March 13th, 2011


Hi new friends!

My friends list has been a little quiet of late and I need a constant stream of posts that I can read as procrastination as I have just gone back to study.  I'm 25 and have finally sorted my life out as I've started a new path to become a vet nurse.  I fostered animals last year so most of my posts were about them and now most of my posts, I guess, will be about school and work.

I love reading and writing.  I spend way too much time online and watching TV shows, I love everything from reality to sci-fi to comedy.  However my new home has terrible internet so I'm using that as a blessing in disguise.  I'm a Christian which I know tends to freak some people out but I promise it's all going to be ok.  Feel free to read my public posts and if you like what you see/read, add me.

I'd really love to gain some FRIENDS.  Someone who I can have a dialogue with and get on with. 

My Friends List is Loney

 Well i thought i would start out with using the journal as a sounding board for - well myself. it turns out that talking to yourself really can cause issues!

I'm a student, a mother, a bitch a lover - darnit, I hate it when song lyrics just pop into my head derailing my chain of thought. Anyway!

I can't guarantee my posts will be interesting, but i can at least promise that i will be semi-regular. 

I love books, I love movies, I love Star Wars - a wee bit to much - I spend entirely too much time online. My spiritual path is constantly in motion and has spiraled around itself throwing me back to the beginning multiple times.  I am studying sociology - not really sure why or what I will do with it afterward but I have always found it an interesting subject. 

Oh - and as well as being a sounding board to hear myself talk, no one (save one I trust) knows I have this. I find it is also an exercise in not keeping my thoughts and feelings bottled up.

So, I would love friends to read and interact with. :D

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Hi, my name is Andrea and I know how surprising that may be considering my super creative LJ user name!
I'm 18 years old and have been using LJ since I was in.. 7th grade? Yup, that sounds about right.
I'm a Freshman at the University of Texas Pan American and I am a college cheerleader.
I am nothing like what most people assume cheerleaders are like. In fact, when people meet me they are shocked when they find out that I am one, so don't let that stop you from adding me :)

I have a random variety of interests, well, in my opinion at least, and here are some:

- The Food Network [I love watching it, I learn new things all the time and I think it's super interesting!]
- Reading & Writing [Love love love to read and write]
- Country Music
- Pitbulls [I have one named Knuckles, he's a spoiled little brat]
- Anything Disney!
- Roller coasters
- The beach! [I live 45 minutes away from one and I don't go nearly enough]
- Laughing [I think I laugh as much as I breath. P.s Cheesy jokes are my favorite]
- Friends [The tv show, it's my all time favorite]
- Chris Brown [Ugh, guilty pleasure!]

- Partying, drinking, smoking [Just not my scene]
- Jersey Shore [One of the many reasons why I don't watch MTV]
- Liars, cheaters, hypocrites

In my journal you'll read about what it's like for a girl like me to be going through her 1st year of college and the many wonders of my life!
I love meeting new friends so keep that in mind :)

P.s If you visit my journal, you'll probably notice I have a "Twilight Saga" theme.. It used to be a major interest of mine until obsessed preteens ruined it for me. Anyways, I am just far too lazy to change it so, just a heads up :D