February 26th, 2011

Happy Pinkie says hi

Seeking new recruits in my new, improved, journal

Just checking to see if anyone else is interested in adding me. Or not, LOL. And I'm checking to see if anybody likes the pretty horse I drew (ignore the condition of the paper, it got beat up after I moved it from dorm to back home and back again multiple times over my college career.)

Journal is Semi-Friends Only. I'm open to anyone who shares my interests and my obsession with Japanese TV and culture. More interests can be found listed in my profile. But it's okay even if we don't share many interests at all, as long as I think we'll get along just fine. You'll love my LJ if you like any or all of the following:

1. Cute Japanese boys/bishies/HOT dudes, whatever you'd like to call them. I'm biased though, so there will be pictures of some more than others.
2. Chibis. Anything chibi. If you like chibis in general, welcome! I'll be posting lots of cute chibi pictures!
3. Animals. I especially welcome all horse and cat lovers. Won't be posting about them too much, though. But if you constantly post about horses or cats, by all means feel free to show me these. Pics of your horses or cats would be lovely. I like looking at pics of other peoples' pets. 
4. Music. I listen to a crap-load of j-pop and c-pop. I also like to sing. Shower singers unite! Heck, I don't even care if you're tone deaf! >_^
5. Harry Potter. While I won't be posting about it, if you want to talk about HP in the Blab about Anything thread in my LJ, go ahead. :)
6. Humor. All my posts have some sort of humor in them. If you like to laugh, this is the place for you.
7. Power Rangers. However, I'll be focusing more on its Japanese counterpart. Still, It's morphin' time! If you liked PR, you'll love me. I grew up with it and have watched a bit, if not all, of every season.
8. Anime. While I'm not really much of an anime addict these days, I still like to talk about it. Bonus points to anyone who adores/used to adore Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, and or Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original series. If it doesn't have Seto Kaiba in it, then I have no idea what the heck you're talking about.)
9. Robot Unicorn Attack! What can I say, it's addictive.
10. Books. Any Rick Riordan fans out there? Kane Chronicle and Percy Jackson fans will love me, I've read every book from those series so far, and I want to hear what other people think about the books.
11. Kamen Rider! (Not the crappy Masked Rider that everybody hated back in the 90's. Please, anything but that!! >o<)

Friends are always welcome, though I might not comment on your LJ unless I have something to say. So don't be offended, because I do read other peoples' posts even if I don't comment on them. Open minded people are welcome. Even if you have no clue what the heck I blab about in (most of) my posts, if you're willing to sit through them, that's great! But no flaming or swearing in my journal please. I've never swore and never will, and I'm really am a sensitive gal, so don't make me cry. Because if I cry that's bad. ;_;

Oh, and of course, comment to be added so I know who you are, either here or under my LJ friends-only post. :).

Hello everyone ♥

Hello! First time poster here! Nice to meet you all.

Uhh, okay. I'm schlei. Of course that's not my name, but I'm much more comfortable being called that here. I'm 22 year-old female from the Philippines. I don't think I act my age sometimes, but I guess it's fine because it makes interacting with people younger than me easier. But I get along with people older than me fine too, I guess!

Interests and hobbies! I watch a lot of jdramas, but my favorite are the detective dramas. As for manga, I have read quite a lot of shoujo, but recently, I have been into shonen and josei too. My favorites are Cat Street, Fairy Tail, Kimi ni Todoke, and Gintama. GINTAMA!! Music, well, I like listening to Ayu, AAA, MEG, capsule, DOES and some similar artists.

I really love games. I mostly just play RPGs nowadays, because I have too horrible hand-eye coordination to play them action adventure games. My absolute favorite are the Suikoden games. Also, Final Fantasy 1-6, 9 and Dragon Quest games.. Phantasy Star 1-4 and MOTHER 1-3. For the newer games, I like Tales of games, and Persona 2-4 ♥

I have a fandom list and a scrapbook that you could check for my other interests.

What I have in my journal: It's mostly just ramblings. And I mean ramblings. Most are direct brain to blog words that sometimes just sound really random. But it's fun to do and it seems some of my friends get entertained by it somehow, so it's all ok, I guess! What do I ramble about? Well, there's school, the games I play, stuff that I watch and read. I do lots of memes, and I post silly and/or pretty pictures.

If you do not mind all that, then let's be friends! ♥
Panty &amp; Stocking - Beautiful Panty

Good Morning! (Or Good Evening!)

I'm really bad at this, so I apologize!

My name is 'Vanilla Bean'* and I'm from Canada.
I'm attending University & living with my friend and two bratty cats.
*I'm not very fond of my real name so I try not to use it :x

I like baking. Baking, cooking, my kitchen.. Most of my posts relate to food or doings in said lovely kitchen. Baking & History. Those are my two loves in the world! I am also entranced with the era of the 1940's & anything antique. And secretly I collect Japanese Fan Comics that may or may not have male-male relationships. But I'm silent on that since it gets me weird looks!
If you don't mind that, then hello! :)

The bad thing about me relates mostly to commenting. I do try and comment as much as I can but I try living by the words of 'Better stay your tongue than look like a fool'. Which means, basically, if I can't think of anything good or more intelligent than 'Lovely!' to say, then I don't!

I'm also very bad at offering sympathy ): I usually come off as Reverend Lovejoy from The Simpsons but I don't really mean it! I'm just very bad at it...
I'm not doing a good job of selling myself, dear me.

If you are okay with these oddities, then I hope we can be friends!

Sit and Swing

Hello! :D

My name is Jamie!
Since my name really doesn't get the pleasure of having a nickname, someone came up with calling me Jamiebaby, because I'm such a cry baby and will never look my age.
Just in case your wondering, I'm only 18, turning 19 eventually :].
Sometimes it's hard to tell how old I am, but it's okay, i'm a goof and it's fun. I'm very capable of being serious if needed :D

Things I like:
*Anything cute!*
*My wonderful boyfriend of almost two and half years*
*Being with the people I are about the most*
*Being a goofball*
*Reading comics in my free time*
*Watching fun tv shows*
*Giving advice*

Things I don't like:
-Big Dogs-
-Rude people-
-Being ignored-
-Sweaty feet-
-My very low self-esteem-
-People telling me I can't do something-

I know it's almost impossible to learn so many things I person has to learn about them through simple little things like this, but thats why I put it.
If people wanna know more about me it would be wonderful to add me :]
I'm very friendly, but if you don't like straight forward people then you might wanna stay away.
so add away people and get to know the real me :]

You wont be dissapointed.
Well you might be, hahah, but your never gonna know if you don't try! :D

<3 Toodles.
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I'm not sure what's been up with LJ lately but my FL keeps going up and down. I like having interesting people to read about so here we go!

I'm Robyn, twenty-three (nearly twenty-four, oh my!), engaged to this awesome guy named Jeremy!
I have an Associate's in Computer Info. Technology and after having a "real" job and being laid off then working odd jobs for nearly two years I decided to go back to college. I'm now working on my BS in English Education with a minor in Speech.

I'm fascinated by supernatural things, serial killers, cults and pretty much every other odd thing out there. I'm a super nerd. I read. Constantly. It's not even natural how much money I've spent on books through out my life.

I have controversial views on everything, really. I don't do religion (but I do believe in God). I'm pro-choice. I think it's disgusting that Planned Parenthood will potentially take a hit for our governments poor budgeting skills. I think everyone should have equal rights! I get frustrated with ignorance.

I'm definitely a cat person.

Jeremy says I'm too judgmental.
I have an issue with keeping friends.
I think I just have a problem filtering what I should and shouldn't say.

I think I'm pretty damn hilarious.

Sinking Ships

Sam Sends Salutations...

I reside in God's Country, Illinois having been a transplant from my home of 20+ years on the east coast- Virginia's tidewater region to be exact. I miss the ocean, and the accessibility to nearly everything that life in the city provided. Though living in Farm Land, USA does have it's advantages. Peace and quiet being one of them. Miles of roads for running and cycling being second and third...

I mostly post about my thoughts on Christianity, life in general in the midwest, living with mental illness, photography, my family, various writing (including poetry) or art projects I'm working on (some of my older artwork and related material can be found here, at deviantart.com), books I am currently reading, music and lyrics, et cetera, et cetera. Entries of a more personal nature are locked, while those that aren't remain public. Feel free to friend me if you'd like, perhaps we can find common ground.

In addition to writing, and the arts, I enjoy running, cycling, working out, singing if the mood suits me, and being strange. I like quoting random and quite useless facts, much to the chagrin of those around me. I also enjoy using large words that most individuals don't understand. I feel as though it makes me seem more intelligent than the rest of my peers. Perhaps, perhaps not. I am prone to speaking nonsensically.

For you typers out there, I can be pigeon-holed by the following:
    - Religion: Christian
    - Myers-Brigg Temperament: INFJ (with a tendency towards INTJ)
    - Astrological Sign (hogwash, I tell you!): Leo-Virgo Cusp
    - Chinese Zodiac: Dog (or werewolf, depending on how I feel)
    - Blood Type: B+ (which is ironic for one who is somewhat of a pessimist)
    - Ethnicity: Asian (Pakistani)-American (Cherokee/German/Irish); or if you prefer Heinz-57 or Mutt. I prefer Asian American, it's easier for demographics purposes on job applications.
    - Sexual Orientation: Sexually Deactivated/Celibate/Asexual
    - Gender: Male
    - Political Affiliation: Independent
    - Exercise junkie
    - Bibliophile
    - Writer (as yet unpublished)
    - Artist/Illustrator
    - Photographer
    - Cat-lover (in a house of dog-lovers, do the math, I'm out of my element in more ways than one)
    - Avid houseplant collector
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(no subject)

Hey guys and dolls!

My name is Nicki and I am 28 years old living in Sydney, Australia. I love making new friends on LJ. There are so many interesting people on here and I love reading their journals. I like reading about people from different walks of life than me and in different countries.

Ok, so a bit about me...
* I'm recently married to the love of my life Damien. We've been together for 3 years and we got engaged a year before we got married. So now we are in the midst of looking for an apartment to move into.
* I work as travel agent. Some days I love it some days I hate it. I love travel so that is the main part I love about it and that keeps me going. Damien and I went to Europe for our honeymoon and that was our first time there. Loved it and can't wait to go back! We went to England, France and Italy! I am a big USA fan though. I have been there 4 times and lived there for 6 months to attend university in California. Next trip is to Bali in June!
* My big love is movies. I am still enrolled in university in a Bachelor of Media and Communications with a major in Screen Studies and Journalism. I have my own movie review site called Movie Critical which is pretty successful and I hope has an even more successful future ahead of it. I'm pretty obsessed with old movies and my all time favourite is Gone With The Wind. If I could go back in time, I would go back to Hollywood in its golden years, and stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt...which is my happy place :)
* I love reading and I will read anything. I love fiction and non fiction. I love classics, thrillers and chick lit and then I also love history and biographies.
*I can get really hooked on TV like Big Love, Six Feet Under and True Blood, then I love 90's shows like 90210, Melrose Place and Lois And Clark and then I can have a tacky moments with my Kardashians and other Hollywood E shows. I think it is part of my Hollywood and movie obsession! Then of course I love travel shows.
* Oh yes and music. My heart is still hurting that Oasis broke up, now I'm hanging out for Beady Eye's album and Noel Gallagher's solo album. I also love The Beatles (funny that), Coldplay, Powderfinger, KIllers, KIngs Of Leon, 30 Seconds To Mars and The Doors.

If you want to be friends, just comment here to let me know! See you!

(no subject)

Hi, I’m Gina and I’m Lame. There now that we have that out of the way. I am 26, I live in a dull place, I work full-time at a very dull job. I go to law school full-time, though it is only dull on a half-time basis. I don’t have cable, so I don’t really watch a lot of television. I don’t have internet at home so I don’t pointlessly surf the web. My downtime usually involves old bbc shows on dvd and writing letters to my closest childhood friend. So while my journal is sporadically updated, dull and badly spelled it is my real life. I don’t have a lot of down time especially with the internet so I don’t come here to spin a tale and have people tell me how great the imaginary me is. I come here to piss and moan about my trivial woes, to have sleep deprivation induced hyper emotional freakouts, to morn my lack of clean socks (see trivial woes), to rant about pointless things like how leggings are not pants or why young men think ax body spray is appealing when it really smells like a rotten goat. But mostly I come here to hear about other people’s lives. I love talking to real people in all walks of life. Other disgruntled students are great I would love to talk to some, but I also would really love to meet some new people who have chosen different paths than me. Bitter divorcees living back with your parents..tell me all about it. Busy mom who is a breastfeeding nazi…I would love to hear about your challenges and triumphs. Ex-hippie married to a right wing banker….oh god yesssss. You are all more interesting than me and I would like to hear about it. Backpacking across Europe with a former Venezuelan world cup player…wow great to hear your tales. If however you are on a couch in Montana writing about backpacking through Europe with a former Venezuelan world cup star…well then you can skip over me until you start writing about what it is like on that couch in Montana. That I would love to hear about.
Plain Audrey
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Hello, Dudes and Ladies!

I've been doing this old LJ thing since high school, but lately my FL has been missing a certain je ne sais quoi. So here I am.

I am:
-Very recently married
-A veterinary nurse/wannabe veterinarian
-A former journalist/writer (didn't make it very far in that field)
-An avid equestrian (have my heart set on eventing this summer with my OTTB gelding that I've had for almost a year now)
-In a seemingly infinite state of existential crisis

-All creatures, great and small
-But especially horses (of which I have one) and dogs (of which I have two)
-Reading and stockpiling books
-"Indie" music - whatever that means anymore. (All-time favorite bands = Rilo Kiley, The Flaming Lips, Neutral Milk Hotel, Why?, Animal Collective, and others along those lines.)
-Proper grammar and spelling
-Wes Anderson films
-Fun-loving cynics
-The shaking of groove things
-Art (all kinds, though I make very little anymore)

-Right wingers
-The color purple (not the book)
-Chocolate milk
-Air conditioning
-Trying to sum myself up in nutshells like these.

Lately I've been writing a LOT about my horse, but I promise I'm making an effort to diversify. I also write about the trials and tribulations of my job and trying to decide what to do with my life. I'm trying to write more poetry.

This is me:


The one on the left.
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Almost always bored.

Hi everyone!

Here's a brief (sorta brief) Intro about me. I am really tired right now so please forgive me if I forget something. And thanks for reading!

  • I am twenty-something.
  • a chick- in a very long term relationship.
  • I am manic-depressive a.k.a. Bi-polar.
  • I rant and rave a lot.
  • I love to theorize about my condition.
  • I have a few little ones.
  • I curse when I am frustrated.
  • I speak my mind, and hope not to offend anyone.
  • I don't like the views of any one religion enough to claim one.
  • I don't work, my partner does.
  • I'm moody as hell.
  • Often quite boring lol.
  • I love animals.
  • I have two cats & three dogs.
  • I clean a whole lot.
  • I ramble sometimes.
  • I am human.
  • I like soft things.
  • I seriously believe facebook is an experimental government intel operation lol.
  • I would love to learn photography.
  • I do not know much HTML- but I'm trying.
  • I like the show Weeds, for obvious reasons.
  • I <3 my Ipod.
  • All music rocks.
  • This<-------> is my world- I will do as I wish!
  • I am trying to find "me"!?!
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