't post them every entry).

Four... I absolutely love video games. I am a gamer at heart, and as of late I have been gaming more, thus I have entries about said video games. If I had to pick a favorite? After my very recent playthrough of Chrono Trigger, it's now tied between it and its sequel, Chrono Cross.

Five... For all those fun loving atheists out there, I believe in God and am known to go on tangents or text from the Bible. I won't personally pick you out of the livejournal friends I have and announce, "HERE IS MY ATHEIST LJ FRIEND!!" No, that's tacky. I believe that everyone can agree to disagree and if you can get past this aspect in my journal, then I could give the same respect to your journal as well with beliefs.

Six... Hoping to find some new friends here on livejournal. I'm here at least once a day to update my journal, and will try once a week at the least to read/comment on friends' journals. Sometimes I may have busier weeks due to school, but hey, I can't be on this computer all the time.

Seven... I love Andrew McMahon, if you do, then I think we will get along Juuuuuust fine.

tech girl - undies

30s ~ Pacific Northwest, USA ~ verbose, romantic, weirdo

I've been poking around this comm for the last couple of months, and I've enjoyed finding some new, active, journals to keep my friends page interesting. This journal has been up and running for almost a decade now, so it started as the wild musings of a young twenty-something girl and has turned itself into the long-winded ramblings of a mad thirty-something. I like it that way. Maybe you will, too.

More info on well, me, here.
Please leave a comment to be added here.

Bullet points, because well, let's face it, we all scan these things, don't we?

I use my lj like a big, giant, well-loved scrapbook. Whereas the tactile version has ratty pages, pictures taped to its insides, ticket-stubs and menus and other ephemera tucked into its edges, my lj is filled with the digital version of bits and baubles. Photos, stories, links to places and things and events. There is a story to be told now, and I'm telling it here.
Why? Lots of reasons. But there are some major health concerns in our home right now. And while we're optimistic about things in the short term, we don't know what things look like in the long term. Sometimes it comes up. Mostly, it doesn't. But I'm keeping a wooden box of trinkets on my dresser. And I'm tucking away my stories here.

I'm seeing life through different colored lenses these days. And I'm on for the ride.


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I'm posting this again.

I'll get right to the point. My name is Lindsay. I am 22 years old. I am in my last semester of college. I hate having to explain myself in a single journal entry because I am a fairly dynamic person. So I'll just give you the teaser. I am a history major and an art history minor. I want to work in a museum or an archive some day. I work at a florist, and have been doing so since I was 16. I love to read, especially fantasy books. I love Queen, the Doors, and KMFDM. I am very selective when it comes to my music. I hate trends and I hate when people mindlessly follow them for the sake of being on the in. I have always been my own person and I have never given into peer pressure. I have been in a relationship for a little over a year, and I am happy with that person. I am a social person, and I am not afraid to talk to people. I am a nice person.
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The Clock

(no subject)

Hi. My name is Ashley. I'm 23, from FL currently living in CO. I'm an Army wife.

I LOVE music.
I LOVE old movies.
I have 8 piercings. 4 are real and 4 are in my ears.
I have A LOT of ink done. Currently working on a half sleeve.
My iPod is my most prized possession.
When I say I LOVE music, I love many types of music and I've almost hit 9000 songs in my library. I will give anything a chance before I decided whether or not I like it. I have no shame in the music I like.
I have a fat orange cat named Mo' Fuzz, he's more like a lazy roommate than a pet but I love him.
I love to read and I love books.
I have the worst case of ophidiophobia, a trait I share with Indiana Jones.
I have terrible short term memory.
My favorite movie ever is FREAKS. I've seen it 8000 times I still cry at the end every time.
I have the cutest lizard EVER HATCHED.
I post a lot of surveys but I've gotten into the habit of lj-cutting them.

I haven't kept an online journal in a long time and all my old friends from my other LJ have stopped writing in theirs. I miss having LJ friends and a journal. I'm looking for new friends, I want something new and interesting to read. I can't promise my updates will always be interesting tho lol. I don't expect comments on every one of my entries and I'll only comment if I have something worth saying. Add me and if it doesn't work out, you can delete me. I don't really want to have too much in common with LJ friends, to me, that makes it a little less fun.

I need friends. Add me<3
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Beautiful Nerd

why hello there.

Hello I am Amanda. I'm a 23 year old graduate student who just moved 3 hours away from my hometown
just for the heck of it for a few months.
I am currently unemployed but I am an English teacher.
I enjoy writing, blogging, photography, going on adventures, music, reading, going out with my ladies, karaoke, wine, chocolate, and dancing.

I don't watch a lot of Television, but I do like: LOST, Dexter, Fringe,  True Blood (guilty pleasure), and Ghost Hunters.
I love nearly all kinds of music.

What you will find in my journal: ranting and raving, fun posts, pictures, and me just talking about my day to day life.

I've been hanging around LJ for about 10 years now under a couple of different names, but most of my friends have become inactive. Please comment on this post or on my Friends Only post to add.

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(no subject)

Hey! :-)

My name is Lessal, I'm 27, I live in Sussex in the UK and I keep my LJ and my RL (real life) very separate, LJ is my dirty little secret...but the good kind *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

This is me...

Collapse )

I'm a huge fan of randomness, I have a zillion completely absurd and ridiculous thoughts that occur to me on a daily basis, some of which are (hopefully) interesting and some of which will cause you to have a "WTF?" moment (which, you may enjoy, I don't know).

I'm usually extremely cheerful, probably irritatingly so but I reeeeeally can't help that, however, there is currently enough drama (which I am NOT a fan of) in my life to satisfy those people who might get off on drama so don't let that put you of. ;-)

I have a 'Hugh Grant' approach to swearing; I rarely do but when it happens it's usually one long stream of obscenities ending in something highly inappropriate like 'Knickers'.

Historically, people don’t like to be around me when I find my rage, it’s not pretty and it usually involves detailed threats of violence, swear words and lots and lots of fury.

Add Me, let me know, come comment, gawk, mock (but gently because that's just mean) etc.

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hi, let's be friends.

hi i'm fernando, and hoping to make some new friends.
some things about me:
i am 16.
i am gay.
i am a semi active graphics-maker
i enjoy all kinds of music, but i usually favor the pop genre.
i currently am home-schooled, but may return to public at the start of 11th grade.
i don't watch much television at all, but when i do it's usually one of the popular shows currently airing. my current favorites at the moment are skins and pretty little liars.
you can say i'm a huge harry potter fan (especially in love with rupert grint) ♥
i am an easy going person who pretty much gets along with anyone, i also am the one to give advice and comfort to a friend in need of some help.
i am a sucker for drama, horror, and action movies.
i tend to be a little crazy at times but does that hurt? xD
i love cherries (guilty pleasure)
i like anything green, i am so obsessed with the color of green you can say i go a bit overboard sometimes with wanting everything that color (my room literally looks like a forest).
i have two adorable chihuahuas named chico and chloe ♥
if you are a instant message kind of person (i am myself) then you can add me on the following clients.
msn: ifernie@me.com
skype: brightfer
that's all, feel free to add me, and i promise to try and make more entries this year (in which i've been lacking to do so).

(no subject)

I'm 19 and live in the U.S. I'm an English major right now and am planning to be a high school English teacher. I love books. I learned how to read when I was 3 and haven't stopped. My favorite books are Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland, Speak, Northanger Abbey and Emma. I'm a HUGE English Literature fan. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens are the greatest writers of all time. The Bronte sisters are another favorite. My favorite movies are Harry Potter, anything by Tim Burton, and Speak. I don't watch much TV anymore, it's always on but I'm usually doing something else, but I LOVE Criminal Minds. It's my new obsession. I love making friends and meeting new people. My deep dark secret? I'm afraid of the dark. My love for all that is nerdy has left me an outcast, even in my own family. I love video games and am playing Rift. I love LJ because it is allowing me to make friends without having to be super social. I've had a problem with that since middle school and this seems to be helping a lot. If you want to know more just ask!

Some honorable mentions:
Star Trek
Sherlock Holmes
Vampire Knight
Stick It
Steven Spielberg
Indiana Jones
The Messengers
In the Land of Women
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LC - Scrunched Face

Let's be friends! :)

Hi there! I love the current friends I have but I'm like a kid in a candy store - I want more! :) So here's some things about me you may want to know before becoming my friend:

The name is Ashleigh.
I'm 24 years old living in hot, hot Texas.
I'm a recent college graduate. I earned my degree in teaching elementary and I cannot wait to have my own classroom!
I'm in a four year relationship with a great guy. I promise I don't get all mushy about him though. He is just a large part of my life, of course.
I'm a very easy-going kind of girl. I do not judge others for their choices in life and I expect the same respect.
I use my journal to post anything I want: day to day things, emotional thoughts, meme's, etc. It's my place to go to let my thoughts out.
I post often and take the time to read others' posts. I will comment if I have something to say, which I normally do.
I love building relationships with my LJ friends. I've made some great friendships and memories here and I'm looking forward to making more!
I'm a huge fan of music, movies, and tv shows. My iPod is one of my favorite things I own! I listen to almost any kind of music. I have a wide variety on Starlight (my iPod touch). I love too many movies to name. I'll watch any horror, comedy, action if it has comedy, romance, or dramatic movie. I'm a lover of Netflix Watch Instantly! I'm a fan of the following tv shows: Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Teen Mom 1&2, Jersey Shore (yes, I'm guilty of watching it!), One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, and Friends.
I enjoy reading, cooking, Facebooking, and spending time with friends. I sometimes will post recipes if something I cooked turned out amazing!

I do not have any requirements to be friends. If you think we'll click, add me! :)

Here's a visual of the girl behind this post:

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So I go by birdie.
It's the only nickname I've ever been given and I like it.
 I'm new to this but I'm going to try it.
Now I'm not going to tell you that if you don't like me, don't add me because most people that don't like what I have to say end up becoming my best friends. 
I'm 21.
Full time worker.
In a relationship from hell...
Part of a family full of morons....
And I hate my job.
These three things I will complain of most. 
Most of it is funny considering everyone has thought or said some of the things that I write.
Either way I hope to meet someone on here.