March 6th, 2011


hello, earthlings.

Well hello there, LJers. My unfortunate real-life name is Steph (though I have a number of online noms de guerre that I used to rotate about. But then I decided, eh, eff it, what do I have to hide?). I am seventeen years of age, a reluctant resident of Beijing, China (I'm not a local, obviously - I go to an international school), and a high school senior desperately eager to graduate so that she does not have to live through one more day of IB hell (for those of you who don't know what IB is, consider yourselves fortunate).

Erm, you can tell by my extremely and boringly blank journal, I am brand spankin' new to LJ. Well, maybe not brand new, since I have a tendency to lurk a lot, but new enough so that I have no freaking idea what I will even post about. I've never been known to be able to commit to anything for an extended period of time (I have the attention span of a fly...), and I've never, ever tried my hand at blogging, so this may never work. Who knows, though? Maybe this'll be an outlet for me. God knows I have latent anger issues (not severe enough to warrant a trip to the psychiatrist, I don't think, but bad enough so that I swear waaaaaay more than is necessary).

I am a self-induced insomniac in a major way. If you were wondering at all (unlikely), it is 5AM and I haven't slept yet. There are way too many things to do, and too little time, so I rarely sleep, and when I do, it's probably for 14 hours straight over the weekend. I know I'm probably slowly killing myself, but...meh, whatever. I'm, like, superhuman. I don't need it.

As you can probably see, I ramble a lot. I'm a very talkative person, and if you hate talkative, redundant people, it's probably best to ignore me. I actually tend to be a lot more concise in everyday life (read: off the internet), but I also tend to find the internet more interesting than life a lot of the time (saddening, I know), so maybe that's why.

I'm pretty opinionated, so I get fired up about a lot of things...politics is one of them, though I try my very best not to shove my beliefs down other people's throats. Apathy irritates me a hell of a lot more; it's like, you're living in this world, so you might as well know what's going on inside it. I hate that I have classmates who have no idea about what's happening in Libya. I mean, obviously I'm not that well-informed either, so maybe I'm being a hypocrite. But at least I care? I dunno.

Man, I sound pretty pretentious right now. Sorry about that - I don't really mean to, I just tend to write like a bit of a smart-arse when I'm hyper.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and let my interests speak for themselves (?).

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DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT hesitate to hit me up! I probably want to talk to you waaaaay more than you want to talk to me. So yeah, that's all for now. Over and out! 

I'm no good at this stuff.

- I'm a twenty year old female
- I'm a student at a huge unnamed SEC university
- My blog is mainly about my sex life, the boys I meet, and the parties I attend
- I will comment on your entries, if you comment on mine
- I like to party, so don't add me if you will tire of hearing about them or my sexcapades
- I plan on studying abroad in Italy next year. I've always been absolutely obsessed with the beauty and romance of the country
- I'm majoring in Marketing, and thinking about minoring in PR or Comm
- I am a people pleaser, and therefore somewhat of a push over
- My favorite kind of discussions are about life and religion. (Where do we go after this life? Is there a purpose to life? If so, what is it?)
- I dislike uptight people
- My favorite type of people are the ones who can have my sides in stitches from laughing so much with them
- Add me if you want, don't add me if we wouldn't get along in real life.
- I have just very recently gone blonde, and I really do believe it has made me a little insane
-'If you wanna get with me, there's something you outta know.
I like my beats fast and my bass down low.'

- I don't do drugs, but have recently had a desire to experiment
- Snuggling is my favorite
- Shows: Lost (favorite characters: Charlie, Desmond, Sawyer, Sun & Jin. And no, I actually enjoyed the ending), How I Met Your Mother,
Sex & the City
- Warm weather
- Music: Bright Eyes, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Brand New, August Burns Red, Blink 182, The Devil Wears Prada, Celine Dion, Citizen Cope, Bassnectar, Dubstep, Daft Punk, Iron & Wine, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer, Kings of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, Modest Mouse, Mumford & Sons, Temper Trap, etc etc
- Movies: Blow, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Seven, V for Vendetta, Troy, etc etc
-Interesting people
- Long intros that fill up my friends page, so I'm going to do us all a favor and end this. If you don't like to hear about sex and parties, then please don't add me. I would hate to be the object of someone's annoyance. If you comment on my entry I will return the favor.

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hi there! my name's Journey, and yes, that's my real name. sometimes I wish I had a more common one, but all in all I like it. anyway! I recently moved to a new journal and then completely neglected posting, but I'm trying to get back into it, and I also want some new friends.

some facts!
  • 22 years old and living in Texas.
  • ...with my girlfriend of over a year, who's a transplanted yankee.
  • I believe good fresh-brewed iced tea is the best (non-alcoholic) drink out there.
  • I'm a ENTJ/ENFP and a virgo/libra cusp. I never fit neatly into any kind of personality descriptor!
  • ...except for "optimist." the best representation of me would probably be a field of kittens and pink sparkles.
  • currently on break from school, but I'm a political science major.
  • I took five years of French through high school and college and I miss it!
  • I see people mention this a lot in friending communities, so: I'm non religious but I don't mind if you are! diversity is beautiful in everything including beliefs.
  • ...likewise, all gender is beautiful! I get so sad when I see women hating the feminine. or anything on the spectrum. I'm really interested in gender and read a lot of discussions on the subject, too.
  • I am completely awful at anything relating to housework or the domestic sphere. I cannot cook or clean and my ovaries remain unmoved when they see children (kittens and puppies are a different story).
  • I have a tattoo of a panda embracing the world on my ankle, and Hello Kitty on my left breast. that second one's hopefully getting covered soon, ha.
  • I'm a hardcore bleeding-heart liberal feminist lesbian. I'm vegetarian and interested in veganism.
  • I absolutely respect (and in fact usually love learning about!) any identity, relationship, lifestyle, habit, whatever, unless it involves being appropriative or bigoted or ignorant.
  • I have pretty much no boundaries, so you're always welcome to ask anything I haven't talked about.

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what you'll find in my lj:
  • interesting things that happen to me during my day (like, say, the time I innocently posted a picture of shoes I wanted to sell, and instead got an insistent foot fetishist).
  • political/social news and commentary.
  • an assortment of pictures, internet finds, shopping posts, and tons of other things.

friend me if:
  • we have things in common and you think we'll like each other!
  • just please let me know in this post if you're going to add me.
  • also, I'm on tumblr too.

Hello fellow Livejournalers!

My name is Mijung, born in South Korea but moved to Canada four years ago to improve, my, English.

My hobbies include making icons (my current obsession), writing both original stories and fanfiction, photography, korean pop, and blankly staring at the computer.

My favourite shows include (English:) Glee, Merlin, Castle, Survivor (All seasons!), The Big Bang Theory and Wizards of Waverly Place Yes, I'm a geek. My favourite Korean shows are Dream High, Star King and Strong Heart, but I doubt anyone in this community would care.

As for movies, I have a slight addiction with Harry Potter. Both books and movies. For example, the day that Deathly Hallows came out in stores, I set up a tent and waited outside until the minute the store opened. I got the fist copy in the store! My other favourites movies include The Devil Wears Prada, Percy Jackon and The Olympians and Alice in Wonderful (2010 Version.)

Singers, I'm not very picky. I listen to both mainstream and non-mainstream music, English, Korean, and Japanese. For English artists, I don't particularly like any certain artist, but just certain songs. My current addiction is Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears, Price Tag by Jessie J and Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

Other random facts about me include I don't eat meat - except for chicken, I travel between Seoul and Toronto every two months or so, I'm a livejournal addict, I rant (a lot), I meme (a LOT), I obsess over random things (A LOT.)

I'd love to meet new people, especially since ALL my friends on livejournal are inside the Korean Pop/Culture Community.

So feel free to add me, and, yeah. /lame

(Also, I'm pro LGBT and if you flame on the LGBT communtiy, don't even think about adding me.)
Koh Samui


 Hi my name is Jordan and I am a 23 year old Brit. 

I just finished University which I studied Media, Cultural and Political Studies and have a job in marketing but I will be leaving it in a few months to go traveling again. I intend to go to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Australia, and I am hoping to do some of South America too. 

I have started this blog now, before I go traveling with the intention of keeping it updated whilst I am away. I love writing (although I do suck at it) and love typing my inner monologue.

When I went traveling before I didn't keep a record of who I met and what I did which five years down the line is rubbish. This time I want to be able to relieve my life by rereading a my blog.

I am really keen on chatting to new people, I love it and I am very open minded and love different cultures and heritages and history. I like to think I am very worldly but I dare you to prove me wrong.

I am kind've hoping my blog becomes interesting enough (because at the moment it is relatively boring) to have people commenting on it, and when I start traveling the girl I am going with will write on it too... and we (collectively) are pretty funny (but not to everybody's tastes)  

So yeah, I am not too sure how this LJ stuff works too well yet... but I would love to make LJ friends!

much love x
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Journal re-start, looking for new journals to read

Hello all,

I deleted a previous, 8 year old journal because honestly, who wants the little heartbreaks of being 16 on the internet for all to find?  I wanted a fresh start, and so this journal is my attempt at just such a thing.  I am a 24 year old, born, raised and educated in Michigan, but I have lived in Washington, Ohio and now in West Virginia.  I live with my boyfriend, a wonderful man I've been dating for a little over a year now.  Life is pretty good, with the occasional bump in the road that is to be expected, of course.  I need to write more; my writing has become stilted and technical from working in science so much and writing reports, and I need to get back to being able to put down my thoughts on a page in a way that doesn't read like stereo instructions.  

I appreciate humor, life stories and creativity, and try to cultivate friendships with people who have these things to offer.  I swear, so people offended by language should probably steer clear of my journal. 

My interests include (and posts will likely consist of):

Craft: My journal name is a reference to a type of bead; I am a very big fan of beadwork and crafting in general.  I enjoy seeing others works, and will likely be posting about my own from time to time.  I am hopefully going to be starting quilting/sewing soon, but I have the handicap of having never met a sewing machine I didn't kill, sadly (much to my mother's chagrin).  

Food: I also really really enjoy cooking, and I use posting and receiving recipes online is a great way to keep the dinners and desserts I make from becoming extraordinarily boring.  I love eating, and I love eating good food even more.  

History; I have been trying to get away from mindless web browsing and instead reading a wikipedia article or two to learn something, and have found the historical articles tend to be the most interesting to me.  
Biology/Science; my background is in plant biology, and I currently work on invasive plant species removal.  I think astronomy, geology, biology and paleontology are probably my favorite disciplines, but I find most scientific phenomena fascinating.

Media/Art: I love music and I love being exposed to different kinds.  I am a very big fan of classical music, rock n' roll, and soul.  Also stupid pop songs, because they are scientifically designed to be catchy and I am just as susceptible as the next human.  I've found several journals on livejournal that exclusively post different paintings; I love those journals, I can sift through them for days looking at different pieces and thinking about what I do and do not like about each one. 

Life: I'm interested in getting down in print different memories from my life.  I have a hard time posting about everyday life for some reason, probably because I've already lived it once and once tends to be enough for the mundane.  But I'd like to put down what I remember about my life, and why I might remember those things. 

Things I don't have time for in a livejournal friend:
Bigotry, cruelty, pro-ana posts (not to be mistaken for posts about having an eating disorder; I don't need lj friends to be perfect or always happy, but I have enough body issues and celebrating a disordered body image is not something I need in my life)

Otherwise, I'm pretty laid back and open, so feel free to friend if I seem interesting.