March 4th, 2011

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happy day ✿

Good day to you all!

Hailing from Canada, my name is Emrys and I am a simple 19 (20 very soon) year old, pansexual girl with too much time on her hands and little hobbies to fill it. I enjoy my writing, my books as well as several animation titles, series and movies. I enjoy what little time I get to spend with my real life friends due to my hermit crab tendencies but I am currently in the process of trying to be more confident in what words spill forth from my lips rather then my fingers.

I am hoping to find a few active and open minded beings who will not mind my babbling about my nostalgic series when the mood so hits me. Even if we have nothing in common, I am certain we find some way of getting along swimmingly and so I hope to be able to see some of you gracing the pages of my Friends page :)

----✿ Emrys

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I study Creative Writing in Montreal.
The last concert I saw was Finntroll (with Ensiferum) for my birthday last week.
I'm pretty much the perfect definition of Pisces.
I like some things and dislike some other things.
Yesterday I made mead in my apartment.

My journal is Friends Only, and it gets pretty personal, but I try to balance it with attempts at humour. I comment on entries when I feel compelled to, and I'm not particularly concerned with how often people comment on my posts. Ain't no thang.

I frequent Tumblr too.

New to LJ

 This my first foray in to the livejournal experience.  I've been looking for a forum to post writings, poems, musings etc and have people that I am friendly with but don't see everyday read them.  My real name and everything probably won't be given for that very reason, but will still be friendly nonetheless.

Looking for friends to add me and who I can add back...I am looking to regularly comment on people that are my friends, so if you want good commentary for your journal, please add me as well.


Doc screwdriver

Hello? Oh there you are...

 Its true... It really is difficult to do these things. *Deep Breath*

I'm a Northern boy from the Pennine hills trying desperately not to lose my accent, and obviously along with it my heritage, but failing more than epically.

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I really want to find more people to add to this new journal that I have begun. My old journal was abandoned due to some stalker type activity getting on my nerves and I just found I could be as honest on it as I wanted to. My journals are explicit so be warned and I wont add anyone under 18 for that reason.